complaint against railway police

a complaint was register with Andheri railway police by giving an application regarding lost of my newly purchased SAMSUNG GALAXY3 (352337040415655) on 11/11/10. no reply from railway police was received so far.


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    yeasterday when i stand in line i was behind 34 person but at morn 4 am after standing 5 hrs number of person(BROKER) came in between when i complained to RPF they said its not my bussiness.....what the hell is it..?...what a normal citizen can do to face such trouble ...should they fight....can we violate against it...20 to 30 person i mean some of gunda they tortured us..and abused is impossible for a single person to fight against them....please sir reply me what a solution of this.....concluding ALL THESE WE CANT SAY THAT IT IS DEVELOPING INDIA...
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    Mr Suresh Kumar ASI RPF he is collecting money from passengers and it is not in a legal way. for level crosing he is charging 450 rs for some people 400 rs and he is writing in the slip that with out ticket. I asked him the correct fine amount. He replied me very harshly and used walgour language and he said fine amount i wll decide. what amount i wll tell you have to pay the amount otherwise i wll put you in the jail.

    this is not the way a government servant should answer to common people. please take action against that useless and corrupted police.

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    There are some people and railway police in bangalore railway station who demands money from General compartment passengers if they want to get in to the compartment. The are abusing the passengers and trying to attack them if they dont give money.. As the passengers have no other option as the railway police too support them.The situation is very bad in night trains which departs from platforms 2,3,4 etc.. Please do something against this.
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    Dear Sir/Mam,

    Gud morning.. i m Omesh sethi from Jaipur Rajasthan,today i was coming by Train no.12462(Mandor express) to Delhi along with my bike which was also in same train in parasol Van..
    When i reached Delhi while coming out side from GRP man on exit gate of parasol gate he asked me to show him the gate pass..i showed him then he said that "let me check petrol in your bike.".i said sure..he check the bike's tank there was not petrol at all in side the tank as At Jaipur one Railway emp. already checked the bike properly..but the Delhi GRP man start to ask 2500 Rs behalf to release my bike from there..i did argue with him then he start to abuse me..and said you have to go Court and your life gone hell there so give me 2500 rs this will better for you..i beg him sir pls let me go there is no petrol in my bike and bike has already checkd by Railway staff in Jaipur.
    Sir/Mam i couldn't read his name as the name plate was hanging very loose.. i request him many time but he was not ready to release my bike.. finally he took 200rs from me and released my bike..
    Sir/Mam kindly do needful..
    Omesh sethi
    245 Rajeev gandhi marg
    Hathroi fort Jaipur
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    I was travelling from CSTM to MAS when on 10/11/2012 near Raichur,many unauthorised people who were not having tickets were forcing all to reserved passengers to move aside and sit. to avoid that I kept my bag on side upper by 3.00pm noon after train starting from raichur moving ahead to mantralayam, I realised my bag was missing and somebody had took it and probably got down at Raichur.I found this at mantralayam.I got down to check it out in station but din find anyone suspicious. Then on I searched for the TTE on train to tell this incident but no one was available and even the TTE on S4 coach told S7 doesn't come under his responsibility.I went to AC 3-tier then to check out with police regarding the same. He told to complaint at guntakal RPF as train will halt at adhoni only for few min. I did the same when I went to Guntakal station RPF and asked to write a complaint regarding this which they refused to do.They just gave the number and even did not accept my written letter or just a sign for reference on the letter. They just told to contact raichur RPF through mail or directly. I had to catch train so I went inside train. Then at 12.30am I went to Renigunta RPF where the police asked to write the happenings on a small notebook. I did that and he too refused to take written complaint. Last I came to chennai and asked police for lodging FIR. He then told he will not do and asked me just to write my bag belongings. I did that. The bag is very important for me as I have all critical things in it. An American Tourister Greyish coloured Bag 1. Apple Macbook Laptop(containing all official docs) 2. Samsung Hard Disk Drive 1TB 3. Original Passport India 4. Original Driving license and pancard 5. HDFC bank Chequebook 6. SBT Passbook 7. Capgemini India Pvt Ltd Official ID Name:Ajay Satyanaraysna 8. Sennheiser Headphones HD408 9. Blackberry Curve Handset IF you could find my bag which was lost either at mantralayam or raichur mostly, It would be really great as I am responsible for all official documents which I had and all my originals which are critical. Worst thing is no one is ready to lodge an FIR in all three station's RPF. Directing me to the other one. My Phone no is 08452896783/ 9941208405
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    On 3rd Jan 2013 when I was travelling from Virar through local train at 7.15am Andheri Local. Myself & my friends group we all were discussing the beauty products of Avon & were exchanging the Avon Book genuinely till than Andheri Station arrived. At Andheri stn when I was getting down one lady caught me and she hold my hand taken aside. When I ask her why you have taken aside,than she replied that you don’t have an right to sell the products in train without legal permission of railway authority. When I ask her who are you, she only replied railway platform police and she took me to Andheri (E) RPF station. After reaching there I explain to her that I am not selling the products generally we were discussing the things. Even after explaining and understanding her and other constable they have filed a complaint against me as HAWKER in train. They have also tortured me that you have to pay heavy penalty Rs.12000/- for this thing. From morning 8.20 to 1.30pm i was just sitting in police stn and explaining the things that I am not Hawker & working in an reputed firm but nobody listen to me & they took me to Railway court. There they have mention that I am hawker in the case paper and they said me to accept the same. If you will not accept the same than you have to pay heavy penalty and this file will go in upper level. Due to their pressure size I have accept as myself Hawker in Railway court and paid the penalty Rs.1000/-.
    Mrs. S.S Thanawade who is working Railway police station –Andheri (E) have arrested me.

