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This is in regard to the problem faced by me due to very poor service and response from Mahindra Service Center at Koncept Automobile, Noida.
The incident happened to me on 7th of July 2010 when I went in to the service center to service my Mahindra Scorpio. I gave the car to the service center in the morning. They promised of returning it after service by the evening which they did. I paid 10000 Rs for sevicing. When I was driving the car back home in Delhi, it stopped mid way suddenly. I tried to start it but everything got jammed and I couldn't move an inch. My first action after this was to call the Mahindra Service Center but nobody answered the call. Then I called the supervisor person at Koncept Automobile. He didn't do anything other than giving me the Mahindra Helpline Number. It was 8:30 in the night. I called helpline number 8-10 times and requested them to send a Crane so that my car can be taken back home. They promised me of sending the crane in 30 mins. I waited but nobody arrived. I called them back but they continued giving me false excuses. Having no other option left, I had to drag the car with the help of another vehicle. The car remained at my home for the night.

Next day morning I called up Koncept Automobile and requested them to take the car to their service center. I explained how my car stopped suddenly soon after the servicing. They DIDN'T send back any medium for taking my car. I had to hire a private crane in order to take the vehicle to the service center. I had to bear the cost for the same which was about 1500 Rs. The service center took hold of my car to analyse the problem. After 1 day they told the car has started but its ignition is not getting off. I left on to them to analyse further. Next day they reported that the complete wiring of the car has been short circuited and it will have to be replaced with a new one. I argued with them that how can a car which started well the previous day can be short circuited. They gave me false and unauthenticated reasons. I asked them for the solution to this problem and they said the new wiring will have to be ordered from Head office in Nasik. It will take about 10 days. I told them to provide a replacement vehicle for me because I have to attend a family function after 3 days. Thye didn't provide me any sort of assurance on the same. I had to struggle for the next 10 days without any conveyance. For atttending the family function I had to hire a private vehicle which cost me 1200 Rs per night for 4 days.

Finally I got my car back today on the 19th of July 2010. I had to pay 8700 Rs approx for wiring change. I can't understand where is my fault in all this. I left the vehicle at their service center in driving condition and then also I had to face all this. I don't think I am liable to pay the charges for all this and the same has to be refunded by Mahindra.

I have faced ample problems in past 12 days. I hope my problem will be addressed and appropriate action will be taken regarding this.

Waiting for a positive reply.



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    I have purchased Xlyo D-2 Model vehicle from Patwa Automoives Indore on January 2011.
    I asked yesterday i.e. 21-11-2011 to Patwa Automoive Indore service centre by phone. They asked my to send my vehicle on 22-11-2011 . I send my vehicle from Ujjain to service center with my driver Mr. Bhaskar shinde. At service center Mr. Ritesh Nayar asked my driver that the delivery of your vehicle is not possible today , I will deliver your vehicle on tomorow. My driver asked me on phone then I asked Mr. Nayar that I have time from your service centre yesterday & I am from Ujjain . So kindly dilever me my vehicle today. Then Mr. Nayar asked me that it totally impolssible . I will deliver your vehicle tomorow. Then I asked Mr. Rege G.M. of Patwa Automotive for help me, they asked me that your vehicle will be deliver today. At 4-45 PM Mr. Nayar asked my driver Rs. 200/- paid extra for delivering my vehicle today. Otherwise he will deliver my vehicle without propoer service as per companies mode. Then I asked with Mr. Rege about this matter, but no result took & Mr. Nayar deliver my vehicle without proper service.

    I can be complaint against Mr. Nayar for asking Rs. 200/- on Notary Stamp also.

    Please see the matter and inform me with any result

    Liladhar Doraya,
    T-5, Green Park colony Near Rishi Nagar Petrol Pump,
    Ujjain ( M.P.)
    Phone- 07342511160
    Mobile- 9179972715
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    All Tourist Vehicles Available
    No.116, South Car Street, Chidambaram – 608 001


    M/s. Rajarajan & Sons,
    Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd., Authorised Dealer,
    Chidambaram Road,

    Mahindra Tourister Van (Chassis No. A3J19259 & Engine No.GEA4J28708, Reg.No.TN31CY1432) – Less mileage for fuel in spite of several services done – not satisfied with the performance regarding replacement of fuel pump – still in warranty period.

