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    This is Swapnil Taral, my airtel prepaid number is 9860375486. I had
    given the request for MNP on 3-5-2012 at 7.30PM. Now I got the call
    from your retention team on 11-5-2012 at 4.30Pm, he told me that i will give
    you the 6Ps per sec for A2A & 0.30ps per min for other min for 6 months validity &
    thereafter I will be charged daily 1rs deduction so I said ok & he said your tariff will be
    changed from 11-5-2012 so you can enjoy the call rates. Now I have
    received the message from airtel that your tariff has been discounted for 3 months, enjoy
    call rates 1.2ps per sec for mobile & 2ps per sec for landline, so now I
    am charging in normal plan. So now please check & confirm on priority basis.

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    Dear Sir;
    I amM.P Airtel Prepaid Customer. My Contact nu is 9755612295. on 14-4-2012 due to subscription of calertune activetion deduction of 35 rs which is not return by airtel company - i make many cals to customer care but there no response.this servise not subscribe by me it active by customer care serivceman. I am not responsible for this activation, Airtel is totallyresponsible. Now I am mentally tired due to airtel customer care behaviour.
    we want to return this amount as well as.
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    I am a customer of post paid services of airtel with the no. 9880287232.Though internet usage was activated in my mobile in the month of feb i have started the usage of internet in my mobile. I was unaware that i have to call customer care and register for the package. I have been issued a bill with billed amount of 933 in feb and 5600 in march and april - 2000 on enquiring customer care i am told if i had got it registered for Rs. 98 the above charges would not have to be paid at all as my usage is well with the capacity of Rs. 98 package amount. Being a customer for more than 7 years Airtel has not bothered to give one call to inform about such a facility which can be availed by the customer whereas i would get so many calls for payment follow up inspite me being in roaming,

    I am finding it extremely difficult to make my payments along with call bill the outstanding has crosses Rs. 20000 which i find it very huge as the internet misunderstanding itself has costed me more than 8000, no customer would end up paying 5600 rs mobile internet usage bill even if he or she has used mobile internet service with any service provider.

    i request the appellate authority to help me in getting some solution in reducing my burden of bill payment.

    with regards,

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    i need the name of the person of this number 9840991138 which is a number from chennai----from which i have been recieving calls frm many days so please get me the name of that person
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    I m using Airtel Sim of nvr reason n my outgoing is blocked since 6 of june now I'm in gwalior M.P and my my outgoing is block for ladt 4 days . so pls fixed it ASAP.

    manu saxena
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    Dear Sir,
    I Kunal Mukherjee, I am not satisfied with your service. Because yuor customer care agent told me my service will activated within 1.00 Pm of 26.6.12 but it's not activated yet. So i am very hope less to your service & I want to take legal action.

    Yours faithfully

    Kunal Mukherjee.

    My request reference no-CBNRA30625190690.
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    K. Rao / Appellate/Nodal Officers/Executives,
    (You don't deserve any respect boz only & only u r responsible for shit in Airtel)

    After several reminder neither my problem resolved nor I got compensation, So decided to launch a full fledge campaign against AIRTEL in all social media like Facebook, Google+, Twitter etc and also registering a formal complaint in Consumer Court.

    I also posted my problem to below blog.

    As per deal with CC executive my Airtel DTH is not installed on 17/7/2012 I am eligible to get full refund from Airtel and the below listed amount needs to pay by Airtel.
    (1200- cable charge+ 4000 airtel DHT= 5200 total)

    Issue 1:
    Hi Sir/Madam,

    I had just recharged my mobile number 9987339333 with FULL TALKTIME recharge of 200 but amount credited is only 175.
    Requested you to please look into it.

    Screen shot is attached for your reference where it is clearly shows that full amount will be credited in amount.

    Issue 2:
    I am Airtel prepaid customer my mobile number is 9987339333. My validity will expire on 13 August 2012 (As per validity showing on screen when typing *123#) I want to recharge it with Rs. 99 but not able to do so.

    I am using this number since 2005 and don't want to loose this number. So kindly let me know how can I recharge this number to increase the validity?

    I am following since June 28th 2012.

