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    my mobile no 9524545276 from yesterday i can't sent messages any body but message center no is correct
    please rectify the pblm
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    i am Rahul Ranjan mob-8802872649 . i am regular user of aircel .
    sir on dated 7 may 2012 i have call in customer care to know about rate cutter then call have been drop and recently rs 60 have been cut in my accout then i again call in customer care and comlaint against them . i got complain number 067983907207 and gave me reply your balance return in 24 hour. when my call finish then again Rs60 have been cut in my account then i again call in customer care and tell the matter . one of them reply me just relacks your cut balance
    Rs 120 be return on 24 hour . many 24 hour has been gone sir but up to now no any balance is return in my account . i have complain in customer care regularly number of time but they didn't talk me seriouly and say that your balance will not be return . when we try to call in my mob then already go phone busy so i complaint with help of my friend number .
    sir you are requested to please return my total cut balance otherwise i change my aircel number and do complain if i possilbe .
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    Please block my service text and audio messages from aircel
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    i wish you to kindly register my telephone no.9840 77 9162 in the DO NOT DISTURBE list. as i get all unwanted advertisement on this phone line.

    i hope you will look into this and solve my problem.

    thank you and waiting for your action.
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    i want to unsubscribe pyaarkefunde jokes service on no 8890684192.Please do it as soon as possible
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    O God plz take care aircel curtumer care bz they are not helping us . . .
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    Respected sir , I am from namtichriali , sivasagar , assam . I am a permenent customer of aircel but I have face lots of problem in this area from two years . So I hardly request yuo to solve this problem, otherwise I want to use portability faciality for other network .
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    Dear Sir
    my aircel number is 8508986866
    last two time has reduction of my a/c Rs. 30 (each time)
    so what i do
    i want to need not reduction of my a/c balance
    please inform me any action about you.

    please adviced How to get back those amounts from Aircel.

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    Dear Sir,
    My Mobile No. 9762425172, I have regular sms for HEALTH TIP actul I cancel for this plan last time but your side no cancel for this plan.
    so I humble request your to pls. cancel the HEALTH PLAN alert SMS at earliest.

    Warm Regards,
    Sandeep Mali.
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    i harshitha.alle customer of aircel of andhrapradesh number had got vochure of Rs.100 which is showing invalid so plz take some action
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    Dear Gents,
    My mobile no 9942833634(pre paid) registration has failed,now iam in dubai kindly do the needfull.

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    My mobile no. 8656862439 and i am automatically subscribe to music conect so plz deactivate the service plz plz plz
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    I have not subscribed the aircel music connect service. But without any prior information for the past two months i have been charged 30/per month totally 60rs for my sim"8973254890". I am trying to call the customer care but in vein. I need to unsubscribe from the music connect service and the charged amount should be repayed to my account.

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    Hi sir,
    My mobile number is 9842170949. I ported my sim from AirTel to Aircel and I got a message that my AirTel would get inactivated at 0600 hours in the morning of 4-july-2012 and that my Aircel would get activated by that time. But, unfortunately, now both the sim are inactive. Could you please set it right?
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    without my consent i have been subscribe to music connect service. i request you to please unsubscribe it as soon as possible fom my aircel no. 9802743488 otherwise i have to switch to other mobile network.
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    Respected sir,
    i would like to tell you that myaircel no is 919806600379 and in my no two un wanted services have been acteveted i want to deactevate it for that i had called ur
    costomar care bu there was no responce from them and tey were not atending my call so plaese de activate it ser because of it there is an dedection of rs5 every 5 days and rs 1.50 per days from my accout is taking place so please dactivate it sir other wise i have to change my sim plese do it as early as posssible .
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    My Aircel Number 9578556786

    My Name as it is submitted for the ID proof :See below

    Twice I have been charged for Rs.30 and Rs.20 for some jokes and
    ringtone for attending your company call.

    Customer care only once giving me the worthless reason for the
    subscription of those.Also am unable to get bac to Ccare very often.