    We bring to your notice that the above mentioned vehicle has been serviced by you right from the first service till now and at present the vehicle is in your custody.
    Though the fuel pump has been dismantled and repaired three times (every time the vehicle is left for a period of not less than a week), still the mileage is low and as a tourist operator, we find it difficult to maintain the vehicle for such a low mileage.
    In spite of the repeated repair works within the warranty period, you have failed to replace the fuel pump and when we ask for a replacement now you are adamantly stating that the warranty period is over and you will charge for the same. This is very atrocious as you have been doing the service since we bought the vehicle on 30th October 2010. If the fuel pump replacement is not done without charges, there is no other option for us except to approach the consumer court for making the claim.
    Since Mahindra and Mahindra is a renowned company for its efficiency and maintenance of the vehicles, we deem it will spoil the name of the company and hence we expect you to oblige our demand, which is nothing but a complete replacement of the fuel pump set.
    Thank you for obliging.
    Yours sincerely,


    Copy to

    1. Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd., Chennai.
    2. Mahindra & Mahindra Customer Care, Mumbai
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    S.Chandra Staline,
    S/O E.Santhappan,
    6/93, South Street,
    Tirunelveli (Dt)
    Tamil Nadu.
    The Manager,
    Mahindra & Mahindra Company
    I bought Xylo E4 model car from Kodai Cars Pvt. Ltd, in Tirunelveli on 25-10-2011. My vehicle number is TN72 AW 4488. Unfortunately I met with an accident while travelling to velankanni by the same vehicle on 27-05-2012. The left back body of the vehicle was damaged. I took the same vehicle for service to Mahindra Kodai cars Pvt. Ltd, on 29-05-2012 and claimed for insurance. They said that work would be completed and I could take back my vehicle within ten days that is approximately on 09-06-2012. But till now I don’t receive any proper response from Kodai cars Pvt. Ltd. I’m urgently in need of the vehicle. So I humbly request you to take necessary action and so that I shall get back my vehicle on 18-06-2012.
    Place: Mannarpuram. Yours faithfully
    Date: 15-06-2012 S.Chandra Staline
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    This compliant is in reference to the following mentioned details :
    Vehicle Registration Number : HR51/Y/0080
    Bill No. : RBRI3A000735
    Chases No. : 82075953
    Engine No. : HA84015427
    Service Advisor Name : Tarun Summarwar (Contact Details – 8826498514)
    Manager Name : Divya Chawdhary
    Showroom and Workshop : Prime Automobiles Pvt. Ltd.
    Address : 20/2 Mathura Road, Near YMCA Chowk, Faridabad, 121006

    Complaint : For Car repair (Scorpio)

    We handed over a car (Scorpio) at above mentioned showroom as on 11.06.2012 (timing : 12:23 pm) as we were facing a problem i.e. Car Heat problem

    They generate a bill of Rs. 8378 for the accessories used including water pump. Delivery date was 13 June 2012.
    However, on the date of delivery i.e. 13 June 2012, Mr. Tarun explained that the respective parts were not available and work is still under progress.

    Car was actually delivered on 15 June 2012 after road test of 25 – 30 Km. They mentioned that the car is perfectly all right.

    We noticed that, our music system (Buffer - Company Name JBL) was missing from the car. In addition to that another plate to protect the engine was also missing from the car.

    We explained the same to Manager Divya Chawdhary. She committed to revert back within an hour. After an hour we got a call from Service advisor - Mr. Tarun.
    Initially he denied that there was no Music systems in the car. Later on, after 15 minutes he agreed on same (that yes music system was there) . He replied that he will call back again and will solve the problem. However no revert received from there side till date with respect to music system.

    Then on 17 June 2012, we faced the same problem in our car again at the Delhi Hapur Road. Had called at that point itself. Divya told me to get in touch with nearest showroom.
    We dint het any help and we somehow managed to come back home with lots of difficulties.

    Further, as on 18 June 2012, we again described the same problem at the showroom and handed over the car for resolution of same problem. They prepared a Job card mentioning estimated delivery date 19 June 2012.

