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    Dear Sir/Ma'am,

    I am so pissed off with Airtel right now that I just want to go to court and sue the company for the harassment that I am made to suffer.

    It all started in nov 2012 when out of nowhere I started getting messages from Airtel on my phone (9893126178) that I have exceeded my credit limit. My monthly bills are typically in the range of 400 to 600/- with one odd month when it would jump to say Rs 1000/- and that's because I would be on roaming. So all this is understandable and my credit limit is Rs 2500/-. So I ignored the first message as some spam message as I would have never even in my dreams thought that my phone bill would cross 2500/-. When couple of days later I again got the message, then I decided to find out from customer care and so I called up. I was told on 24th nov (complaint #47215093) that the high bill is because of internet usage. I argued with the CC guy that when I never activated internet connection on my phone, how could there be internet on my phone and from where is Airtel billing me for the same? He alleged that I had activated it on 5th of June 2012 about 3.5 months ago. I told him that this is false. I never activated internet. I don't remember if I explicitly asked him to deactivate internet but I was taken aback to get another message couple of days later about exceeding the credit limit. I called up again on 29th Nov (complaint# 47310083) and came to know that the internet was still running. I said what stupidity. When I told him that I never activated internet, why the hell he didn't stop then? I got the internet deactivated there and then and then I started my questioning and investigation of why in the first place internet was started on my phone? I was given all stupid reason by the customer care (4-5 times), nodal officer (2 times) and Appellate officer (once on phone and multiple email exchanges). They say that it was a smartphone bundle offer. I had purchased Samsung galaxy S (I 9000) and it came along with that. I clarified to them that that phone was purchased in 2011 and not anytime around the date when internet was activated on my phone. Then they told me that I must have inserted my airtel SIM in that phone. Their system activates internet automatically on a post paid phone and the offer had first month free and 10p/10kb plan henceforth. For your information I had activated internet on my I9000 phone from airtel for one month in May. It was a Rs 98 plan for 1 GB data which I deactivated by the end of May. 10p/10kb is zero rental plan but it is one of their costliest plans. My questions to them after hearing all this were: Whom did you ask before putting me on such an expensive plan? If internet is readily available in a post paid plan then why I had to activate internet on my phone in May month? That was not the first time airtel SIM was inserted in that phone, then from where did the bundle offer show up? Why it didn't show up earlier? They have no answers to any of these questions. They just talk about the bill. They blocked the outgoing from the phone on 18th Feb 2013. I then moved to another number and on 1st March I formally asked them to deactivate the number. In my multiple email exchanges with appellate body of Airtel, I keep asking them how and when I gave my "explicit consent" to start internet on my phone and they keep saying the same thing that a message was sent a month after the alleged activation date of internet on my phone i.e. 5th July 2012 that from now on internet usage will be charged. I keep getting spam messages on my phone and must have thought of that message as another spam. After all when I never activated internet on my phone, where is the question of free or paid usage or billing. As per them, 1st month was free. Am I a fool that when it was free I didn't use it? And I didn't use it for close to 4 months and suddenly the usage was so high that they generated a bill of Rs 2500/-. And this 2500/- bill was against how much data usage? You can calculate it for urself at the rate of 10p/10kb. For usage of 250MB of data at stupid 2G speed. I am now on Idea and there the 3G speed is charged at 3p/10Kb. In the month of may, when I wanted to activate data plan on my phone, I enquired about their plans. They have 3 plans and the one that they allegedly activated on my phone is the costliest one. I used their 1GB data plan for Rs 98 for one month. Do they think I am a fool that I would pay in thousands for their stupid 2G speed?

    And now they have started threatening me saying that they are filing case against me. I also told the advocate who called me that you and Airtel are lucky that I am a lazybone, that I didn't file a complaint until now. But by filing a complaint, you will help me. Please go ahead and do that. That's what I wanted to do but haven't been able to do it now. What is funny is that they will file the complaint in Delhi court. I said why. When I am here, your executives who fraudulently activated internet are here, what point does it make to file the case in Delhi? Anyways, I am in for this legal battle as I feel that Airtel is big time into cheating. Is it a mere coincidence that in last 7 yrs since I was using Airtel, there was never ever internet related issue and then once I activated internet in May, the very next month they activated internet on their own on some different pretext. Doesn't it clearly show how they make specific people their targets.

    I am not sure how you can help but if you can show me the proof that I clearly requested for internet connection then I will pay the dues else please please please ASK AIRTEL TO STOP SUCH PRACTICE.
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    I'm sorry to say that a corporate like Airtel how come they trouble and cheat the customers and its my surprise and most disgusting experience with Airtel as below.

