Complaint against Meru cabs


I want to file complaint against Meru Cabs.
I had to travel from Bangalore to Hyderabad on 3rd July, so I had book can with Meru travels
for going to the railway station.
The train was at 4:15 PM so I had asked them to send the cab by 2:00 PM.
I got their message confirming the booking.
Meru Cab:KA-53-6447
Chauffer: Mohammed cell no: 9886464560
But when I did not get the call from the Driver by 2:00 then, I called him up and he said that he is having
lunch and will come in another 10 minutes.
I called the Meru Cabs call center and informed the same.
After that also i called the driver to know the status.
Finally i got a call from him at around 2:45 saying that he is standing outside my house in Cholanagr in RTnagar area.
But i was shocked to see that there was no cab ouside my gate and when I tried calling
the driver he did not respond.
Called the Meru cab call center and got the news that they have been informed by the driver that the pick up is already done.
When I told them that i did not get the cab then they asked me to book another cab which may take around 20-30 minutes.
Was really shocked to hear to hear their unprofessional attitude.
Finally had to catch auto and reach railway station.
But all this took so much time that i was about to miss my train, just managed to reach the station 2 minutes prior
to the departure time.
I had so much of luggage and was travelling with my 7months old son that all this really made me so tensed and
was really shocked at the behaviour of the people working with Meru.



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    I have been a regular hirer of Meru Cab services. My family had been from Borivali to Santacruz in the third week of Dec 2011. The cab driver forgot to return my father Rs.150.00 change and we left the cab in a haste to proceed to our destination.
    I registered a complaint same day with Meru cabs and was told that the reimbursement will not happen in Cash, but in the form of Vouchers.
    When the vouchers were not received till the month of March, I again had registered a complaint, but nobody sent the vouchers. They told us that an attempt was made on 31st of December to deliver the vouchers, when my parents were not at home. However, no attempt was made thereafter by them to reach out to us and deliver the vouchers!!!
    In the month of June again, I very strongly followed up for the vouchers and they were sent on 20th Jun, 2012, which were collected by our servant at my Father's residence at Borivali East, Krishna Nagar.
    My parents returned from Germany in the month of July 2012 and acknowledged receipt of the vouchers after openieng the envelope.
    They wanted to reimburse them but checked that the validity of the vouchers had already expired in the month of June 2012.
    Meru had sent the vouchers dtd Dec 2011 to us in the month of June 2012, when the vouchers were about to expire within 10 days. This was ridiculous!!! They should have sent us vouchers which were dated Jun 2012.
    I raised a complaint last week about this issue and i was told that sombebody will get in touch with me within 4 working days and nobody contacted me, until today afternoon.
    I was told i will have to incur courier charges to send back the expired and unusable vouchers to get fresh vouchers of Rs.150.00 which is overdue by over nine months now.
    This is not about Rs.150.00 now; but about the harassment that these people make my parents go through for their rightful money.
    Kindly help me to take this ahead suitably.
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    I have booked a cab from Bannerghatta road bangalore to trinity circle for my pregnant wife, because she cannot travel in any other mode and was having a critical meeting at the office.
    I got confirmation my cab will reach at 8.50 AM 29.11.2012, However to my shock the cab has not reached till 8.45 neither i got any cab drivers number hence i decided to call up call centre, they informed me that cab wil be thr at 9.30. i said my objective of cab booking is to have it at 8.50 and if they cannot provide service they can atleast inform me at the time of booking or atleast 30 min before departure. It took my effort to know that thr wont be a cab on time.
    I have to cancel the booking, and my pregnant wife has to take an auto to reach the office, since i am out of station.

    Please dont trust these Meru cab guys. They never delivers what promises
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    I booked a Meru cab to travel from JP Nagar 7th phase to Majestic Railway station in Bangalore on 15th July 2013. I had requested the pickup time of 6pm (Booking reference: 20288919) because I (along with my in-laws) wanted to catch a train to Mumbai from SBC/Majestic at 8pm. It usually takes around 1.5 hours to go from JP Nagar to Majestic in the evening.

    Upon booking, i got a confirmation message and email. However, the driver details were not sent until 5:40pm. So I called the customer care (080 4422 4422). I was informed that the cab was on the way and driver details would be sent in 2 minutes. I got no message/call within 5 minutes. Upon calling again, the representative repeated the same tape. I got worried and asked whether the cab is indeed confirmed or not. He said that the booking is indeed confirmed and assured me of the cab within 10 minutes and driver details in 2-3 minutes.

