Problems in the handset (warrenty not provided)

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I had bought a Sony Erricson set, Model W595, 1 year back (21.02.2010). The set started giving the following problem on 18.01.2011 (may be a day earlier). Problem could be understood/identified by self in the evening, as it was understood that sometimes network problem of the service providers can give such problem. Reported the problem with the shop where I had bought the next day. They identified the problem & gave me the address of the two service centres in our city (Bhubaneswar). I went to the one at Saheed Nagar the next day. Was kept waiting. Then I was blamed to have tampered with the set. Using this word blamed is significant, as I repeatedly told them that as far as I know earlier I never had problem with the set, never gave it to anyone, so question of doing anything with it does not arise. Again how can I accept that the set has been tampered/opened, I do not know what is inside. They repeatedly went on saying that you have done this, you have done that. This was absolutley absured. I immediately called on the shopkeeper. They did not listen to him either. The shopkeeper then advised me to go to the Bapuji Nagar service center. Here also the same response, however the guy was polite. I talked to some freinds as this was my first encounter with a mobile handset service centre. They said Sony has a very bad name in services. It seems that everyone who is involved in the handset business here is working on a plan to avoid providing guarantee/warrenty just to show up that their handsets are reliable & hardly give problem beyond guarantee/warrenty period. And more important fact is that they do not want to share the expenses involve in it.

The Problem
" Initially while dialling - neither phone ring nor any voice was heard at the other end. On receipt of call the voice was low. However, if the speaker was switched on then one can make a call. Later on the problem was for both the sides, i.e, on making a call as well as receiving a call."

Lost faith in the brand itself. If I am allowed to add a little, I will tell everyone here that in the name of customer care/service lots of good words, speeches. dialogues are made. In reality this is absolute nonsense. I remeber people have home appliances (even we have a pressure cooker of almost my age - 40yrs), old scooters, bikes, cars & jeeps still running. They were made to last long. Today things are made for a particular time period for these company to recreate the customer base.

Now as I have to continue my routine & do not run around these people, I am looking for repairing my handset from a local guy.


The company (maker of the handset) should allow the shopkeeper to receive the handsets at their place & sent them to service centres. That is guarantee the warrenty being provided for. The shopkeeper knows his customers well. he can identify between a fraud & a genuine customer. (I had felt the embarresment of being treated like a thug). Companies can work out modalities on this system. Further, service centre should be company owned. If someone has been given franchise then strict conditions to be kept for the qulaity, age & education level of staffs.


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