    I've taken one repaid connection for my daughter @ 8197128783 to use international roaming during her recent trip to US as she got selected for NASA educational trip during this summer.

    When I was looking for a best international roaming package for her I found a summer bonanza pack on Airtel website then immediately opted for Rs.1479/- by paying through credit card on 18.005.2013.Surprisingly the talk time has come on to the account but calls being charged on their standard plan of incoming Rs.100/- and outgoing Rs.150/-.Made many calls to the customer care @121 but absolutely no response from Airtel. After calling more than 7 times then finally they could register a complaint @ 3052155514600 but till date no response

    As the standard package was costing hell then again I opted for supercharge package of Rs.1749/- as per below offer.Again the same story but this time neither the talk time nor the special package got activated.121 post paid helpline team doesn't have any product knowledge and every time I offers to speak to their team leaders the the story remains same.I never expected a corporate like Airtel will have such a pathetic call Center of customer care operations.

    If Airtel is not responding this mail n resolving the issue within in next 12 hours I forced to call the media and would go legally to take it up with next level.

    I should be compensated for the total call charges charged against the standard tariff due to in activation of your web offers.

    please find their web site offers as below

    Please find the below screen shot of your web offer !!!!!

    national roaming pack

    You Pay (र) You Get Tariff
    Rs. 35 Roaming incoming at 30p/min for 1st Month and 1.5p/sec for next 5 months. Outgoing at 1.5p/sec in Home circle and Roaming for 6 months. 6 months

    international roaming packs

    International Roaming Rental will be charged Rs 99/month.

    Summer Bonanza packs

    You Pay (र) You Get Tariff Validity
    Rs. 779 Rs.779 free talk time,
    * Outgong Rs.40/min & Incoming Rs. 30/min
    **Outgong Rs.90/min & Incoming Rs. 60/min 7 days
    Rs. 1479 Rs.1479 free talk time,
    * Outgong Rs.30/min & Incoming Rs. 20/min
    **Outgong Rs.70/min & Incoming Rs. 50/min 15 days

    Terms and conditions for Summer Bonanza packs

    *Applicable Country & Networks are: | AUSTRALIA -Optus | HONG KONG -CSL | INDONESIA -Telkomsel | KENYA -airtel | MALAYSIA -MAXIS | QATAR -Q-Tel | SAUDI ARABIA -Etihad (Mobily) | SINGAPORE -Singtel | THAILAND -AIS | UAE -Etisalat | UK -EE & O2 | USA -AT&T & T-Mobile.

    ** Applicable Country & Networks are : | GERMANY -T-Mobile, O2 & E-Plus | CANADA -Rogers | ITALY -TIM | FRANCE -Orange & SFR | NETHERLANDS -KPN, Mobile | SWITZERLAND - Orange Communications.

    Customer can use talk time both in India and while on International Roaming.

    Dubai/UAE Special packs

    You Pay (र) You Get Validity
    Rs. 508 30 mins free for all Outgoing & Incoming Calls 7 days
    Rs. 994 75 mins free for all Outgoing & Incoming Calls 15 days

    Terms and conditions for Dubai/UAE Special packs

    Applicable on Etisalat and Du network of UAE.

    Handset Display 1) Etisalat ETISALAT, ETSLT,Etisalat 2) DU UAE03,424 03,du

    Free minutes are applicable for all outgoing & incoming calls. To check balance dial *123*16# and for Maharashtra customers, to check balance dial *123*249#.

    Supercharge packs

    You Pay (र) You Get Validity
    Rs. 277 5 minutes for all outgoing & incoming calls 5 days
    Rs. 515 10 minutes for all outgoing & incoming calls 10 days
    Rs. 915 20 minutes for all outgoing & incoming calls 10 days
    Rs. 1299 30 minutes for all outgoing & incoming calls 15 days
    Rs. 1749 40 minutes for all outgoing & incoming calls 30 days

    Terms and conditions for Supercharge packs

    Free minutes are applicable for all outgoing & incoming calls. Rate after free minutes, standard rates will be applicable.

    Free minutes valid only in International roaming usage and cannot be used for local/STD/ISD/national roaming usage.

    To check balance dial *123*241#.

    Applicable Country & Networks are : | Australia - Optus | Canada - Rogers | China - China Mobile,China Unicom | France - Orange, SFR | Germany - T-Mobile, KPN-Eplus, Telefonica-O2 | HongKong - CSL, Malaysia - Maxis | Maldives - Dhiragu, Wataniya | Singapore - Singtel | Spain - Orange, O2 | Switzerland - Swisscom, Orange | Thailand - AIS |UAE - DU, Etisalat | UK - Telefonica-O2, EE/Orange, EE/T Mobile | USA - AT&T, T-Mobile | Yemen - Sabafone, Spacetel.

