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    sir, in some times my friends can't message me to my number. i think the problem is with your network. please check the complaint. i am a customer under the area anjengo, trivandrum.
    i think you will take action to solve the problem. hopefully....
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    Hello... I m facing internet problem. No site is about to open except facebook and which is https ... Even i have chnged my window but still problem is not resolved.. Help me is my email me as soon as possible
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    recharged with 1250 3g pack on 13 nov 2011.I got 10gb in my account.After using it for two days (may be hardly 500 mb i used in two days)my internet speed got reduced (not even 2g speed).I registered a complaint regadring that .No response fron airtel till 5 days(I even took a duplicate sim thinking that was sim problem but no use) .Finally on 21st nov i got 3g speed and i used it for one hour, to my suprise there was only 100mb left... donoo what happened to 9GB.Then again i gave complaint to airtel service.No response.... Finally on 24th they told we will add your 9Gb in 24hours but not solved.So i called them back this time one of the higher officals told that you have used all the 9GB(how can i use 9GB in two days!!!?)so we cannot help you.Then i asked the log when i used that 9GB they told sorry due to privacy reasons we cannot tell that and u have used all the 9GB.(one of the higher offical told you will get only 5GB if you recharge with 1250 then why the hell they advertised in the sites that you will get 10GB for 1250).

    Here the few complaint numbers i got from airtel:
    CBNRA21123519154 dated nov23
    CBNRA31122766459 dated nov22
    C3GSP31121122797 dated nov21
    C3GSP21119917451 dated nov19
    C3GSP21118442456 dated nov18
    C3GSP31117843132 dated nov17
    C3GSP21117798139 dated nov17
    C3GHP31117657955 dated nov17

    I deleted other numbers these are the few i have.I wasted more than 100RS talking to customer care.
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    i am upset about aircel. 1st i am in prepaid. then i go to postpaid but i did't satisfied in both. very very poor customer service.
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    In spite of repeated mesates through phone, still now I am disturbing with your advertisement call. As I am a field staff it is not possible to work thorughly because your will come in my faster life and distruing my time, sense etc. Please stop this advertisement call within 24 hours, other wise I will cancel your net work connection and select another good network.
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    I lost my aircel sim today.
    Please i request u to kindly block my sim .I do not remember my sim number but my cell number is: 9804351546
    please take necessary action as quick as possible.
    my another numbers are 9831094464 (personal number) & 7278289797 (Residence number) . if any query u can just call me.
    You are also requested to send me the nearest AIRCEL STORE ADDRESS to adopt an another SIM.
    16/A SUBASH ST
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    recently i have been received a text message from no. 8575519618 containing disturbing and noisense words.. i would like to know who owned this number and where about the exact location of the same.. Please help me.!!
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    hello sim has been blocked..i need my PUK number is(9808107232)
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    iregester my complaint ,complaint no. is6639097823 i recived message your problem is solved i connect call to custmer care but he doesnot talk to me my no. is9803526104
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    My phone is showing that my aircel sim is invalid why??????
    Please contact me and i am unable to dail 121 or contact customer care
    my mobile no is 9806657712 which isinvalid
    contact no 9669131280
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    My phone is showing that my aircel sim is ragistation faild
    Please contact me and i am unable to dail 121 or contact customer care
    my mobile no is 8802153049 which isinvalid
    contact no 8459671635
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    deducted balance from the prepaid-account.un-necessary activation of hello tunes without my permission
  • shivamtripathionlymeshivamtripathionlyme Junior Member
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    deducted balance from the prepaid-account.un-necessary activation of hello tunes without my permission and return my money.
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    my mobile number is 7299091919.since 25days my i can't make any out going calls.all calls dropped with a beep sound.already i inform to customer care many more any action till day.please take action about this problem.

    thank you,

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    Dear sir
    i jayanta kumar panda i need to block my aircel sim because i lost my mobile set with sim my mob no 8908706913, sir please take necessary action immediatly
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    Dear Sir

    I am Tharakan, I have been a valid customer of your Mobil service, my mobile no is 8907385459, sir now I used to getting the following messages

    (1.your subscription to jobs has been renwed for another 30 days and you charged Rs.30 19/12/2011, 2.From OT- aircel, 19/12/2011 11 21 AM, receive job alert on your mobile where ever you are! now enter job profile for free and get the matching job, jlob alert on SMS*234*997#BPO//998#SALES*234*999#Finance repaly with your choice eg:14bto ( Jobs) Toll free"

    and from my cr. Rs.30/- deducting per message, kindly stop sending such messages to my mobile immidiately....Sir i never expect such an experience from your service

    kindly recharge in my mobile what ever you deducted from my cr. balance, otherwise i am force to disconnect your AIRCEL connection,

    Thanks in advance

    awaiting your apt replay


    Mob No:
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    Respected Sir/Madam,
    I am from Tinsukia(Assam), having an Aircel number 7399811159 getting a problem in Night Pack. I recharged my aircel number on dated 09/04/2012 with Night Pack Rs.39 and it was working but on the dated 14/04/2012 on this dated it was black out day and normal charged were taken, on 15th and 16th April night pack was not working and normal charged were taken. But I submitted many complains in Aircel Customer Care, but they are totally irresponsible. They Can't give any solution to their customer.