    Divya called on 19.06.2012 and explained that that there is problem with “Engine Gas Kit” which needs replacement with estimated charges inclusive of labour charges i.e. Rs. 12000. They further changed the delivery commitment to 21.06.2012.
    We called on 22.06.2012 morning, and got a reply that we are done with the work and just checking injector.
    At evening we got a reply from them that “Car is perfectly fine and will hand over the car to next day morning after road test”.

    Today evening i.e. 23.06.2012, we called again and enquired about our car.

    Initially no body was picking up the phone. After lot of tries they picked up and replied that the injector is still not fine and required extra expenses to incur.
    Kindly look into the matter asap so that the matter get resolved at the earliest. We are facing lot of problem due to this and incurring unnecessary extra overheads due to this.

    Thanks and Regards
    Mr. Raj Gopal Dhingra - 09891971638 , 09650019192
    General Secretary of Haryana State
    Inter National Trade Union Congress
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    This compliant is in reference to the following mentioned details :
    Vehicle Registration Number : AP 29 AT 5285
    Bill No. : ACU/MM/61/156 Dt:30/05/2011
    Model : SLE 2 WD 7 STR HALF WHITE
    Chases No. : 92L83080
    Engine No. : 94K65846
    Service Advisor Name :Mr.J. Laxman (Contact Details – 9849898486)
    Manager Name :
    Showroom and Workshop : Automotive Manufracturers Pvt. Ltd.
    Address : Survey No.73(part) Medchal NH7, Beside Rama Raju Nagar,jeedimetla, Hyderabad-500055.

    Complaint : For repair of Accident car (Bolero)

    We met the Accident on Dt 19-11-2011 & We handed over a car (Bolero) at above mentioned showroom as on 28.11.2011 (timing : 14:20 ISD) as Damaged condition ( At the time of Handed overing its Engine is in running condition). I think so The problem which we were faced are cleared in January Month.

    They generate a bill of Rs.193318.46/- for the accessories used including Labour Charges. Delivery date was 31 May 2012.
    However, They inform us to the delivery date, but on the date of delivery i.e. 31 may 2012, Mr. Laxman explained that the respective parts were not available and work is still under progress & at the time of Delivering they lost my orginal keys with Remote Controling but they provided me to a duplicate Keys with out remote But we are asked several times in this regard but they are answred me that the strock (Key set) was available.
    and once again we submitt for balancing work & they done the work after 2 days.
    Car was actually delivered on 3 April 2012 after road test of 25 – 30 Km. They mentioned that the car is perfectly all right.

    We noticed that, when the Beloro running on undulation roads we obseved some noices from Stering & down side of beloro on Speed bakers. Several times we raises this problem but they didn,t respond to me & simply saying that lower arm shaft stock was not available in my stock. And we find the Old Number plate & Mud Flaps

    After several times requesting we change the same parts in autonagar Mahendra and the costed me as 24000/-including Servicing.
    Still we are not getting the Lock set from them and we observed that a gap between newely fitted Front right side Door & Banet was not fitted properly (one side it comes out).

    Kindly look into the matter asap so that the matter get resolved at the earliest. We are facing lot of problem due to this and incurring unnecessary extra overheads due to this.

    Thanks and Regards
    Mr.Ch. Srikanth Reddy- 09440658305, 09701126126
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    Hi, I bookied mahindra Quanto C4 in Sterling Motor Co. Faridabad on 4-Oct-12 with Red Cherry Color & again on 6-Oct-12 for change the color with white & they confirmed that It will be done on time on 24th October, But after 6 days that told me that white co lour not available & I can take other car from other vendor or manufactur than I called Sterling gurgaon for same car & they agreed for providing the same on time at 23rd Oct-12 & I booked my car there & ask Sterling Faridabad for adjust the amount there, but the denied & told me to cancel the booking & i canceled my booking on same days, after that I am continuously followup with them for refund my amount, but nobody taking seriously to refund my cheque & more than 15days already left

    Manoj Bisht
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    just got brand new mahindra thar crde from dada motors ludhiana and is in a very unsatisfactory condition, my thar is of silver colour and has lots and lots of black spray paint on it mostly everywhere and in the lower part the paint is still very wet. so i am very unhappy with my brand new car.
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    very bad service . always samthing probloms day by day.i want tolk to mahindra senioer service engineers.
    please call this no.00919995096260
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    i had bought xuv 500 from "narain motors hazratganj lucknow" its almost 5 months but still not got insurance paper n servise provided by them is very poor .I had complaint many times about that but nothing had happen .It will be very heplful if i get any help on this matter or any kind of help thankyou

    rahul singh 9005495245
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    dear sir,
    I have a mahindra bolero sle.and I have some problem in my vehicles.and my vehicle is running not good pickup and and also another problem that is the vehicle is at the running time the vehicle is off. and then I had gone for service in mahindra service centre in surya automobile,nawada no reply from service centre.
    so please help me in this matter.