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    I have to go cst station for catch the chennai ex at 2.00pm. So I came to mahim station. They catch me for checking of my luggage. As I hold perfume they write some thing in one white paper and they tortured me and they asking for 10000. Bcoz I hold 10000 cash in my purse. Bcos this is flammable materials and the charged me for 5000. Then they told if u not give anything we book another case like... ( I don,t want to mention here). So finally give 1000. After they release me... I also found so many people are un nesseary paying to the rpf.Bcoz they catch for chilly reasons. So give the guide lines or take some action againts the police.
    this things happen on every sunday i think.
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    मैं देवेंदर कुमार रेलवे पुलिस के खिलाफ कंप्लेंट दर्ज करना चाहता हु मैं c ब्लाक ज.ज. कॉलोनी इन्देर्पुरी न्यू डेल्ही-१२ मैं रहता हु रेलवे पुलिस ने मेरी झुगी गिरा दी इन्लेगल बताकर लेकिन मेरे साथ मैं इतनी झुगिया बनी हुई है उनेह नहीं तोडा गया क्या बाकि जो झुगिया बनी हुई वो लीगल थी और मेरी ही इन्लेगल थी मैं इनके खिलाफ कंप्लेंट दर्ज करना चाहता हु और मैं चाहता हु की बाकि झुगिओ को भी तोडा जाये

    देवेंदर कुमार
    ph no- 9013629593
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    In dhanbad-hawra coalfield exp., the local passenger are doing misbehave with other passenger if they do not leaving their seat for them. There is no RPF there, so in emergency what should i do. they are beating the people, abusing the passenger. Kindly forward this massage to silent RPF & take the necessary action soon. Because every week i have to travel & facing this problem so kindly help me.
    Also give me Emergency no because in coalfied exp. condition is very worse. I tried in many number of RPF but everywhere said this is not thier job. Is without media help nothing will improve.