    Thanks and Warm Regards.
    Praful Kumar.
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    Recharge for 30 days , but service is 28 days. Massege show this servise for 30 days.
    Cheet with customers.
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    Airtel dongle number : 9008409846
    I have been following up since March 2012 for a slow speed with your customer care department. I have called at least 5 to 6 times every month since then asking you guys to rectify the problem and every time I call my call is just passed on from one department to other. You guys say you will send some person to my place to check the issue but till date nobody has ever visited me.
    I have been calling you guys and telling you every time that my work is getting affected due to this and requesting you to do something and you people are just not bothered. I bought this connection with a speed of 7 Mbps, forget that speed I was happy with at least 2 to 3 Mbps speed that I used to get in the first 3 - 4 months. Post April I have been getting the speed of 150 – 250 Kbps and I have constantly calling you guys and you have done nothing about it. Your technical department and your customer care department just do not give a damn about the customers and their issue. Every time I call the customer care I have been just given a new SR Number. And how can anyone close an SR even without the issue being rectified???? The next time I call up to check on the previous SR, your department informs me that the request has been rectified and the SR is closed!!!!! How can you do that?????? And then generate a new SR number for the same story to continue!!! Is this customer care????? And to top it all from past 3 weeks it is not even getting connected!!!!! And today when I called your customer care to disconnect the connection your executive is telling me to clear the bill!!!!!! Why should I??I have even written mails to you guys but it fell into deaf ears!! Don’t you guys have any courtesy any ethics what so ever???? For the past 5 months I have been calling you guys and you have done nothing about it and now you want me to clear the dues for not being to use the connection????????????
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    We used to have a Bharti Airtel Landline with Internet of 2 Mbps (1399 plan)
    Number was 8042057242. We had been consistently getting a bill of Rs. 1399 for >1.5 years but suddenly from April 2012 following happened::
    1) April 1st/2nd week - we got a bill of additional Rs. 3000 saying that some smart bytes was activated. However, in spite of repeatedly asking Bharti Airtel we did not get clarity on how it got acitvated. We had asked a breakup on about the data usage before the smart bytes activation and after. Airtel failed to provide us the details inspite of repeated calls to customer care and complaints. You can check the call logs for the number in April 1st and 2nd week. Based on the same we asked for disconnection. Airtel did not disconnect our connection in spite of the request. And we being honest customers paid our monthly bill of Rs. 1399

    2) May 1st/2nd week - Again we got a bill shock of Rs. 3000 .. We again called up 198 and 121 and explained to them that there is a problem from their side for fraudulent billing and Airtel needs to provide us details and in case of no details provided we want to disconnect our connection. Again we paid Rs. 1399
    Airtel did not again honour our request to provide us details of usage and neither did it disconnect our connection in spite of repeated calls and requests.
    Similar thing happened in June and again we asked for disconnection to which Airtel repsonded in June 3rd week.
    We were totally annoyed and agitated by this behavior. We again paid our regular bill of Rs. 1399

    Now today, suddenly we receive an SMS from Airtel of consumer court for Rs. 7055. We have been harassed by Airtel and now we have been asked to come to city civil court on 28 Sep (PLC 158150). Instead we are the ones who should have been compensated for inaction by Airtel's customer care and improper billing system. I checked the internet and many other people have been wrongly charged by Airtel with Smart bytes - so ours is not a one off case. It is a criminal like behaviour by Airtel & we are very angry with this notice.

    You tell us - did we do anything wrong - we reported the issue in the very first month (check your call logs of 121/198 in April), we asked for details which Airtel did not provide us, we followed up for disconnection to which Airtel responded after 2+ months... whose fault is it? Why is this notice...

    Paresha Inamdar
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    Rs. 60 is deducted from the account of mobile number 8294673398 on 28 sep 2012 at 2200 hours without consent on the pretext of activating GAMES CLUB_30_60 which was not activated by the user. On calling 198, call is not forwarded to customer care executive so that complain can be lodged. it is requested to resolve the issue immediately and credit the balance back in the account .
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    Dear Sir,

    I would like to bring to your kind notice that, my airtel prepaid mobile number 09908031881 has been de-activated from 20.09.2012.

    The case is as follows:

    On 22.07.2012, while i was travelling from vijayawada to bhubaneswar, my dual sim mobile (Samsung GT-C3222) has been switched OFF automatically. I tried to switch ON the mobile, but it didn't happen. While switching ON the mobile, the mobile got hanged and unable to operate further. I had removed the airtel SIM and once again tried to switch ON the mobile. The mobile was OK while removing the airtel SIM.

    I conatcted airtel customer care to resolve the issue. The customer care officer informed me that the SIM has been damaged and advised me to replace the SIM with new SIM with same number. As i was in out of station (bhubaneswar), i was unable to purchase the new SIM. (Customer officer informed that the new SIM shall available for purchase in andhra pradesh only).

