rude behaviour from the courtesy honda staff

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i purchased a honda city vmt model from courtesy honda, wazirpur about a month ago.two days back i went to courtesy honda due to some problem in the engine due to my own mishandling,the car was not moving so i asked courtesy honda to tow my car.i insured my car from reliance insurance on forceful advice from the courtesy honda,they said it gives cashless claim and now when i have 2 repair my car they are saying that reliance has stopped giving cashless claim.earlier they didn't tell me that i have to pay for the tow charges and now they are asking me to pay for that also.
their behaviour was also very rude and indifferent.


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    Kindly provide us your full contact details, purchase details and the job sheet details so that we can guide you accordingly.
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    Today i went there for 1st service of my car honda city vmt leather which was purchased by me from ring road honda peeragarhi, staff of courtsey honda understand themselves they r the boss coustomer is nothing. i asked for drop facility very near nsp but there was no one sitting at reception , one man told me dial 103 i dialed there i got replied i dont ve any driver i cont help u.
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    i purchased honda civic in 2009 and during the service time in 2012 the staff of the company damaged our car and promised us to replace it and now they are not ready to compensate for the damage and its been two months . they have a lame reason to hide their ignorance that the parts of the car are not available . when a company is selling its cars at such a huge price how is it possible that they are so careless in serving the people with parts of the car requires . when the car is sent for repairing they hold it with themselves for 2-3 mnths and haress the consumers. honda has been the worst experience ever
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    I being your old custmer of yours and Chartered Accountant by profession and purchased 2 cars - Honda City and Honda Civic bearing nos. DL3CB 5264 AND DL3CAK9367 from your company and regulary availing services from Courtesy Honda- Lally automobiles Pvt. Ltd.

    My Civic car's lock went out of order and came to your workshop( okhla ) personally on 09/09/2014 and as suggestted by service advisor Mr. Sunil Kumar that the whole locking system will be replaced instead of geting the particular right side lock part and was given an estimate of Rs.17,300/- including cost of the parts and Rs.1250/- labour Charges and Rs.3150/- key coding charges.

    As it appeared that the total cost is towards higher side I approached Works Manager to consider this as I am an old customer and getting regular repairs and accident repairs also done from you as well. He agreed to waive Coding charges.

    When the repairs was done and I came to receive the delivery i was handed over a performa Bill of Rs. 18314.49 ( vide RO NO. SER.RO-DD052-1415-11403) and when I told why again coding charges are billed he sent me to the Works Manager.

    When I approached the Works Manager Mr Neeraj who in turn became so rude and hostile and said I could not help in this regard and started misbehaving and even did not care of my age of 60 years and argued for more than 15 minutes and all customers in the waiting room also started listening and interfering. After such a commotion he agreed to waive off only Rs.750/- instead of Rs3150/- and made the bill for Rs.17303/- vide Invoice No. SER-INV-DD052-1415-9883 Dt. 09-09-2014 ( at 4.40 pm) which I paid.

    During arguments he went to such a hieght and called the mechanic to remove the Lock and give the vehicle without lock to me . Such an exploitation and harrasment is never expected form a reputed company like yours. I felt my Blood Presure sinking and diffrent type of feeling of being robbed started appearing.

    After a while I gained my sense not to feel that bad for Rs.2400- being charged extra than agreed but I really want to bring the incidence to the higher authorities that such a behaviour is never expected from a comapny of high repute and standards.

    I register my total disatisfaction and will never approach for repairs and other service .

    With regards,

    Bhisham Vatsa,FCA
    (Chartered Accoutant)
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