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I have deposited a cheque (number 040277) with SBI (IIM Indore Branch) on 30 August 2010 for clearance. Its 23 October today and the cheque is still pending clearance. Whenever I go to the branch, the bank representatives tell me that it will be cleared in a couple of days.


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    I have deposited the cheque of amount Rs. 15000.00 (Cheque No. 171535, Karnataka Bank, Bandra west branch) on 18th Oct 2011 but the amount has not been transferred to my account till date(i.e 21st Oct 2011).
    The cheque was returned to me before saying that the name stated on cheque doesn't match with my name on SBI bank account & got it corrected & also got the signature of the person who signed on the cheque. Please check the status & inform me at the earliest possible time. My SBI bank account number is 20073226151. Full name: Roju Ram Prasad Shrestha.
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    my name sivareddy sir iam notgeting money iam deposited date is 23-10-2011 till notgeting sir my account nubberr is 30583187434
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    I have to take 30500/-amount from someone.
    as per his statement he has submitted cheque from his sbi account to be cleared on my ICICI bank account.
    He submitted cheque on dated 8th January 2014. But I have not received any amount till now.

    could you please let me know the current cheque status (000010).

    Bharat Khurana
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    I have deposited a cheque on 12.9.2014 bearing no 004491 dated 11.9.2014, HDFC bank pune 411004 with SBI branch pune 411016 brach code 7339.I have a photocopy of cheque and receipt issued by SBI auto machine.I met on 15.9.2014 to the concerned SBI branch officer, clearance counter. The concerned officer checked the printed statement and the e-display of inwards cheques. I was told to deposit the query form and so I did inconsultation with concerned officer on the same day 15.9.2014.I was told to wait for two days.I shall be visiting SBI branch on 17.9.2014. I also intimated the status to the the issuing party with a request to check debit/clearance status.A reply is awaited.So far 16.9.2014(17.50 hr) I did not get any alert/SMS from SBI regarding clearance.
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