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    This is Pankaj and I shifted from Delhi to Mohali and I wanted to reinstall my airtel digital TV, regarding this I called airtel customer care and submitted my request 0n 7th feb 2013 but after 20 days of request still I am suffering with same issue my digital TV is not yet installed, I got the call from customer care so many times but in vain every time they says that engineer will come and fix the issue, I would like to add this is the worst experience with airtel.

    Customer id:-3005177798

    Please look in to this matter and resolve it a.s.a.p.

    Pankaj Kochar
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    Dear Airtel,

    This is to bring to your kindest consent about the recent experience that I had with your DTH service. PFB the experience and feedback and request your dearest acknowledgement.

    I have recently ordered for Airtel DTH on Saturday dated 23rd Mar’13. During the conversation the sales representative was very much successful in selling the product by thoroughly justifying the Value ads that Airtel DTH offered and I was very pleased with the offering. Below are the few points which was told during the sale.
    • Installation would be completed and activated by 25th Mar’13, Monday
    • No installation or service charges applicable
    • Customer care would follow up until the service is installed/activated

    I was very impressed by the customer service attitude that the gentleman displayed, however I later regret for believing it. The reason being, the service was not installed on 25th and after repeated calls from me(13 calls in 2 days approx.) it was installed on 27th Mar at 5PM.
    I had to call for numerous instances as the customer service lacked its importance in serving its Customers. Also, would like to share for all the instances except for the last two conversations, the calls were repeatedly disconnected which further raised by aggravation. I have to call repeated times and also spoke to Team Leaders who promised a call back but never did return my call.

    However the issue was only concluded on 27th morning when I again spoke to a supervisor from Customer care and insisted that I will not release the call unless resolution provided. I then spoke to the technician team who later sent the install tech in the evening. The install tech insisted after completion on the install said that there is an installation charge of 150 INR however which is against what was told to me and what is being advertised online.

    My sincere request o Airtel DTH is to believe in true customer service and if cannot deliver the services guaranteed then request you to avoid making false promises. Honestly, I would not recommend Airtel DTH to any of my friends and family for its lack of Customer service.

    All of the above experience has been truly devastating and has just made a Negative impression on Airtel and its services which was not expected.

    Thank you and would be expecting your kindest gesture in acknowledging on the same.

    Anirudh Dutta
    Customer ID:3012203679
    Email ID:
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    ID No. 3001504017 (Achal Nath) is not working & the concerned department not taking appropriate action.
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    Hi Sir,

    I have had very bad experience trying to install airtel DTH. I have paid for the DTH service on 3rd April through online . I was told that it is going to be installed within 24 hours but I did not get any call from the technician. I have called several customer care numbers each directing it to another. On top of it, they are not even willing to listen to the complaint and cutting the line everytime . This has been really a frustrating experience. Had I known this, I would not have paid for DTH at the first place. I request you to take immediate action for the installation.

    Customer ID: 3012274570
    Transaction ID: 798167
    Name: Sayani Bose
    Contact no. 9731455300
    Area PIN: 560103

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    dear sir/madam
    h i am balaji a has i was working in airtel dth i have not dissconeted any call but they have put the blame on me that i have dissconected the call and they sent me out what i don't no just forward the feedback and let me work on same job otherwise i may have going to complain the job location is on ageis bangalore pls do the favour for me and continue with same job make it as soon as possible

    agent name darshan bk - emp id- 80217113
    balaji a- emp id- 80218163
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    Hollow all,

    I am very sorry for write this mail to you. I am getting so many issues for your Airtel DTH no one resolved my issues. Please let me know who is the best person to contact to resolved my below issue.