    I did not get any message/call till 6pm (the pickup time). Hence I called again. This time, I was informed that cabs are running late; and they are finding it tough to get a cab in my area. But he assured me of a cab in another 15-20 minutes. This time I asked if he can provide a guaranteed pickup within 20 minutes. He was not ready for it, and asked me to check back in another 10 minutes. I (shamelessly as a poor customer) called back at 6:10pm. The representative repeated the same story (no cabs in my area) and mentioned that it would take another 40 minutes (i.e. pickup at 6:50pm - 50 minutes post my requested pickup time). This is disgusting. Apart from the delay what hurts more is the lack of prior communication of the delay. If you are not able to arrange a cab, why can't you inform the customer in advance (at least half an hour) so that the customer can arrange for alternates. Waiting till 6:50pm was not an option for me and I had to travel in an auto on a rainy evening. Meru acted very unprofessionally. Simply pathetic.
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    I've booked merucab on 15thjuly2013 15.03hrs From Cooke Town To Wilson Garden @pickup time 18.50, the same was CONFIRMED by the consult person from merucab call centre. And i'vegot an sms of my booking ref no 20293665

    My cab didnt turn up and when i called up merucab call centre they gave me chauffer's contact no. When i called up the chauffer i came to know that he was informed that my pickup time is 19.30
    Chauffer details- Mr. Nuthan KA 53A8039 contact no.9844785898

    I again called up call centre and informed about the same and they transferred my call to 3different person and finally spoke to a person from complaining dept. He said cab was NOT available at the time i wanted to pickup and he apologized.

    I want to understand why my booking was confirmed when they dont have cab available at that time. Why the call centre take booking if they cannot provide cab on pax/customer required timings. This is completely unacceptable.
    At last min i have to arrange transportation to reach my station.

    From now on my family, friends, relatives and I will never rely again on MERUCAB SERVICE BANGALORE. And will pass on my worst experience to ppl

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    On august 15 2013 around 04:27 Am we were comeing back from office near nagawara and there was a pot hole on the road my husband slowed down the vehical. and the driver of meru had no control on his vehical and he came and hit us from behind and the number was KA03 D5777 and Mohammed Shakeel the driver got down from the cab said "Ho! northing happend i am old could not see sorry and made me sit on the road and kept 100 RS on the our 2 weeler and said please sit and take rest and go i have urgent pickup" my husband said see our two weeler and that had lot of damage and he said u can do what ever you want and you can complaint to my owner and he went away my husband just took the photo he did not even bother to stop the car. till today i am suffer from my back seat. and i have spent around 2000Rs till know for me and my active is yet to come from the Repair i need the number of the woner if he is a human..........
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    I had booked 2 Meru cabs on 29/08/2013 from Dadar Hindu colony to Santacruz airport terminal 1B ( and MH01JA9683). My receipt number_ 29A1302L40 (2nd receipt no. is not visible clearly and I dont remember drivers name also) and waiting time is showing as 13 min only. Journey start time 8.59am and end time 9.39am. Bill amount for each cab was rs.267. Both the drivers have charged me 60 rs. extra (Total- 120 rs) as waiting charges.They told that as per policy 2 rs per minute is fined as waiting charge. They tool waiting charges for 30 minutes however receipt shows only 13 min waiting. I was in hurry to catch flight hence I did not resist much. But on Mumbai airport I asked about the waiting charges policy to the attendent at MErucab stall. He informed that in Merucab policies such waiting charges are not mentioned hence are not applicable and you can file complaint. The question is not about 10 rs. but misguiding customers in crutial times. Please advise how to proceed further to get the refund.
    With regards,
    Amit Shirgurkar
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    This complaint is not against the drivers but is for THE MERU CAB SYSTEM.

    I am a pregnant lady . I book cab daily in morning and evening for my conveyance. According to THE RULE, customers are suppose to get a message for Driver's detail 20 min prior to pickup time.

    To my utter sickening I never get any message on time, On the contrary when I call MERU I get a revert that there is no cab in my vicinity. This is not the story of one day , I am experiencing this for last 1 month in the morning time.