    Tirupati Rao
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    Dear AirTel Team,

    My AirTel mobile # is 9892515015. Since the past 10 days I am facing issues with the data (GPRS) connectivity at my workplace in Chandivali (Chandivali Farm Road Area). I spoke to your customer service 4 times, yet the problem still persists.

    Kindly check if there is some issue with the network / tower / system breakdown etc. as I'm sure this has got to do something with it. I'm saying so because I never had this issue until 10 days earlier.

    Moreover, I have a few more colleagues who are complaining about the same. So its nothing to do with my mobile phone (as one of your customer service officer actually asked me to check my phone settings). I still went ahead and re-installed the settings. But it didn't help.

    Kindly look into this with highest priority as this is really annoying & inconvenient.

    L Dsouza.
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    My no [email][/email] spoken to mr anirban abt d prblm nd d mails i m snding to d appelate desk bt der is no response f4m der he said dat der will be a call made frm d netwrk deprtmnt bt der is no such calls giv3n to me...i m jus sick nd tired abt complaing dis frm long tyme...d netwrk has becum such worst dat m nt able to use my phn...ol d tyme uts nt reachlbe...wat kinda team r u working wid...i gues u pple r finding it a joke...afta gven u oll d infomation ol d tyme diff ple calling frm airtel nd asking repeteadly d same thng frm last one mnth...its high tyme listining to ur shits nd excuses oll d doesnt takes yrs to solve dis prblm...y hv been dis appellate desk made if u cnt even solve dis prblm...u oll speak d same wat ur customer exc. Speaks...der isnt ny diif...wat is dis desk made fo???
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    Dear sir,
    Airtel 2g gprs network service problum the 2g network in lapanga colony ( jharkhand ) is completly down speed is 2 k/s. The speed is so slow in this area always eror link not available service not available and temprory network problum my airtel mobile number is 9709187836 please take strict action against airtel in this problum. I complain many times since may 2012 but my problum not solved. Airtel customer care told 60-80 k/s. But i will till not now crossed more than 4 k/s they are simply cheating the people please take action.
    PIN :-829105
    Mobile number is 9709187836
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    My self t.v.ramarao, working as an accountant in cosy world resorts ltd kakinada, bearing mobile no : 9177344448 ..once i recieved a msg that i need to submit my proofs for verification...i submitted in the nearest airtel showroom...but my incoming and outgoing was blocked...after so much struggle they had given me the facility after 15 worked for a month and again a msg came for submission of proofs in the morning and in the mid afternoon the number was freezed same no incoming and no out going....i called up the customercare several times but its the same....sorry sir the msg was wrongly sent to you..we will see the matter...but no use same 15 days...i had keepon calling the customer care what happen what happen they told 24 hrs sir...ok...worked..then again the same msg to submit the proofs...i called up and asked him how many time i have to submit the proofs and asked for the porting code...he told the porting code but the next day the sim was dead and when some body was calling to my mobile it was saying .." this telephone number doesnot exist" ..oh my god...i was shocked..what happened i was using this form the past 6 years....i was gone mad...i called up the customer care they told that as u have not used your sim for 90 days it has become free number...i told them to check i m continuesly using this phone..they told that they doesnt have any data regarding this..what my fate...i keep on sending my person to ask the local airtel office to get my number ...they had taken my proofs 3 times and given me a sim but no my entire life is stopped...i dont have any contact with them...kindly get my number back...where to submit my proofs....any way either in prepaid or post paid...i need my number 9177344448..kindly help me out...please its a alternate number is 9966969642..kindly call me ..
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    Respected sir,