    ? I raise a ticket for reinstallation on 30th march and at the same time I recharged 150 Rs to my account.
    ? The installation is done on 19th April in this duration period ( 21 days) I lose my money 134 Rs in this delay.
    ? I have one question without using your Network why should I lose my money? This your fault.
    ? I recharged 310 Rs at ?SADGURU COMMUNICATIONS ? Nizampet Village pin : 500072. This amount is not added to my account.
    ? I raise so may ticket to your costumer care but they were close the tickets without any information ( 29872162, 29909834,29919702)

    Babu Rao
    Account No : 3009756674
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    I would like to bring this in notice that the service quality of aritel dig tv needs to be improved drastically . I have recently applied for multiple connection on my existing id , there is a provision to leave your no on the website where in Cust care rep will call you back , the moment i left my no and logged out i received call from the rep enquiring about my requirement. Post expalining him , i was told to make the payment on line and he was ready to hold the line for the same and was insisting to make the payment then and there itself. I made the payment , and was told that the installation will be done with in 24-48 hours. But out of my surprise its been over a week no has turned up for the same.

    The worst part is that the person who was coordinting on the same , you cant contact him also as the no from which he made the call does not go thruough.

    I have tried to contact call center which is any ways a pain coz every time you call them it will minimum take 30-45 min before you could actually speak to the exec.
    Post speaking to them also i did not get any solution to the problema as all the three times the exec himself/herself looked confused , and they had only one answer that we will arrange a call back from our senior official , but who is senior official they themselves dont know. On asking to provide a no so that i can follow up on my rquest , for that also they have an answer which is again a big "NO".

    They have not given any complaint no too and kept on telling , dont worry sir you will receive a call back and that is the end of the story.

    Till date my problem is not resolved and no body has contacted me, neither i have any no where i can folloow up . I am really surprised and amazed by such poor service levels by Airtel. I think they should stop this business when they cant handle the customer's queries.

    The entire staff and the supprot staff is sitting there as a bunch of jokeres who does not know anything , its only the customer's who are suffering in the end.
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    Kindly look into this matter.

    After having paid online for a new connection, I was told that an engineer would complete the installation within 48 hours.
    Even after waiting for over a week , there has been no progress on this. On calling the customer care, I get very callous answers. Two of the customer care representatives cut the call as well.
    This is very hurting and wrong.

    I am posting a complaint after losing all hope of anything being done.

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    Dear Sir,
    I have closed my Airtel Dth Account (No. 3001565246) due to non-availability of certain channels like Disney Junior despite multiple complaints and poor service to connection related problems on 20th February, 2013 and a Recovered CPE certificate was issued to me. Ever since have I have contacted your customer service on multiple occasions on 20th march, 30th march and 6th april (interaction id 39605398) and assured immediate refund of my dues in account of Rs 1004/- (one thousand four only). On not getting any refund I finally contacted your office in April talked with Mr Salim I believe on multiple occasion and a call back came from your office in April end and I confirmed non receipt of my dues. I was assured immediate dispersal of my dues again, but nothing since then from your office.

    With regards and hope
    P. Venkata Krishnan
    Phone 9810307585
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    I had raised a request initially for relocation of Airtel DTH service. This request, I was told, has two parts, one the de-installation and second the installation at the new place. The de-installation was done promptly, and I was not able to install at the new place because there was pending cabling work at my new place. The engineer assured me that once the cabling is done I could call him and fix an appointment.

    Everything goes wrong after this. The cabling at my place is done and try and reach out to the engineer and he keeps coming up with excuses, and eventually stop responding to the calls. So then I go to customer care with two requests, one get the installation done and two get my SD set top box upgraded to DVR - HD set top box, they assure me that two days is the ETA for the requests. From then on every day or every two days I'm asked to create a new request as the ones I previously created get closed by the service/field team. These tickets gets closed without even getting a confirmation from me.

    During this is going go, Airtel DTH comes up with a plan to milk some more money off me. An executive Ronald (contact numbers 918861547788 and 8892336674) calls me and says he would sent an engineer in 6 hours if I recharge my account. So then I recharge my account with my monthly recharge amount (Rs. 572). After this I'm told that I was supposed to recharge with the cost of the DVR - HD set top box (Rs. 5740). I do that as well, and now I've recharged worth Rs. 6312 (572 + 5740). Once this done I never hear from Ronald, and he does not respond to my calls, and it has now been 3 days since the payments have been made. I'm now sitting here raising requests after requests which gets automatically closed after every day or every 2 days. I feel mugged. I feel there is more honour is mugging than what these guys are doing. The CSE blames the service/field team for closing the requests, they say they will excalate the request, but how do I make sure that they do? How do I get this to a higher authority than the CSE? The CSE says that I can't even directly approach their supervisors... These guys loots money for customers and makes them beg to get the entitled services...

