Sri Thangam Packers and Mover, Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai - Poor service

Please be aware of these fraud company. They assured me that they will deliver the goods within two days, but even after two weeks I am still waiting for my goods and Motorcycle.


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    Thangam packers and movers are real cheats.
    I availed their service on 14/12/2010, gave them my household goods and 30k as fees in cash upfront at Pondicherry, they promised to deliver the goods within a week at IIT Delhi, where I have shifted for job, and even after a month they have not delivered. In addition they are asking me to pay more money at a remote location before they will deliver the goods to my house. All this while, they have been lying about the status of the goods. When called, for first two weeks they gave the status of goods as 'on the way', then third week they said that the vehicle carrying goods has got mechanical fault and it is in remote location at border of rajasthan and delhi. In fourth week they said that it has yet not started from chennai. After a month they have today confirmed that it'll reach delhi today and I need to go to a location on outskirts of delhi to pay more money before they will deliver the gods at my house. In fear that these guys will take money and not deliver, I have started searching today online for their complaints and not knowing how to proceed legally now, I have started by writing their reviews. I am working as an Asstn. prof. at IIT Delhi and my phone no. is 9994106825 (which is still a Tamilnadu no., as I have not changed due to these guys continuing harassment), I'll appreciate any help in getting the justice done. Thanks!
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    i m sanjay,
    i booked their service on 3jan2011, from chennai to kolkatta. they promised me to deliver my goods on 10jan 2011.but they delivers the goods on 13th jan.i was so tensed of my goods and worried too.but the goods were neatly packed and they delivers in good condition. trust worthy.but they can give quick service. so that their reputation can be maintained.the rates are economical.
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    We have entrusted the job of transporting the household articles from chennai to cochin to this agency - Thankam Transports . Loading was over in to an EITCHER truck on 02/08 with a promise from the agency that the same will be delivered to our home in cochin on 04/08/2012. Even before loading is completed, the agency's Mr.Karthik started demanding for the entire charge of Rs 13,000 which was agreed to, for this work, which was not responded by me and Rs 10,000 was only paid then. It was told to us that the same vehicle would deliver the materials at cochin. On 04th while enquiring about the arrival of truck, it was hesitantly revealed to us that the vehicle broke down about 40km off Coimbatore and that nothing could be promised about arrival. However, on repeated questioning about the details of the vehicle and driver, a non functioning mobile no. was given to us as that of the driver, which was of no use as 'swiched off ' message only we could hear. On 05th it was informed to us that the truck has moved to Valayar check post and anytime on 06th delivery could be done. Even on 07th, when nothing happened, on further questioning a mob no of the driver was given to us. The driver informed that the vehicle was still at Coimbatore as the vehicle strated from Chennai, was changed as lot of similar household articles belonging to others also, were loaded in to the same truck.We were really worried about the condition of the articles inside as heavy downpour has already started in kerala by then. Mr.Karthik has stopped responding to our calls by blocking our ph nos for receiving calls. Even now at 10.15 Pm, when this incident was posted, he still is on promise that tomorrow at early morning, the vehicle would reach, which is still can't be trusted upon from previous incidents. I am thinking of lodging a police complaint about the worst experience any one can dream of. People should be aware of such cheats and never entertain them. Also to ensure deterrant action against such cheats, report to the Police as and when such incidents occur.

    Pl help me as to how to go about.
    Cochin. ph No.9400000131.
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    My brother recently shifted from chennai to dindigul availing this fraud packers and movers, similar experience happened to us, he demanded full cash upfront,but then we paid Rs 10000/- holding back the balance Rs 2000/-. The goods loaded on a Eicher Track, we insist them to put the tarpaulin, they told that they will do the same at their office, but then we made them to do it partially. That time we didn't know that they had a different plans.
    We waited for the delivery of goods yesterday (6/11/2012), the owner karthik told that the vehicle got break down and the driver is not reachable . Whole day we waited and in the night the owner told that the vehicle had started from the break down place. Atlast today 7/11/12 we received the goods today afternoon in a different truck, where they got shared with somebodyelse goods. We shouted the driver , he cried that this had been his owner's practice and they are the one who faces the irony of the customers.
    Now the unloading in progress, on completion only we will come to know the breakage if any. Pl spread to your friends this incidents and asked them not to go to his idiots.

    Muthu Krishnan, 96770 79385
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    Hey ppl pls b aware of this fraud company. Mr.karthik,he have stoled many of my guds and the labors who wrk thr stolen my guds. Irresponsible asshole s da proprietor. He s da garbage of lies. He s not at al fit to carry this business.
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    We gave our goods to Karthick on 23rd november to be delivered to Ludhiana, punjab. The crook told us he would surely deliver it within 10 to 15 days. It has been 48 days since he took it and no signs of any delivery. Just lik earlier complaints he has blackmailed us for cash too. He has taken all the promised money on pretext of needing to pay drivers and is threatening us for more money...more than the agreed amount. He is also asking us to go and pay a person in remote location to take our materials back. The location of materials is not disclosed either. They are cheating all of us in a planned way. All of us have fallen victim to his clever manipulations. He also cheats us with vehicle fault lies. We are helpless. All our clothes and essentials are stuck with him. Please do something to bring justice to this cheater.
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    Hey ppl .. This karthik has unfit for business and for real life. He has cheated so many girls. He stole all the goods and sell it in market. He has so many complaints in local police station. His labors are drunkard.his vehicles are old and cant be used even in waste market. He talks very perfect and later he behaves like a third rated guy. Karthik fuck off!
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    If u want to go for a bad this playboy karthik owner of the cheat company.
    He can never deliver goods on time or he ll never respond our call. He is king in telling lies. & his labours used to steal things. He s unfit to do business.
    He owns a swift vxi. I just want to break his dumbass head for breaking my laptop & my babys stroller is missing.

    You can torture this guy. But he ll be least botheres
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    He has started a finance buSiness and starts to claim heavy interest..where the market people has to give the quoted interest otherwise he will act as a mental. PLs take necessary action
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    I have booked thangam packers and movers ,it is one of the worst service providers.
    They promised to come around 2pm and after calling many number of times they said they will come in an hour and they turned up at 11:30 pm and the worst thing was the truck was already full with some one else's things . Took the advance and never returned it . They wasted my precious time and money .
    Cheaters and liars.
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    One of the worst packers in Chennai. He ll never attends our phone calls. Surely few goods will be missing. Karthik s a drunkard and speak nonsense to the girls who call him. People should sue him to court. He always damages the good never depend this fellow for timely delivery. He ll blabbers while talking and such a liar. Don't go to this packers frenz
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    Dont send any goods belongs to u and anybody, so many complaint filled in police station about his thangam packers and movers company but he is blackmailing everybody who complaint filing about him because his relative working in police department
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