    I am a retrailer of Airtel. My personal prepaid number is 7384260217(normal sim). On 7th, 8th and 9th July, 2013 I saw an offer (Recharge with Rs.30 and get Rs,40) by dialing *121#. On 7th and 8th July I recharged my number with Rs.30/- and got Rs.23.70/- instant and also had gotten Rs.16.30/- after some hours. So checking special offers (*121#) I recharged my number with same amount for four times and had gotten 23.7x4=Rs.94.8/- instant, but till now I have not gotten remaining 16.3x4=Rs.65.2/-. On 10th July I called customer care, they informed me that you would get that Rs.65.2/- before 6pm of 11th July. But I did not get any amount, so I called again. That time one of superviser informed me that I was not eligble for that offer. Then I called on 12144, here an exucutive informed me that the remaining Rs.65.2/- would be credited within 11:59pm of 11th July (complain no. 177625802). But till now I have not gotten that money.
    I want to mention one thing , that some of exucutive were informing that my offer was changed from 10th July, so I would not get that money. But I want to say that rule was if I recharged on offer’s day, then I will get the benefit. So I recharged on that offer’s day and I should get the benefit. If the offer is changed from the next day, that is not my fault. If all of exucutive informed that I was not eligible, then I would thing that something was wrong.
    I hope that you will give me the right feedback and arrange to credit my account with that remaining Rs.65.2/-. My another contact number is 8641807078.
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    My experience with the Airtel customer care has been really horrible. Its all good until you have to approach customer care for anything. I was trying to get a 3G data card activated for the past 2+ weeks. This is after submitting all the required documentation that was prescribed by the dealer ( this is an airtel only dealer). The promise was that in 48 hrs max this will be activated, and here I am sitting with an inactive connection even after 16 days. The address verification and other formalities were completed the very next day itself. From the 4th day of purchase, I am in touch with the dealer. No response other than "give me one more day to get it activated". To top it up this is one among the most rude and unprofessional dealership that I have seen of any service provider - I'd like to think of it as a one off. Next is the ordeal with 121 customer care, these are folks who speak at 100 km/hr speed and least bothered if the listener is even able to understand what they are trying to convey. Moreover these are folks who have mugged up some functions like, hello tunes, prepaid - postpaid conversion, best plan to choose etc etc. Anythign outside this arena, they are clueless and offer no update. By mistake one of the 121 executives told me about the nodal desk. At least from the 2nd week I started speaking with the nodal desk. Have been dealing with the nodal desk for a total of 7 days. They had asked a window of 72 hours for activation, by the end of which upon probbing them indirectly I came to know that the number allocated to me got assigned to some one else. I am back to square one. Another 72 hour window of wait starts once again to get another number activated for me. By the end of that, surprise !!!! My connection is not yet activated. Call to Apelate Authority to get this sorted. Not only I am getting any response, i am being prescribed another window of 48 hours. Though the communication style has improved from 121 customer case, the information contained is still Zero. I only have the follwoing basic questions to ask (1) What went wrong with my request, was it a slip from my end or is it a technical issue at your end or a regulatory hurdle or something else (2) Do we have a time line when you think my connection will be activated (3) What are my prospects of getting a refund since the connection is still not active even after 16 days after purchase. The blanket reponse to all the above questions is "Sir, we are trying to get the connection activated asap, please hold on for some more time". At no point in time I am allowed to register this as a complaint since my connection is not activated - Failing to activate the service does not seem to be a complaint at all in Airtel's dictionary. I was even advised to make call to some tele verification number using the inactive SIM. Don't know if Airtel thinks their tele verification number is listed as an emergency number to which you can call without getting registered to a network!!!. Anyways - I am still here sitting with the inactive connection. I have lost hope with the customer care service with Airtel - given the way the Apelete Authority representative is speaking. This is what i have noticed across top to bottom in the customer care network - right from the dealer to the Apellete Authority.

    (1) Nobody is interesting in registering the complaint - either there is no mechanism in place or they are conveniently avoiding it to make the stats look good. This is making me explain the whole story to each and every executive - I would have told the story 10-15 times altogether in my interaction with the customer care.
    (2) Nobody calls you back as per the promise to call back with an update - I would have spent hours on calls with the nodal desk and Apelete Authority.
    (3) Each complaint is just a call to these folks and I do not see a follow up action being taken on the concern raised, It appears as if the complaint is being looked into only when the user is calling again as a follow up.
    (4) The only saving grace is that at least with the Apelete Authority you get to speak to one executive if the call is made within the same day. But that serves no use, different from the name this body seems to be nothing more than a glorified call centre. No powers to escalate or speed up anything within the system. Just a stunt to pacify the customer and give him false hopes that his problem is being looked into.
    (5) Nobody seems to know or pretends not to know what actually went worng with my case. No root cause analysis or at least a simple "how did it end up like this" kind of curiosity is not seen anywhere
    (6) No clue as to when the issue can get resolved - Later on I understood that the 72 hrs, 48 hrs is all a wild guess they make - they have no clue as to what all process will have to cmplete before the issue can get fixed. What more, they couldn't even tell me the steps I have to go through my connection getting activated and where am I standing at the moment.