    Please confirm this on
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    dear sir,
    I am siva. I'm waiting in general waiting hall. One police came and askd me the ticket. on what train i came i show that ticket he asked me goingup ticket. i alrdy went to ticket counter but they told ticket will give at 1am till that where to wait. I askd about that procedure only. He abused and tried to beat me.. What the hell is this what can a normal person can do about this situation.. Please help me sir
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    Today i was came to Sion station at Mumbai with my friend , she forgot to buy ticket , one TC stop us we pay the fine 295 but fine for 2nd class is 250 when i was ask him he said now i cant change , i was go to police they was there but they eating some chips they said it not our job we cant help u , i was go to station master office i told her every thing , she told me to seat some time i will call that TC but almost half an hour we stand there people watching us like we done some thing crime , no budy help us , wht is role of RPF & mumbai police if they cant help ur ....?
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    On 12-08-2013(monday) the time 2.10pm at platform no 14 in cstm while konark express(11019) was ready to start at 3.10pm, the rpf constables were cheking mobiles and two persons were caught by having porn clips, and the rpf police were harassing them to pay the fine was each 7500/-rs or they are commanding to pay the bribe Rs4000/- from each of them.
    The two passengers were afraid about the court processor and they paid each person Rs3000/- to the currepted police.
    Sir is it having porn clips on mobile is a big crime as compared to corruption.
    Please take action on those currepted police who were having name plates very loose. And the name plates were not visible.
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    One man actually not travel in steps in train.For helping reason he get down to help the old handicapped lady in a station. Suddenly two police came and ask about Ticket from him.He gave the ticket, police ask about which state?. He told that his state name.[actually police came from near by state]. After telling that, police told that you came in foot-board, so you have to pay a fine and get him in to railway police and register the complaint and the get him to railway court and get a fine RS 500 based on the section 156. He trying to convey his instance,the railway police is not here his words. In the same train some other people came like that but they are not cough by that police.And also railway police told to that man as you should tell that into court judge as i had come in steps, If you tell something else they will increase the fine. Be careful on that like that. To complete all the process it take one complete whole day[9.30 To 16.00].

    How can handle this situation?
    How can prove that he has not came by steps in-front of court judge?
    How can gave a complaint about that railway police and where ?
    If suppose the man in import-en work , How can go to that work without complete this process ?
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    today I was travelling from hyderabad to goa. 17603 train nmbr s11 guard invharge t vijaya raju and mallikarjun were asking for money and harrasing me to get down frm train if I not them. kindly take strict action on this cheap basterd. they have duty in night time frm hydrbad ti guntakal. call me 8686006007
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    D/o A.Ramabhushanam,
    MOB: 9700068766

    The Superintendent of Police,
    Railway Protection Force,

    Respected Sir,

    My name is V.Padmaja w/o K.Venkatesh resident of Chennai, Tamilnadu , this is my deep regressive movement that I am to informing you that i brig to your kind notice that on 05-05-2012 I and my son 10 years old are going to Chennai central from Chirala in Jansatabdi Express because of my native place is Chirala and I was at chirala for summer vacation at my mother`s house. When I was returning from chirala to Chennai in the above said train on the above said date I was the only alone who is travelling to Chennai so when I am trying to get into the train with a heavy suitcase in my hand with my 10 years old son then a young man raise his hands from train and pickup my suitcase and put it in the train. i and my son get into the train and as the train compartment is with heavy rush I started to saw my seat and then when I started searching my suitcase then himself the young man who has taken my suitcase from train handover the suitcase to me and he went away. So then when I have opened the suitcase in search of my train ticket then I found that my bag containing GOLDEN BANGLES (66.62gms) are missing from my suitcase. When I found that my bangles are missing the station is Chinnaganjam and there at Chennai I have to attend an urgent work so there is no possibility of giving complaint immediately and I was in a shock that what was happen. So I am not in a position to reveal the position to anybody.

    So on 16-05-2012 I came back to Chirala and I approach the Railway Police at Chirala and gave a complaint on the same day explaining the facts about the robbery at chirala satation in my complaint. But the authorities are not showing any interest in founding my stolen Bangles they are not even registered the case. Whenever they were asked about the case they simply saying that they are not in a position to register the case and they are not responding properly and also saying that I have given the complaint very lately so they cannot do anything in this regard. So in these circumstances I Now approach you as a last hope and request the benign SP Sir to kindly enquire about my case and dome justice as early as possible for which actnes I was ever grateful to you sir. I am here with enclosing a copy of complaint for your kind perusal.