    " Subscribing any unwanted things happening in a feather touch mode
    where as reaching customer care is not that much easy even WE can get
    an appointment from Obama"

    Here by I request you to do " please dont do it again"



    Shakil Ashik
    Karaikal, Pondichery
    Hp: +91 95 78 55 67 86
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    Hi Sir/Madam

    This is Chandra mohan my No is 9994355609, i have changed my network airtel to aircel last week.
    Now i have activated internet package but i can not download any thing from google store.
    I called several time to customer care they instructed me to resat my mobile i did it so many times but still its not working.
    Still i didn't get proper respond.

    Please do needful.
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    My number with aircel is 9700182516.Recently I got this number prepaid from Aircel.
    This number was deactivated one week ago for no reason,when called customer care they said my number will be activated within 2 hours but till now it has not been activated.. i purchased the aircel sim on 5/7/2012.
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    When i bought the aircel sim card 7 days back, i submitted all proof with photo.
    My Aircel no is 97001825516. iam unable to recharge . but incoming is blocked.
    I am informed so many times to customer care but they not responding.
    please help me...
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    Dear Sir/Mam,

    I bought an INQ mobile hand set in the month of Jan-12 from your branch office located in G.S road,abc,ghy-05. At the time of purchase i was informed that warranty period of the hand set is 1 year. But my handset is not working after three month from the purchase date I have already placed the complain in your office for several time but i have not got any support from your side.So, I would like to request you kindly to look into the matter and do the needfull as soon as possible.

    Hemen Hazarika
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    One of my worst experience is calling the customer care were my acoount from icici bank is debited but the recharge is not happened, so far 5 time i called the customer care is been deliberately is disconnected which is shame for company who not providing proper service ,which will make us to go for another company
    with lots of angry and unsatisfied expression
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    Callertune has been activated in above number without any information to us and your custermercare center is not receiving call , so please take immediate step to deactivate this and refund money
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    Please deactivate PyaarKeFundeDard-E-Dil messages on my number 9804046478 immediately. Firstly, there exists no facility for Aircel Prepaid users to talk to your customer representatives directly. Secondly, when customers call *123# , absolutely no warning is given regarding what they're subscribing for. The only instruction displayed is Press 9 to subscribe. Rs.30 are currently being deducted from my account monthly for this SMS service.

    Discontinue these messages and the accompanied balance deduction, failing which I will definitely take this matter up in consumer court. Also, make sure there is a direct way to talk to your customer care representatives through the automated system.
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    Dear Concern,

    I am Nishi Srivastava purchased an Aircel sim (specially to use internet) on 12th- Jul-12, after 5 days my number has been barred due to incomplete documents.

    I had completed all the formalities and submit all my documents on 24-Jul-12, but my number is still barred, i am not able to access my internet connection.

    I called customer care to register this complaint but they are saying my number is not barred and i'll be getting all the services.

    Now 6 days has been passed but there are no services redeemed by Aircel, i can not access my internet.

    Plz take an appropriate action, on urgent basis.

    Thanking You
    Nishi Srivastava
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    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I have not subscribed the aircel shayari connect service.But there is automatically activated the Shayari Connect Service from last 2 month.I contacted with customer care for De-activation and I was deactivated by the customer care.But next time I am automatically activated with Shayari Service (Dt.31.07.2012.10.04PM).I do not like Shayari,Music,Caller Tune etc unwanted service.Please not to disturb me with these disliked connection and not to send unwanted & unnecessary message like to music connect,caller Tune,Shayari etc.If you disturb me in this way I have to use any other mobile network. Thank You.

    Narayan Chanda(8285984490)
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    hello sir i want to inform you that my aircel sim is activated and i want activate facebok on my aircel number whenever i type my number it shows invalid number plz the reasion
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    deactivate the facts services ..they costs me 10rs per week..
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    Caller tune deactivation

    Callertune has been activated in above number without any information to us and your custermercare center is not receiving call , so please take immediate step to deactivate this and refund money
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    hello sir,
    i am nithin.
    i want to register a complaint against aircel customer care maharashtra circle.
    when i called them for a help, it was a long time i waited to get connected to somebody.
    and when i connected, nobody was speaking up. here i got the wastage of time.
    i tried the customer care for several times and same thing is happenning......
    so kindly please proceed this complaint and please get me a solution for this.

    Nithin Paul
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