    I have lost hope in these guys - will probably look towards another provider - though I am not sure if it is going to be even worse.
    I am not going to approach these guys again.. this is leaving me thinking is there any responsible body in Airtel that can take customer complaints seriously. Even the Apelate Authority which is supposed to be the highest forum where a customer can register his concern has proved useless inmy case - so what next, email to the CEO of Airtel?
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    Sir, meri call 1.5/min lag rahi hai! Karpya aapse nivedan hai ki meri dar 1/2sec kar dijiyd| dhanyavad |
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    my broad band service not properly working in month of may-June for 10days please deducted (485.34 rupees& late payment of this amount 100 rupees & 100 rupees late amount of bill receive after due date ) total amount of bill rs. 685.34
    pramod pandey
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    Respected sir,
    I m user of airtel n my number is 8454816858 i have lots of problem with this number i can not even port it because other network says that this series is not registered, and besides this they keep on deducting my balance, yesterday i opened net just for two minutes and they deducted my 11.40 paise, and in past also your company deducted my balance on the name of net or some stupid services like caller tune and all.
    So pls do something i want my all the money back and want to port this number
    Thanking you
    Jyoti sinhg
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    I purchased a new sim card 09872071575 oon monday 17/09/2013 but it hasn't been activated yet when 48 hours are past..called many times customer care but every time they gave me differant information.
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    Meri sim chalu nahi hui
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    I am worried from this number which is given below this number i found 20 and above missed call and porn messages.can you give the name and location of this sim card user.
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    Dear sir,
    I'm Vishmadeb Jaba.
    My phone number is 9932274188. In this number I've been facing too much network problem since 30 days. So I complained but your authority didn't solve it still now.
    I just wanna know that after complaining why still I'll face too much problem???

    2. I'm using 8972439118 number for Internet Connection. But I'm facing too much Server problem. After complaining still it didn't solve.

    Then you just tell me why I use your Connection?
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    My name is sonu from shimoga my num is 7760953489 my mail id useing this num from past 3year.. I dnt event get single offer from airtel..
    Am just useing this num for only internet its so expenceiv to RC 155 for 1gb 30day..
    So my req is give me a atlist 300mb per/month..i dnt bouther about call charges n sms also i jst need internet offer from u...hope u will give me...
    I have other num 9632096401 useing this form past 5year in this num also not get any offer that given mnp req to tata docomo...if u not give internet offer im going to do mnp this num also in few day...
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    I PAID 3 BILLS Rs 1700X3
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    I am writing to you after exhausting all possibilities including trying to get in touch over the phone but i ll still try to get a response before taking any extreme measures so that court doesn't say you didn't write to the nodal head

    Explaining the case:
    I received several calls from airtel Convincing me to shift from pre-paid to post paid,i finally made the horrible choice of authorization the associate to carry on the transfer.He told me that a person would come over and take a fee of 250 rupees and the necessary documents and give me a sim card.i asked for a nano sim.the guy came and did his job and gave me a micro sim and told me to get it cut from apple.i did that,the whole verification process took one week.understandable,i had no problem.After that i got a message on my existing prepaid sim asking me to switch to the post paid sim.I did that last saturday,my sim did not work,i called up 121 and after going through rigorous explaining regimes to various people i was told that they cant help and i should visit the closest airtel problem i did that.On going there it i was sent back to get the packaging of the sim card so that they could verify the sim number, provided the same in one hour.They told me (airtel office ,F-5,east of kailash) that the sim and the sim number dont match and the person who gave me the sim made a mistake and its my fault i didnt take the airtel guy's personal number anyways they did me "favor" by sending a email and asked to come back next week i.e monday,today i went and i was told they cant do anything and that it is franchise and i should go find another airtel office.
    exact words were"diwaar pe nodal officer ka number hai,udhar baat karo"

    now sir i write to you because this number is my business number ,and i have suffered alot already because of this change.i have great hopes from you i am currently using my old punjab number and paying roaming with no fault of mine,you can contact me on 09815808338

    Sim number:8991101301324249665
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    I subscribed for a airtel 4 G connection on the 27th of Jan'14 and later on 30th the connection was active.

    However i was unable to use the data card since the connection was getting disconnected.

    On 3rd feb i logged a complaint and the engineer visited my place only on 7th feb.

    He took the data card stating he will get it rectified however has not returned till today i.e. 11th Feb.

    I have called several times to the customer, called Appellate on 7th feb, one Imran answered the call and infored he will resolve the issue, but for vain.

    A person Vini (team lead) answered the call on 7th and informed that she will take care of the issue but no call till date.

    A person Jayant called on 8th and informed he will send the person on 11th but no call back and when i call the number the same is switched off...

    Its traumatic, i dont have the data card with me and it take Airtel more then 15 days to resovle a simple issue.

    Please look into the issue and ensure that the data card connection is disconnected and my money is refunded.
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    Dear Sir/ Madam,

    This mail is in the nuisance created by Airtel Team from the last 3 months.