    Please help.

    mobile: 9740622883
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    I have raised a request for re-installation of Airtel DTH 2 weeks back.
    Everyday one fellow is calling and creating new request ID and closing it next day though they are doing nothing to my request.
    I mailed to their customer care about this and they responded with different request's(somebody else's) reply.

    The service is pathetic and they will show you hell. Better avoid Airtel fully.
    The service of airtel deteriorating day by day. It seems they are digging their own grave.

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    My customer I'd is 3002818142 and a request of re-installation with reference no.31111952 delay in re-installation is pending from 10 days. So many time I call customer care & service centre but don't give any response,so i request you to resolve my issue immediately other wise I go to complain in consumer forum.
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    dear sir

    my airtel dth cust id no. is 3001995375
    my monthly rent is 200 per month so recharge my connection rs. 570.00 for period of dt 23.4.13 to 23.7.13
    and call airtel customer care but my connection is close till date 3.7.13
    this is wrongly disconnected
    i am calling to airtel call centre and tell my problem senior mr rohit satosh and gourav but hi not satisfied anshwar .
    so i hardly request you resently start my connection so far

    hiralal goyal
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    I have applied Airtel DTH connection through on line paid RS 6450 on july 02 2013. Installation was done on July 03 2013. They told it will be activated within 24 hrs. I waited and it was not activated. So I have started calling customer numbers 12150 and 18001020303 from Friday morning july 05 2013. Spoke to around 33 customer rep and 5 escalation supervisor. Everyone said within 2 to 4 hrs it will be activated. I used to wait for 2 to 4 hrs then when I called them the same story will continue. First I have to call 12150 and wait for 15 mts then they will ask me to call 18001020303 again they will ask me to call 12150. It was happening for last 2 days. Since this issue is not resolved the customer care person asked me to disconnect and go with some other vendor like Tata sky. That also I have tried it seems they will not Refund the amount paid.
    Like this I have been trying for last two days. Finally they have given nodel officer Mr Panidian number 040 40024449 when I called the office was closed. They will work only mon to fri only. When I asked the customer care person they said Mr Pandian will be available. It was kind of cheating game going on. I really don't know what to do.
    My customer I'd : 3012817993
    Number. 9880904110
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    I recharged Rs.2640 on 21 July, exact amount for advance rental package. After 20 min I called on 12150 and talk with Dhaval, a Gujarati-kathyawadi speaking CC Officer. We concluded to update my package. And he assured me that my package will be updated and I will be notified. But till the date 25 July I even get SMS. When I checked through SMS 54325 my balance was reduced. I call on 12150 ant after talking with 2 different CC Officer and with hold of 12 minutes call get disconnected.

    Now I call 2nd time and talk with Parth, A cc officer. He said that my call on 21 July was cut, which is absolutely lie, as call was cut by officer after assuring me that my package will be updated within few minute. Now Parth was asking me to add into my balance so he can update my package, which actually should be updated on four days eariler while I recharged and call and sufficient balance was available. I asked to forward my call to the higher authority which, after holding for 5 minute, he refused to do so. He even not ready to register my complaint and advised me that its only matter of 20 Rs. and I should recharge my account with Rs.20. Even the complaint at was not carefully responded. This was happend every year while recharging and updating to airtel DTH and CC service sis not listen my complaint seriously.So , I am going to complaint to Consumer Court.

    Airtel DTH Custmer ID:3001919534
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    customer detail-
    holdername- Amer chand jaiswal.
    Add.- salka nawagaon kargi road kota bilaspur cg
    I ashutosh jaiswal suffring from signal problem in my airtel digital tv connectoin. For above problem i had informed to the customercare 26 july nd he simply says that your problem is solved till 7 o'clock of next day. Our engg will come to solve ur problem but there was no one in my house till 27. Again i spoke to customercare he says the same thing again but again there was no one to solve my problem. He gave simply a complain number.
    I have three complain no from 26 to 29.
    One of the complain no is.-32205446 and 32179078.
    try to solve my problem as soon as posible thank u.
    Date - 29/7/13.
    Ashutosh jaiswal
    mo. No. - 7898676861
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    Dear sir,