    add:- HEMANT KUMAR
    MOB-: 9431663400,9798811112
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    I have suffered a lot because of regular problem with your manufactured vehicle mahindra scorpio mhwak. The clutch plate problem is coming very often, in a span of 4 years I have run my vehicle about 68000 kms, I am facing the problem for 4th time. Once I got a problem immediately after replacing of new clutch plate at india garage the vehicle run only 45km n again replaced the clutch plate. I made regular complaint with them but its of no use. So I request you to give me permanent solution to over come this problem, as early as possible. If not, taken any action this regard at the earliest, I may proceed further with consumer forum and consumer court against the mahindra & mahindra automobiles.

    Hope my problem get solved soon..

    thanking you

    Onkar Naik
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    PH: 09446090107


    I am reported to repair my taxi permit vehicle no;KL37/4414 Mahindra Scorpio
    2008 model, on sept 2012. But they are not finish the repairing process till the date.
    The work shop department said that the parts not availble in the workshop
    I am already pay 50000/ advance cash to staff mr.Jaikrishnan I am faced very loss
    for this iresponsibility from your workshop department and already progessing my
    bank loan for this vehicle . so please take sudden action to my case

    yours faithfully,
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    PH: 09446090107


    I am reported to repair my taxi permit vehicle no;KL37/4414 Mahindra Scorpio
    2008 model, on sept 2012. But they are not finish the repairing process till the date.
    The work shop department said that the parts not availble in the workshop
    I am already pay 50000/ advance cash to staff mr.Jaikrishnan I am faced very loss
    for this iresponsibility from your workshop department and already progessing my
    bank loan for this vehicle . so please take sudden action to my case

    yours faithfully,
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    11:18 AM
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    FROM Pankaj Kushwah TO 1 recipient
    plz reply
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    Pankaj Kushwah


    this is gajender singh kushwah ,from gwalior (mp), i m the owner of xylo E8, no :mp 07 cc 0554, i have some complaint against your dealer royal automobile gwalior that i send my veh in workshop for repairing purpose (like electrical fault) since date 07/dec/2012 until now i am not get any sattisfication response from dealer or worshop.persnally 10 time i visit to royal automobile workshop but no body giving any exact thing or time of repaire.
    i already complaint to your coustmore care but they also i not get any satisfaction response and workshop people always saying that company is sending wrong parts last 3 times.
    i m facing too much problem due to your bad servise so plz guide me what i do or tell me where i go to take my veh for repaire as soon as possible,
    last thing is that my veh still in under warranty so plz help me out. or if u cant do any thing so plz allow me to go consumer court.


    gajender singh kushwah
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    I had purchased one Xylo car from Mohan Motor, Kolkata on 01-01-2013. At the time of delivery I was not agreed to take handover the car because the car looked like a used car.But they forced me to take handover otherwise no money will be refunded. After that I took the car. When I was driving on 1st Jan,2013 so many dificulties arised.I ringed the Showroom and they told me to go to the workshop near Sc City on 14th and i went and handover the car.After taking back the car on 15th the same problems are prevailing. Where to go now. My remote lock is not working , the tail door is frequently opening while driving, the gear is not working properly, the dash board is not properly adjusted. I am in great trouble with Xylo and Mohan motor.
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    sir we are purchase a scorepiyo to the showroom of supreme auto hissar. but there service is very poor. we will not get our bill after the payment of two hours `they told the sceme of 20000thousands . but on the time of billing sceme give me only 130000 thanks s
    sushil kumar`bhattu kalan mobile no. 09416325309
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    We had purchased Mahindra Scorpio JH010449,in 2008. Till then we have faced continuous problems in our Scorpio which has never been addressed completely at any of your service centre. My car has been a continuous customer at your Koncept service centre at Okhla . It is surprising to see that once the car goes for some rectification, it comes up with some other problem the next week & we again have to bring it there. Then there comes some other problem & the next visit is again secured by your technicians

    Such poor & careless response of your people is making me very depressed & I am deciding to move to some serious step as I cannot afford to spend lakhs of rupees on its maintenance every year. The car is sent to servicing wherein we fail to understand why the problem doesnot diagnose the cause & inform us by your technicians.