    After every 20 days my landline is being cutoff and I am getting the same commitment that the Issue of payment to wrong account shall be resolved.

    Now I feel that I should escalate the matter to top most authorities of Airtel so that they are also aware of what rubbish is happening.

    The entire matter in the mail trail mentioned below.


    Forwarded message
    From: <appellate.ncr
    Date: Fri, Feb 7, 2014 at 1:33 PM
    To: [email]sunil.kumar

    Dear Customer,

    This is in reference to your email dated 05-February-2014, regarding the payment updation of the payment and service restoration for your airtel account number 7006222649.

    Basis on your email, we would like to inform you that the concern regarding the payment updation has been registered with us vide reference number 43236238. The same will be resolved by 11-February-2014 till 1:48 PM.

    Further, we would like to inform you that the incoming services of the above mentioned account number have been restored and the same will be resolved within 4 hours.

    airtel regrets the inconvenience you have experienced.

    Customer touch points:

    Level 1: Customer Care:121/198(toll free), working Hours - 24/7.

    Level 2: Nodal Team: call at 011-41614777, working hours: 9:30 to 6:30. Monday to Friday.

    Level 3: Appellate Authority: call at 011-41614690, working hours: 9:30 to 6:30. Monday to Friday.

    Please visit our website Prepaid | Postpaid | Fixed Line | Broadband Services | DTH India[/url] for a range of products and services.

    Yours sincerely
    Appellate Office
    bharti airtel limited

    Your response will help us to enhance your experience with Airtel. Please click on the link below & provide us your valuable feedback on this interaction
    Click here to provide feedback

    Original Message
    To: appellate.ncr
    Sent: 06/02/2014 06:46:08 PM

    Dear Sir/ Madam,

    I do not understand how many times do I need to send the bank statements and
    transaction reference codes for the payments done. I already have shared the
    same more than twice. Please find attached the same one more time.

    I have called several times the customer care about the issue I am facing in
    regards to the payment credited to wrong phone number and every time I am given
    the assurance that I shall get the CALL back for the same and the Issue shall
    get resolved. This time-pass is happening from the last 2-3 months.

    What should be my reaction, please understand that. My business is getting a
    hit because of this nuisance.

    Your prompt resolution is required.


    Sunil Kumar

    On Thu, Feb 6, 2014 at 5:43 PM, wrote:

    Dear Customer,

    This is in reference to your email dated 05-February-2014, regarding the non
    updation of the payment and service restoration for your airtel account number

    Basis on your email, we regret to inform that we have not received the payment
    of Rs.3541.60/- (Rs.885.40/- against the invoice dated 27-October-2013,
    Rs.885.40/- against the invoice dated 27-November-2013, Rs.885.40/- against the
    invoice dated 27-December-2013 and Rs.885.40/- against the invoice dated
    27-January-2014) due to which the services (incoming and outgoing) have been
    restricted for the above mentioned account.

    Therefore, we would request you to send us the scanned copy of the bank
    statement in PDF or JPG file, if the amount has been debited from your account,
    so that the needful can be done at the earliest.

    airtel regrets the inconvenience you have experienced.

    Customer touch points:

    Level 1: Customer Care:airtel and 121/198(toll free), working Hours
    - 24/7.

    Level 2: Nodal Team: nodal.ncr or call at 011-41614777, working
    hours: 9:30 to 6:30. Monday to Friday.

    Level 3: Appellate Authority: appellate.ncr or call at
    011-41614690, working hours: 9:30 to 6:30. Monday to Friday.

    Please visit our webs airtel Prepaid | Postpaid | Fixed Line | Broadband Services | DTH India for a range of products and services.

    Yours sincerely
    Nodal Team
    bharti airtel limited

    Your response will help us to enhance your experience with Airtel. Please click
    on the link below & provide us your valuable feedback on this interaction
    Click here to provide feedback

    Original Message
    From: [email]sunil.kumar
    To: [appellate.ncr
    Sent: 05/02/2014 03:17:08 PM

    Dear Sir,

    I am following up for the complaint from almost 1 month regarding payment to
    wrong account and also getting assurances everytime that the issue will be
    resolved but like always my phone line has been disconnected even after my
    complaint 3 days back (even I was assured that I shall receive a call back but
    nobody called) today my incoming and outgoing have been debarred.

    Do I need to consumer forum for such irresponsible behaviour from Airtel
    Company or its officials???