    Yours faithfully
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    Hi Sir,

    In Whitefied Railway station Banglore , Karnataka , RPF contstables are collecting money from who does not have platform and railway tracks crossing case etc. , They collecting daily 10,000-15,000 rs for day from who will cross tracks . They are collecting money without giving receipts.
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    On 3rd of feb. 2014 I hv parked my car just outside the kalka railway station I hv looked around there is no sign board of no parking but a employee of kalka railway police comes nd ask me the paper of car I showed him the paper than he asked me for the challan I hv told him that there is no sign board of no parking so wats the challan for nd he started to threaten me. I hv told him I m also a govt. Employee nd I know the rules well if there is no sign board of no parking why should I hv to pay the challan nd he took my RC of car nd challan it. Hp 15 A 1312
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    I am sathya living at erode but I have worked coimbatore, today my lifes worst day . I goes coimbatore also reach 9 clock and train to be held II nd platform I come to I st platform track at that time two police checked me I have took season ticket to him. But he took fine to me for crossing platform I . I say don't cash to me sir, at that time another person he is without ticket (he is a law student) he pay Rs.250, for smoking case to him. Today India take frauds to set the govt job. Only money inthamathiri alunga panathukkaga avanununga _________ aduthavunangalukku pannuvanunga pladdy criminals.
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    I would like to register complaint against g.r.p naihati sealdah division.. 24 n paragnas... grp police there under guidance of sub inspection office in platform 1, they are rudily behaving with people who are being arrested by them due to sitting in ladies coach.... They are even catching people who stand near the coach and arresting them...I am railway staff they behaviour was very rude..they took fine. and before fine they behave very bad and made people go in the jail... and was doing it by force...I was unable to do anything as they were using abusive language and using force....i request for releaving me as I was not in the train just outside the train....please do what you think is good...its was bad experience.....for railway its shame
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    I mr. madan kumar barnwal s/o late mathura prasad barnwal,from phusro,block colony,p.s-bermo,post-phusro,dist-bokaro,jharkhand pin-829144. i have my milk van mahindra pickup no-JH09U-0183 which was accidentlly broken the railway crossing barrier due to drivers fault name akhtar ansari s/o-allimudin ansari, patel nagar,dhori basti,p.o-phusro,p.s-bermo,dist-bokaro,jharkhand. At the time of accident my dirver ran away from there,then railway ploice came and take my vehicle to police station and issue a case in the name of vehicle case no-489/2014.After suffering many steps, i got a bale letter or realise order of my vehicle from dhanbad railway court,jharkhand.After taking the realise order suddenly next day i reached to barkakhana railway police station to realise my vehicle.but the inspector of barkakhana refused the court order and said driver is also reqiured for realising the vehicle otherwise a penalty of 25000rs is should be submit to advocate which was my advocate through whom i got the realising order.but in the realising order there is no any reqiurement of driver,court order is that realise the vehicle to his register owner by verifying his identification and reciept. there is no any name of driver over there. as inspector said driver is required for realising the vehicle, i want to say you driver is also surrender to inspector before realising the vehicle, but also he refused him and said give me a written agreement on stamppaper,but actually we have a affidavit of Akhter ansari is my register vehicle driver which all documents are submitted to police. i am in great problem. sir please help me. one more thing i want to say is i finance my vehicle from mahindra loan which intrerest i am not able to vehicle is commercially used due to which my family comes in money crisis.i am regularly embrassing from barkakhana railwaypolice, they said that if driver not come to us then we will issue a warrant against you means the owner of vehicle tha is me. sir the all thing which is written above there is true. i want a proper action against railway police barkakhana. This accident was happen on 4/5/14 and i got the realising order of the vehicle on 20/06/14.and still i wont got my vehicle. i am in big problem. i reqeust you to please help us.
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    the railway police as not taking action on ticket agents in chuchgate reservation office in gate , b,coz i was in a reservation line , the agents no. was come first in line . when i was say to railway his doesn't take action on him...
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