    I was in vacation to andhra pradesh from 17.09.2012 to 23.09.2012, during which i had purchased new SIM with same number from airtel retail store, chilakaluripet, andhra pradesh by submitting my AADHAR proof and photograph and paid an amount of Rs. 150/- for purchase of the SIM.

    The purchased New SIM is being activated on 17.09.2012 and worked till 19.09.2012. The new SIM serial no. 89914 90304 09512 55967 H-2. From 20.09.2012 onwards, i am unable to get the network signal for operating my mobile. I had recharged my prepaid account with an amount of Rs. 80/- on 20.09.32012 and the transaction is successful. I had contacted the airtel retail store on 22.09.2012 and informed the officer about the problem. the retail store person informed that, the account details shall be furnished at guntur / vijayawada only. I tried to contact airtel officer at vijayawada on 23.09.2012. As 23.09.2012 is sunday, i was unable to contact the airtel officer. I had returned back to bhubaneswar on 23.09.2012.
    Nodal officer Mr. Ajit Kumar, Ms. Gayatri has been contacted on 25.09.2012 to sort out the issue. The officers had informed me that my airtel account is free (de-activated) / not in service for the last three months and advised me to collect one more new SIM with same number.

    Sir, please consider while i am in out of station, the SIM got damaged and unable to get network signal. I am unable to purchase the new SIM as i was in out of station. While i had been to andhra pradesh, the new sim is being purchased, Rs. 80/- recharge transaction is successful. the nodal officers informed me that my family members can collect the new SIM with same number, as i was in out of station.

    As i was in out of station, my parents has visted the airtel store on 29.09.2012, they had informed that the number is de-activated and sent as new number to retail stores.
    Sir, i had been using the personnel prepaid number since 6 years, and due to above reasons the account has been de-activated.

    Sincere request to help me to allot / use my personnel number, as the number is being utilized for banking / personnel transactions.

    Kindly do the needful.

    09908031881 / 07894412168
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    good mirning sir i allredy buy a sim csrd of airtel on 01/10/2012
    and submite my docoment also but tilnow this simcard is not active
    i so taide to active this by going to retailer office
    so i requisting to your symphaty that kindly active my new simcard
    my docoment address is sirajul islam burbhuiya lala bazar p.o lala bazar disst Hailakandi
    my new no is 8812044820
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    Dear Sir,

    Recently I have got Apple iphone 4S and the SIM which is of 64kb has been cut and supplied by your Executive in Paradip.

    Unfortunately it is giving the caption mentioned in the title.

    I have requested him to replace with 128kb SIM (If micro SIM of that is not available) cut to micro SIM size.

    Neither he replied nor turned up.

    I have been using this mobile No. since 2008. And did not expect your executive's promptness.

    If the problem is not resolved in next 2 to 3 days I have to be forced to cancel my subscription and forced to take legal

    action against the executive who has no responsibility. His name is Mr. Bipen Swain, Airtel Mktg Executive in Paradip, Orissa.
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    Dear Sir,

    My above number Airtel prepaid, reagrding balance deduction, i have may times reminded airetel customer care, Nodal officer, Appallate officers many times i have been lodged, but nobody helping nor replying my mails ony the auto reply is coming this is for promotionals message and songs , automatically acativating the songs and deducting my balance whenevri am going to refill amount it gets suddenly deducting kindly help in this case what should i do or whom should i appraoch for further.


    shankar sonare.
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    My mobile number9600097326. Without my willingness subscription of Rs.30/- for two months was deducted for hello tunes. I have asked to stop hello tunes by messaging to customer care often. But no action was taken. I request to stop this immediately.+
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    This is with regards to the complaint against Airtel Service providers .. I am an Airtel prepaid user ..My phone no is 9967527250 . Every month i recharge my phone with the amount of Rs 575 on which i get a talktime of Rs 625 ..Before recharging i had a balance of Rs 358 in my account ..On 05th Dec i went to a retail shop and asked the retailer about the Rs 575 recharge offer on which i should get Rs 625 , he confirmed saying that yes still the same offer is on ..So i told him to recharge the amount of Rs 575 on which i should get amount of Rs 625 .. After the recharge was done i dialed *123# to check my account to see if the recharge amount is reflecting in my account or not .. But i was shocked to see that the account was still showing Rs 358 .. So i instigated with the retailer as to why Rs 625 is not reflecting in my account , he called up the customer care to check as to why the amount is not reflecting so we got a strange reply from the customer care which was neither intimated to any of the retailer nor us (Airtel customers) through any sms or call about their new rule . Airtel customer care person said that from today there is a rule started that the amount which i have recharged of Rs 575 on which i got Rs 650 talktime will not be added in Rs 358 balance but in a new account for which i have to dial *123*8# and there is a condition that i have to use this amount in one month's time otherwise the amount will be lapsed .. So as per Airtel rule i have to use Rs 358 first and after Rs 358 is utilized then later amount for calls and other services will be deducted from Rs 650 account ..