    It is my humble
    This e-mail and any files transmitted with it are for the sole use of the intended recipient(s) and may contain confidential and privileged information. If you are not the intended recipient, please contact the sender by reply e-mail and destroy all copies and the original message. Any unauthorized review, use, disclosure,dissemination, forwarding, printing or copying of this email or any action taken in reliance on this e-mail is strictly prohibited and may be unlawful. The recipient acknowledges that Bharti Airtel Limited or its subsidiaries and associated companies(collectively "Bharti Airtel Limited"),are unable to exercise control or ensure or guarantee the integrity of/overthe contents of the information contained in e-mail transmissions and further acknowledges that any views expressed in this message are those of the individual sender and no binding nature of the message shall be implied or assumed unless the sender does so expressly with due authority of Bharti Airtel Limited. Before opening any attachments please check them for viruses and defects.

    Sunil Kumar[/email]
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    If you ask me who is worlds most shame less idiots and suits for only begging and cheating, I ll answer just call airtel customer.

    They are really shameless and for one problem i am running behind them for more than one month. My query is just change one CUG group to another for all of my 7 numbers. these idiots does not how to change it and every day they are begging for 24 hrs without any shame. Till now i spoke to atleast 10 customer care person and no one have any sense.

    i escalated the issue to all level till appellate officer. till now none of idiots could able to give any kind of resolution. everyday new service request has been raised and none of those has been solved yet.
    Name of few idiots
    1. Mohan ( 121 )
    2. Aravind (121 )
    3. Faisal (nodal)
    4. Imran (appellate)
    5 Govind Singh (appellate)
    6. Roshan Lal (appellate)
    I have only one questions to these idiots. Do you guys really have any kind of shame??
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    I booked a new postpaid number 8-10 days back. After verification nothing happened for next couple of days. We have been chasing the sales guys but no benefit. I went to the Airtel relationship center in Jaipuria Mall, Indirapuram and they booked a number for me 8130393900 and after verification when I checked with them again after 2-3 days, they say that the number has been given to someone else. You can take other number..

    So I asked will there be verification again. They said yes. I was frustrated that when I need a new number now and still I have to wait for a few more days. Still I thought its ok so I selected a new number 9958553554 today in the morning from the Indirapuram (Jaipuria Mall) center of Airtel.

    Till evening I have been chasing them to go for verification, they continuously said we are sending. But at around 6 PM I got to know from the airtel store that the new number which I chose 9958553554 has also been blocked by someone else. Then I went to the store directly and asked for a new number. I waited there for an hour but they could not offer me a number.

    Its been more than 10 days but a new number has not been given to me. Its a very bad service on your part.
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    Dear Sir/Madam

    I was using the airtel postpaid no. 9805045135 for a long time, bcz of some reasons i want to convert the no. postpaid to prepaid , for this I paid the full & final payment before three months and also submitted all the documents and passport size photo , i was in touch with the airtel office attendent to whom i paid the payment she always answer me it will take 3-4 days, one week , 2 days but three month paased but the no. was not converted, and they were every month sending me the bill. But i was not satisfied with the service and stopped using the no. and then now before few days Mr. Rajkumar ( Airtel baddi office) called me and asking for the payment of bill. I told him all the matter and he assured me to convert the no. after full payment then i again make the full payment 2965/- on 27/2/2014 and submitted all the documents and photo. as per the mail sent by mr. rajkumar the postpaid no. is dissconnected but the no. not converted into prepaid. Then i sent him mail and he said plz call 59059 and your no. will be activated. I called this no. 3 days but they are saying that there is no information loaded into the system plz call after 4 hours , i again called them after four hours they again said me the same thing. in the end again i disscused with mr. Rajkumar he said you have to come to the office, then i went the airtel office ( Baddi) now they are not responding positively and thati observed with their way of talking , my issue is just a joke for them, everybdy laughing on me. & said give your documents again . I fail to understand that how many times i need to give the documents and why everytime i beg them why should not airtel staff do their job and work properly.
    its clearly showing that airtel staff is making fool of the peoples and wasteing their time and drawing the salary for just pass the time.

    Now i want to get my no.activated in prepaid without submitt any further document. You are requested to please do the needfull to help me.
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    Dear Team,

    so many times i request to decrease the call rates and i ask valuable booster pack for this number but customer service is very poor..and i used past one year sms booster pack..but still now no body take care action..and already i given document to one of the executive to change postpaid connection but still is not moved to postpaid..i want further clarification abut this otherwise please deactivate this number immediatly or i will portout to another no is 8870822382..
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    Dear Sir,

    This is to inform you in spite of the repeated reminder sent to the Air tel Office in Samthome for removal of Airtel box in the above Naidu Street , Kottur, Chennai-600085 for the last six months nothing has happened. Even the Chennai Corporation tried and discussed with the concerned authority for removal but in vain. Due to the Airtel box our could not be parked and also nuisance are created by the public and urination is taking place during night time.