    With ref to trailed mail I want to tell you about our matter sir, from 19th july to 26th aug'13 I suffered the signal Problem B0001 and for that period so many call to your customer care No. finally 26th july problem resolved but for that I paid Rs.850/-

    (125 service charge,250 installation charge,125 service charge,350 Set top box change charge)

    after above mention services I was facing the same problem your engineer said me that above maintioned services not required actual problem was related to lence.

    in that case after calling so many time of your cc 7th sep morning i call to your cc officer he promissed me that Rs.350/-set top box charge waive off and credit in your A/c next 24 hrs but still no amt credited in our A/c.

    again I call on 10th your CC office time 8:00 Pm three time talk (30 min -duration) to your officer and discused but without response or logging phone disconnect.
    I am too much panic of your poor services your representative behavior. I have a vodaphone network in our phone still more than Rs.200/-I am wasted to resolving the service because you dont have toll free no. your toll free no. free for only airtel noetwork holder.

    Kindly resolve the issue Please..

    You can contact me to know the our issue on my cell no.09712948685/0992442355
    Dinesh Gupta

    Dear Concern,

    With Ref to trailed mail need your kind help in this regard Engineer did not recognize the right problem and charges paid by me again & again.
    After so many call finally now I am watching our video but for this I spent Rs.850/- and more than one month for this resolution in place of one time service charge Rs.125/-

    I want to request youto please credit Rs 725+Rent of this period.
    You can contact me to know the our issue on my cell no.09712948685/0992442355

    Dinesh Gupta

    From: Dinesh Gupta
    Sent: Thursday, August 29, 2013 9:57 AM
    To: ''
    Subject: FW: DIGITAL TV ID- 3010577114 [|BAL|Qrc1322081316083419529320|]

    Dear Mr Keshav ,

    With Ref to Trail Mail from 19th July my TV was disturbed and problem resolved on 26th Aug and for this resolution I paid Rs.850/- in place of Rs.125/- service charge
    Due to wrong diagnose (your representative did not diagnose the right problem)

    125 -service charge
    250 -reinstallation
    125 -service charge
    350 -set top box change

    So I request Please Credit Rs+125+250+350 in my account and waive off rent of this period. You can call me on my below mentioned cell no. to know our concern,

    Kindly resolve the issue.

    Thanks & Regards

    Dinesh Gupta

    From: Dinesh Gupta
    Sent: Thursday, August 29, 2013 9:43 AM
    To: ''
    Subject: RE: DIGITAL TV ID- 3010577114 [|BAL|Qrc1322081316083419529320|]

    Dear Concern,
    With ref to our previous mail I want to update you that my TV disturbed from 19th July in place of 19th Aug’13 and finally resolved 26th Aug, in this period my rental should be waive off.
    2nd my engineer suggest me for change the SET TOP BOX, I Ok for that but problem after that change was still as it and charges paid by me Rs.350/- that is not applicable.
    Finally I request you to please credit Rs.125+250+350 plus rent of this period.
    My cellNo.09712948685 & 09924423555

    From: []
    Sent: Wednesday, August 28, 2013 10:37 AM
    To: Dinesh Gupta
    Subject: Re: DIGITAL TV ID- 3010577114 [|BAL|Qrc1322081316083419529320|]

    Namaste Dinesh,

    Ref: Email dated 22/08/2013, regarding service issue of your airtel digital TV connection customer ID- 3010577114.

    We understand that the delay in responding to your email regarding service issue must have caused you a lot of inconvenience.

    We would like to inform you that we have been unable to establish contact with you on your numbers 9712948685 and 9924423555 despite our best efforts. Therefore, we request you to provide us an alternate contact number so that we are able to contact you in future.

    We thank you for taking out the time to voice your concern. At airtel, we believe that it is our customers' feedback that helps us to improve on our services.

    Please do write in for any further assistance.

    Warm Regards,

    Farman Ali
    Customer services
    bharti airtel ltd.