    I use blackberry phone and i usually recharge my phone for using the blackberry service of Rs 399 .. My deadline to recharge my account is 11 of every month to continue the Blackberry service benefit of Rs 399 pack.. Now currently my balance on phone is INR 308.24 , if balance of Rs 399 is not shown on my main account my bbm service will be deactivated and secondly i do not make so many calls that i can utilize Rs 650 in one month's time .. Means Rs 650 will be no use to me and the amount will be gone in Airtel's pocket for no reason .. This is a pure cheating from Airtel Service provider .. They are cheating their customers ... To avail my blackerry service i cannot afford to go on recharging the amount to avail the blackberry service .. i wrote an email to Appelate and received a call as well as email from them saying that they cannot refund entire amount but only a sum of Rs 150 .. Are they doing favour on me by refunding only Rs 150 and not the whole amount ?? As a customer who is been cheated i have right to claim for my entire amount but they are not co operating to refund my amount ..
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    Dear Sir,

    I have been an Airtel customer for almost a decade now. I have been paying my bills regulary. During diwali I had sent some diwali sms (Plain english text message) to my friends and relatives on 14-Nov-2012. Some of my friends received the same as normal sms, whereas some of them claimed they received the same message almost 15-20 times. When I got to know this, I called the customer care and they said it could be due to some network issue and I should restart my handset. Upon restarting the handset, the messages stopped. On the call with the customer care executive (CCE), we also discussed and the CCE also mentioned that these are network issues due to high traffic and you will not be charged for additional smses. Subsequently in the bill I see I have been charged Rs 5500 towards these sms. I have tried calling the CCE explaining that no rational personal will send the same message to individuals 15 -20 times and that too within a span of 1 -2 seconds and that it is a genuine network issue. I have also tried asking to escalate this issue to the floor manager and supervisor and inspite of waiting for more than an hour the floor manager / supervisor did not have time to attend to my calls. The CCE kept on saying that floor manager is busy with other calls and cannot attend my call. The same modus operandi was done for 3 consecutive days wherein I pleaded that I need to speak to the floor manager to explain the issue but the CCE's ensured that the floor manager is busy (Most busiest person on earth!) and call cannot be transferred. One female CCE just hung up the phone on me inspite of me telling her that I am ready to wait. Since I have have been using airtel services, there have been no instance where the bill was disputed or not paid. Inspite of mentioning this to the CCE that I have had a long relationship, they are least bothered. I also mentioned that I have paid bills runnign upto 12K and have no problems in paying, but it is incorrect for me to pay amount which is wrongfully charged.

    To make matters worse, on 14-Nov-2012, I bought a new phone (Samsung Galaxy Note 2) and called up CCE and asked them to deactivate the BIS (Blackberry Internet Service) and activate the 3 G services. the 3G services were activated, however the BIS was not and I was charged for 2 months. Here again even after repeated calls and explaining them that I cannot use 2 services at the same time, and that I have been wrongly charged, nothing has been done.

    I have almost decided to move to another service provide consdering the apathy of the state of affairs at Airtel. Morever considering that they have little respect for customers who have been long standing with Airtel for the past many years. I really hope that the authorities consider this plea and take this matter in right spirit.

    My Contact no: 9890088695

    Few of the complaing nos that I can remember are

    47599308 - 14 Dec
    47068225 - 16 Nov
    47050112 - 21 Nov
    47049658 - 15 Nov
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    Airtel Associate Make a fake Commitment to me for Bill / Plan And Cug ..