    Hence I request you kindly to look into this subject and please take action immediately for removal. You may also contact Mr.A.Suresh-Cell No.9841030556 for further information.



    cc. Consumer forum.
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    Hello sir,i am a user of airtel mobile no.(08527290367) this no. was running on the name of my brother SUKHRAJ SINGHI was using this no. before some days. Suddenly on 20th march my sim was showing no networks and sim card is invalid was showing on my mobile screen. I visited airtel authorised showroom in tilak nagar, jail road (i.e. SheebaTel) they told me that this no. is inactive and the company have launched it in market in just one day...I JUST WANT TO ASK ABOUT THESE POOR SERVICES BY AIRTELHOW CAN YOU BLOCK MY NO. AND RE-LAUNCH IT IN THE MARKETIF THESE ARE THE POLICIES OF AIRTEL THEN HOW CAN I RECCOMEND ANY OF MY FRIEND OR ANY RELATIVE TO USE AIRTEL...
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    Happy Afternoon Sir,

    Please read this mail in FULL.

    I'm an unfortunate customer of AIRTEL for a very LoooooooooooooooooooooooooooonG time ( more than a decade).

    Since 2012 , I've have making my payments regularly for all these years, BUT for the last 50 months, I have been facing a lot of problems with your billing department. I've written almost 20 to 30 mails, made 1000's of calls, visited your Santhome Office in person, with all relevant details of my payments , bank statements,.But to my disbelief and horror, the tragedy and harassment continues from your end.

    I'm making this last effort to resolve issues with a belief, that there may be a last hope of resolution for my billing issue.Please understand I will not be making a false claim for a few hundred rupees.

    I've have two numbers , 9003281222 & 9500076963.

    I've been making the payments for the both these numbers for their respective bills in a single cheque, and at the back of the cheques I write both the numbers and their respective bill amount totalling to that cheque.

    On two occasions, I find that your staff who does the DATA ENTRY of these cheques, ( who I believe is incompetent for this job) credits (first )one number while they conveniently forget the (second )other number. And begin to claim payment for the (second ) other bill ( number ) which they have failed to enter.

    While they accept payment for one bill what happens to the balance amount of that payment..( let them provide the details of the paid bill - then I shall explain the payment for the unpaid bill as they claim. )

    i suggest that if you have a will to resolve this issue, please take all the last 50 bills till date , and correlate it with all my payments, you will be able find that I have made all my payments (but for the latest bills ) and the harassment will stop.

    If you do not have the manpower, please let me know, I shall bring all my bills and all my payment details for the corresponding period, and submit to the concerned accounting staff ( Audit dept). in person.


    I have no other option but to go to the Consumer Court and resolve my issue and claim my relevant Damages.

    This is my last effort and sincerely believe that there will be some staff in your Organisation who will have the common sense and understand this issue and and help me. Please restore my my other number 9500076963 - unconditionally (but for the latest bill), with immediate effect.

    For Shree Krishna Pharmaceutical Distributors


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    please send the bills for the airtel mobile nos 9849900123,9849900124,9849900124 and 9849900126 of District Panchayat Officer, Prakasam district, Ongole. we have not yet received bills for the months February and March.
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    I Mrs. Sudipta Sen, have been using the numbe 9831610982 since many years.. have pad my bills regularly.. but last year in July ( 2013) i went To the U.S. A. fOR SIX MONTHS.. had asked your customer care to stop this line and to keep my number in the safe deposit .. till i return.. from there due to unavoidable circumstances. we shifted to Middle East and am still there.. But, NOW MY NEIGHBOR'S TELL ME , AS THEY ARE RECEIVING ALL MY LETTERS WHICH COMES TO MY APARTMENT.. That Airtel hs sent me a letter saying i should give them something around 7500/Rs..or they sue me.. I AM SHOCKED!! IS THIS WHAT I GET AFTER BEING A LOYAL CUSTOMER OF YOURS FOR YEARS.. MY BILLING AMOUNT WHEN I WAS IN INDIA WOULD BE NOTHING LESS THAN 3000 TO 3500 RUPEES PER MONTH... WOULD BE HIGHLY OBLIGED IF YOU COULD INTERVENE AND DO THE NEEDFUL!! THANKING YOU .. Mrs. Sudipta Sen.... my mail id being
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    My complaint is:i am already reliance. And i am migrate to airtel.BUT AIRTEL OUTLET..j@k, udhampur,slathiya chowk is not register my And airtel incharge demand Rs.250 for port in airtel prepaid.please contact me urgently.
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