    Kindly give me solution in this matter and refund my reduce false call charges.

    Thank You
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    i have to suffer to much by taking the aircel sim , my 30 rs is gone from my main balance without any reason ,your companey has activate a sirvice on my mobile without asking me even you had not send a single msg /call to apply the sirvice on my mobile without my permission how you can do that . i am a student and could affort too much balance in my mobile and in that condiction you all are doing all this work needfullyyyy.....
    my no. is 9806638173
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    I am using aircel is not work proper in downloading.songs & videos should be download 85% then downloadingshould be failed. Why? i will appset to use is very poor.i will tell more times then why should you no take is not well.i will pay money then why should not downloading tell quick i lose my money ok.
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    This is hema i have an issue about the activation of power play without my conset aircel network have been activated powerplay. Nearly 5times 10rs had been deducted from my account after reduction only i came to know kindly deactivate and refund my money.please do the needful
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    Ten times sms,ten times miscall,ten times long call each and every day.plz chk availability at my mobile details.
    iam upset and very disturb,if not stop kindly i will change to another company.the staff of call center is very ruff and tuff so unable to keep ths no for please stop immidately this case on today.
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    aircel in the past few months hav called up numerous time nd its very irritating when am waiting for an important call.i hav tried several way to stop that but they dont care about that.every time i call up the customer care they put my number in waiting.

    so its my humble request if u take necessary step in stoping this.
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    This is my sisters number she is receiving some messages from a boy in late nights,she is not giving the boys number.She deletes all the messages from that number afer reading it.
    could you please help me to get that boys number
    Thanking You
    Yours Faithfully
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    I need to block my sim as my mobile was lost.the aircel number is 7293130903.
    Thanking You
    Yours Faithfully
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    my smriti sardar from bhubaneswar i recharged power plus of 74 rupees with which i should get 25 rupees talktime according to d tariff ,which i didnt get
    when i called to d customer care regarding dis matter they were very rude and too much annoying it seems to be that they are not intrested to listen anythng from us and they r giving us wrong information too.i request u to seriously look after this matter because its not a matter of joke when a person is calling regarding his /her problem .i 'll be obliged if u do look after the matter seriously
    name -smriti sardar
    location bbsr
    ph no -9658303166
    e mail id
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    companies is sending use less msgs.which disturbs me
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    for the last 7 days your service deactivated. i.e no connection to ETHIOPIA. let me know what is wrong to with your services
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    This is to bring to your notice the following facts I encountered while trying to change from Loop to Airtel.

    1. On 13.11.11, a Sunday afternoon, one Airtel official, Mr. Milind (mobile no. 9004149754) called upon our residence giving me the gist of Airtel services and requesting me to switch over from LOOp to Airtel.

    2. Almost after a half an hour talk, I was almost convinced to shift my service provider and he asked me for a cheque for Rs.300/- for the same. Cheque no. 040899 dt. 13.11.11 for Rs. 300/- towards Airtel was handed over to him which was drawn on State Bank of Travancore, Mulund (E) branch. I was also handed over 2 sim cards, one with my original no 9821571179 and the other with no. 7738658791.

    3. Mr. Milind assured me that the entire transaction will take place within 7 working days.

    4. He also told me that you may get a call from “Loop” to retain your service provider but refrain from doing so.

    5. I neither got a call from Loop nor Airtel for almost a month.

    6. One fine day I got a call from a Airtel call centre asking about the services of Airtel, wherein I told them that I am still using Loop services.

    7. I had forgotten about the whole issue till I got a bill from Loop for my payment. I realized about my Airtel payment and called Milind to enquire about the same. I was told that I will receive a message from Loop which I need to forward to him.

    8. Overall, I am not convinced with the idea of availing your services as I am not very happy with your customer service. I still have both the simcards but no one has bothered to check on it.

    9. Then I realized that probably that Milind would have been given a target to collect so many customers where I was one of them.

    10. When I got a call from the customer care person, I also told him that I needed the money back as I was not interested in continuing. He assured me that the money will be refunded automatically as I am not interested in switching over to Airtel service.

    11. It is almost 5 months now and I have still not got any refund.

    View above, kindly arrange to refund me the amount of Rs.300/- and arrange to collect your sim cards.

    Jayashree Kannan
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    dear sir
    i have activated the 3g net pack 852 6GB data free on 26'mar'12 while that time of activation they told me that, i will chargeed 852 no this month bill i can use the 6gb data. but they have chargrd me rs 1000.00 rs extra in april month bill i given the request for revisal of charges they now tell ing the 3G plan is pro data base i have sent mail to them but no responce till no. i copy pasting the mail _ Ack: billing issue in 3g 852 plan for no - 9841220445(ERN-415769-3BDFFX)

    mohammed suheal
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    sim no.7298610755 purchased on 8.5.2012 not activated upto 11.5.2012 7 pm. kindly help
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