    Original Message
    Sent: 22/08/2013 04:36:49 PM
    Subject: Digital TV ID- 3010577114

    Dear Concern,

    My digital Tv Disturbed from 19th Aug¿13 and complaint your ¿Gandhidham
    (Distt-Kutch-Gujarat)Office on 20th Aug¿13, On 22nd A engineer Mr Bhanji Bhai
    Came to our home and checked the connection and said your Antenna was loose
    which is now screwed and your problem resolved and service charge Rs.125/- paid
    by me but after a day I noticed the same problem mean problem still as it was.

    I call the Engineer and told our problem he said he will come in evening time
    but who came after two days that is 25th of Aug and check the connection and
    said your Antenna (Chhatari) location to be changed and shifted it other corner
    and charged Rs.250/- after a few hours again I noticed the same problem and
    call to engineer but now engineer did not picked up my call, many time I tried
    for them but no response from other side.

    Now I call to Customer Care and registered our complaint on 11th Aug by the
    complaint no.32484358 A engineer came and again checked the same and cable
    connection from set top box screwed and charged Rs.125

    But still my problem as it was and in this time (on 22nd Aug my problem still
    not resolved ) I am highly panic so many time call your customer care no. now
    engineer suggest me that your SET TOP Box to be changed and charges to be pay
    Rs.350 again.

    I Request you to please rectify our problem and wave off my rent from 19th
    Aug¿13 to till date also reimburse my Service Charge Rs.125+250 which is not
    applicable due to engineer did not recognize the right problem.
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    I mr sanjay Chatterjee, my valadity for recharge was 06102013 and now the date is 02102013. What was the deduction and for minus four days. Please investigate and I want to know
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    I mr sanjay Chatterjee ID No 3006594504, my valadity for recharge was 06102013 and now the date is 02102013. What was the deduction and for minus four days. Please investigate and I want to know
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    Dear Sir,

    This is to inform you, i am holding connection with customer ID 3008269173, located at Visakhapatnam, D No: 53-17-19/2, Maddilapalem. From last one month onwards i am getting no signal, after raising request for rectifying the issue, the service engineer declared that setup is not working. After discussions with couple of executives they said two options one is repaired system they will replace for that no warranty and i have to pay Rs. 650/- and second one is i can by a new setup box with Rs. 2000/- with one year warranty. If i am choosing the second option my existing balance will not be transferable. This seems to be unlogic, why i need to loose the amount from both the ways. Please kindly do the investigation, AIRTEL people were cheating the customer and they were enjoying with the public amount. Please kindly suggest me in what way we can proceed further.

    +91 9962051445
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    i have purchased a HD+ recorder on 16th oct and that time i was being told that remote is now available right now ,we will give it to you on 20 oct.after that no engineers have contacted me till now.i have logded 5 complaints at toll free number but it is no help. i request you to look into this matter .what is the point of using hd+ recorder if you dont have remote for using it.

    customer i-3010626849-001
    registered mobile number:9811970097
    name: Kanav wadhawan
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    Dear Sir/Ma’am,

    mere acunt me offar tha ki aap 6 mhine ke richarge me 4 mhina free
    to haum ne 6 mhine ka {220*6+1340} ka richarge 1340 rupaye ka karwaya hai our alag se 2 mhine ka 440 rupaye ka alg se karway hai so humara acaunt 12 mhine ka add abhi tak nhi hua hai so please 12 mahine ka pack add kro


    Customer Name Vimlesh Tanwar

    Pack 3006861096-001
    Value Sports

    BasePack Price(Rs) 220

    call me 8890102616
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    Dear Sir,Madam
    I Want to complaint for my DigitalTV,Its not functioning properly.The Screen switches off itself and the red light of receiver starts blinking and its shows no signal.It causes great trouble and nuisance.pls Look into the matter so tht i can get the service satisfactorily.
    Mine no.9501511966
    2nd no.9417168467
    Adress-65-A,Guru Nanak Avenue,Phase II,Majitha road.Back side of POWER COLONY
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    in 24 dec 2013 my registerd mob no I attend a call the nober is +911148751650.a lady was on call she says me she is call from airtel dth ur dth was stoped at many days if u restart the servise we give u a offer.i say yes mam what is the offer she reply me if u recharge rs640 we give u 6 monthe validity wid all sports nd all English channels witch u like after I never found this offer.for this I compland many times 12150 or 01724458687 nodal office no bt I don't have any response.
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    my self noor hasan my airtel dth id is 24 dec 2013 my registerd mob no 9991903434 I attend a call the nober is +911148751650.a lady was on call she says me she is call from airtel dth ur dth was stoped at many days if u restart the servise we give u a offer.i say yes mam what is the offer she reply me if u recharge rs640 we give u 6 monthe validity wid all sports nd all English channels witch u like after I never found this offer.for this I compland many times 12150 or 01724458687 nodal office no bt I don't have any response.after all in27 dec I call nodal office delhi mr saleem says m u say lie nd u never known anything like poor tell me what the opetion is
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    Dear Sir / Madam,

