Refusal to honour Cash Voucher by AIR DECCAN / KINGFISHER

Dear Sir,

had booked two tickets of Air-Deccan on Bangalore – Delhi sector. Due to some changes in my plan I had to cancel them, in return of which I was given Cash vouchers.

1) Flight Confirmation no: 6419863
Passengers Mr. Ravindra Kumar Sureka and Mrs.Sushila Sureka
Flight no: dn-662
Date: 31st march,2008
Refund Cash voucher No: n2k1ng

Amount: Rs 4998

2) Flight Confirmation no: could not be retrieved
Passenger: Mr. Shriniwas aggarwal and Mrs. Sita Devi
Flight no: dn-662
Date: 31st march,2008
Refund Cash voucher No: qkzy7f

Amount: RS 5898

The validity of these 2 vouchers was End of September 08 (told through customer care during cancellation in march 08’).

On calling the customer care in the first week of September (while the vouchers were still valid) I was told by the customer care executive that the validity is till Jan 09. Thus I did not utilize these.

On Enquiring again in month of November I was told that these vouchers have expired and that nothing could be done about it. I wrote umpteen no of mails to the customer care department but seldom did I get any positive response from them. You can find the chain of mails attached.

How can the airliner simply refuse my claim, it is amounting to Rs- 10000/-

Twice I was confirmed that the validity is till January 09 and now when I went ahead to utilize these vouchers for travel in November 08’, my claim was very bluntly rejected.

The mistake is not from my end, why should I suffer and bear a loss of Rs 10,896/-. How can Kingfisher simply sit with my money, charge me without any travel.

Sir please guide me in this regard, i am planning to approach the court.


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