Charging of extra amount on purchasing of general bogie ticket on Hisar Railway Stati


On 12.12.08, at 9:30am on Hisar Railway Station on First entry ticket window, (there is no number on the ticket window, only two windows were open, one of them was managed by a male employee & another by female), I ask for a general ticket from Hisar to Kunda on male operated window and handed over to him Rs.170/- . The employee checked the fare on the computer and ask me Rs. 3/- more, I gave Rs.10/- and he delivered me the required ticket with Rs.5/-. When I saw the ticket, it bore only Rs. 163/- printed on it. I inquired about the difference of the amount which was on the ticket and the amount charged by me i.e. Rs. 12/-, the employee clarified that he did not have a change of Rs. 2/- and that a surcharge of Rs. 10/- was levied on the ticket amount because it was of a superfast train. When I tried to clarify more on this matter he replied me angrily “Ticket lena hai to le nahi to wapis kar aur peche hat”.
In this regard, Sir, I want to inquire that does an employee have the right to charge extra amount on a ticket, which is not shown on the ticket, and if so, up to how much. Is it not possible that the person handling the ticket window can even demand for more amount then that taken from me and how does he square up the amounts charged from the passengers in his books or does he keep the extra charges with himself.

(Jagdamba Parshad)

14C/20, Farm Colony, Hisar


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    your enquire is appreciable, If all the consumers acts like you then such type of incident will not happen even to those who don’t know about their consumer rights. As par your complaint he charged you Rs 12/- extra and misbehaved with you, this is very serious issue. No one can misbehave with their consumer and even cannot charge extra. This is his duty to have change not yours. You can complaint against him to the station master and if the station master is not taking action then you complaint to the higher authority about the way he talked and charging extra amount then the print value.

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