    My intro :
    Name : Niyant Lohokare
    Dish TV Customer ID : 3008383381

    Airtel Dish TV has become paid headache for me . Your customer care & regional service center are horrible they have been solving my simple problem since 15 days. On 25 December 2013 have registered my complaint that you set top box is not working , your service center asked us to deposit Rs 500 for the new one. We did that then my box has been replaced ( Round 1). That box was not working - complained - box changed ( Round 2). New box not showing all the channels - complained - tech. guy came - box need to be changed ( Round 3) . Tech guy confessed that we repair old boxes & give it to new user. ( Horrible ).

    Why airtel dish TV over TATA sky ?
    I am using my airtel telecom services since 2005, i trust Airtel. Hence i chose air digital services looking at the legacy of the brand.

    Hope you would look into it & take strong action since problem has not been solved yet . Inspite of all this I have renewed since i have little hope.

    Best wishes

    Niyant Lohokare
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    TO :
    Bharti Airtel Limited, Oceanic Towers, 8th Floor, 101 Santhome High Road, Chennai 600 028, Tamil Nadu

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    Dear sir,
    1. I am an airtel digital tv customer (customer ID 3010664079) came to bangalore from srinagar in Jan 2014. I re-activated my digital tv after installation through you. One/two months back one of your customer care executive (lady) called me and told that she is going to add some channels which are free for one month and it will be upon my own interest to continue with the new package or I can get back to my old package by calling customer care. But latter I found my package has been changed since then and are now charging Rs 300/ PM.

    2. Now, I want to bring this matter to your notice that please be aware of such cheap cheating practice.

    3. Please resume my old package i.e. Rs 165/PM.

    My customer ID is 3010664079.
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    Dear Nodal Officer
    I am a airtel dishtv user(3001178718 airtel dishtv consumer id). Earlier residing at 422a nand gali, punjabi bazar, kotla mubarakpur, new delhi. I have shifted to 313d, block n, sarita vihar, new delhi 110076 and put a request for relocation(reinstall) of dishtv to my new address to airtel dishtv customer care on 16th April 2014, i have got call from these people however didnt' got any solution. Everytime i call to custsomer care they give me a timeline and no resolution. for last three days i m just sitting and waiting as some relatives are at home and without TV it looks absurd in front of them. I am really about the services of Airtel dishtv.

    Request you to kindly help me resolve this and seriously take some action againt these people as no one is bothered to to their job. The money which i am paying for daily usage is getting deducted, i don't know who will refund.

    Thanks again.

    Kshhitiz Jasor
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    I subscribed Airtel DTH on Nov.2014.
    I paid twice for installation even though i am in warranty period.I am quite busy in my duty and no other family member is able to pursue the complain .On 18/04/2014 i placed my complain about non working of my Set top box but they got excuse that i didn't provide alternate contact no.
    Again on 22/04/2014 i placed fresh complain about the same.These people accepted all your documents even with discrepancies at the time of getting new connection.and once you become their helpless customer they follow all rules very promptly. I was very busy in my work so i tried to get is solved by customer care no.every time they speak very politely and with full manners but no one is able to solve my problem .From that day i used to talked every now and then to the seniors like Asha and Tayyab but they to proved unefficient and without any seriouslness.The no i was peovided by orgn. was 9860999100 but the person always tried to avoide the responcibilities and gave my sone other no which were never been answered.I am repenting a lot to be the customer of Airtel DTh.
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