    1. If there are no cabs you should inform that there is no cabs available to your customer by calling them 20 mins prior to their pickup time so that the customer can arrange for some other option . (Plenty are there ).
    2. Their executive says that your "expected hold time is 1 min" but they make me hold for more than 7-8 mins min. which is not acceptable.
    3. Want to know - Before starting the call the recorded message says that YOUR CALL is GETTING RECORDED FOR OUR INTERNAL TRAINING, If my calls are recorded then why don't they listen that how they behave and what service they provide.
    4. Last but not the least how will I know what action are you taking against my complain ?
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    I want to file complaint against Meru Cabs.
    I had to travel from Saket to NewDelhi Railway Station on 18th dec 2013, so I had book can with Meru travels
    for going to the railway station.
    The train was at 6:15 AM so I had asked them to send the cab by 5:00 AM.
    I got their message confirming the booking and assurance that they will send the cab details 20 mins prior to journey
    But when I did not get the SMS by 5:00 then, I called them and they told me that they are arranging the cab and it will at my place in next 15 mins but as expected i didnt get any details/msg or cab.
    Finally had to catch auto and reach railway station.
    But all this took so much time that i was about to miss my train, just managed to reach the station 2 minutes prior to the departure time.
    This is highly unprofessional ,if they are not capable of providing service they should have informed us well before time,so that we could have arranged something.
    Amit Sharma
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    On 27th Dec'13 i booked a cab from Civil lines to Janak Puri for a drop at 9:30pm. He waited for about 25 mins extra for which i was ready to pay. However the bad incident started when he was not able to charge my card. Firstly the car was so stinky. While i was paying cash to him. He printed a bill of INR 473 and then he told me that there will be waiting charges as well. I accepted the same but insisted him to show that on the bill. He took it so lightly and said why do you want to print that madam just give it to me. When i said no he said ok madam and ran away with 500 Rs. Without even giving me the balance amount. Thank god I had my purse with me. My Tupperware tumbler was left in the cab for which I called him and requested to come back and give it to me. He simply said madam main nae aunga and koi meri company me use kr lega. This is seriously unacceptable I will never book my cab from Meru now + I will instruct all my friends who book the cab from Meru. Afterwards I called up at Meru number I spoke to a person by the name of KUNAL. He was sitting in Dwarka. I explained him everything and I also told him that I will pay for the cab charges you just have to come and return my thing, for which he said madam ye apke or driver ke beech ki problem hai. Usko call krlo. My question is why there is a call centre if i have to solve this problem with an uneducated driver?????


    If someone from higher authority can help me, please feel free to contact me asap or else there is no use of writing here as well.

    Cab Number was : DL1RY2386, Chauffer name : Vinay...
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    I had booked Meru cab on Friday Dt.31.01.14 at 9.07am for Saturday at 9.30am pick up from Santacruz East to Bandra west.
    The executive over the phone confirmed my booking & told me I will get a SMS 20 minutes before the pick up.

    I called up again at 11.44am the same day to confirm another pick up from Bandra west to SAntacruz east & they said Cab is not available however I again checked my morning booking for the next day, This guy also confirmed

    I had to take my 9 months pregnant wife for a check up.
    to my shock when I did not receive any SMS at 9.20am on Saturday Dt.01.02.14, I called the customer care & they said that there is no booking done in my name for Saturday

    It was fraud, completely cheating case as Twice on Friday I had confirmed, once at the time of booking & 2nd at 11.44am &
    yet the next day there was no booking done for me

    I registered a complain that day itself to the executive, He told me he will give me a Complain no. but he didnt give me any no.
    I asked to pass me the MD or CEO's no. he said he cant give me that
    I insisted to speak with a senior person, He told me senior is busy & will call back in an hours time at 9.20am. I did received a call at 1.10pm but to no solution

    I will lodge a formal complain also with the redressal forum & create an awareness among the people through social media that MERU CABS are unprofessional & be very careful with them as they have no ethics, no value's & take people for a ride

    It was so inconvenient for me to arrange for a cab at the last moment as my wife was pregnant

    Ronald S
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    I booked meru from Banglore airport on 9th june till bellandur.

    I tried to pay by credit card there was some network issue, I paid in cash after some time I got message I'm charged from my credit card.

    I called the call center for this issue and they said will resolve in 2days.

    This is still not resolved every time I call them I get the same assurance.

    Have also written a email to them but there is no response.

    Please help what should I do.
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    Payment done 2 times - refund awaited for Rs. 740/-

    I travelled from Airport to Begumpet, by Meru Cabs, on 24 06 2014 and driver used my credit card.
    He asked me for the cash saying that card is not working, in fact the card was already swiped and Bank debited the amount to me.

    Request to refund an amount of Rs. 740

    Customer care of Meru does not Care!

    90 10 74 2223
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    I made a booking with geniee, and that too on the phone. The operator very sweetly told me that my booking was confirmed. Having tasted bitterness with meru in the past I asked him if the booking was 100% confirmed and he told me that it was 99% confirmed. I knew something was up but I made the booking anyway.
    Twenty minutes before the trip time I got no message. Frantic, I called them and the audacious operator says that there are no cabs available. I didn't yell at him as it was pointless. He assured me that he would arrange a cab in the next thirty minutes. But that was no solace. Who are they to think that I will hop into a cab whenever it's available with them?? Has my time no value? Shouldn't they atleast inform beforehand so I can arrange other means??
    But they don't! So that only they get all the bookings!
    Meru is a bloody miserable service provider! I am so so irritated! Stop using meru! It sucks! It should be fined heavily and/or stopped!
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