    I have changed the gear box, both tyres, clutchplates, pinion & various lot of accessories recently still the car is not giving satisfactory performance. From yesterday the ABS light is getting ON despite the fact that the car has been returned to us after rectification only one day before.

    With this approach of looting the customers & giving pathetic services, I will put the feedback on website portals & will never advise anyone to buy Mahindra vehicles. I have been a victim of your poor car & worst services.You compare your services with the leading car manufacturers Maruti, Hyundai etc. & you will realise you are not at par with them.

    Revert if anyone in your so called customer care actually cares for the customer or just dodge the people. After calling from custmor care also no responce till now

    rohit 8882829990
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    Thatagata- the sales personel in rudra motors asansol, booked a xylo against advance to be delivered on 7th feb 2013. On 6th feb -2013 while enquiring about the delivery status, informs will not be able to deliver the same before 11th feb-2013. What type of cheating is this. Please be careful of frauds like this, be careful of these antisocial sales personel.
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    i have purchase a pickup savice in prasant mahindra savice in hajipur . in a first sarvice 5000 km change mobil mobil filter and washing is not done other oil change BR31G 6151 .AFTER 2000KM DROP A MOBIL by mobil filter then go to savice center prasent mahindra change mobil again and replace the mobil filter there amount bi 1800rs .but they add 400rs labour cost . and the i have pay 2200rs
    kindly see my matter plz sir
    ravi kumar
    phone 9939932680
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    Dear sir
    I have purchased a scorpio sle from Hajipur Priyadarshini motors in Durgapuja. After 2 days of !st free service ,my vehicle took accident due to break fail. After complaining in hajipur shoroom NO ASSISTANCE PROVIDED BY DEALERSHIP. There in no recovery van at dealership. after paying Rs 1000 one mechanic go to pickup the vehicle with me.From that time my vehicle is OFF ROAD
    After complaining several times on tollfree no, hajipur Priyadarshini workshop, patna PRIYADARSHINI workshop and patna area office(VISHNU PRATAP) no action was taken .till this moment my scorpio is offroad from 1and half months.
    Definely in my openion the service provided by MAHINDRA IS BAD.UNSATISFACTORY. SPARES ARE NOT PROVIDED BY TIME.
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    I bought mahindra bolero 2 years back. My car is now having BODY RUSTING. Due to rusting the body of the car is damaged that you can push your finger through the body.

    This is a very serious issue to me.i cant even tak out this car in front of my friends.
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    Dear sir
    I am a existing customer of mahindra car company & just 4
    months before i have purchased bolero slx model & i want to share my
    experience that if i will give rating of mahindra company quality that
    is 9 out of 10. But if i will talk about mahindra's service quality
    that is very poor that rating is 2 out of 10. 5th of march i had done
    my 2nd service of my bolero in simla automobile in mandi HP. & that
    day was my worse day of my life. I had given my bolero around 1.30 pm
    for service but it will took 4 hours for service. After service I got
    my car 5.30 pm. There were nobody to listen my queries & also not for
    to attend me. I felt like that they people are customer & I am a
    employee of company. Because I had to chaise them all around in the
    workshop for my queries like car parts, washing & till cash payment of
    So being your customer i want to know why is your service is poor? I
    want feedback from your end.

    Lalit thakur
    Mob no. 9816068679
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    I had a tour to gujrat and rajasthan along with my family and my lovely sweaty bolero sports and from Kolkata. on way to porbandar from somnath discharged gear oil and damaged top sharping of gear box .the local mechanic could not change the same for unavailability of parts . we contacted mr. harshad, the manager of MARSHAL MAHINDRA SERVICE CENTRE through internet. According to Mr. Harshad my sweaty car towed to Rajkot and handed over to sailesh ,the mechanic of MARSHAL SERVICE CENTRE who had kept at his own garage. on the next morning sailesh demanded Rs 28,000 + 3000 IN ADDITION WITH EXCHANGE WITH THE GEARBOX OF MINE. When I asked to go through Mahindra service centre the both sailesh as well as Harshad threatened that the vehicle remained as it is for further one month . There were 4 adult and 3 children along with my team and we became so afraid and helpless that we agreed and I had paid that amount inside the MARSHAL MAHINDRA SERVICE CENTRE to sailesh(919879540770) in presence of Harshad (tel 919978941727) and they delivered the vehicle at 00-00 hrs on 31st December fitted my old gear box had a change only top sharping .
    My question are :
    1) Being a good representative of BOLERO SPORTZ to the whole India Why I had been cheated by the employees of MOHINDRA.
    2) It is very much unfortunate that the cheating were happened with the tourist and in helpless situation.
    3) The incident happened in GUJRAT ,where I’ve seen no crime , not in Bihar, Jharkhand.
    4) May I get any compensation in the issue.

    with regards,
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    My name is ajit singh i bought a mahindra xylo from mohan motors, salt lake, kolkata on 2nd of april, my car number is wb02ac 7013. Now i realise that it was the biggest mistake of life to buy a mahindra car. Just after two days on 4th april my car refused to start. The next day i went to the workshop with the car, they took the whole day and told me the problem is fixed. But the very next day the same problem continued. My car gets heated up and the tyres also get heated up and it refuses to start , i had to bring my car three times with breakdown.
    I am sorry to say, but i prefer going to the consumer forum for complaint and i also want to publish through newspaper about the service of mahindra so that other common people get aware about your company's quality of service, the way you cheat your customers. I am writing this mail to you to see that what this company can do to save its reputation and dignity with the customer. If mahindra has any dignity then please exchange my car otherwise i will do everything to spoil mahindra's reputation in the market. My phone number is 9830708239.
    ajit singh.
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    Mahindra max Number:-TN 10 AF 9619.

    Yesterday afternoon 2.30 pm i am give my mahindra max vehicle in cheenai near poointhamalli indian garage service center...
    It is a very bad service center in chennai...
    Late workdone...
    Fault job is very complicated.
    Cost is very high,but service is also worst....
    I am asked the service manager , he told the electrical work is not done....
    I am a small canwater driver..
    This time my work was very late,my customer are in angry...
    So,my job's are missing...
    Please take my complaint to the higher officer and done my job quickly...
    Please help me...
    Loss of money and loss of tttttime...
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    dear sir,
    I purchase bolaro sle .it have complint on service center but we can not get any good responce to the service center.... What to do tell me
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    MY SELF RAM KUMAR SINGH mobile no. 9956413666 i purchased mahindra bolero sle before 5 month with no up 92 L 9789 WITH CH.NO C5J53319 now its one inductor or nozzle not working properly and dealer from i purchased my car is not cooperate with me i am very unsatisfied with MAHINDRA service plz do something for my car address of dealer is 11Th Mile, Jhansi-Kanpur Road,
    Jhansi - 284001,
    Uttar Pradesh
    Mobile: 93351-92000
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    Dear Sir,
    This is very bad and small to say that I have gave my vehicle for servicing at Shree Automobiles Service Center, (Topsia) on 18/05/2013 and I take a delivery on 20/05/2013 at 12.15 noon.
    Actually matter is when I go for cash counter to make a payment so that I can take the delivery I gave him my credit card, he told me if the payment made by card then I have to pay 2% extra.
    why should I pay 2% extra,though service tax and other tax are taken in our bill. If I go for shopping and I purchase one trousers worth Rs 1500/-and the payment made by card they won't charge 2% extra. It is shame to write a mail. Thing is if the owner went to take the delivery normally they used card,if they send someone for the delivery then they send cash, its very insulting me though the said to me like this, I have bolero storm also, somethime I send to Mohon Motor service center also and there I make a payment through card, they never charge me 2% extra on my bill value.
    Please do something and change this policy of SHREE AUTOMOBILES SERVICE CENTER(TOPSIA).
    Thanking You.
    WB 06H 6667
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    Ek hi kam kai mahino tak bar bar karana or gadi ka saman bech kar castumer ko bevakuf banana
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    Ek hi kam kai mahino tak bar bar karana or gadi ka saman bech kar castumer ko bevakuf banana
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