    Currently I am paying Cug Call Also

    Shahbaz ghaffar 8800414130
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    Dear Sir/Madam
    I want to launch a complaint against Bharti Airtel. Details are as follows:
    This is with reference to the ongoing discussion with AIRTEL from past one month i.e. 24th Jan. 2013 to till date. Pls go through the below mail and ensure that Airtel has done right or wrong thing with me......
    Details of request/complaint:
    24-1.13 - I had request for MNP in which I received my unique porting number i.e. AD228477 (Expiary will be 8.2.13) and request Airtel to port my number with some other network due to bad service of Airtel. But Airtel has not allowed me to go any other network. I got response from Airtel that my mobile no. 9990888339 is not belongs to Airtel.... According to Airtel this number is belong to IDEA..... When I contacted to Airtel customer care they have requested me to push your case again as there was some technical problem.
    09-02-13 --- I had again request Airtel for MNP request in which I had received again unique port number i.e. AD314393 (exp will be 24.2.13). This time I again request my 2nd network provider to push my cash for MNP with Airtel. This time Airtel have again not allowed my number to port..... My network provider got reason this time that I have an outstanding and have a contractual agreement with Airtel. When I had contact Airtel then I got to know that there was zero outstanding infect there was a credit balance in my a/c and there was no any contractual agreement between myself and Airtel as my number is individual and not corporate connection.
    When I had contact Airtel’s nodal office as well as Appellate Office - The both department has assured me that Airtel is realizing their fault and we are requesting you to request your another nework to push again your MNP request....We are assuring you this time you will not find any problem.....
    25-02-13 ---- I again request for MNP request and again found the new Unique Porting No. i.e. AD413758 (exp. 12.3.13) but this time I found a call from Airtel i.e. Mr. Gurvinder Singh - Executive Airtel on 25.2.13 time 12:29 p.m. - to know the reason of shifting my number... I explain him everything and he has assured me Sir,,,, if you wish I will send my person to your home and he will collect all relevant papers and we will shift your post paid number into pre-paid number as Airtel is not willing to shift your number.... I agree because I really tired to do this exercise with Airtel as I come to know that Airtel is a BIG GOONDA in Cellular company.
    According to Airtel Executive they will collect the papers from my residence within 72 hrs. He has told me to ready residence proof, identity proof and colour photograph. But again there was no sign of person.... No body has contacted me regarding shift my above number into Prepaid connection.
    Your executive has given me reference number i.e. ==== complaint no. 48956610 dt. 25.2.13
    01-03-13 --- When I again call to Airtel’s complaint desk (198) I interact with Mr. Shiv Shankar and Mr. Varun and Laveena at 14:37 p.m. and 14:48 p.m. and 14:57 p.m.
    Firstly Mr. Shiv Shankar refused to register any complaint with this regard when I had told that your executive has promised me to send some person to collect my papers, he has told me there is no any procedure to send some one for this. Also Mr. Shiv Shankar is unable to find any of my conversation contact...He has not found any of my MNP request as well as 25th Feb. conversation...... He, Varun and Laveena totally denied me.....bad behaviour.
    Sir, If you want, I will produce you each and every conversation recording which I had saved in my mobile. In which you will find that AIRTEL has given me so many false promises but Airtel has not done anything with my above request.
    Now I am going to launch a complaint of Airtel with all the conversation recording as well as messages proof for MNP request.
    Sir/Madam, --- I am assuring you after get all the BAD response from Airtel I am not going to pay any single penny of my bill.
    Sir, I am requesting you to do please on this and justice with me. As these days I am facing so many mentally as well physically problem due to Airtel.
    Anil Kumar
    Flat No. 155, Capital Apartment
    Pocket 6, Plot No. 10, Nasir Pur
    Dwarka Sector 1A, New Delhi-110045.
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    Respected Sir/ Madam,

    Main airtel ka number use kr raha tha last 8 months se.Mera number bina kisi intimation ke band kr diya gaya hai koi issue nahi tha ab airtel wale activate nahi kr rahe pehle kehte hai pata nahi kaise band ha phir re-issue ke le liye arc bhej diya maine 125/- pay kiye nayi sim ke liye 10-15 din din tk kehte rahe ho jayega acivate phir mana kr rahe hi kehte hai mnp number re-issu nahi hota last year bhi band kr diya tha phir bahut dino baad start krvaya ab phir band kr diya kehte hai documents nahi hai jabki maine last month sim lost ho gayi thi tab bhi toh documents check krke de thi ab kehte hai har mahine documents dene hote hai kehte hai trai ka rule hai mera nmber at the present band kr diya koi msg call nahi.aapbataiye kya documents last month the aur ab kaha gaye.mere number me 2530/- balance tha. pehle kah nayi sim me dal ke denge balance ko ab mana kr rahe hai.PLS HELP ME. pls re-issue my number and balance. kehte hai trai ka rule hai wo hi issue krenge. number kisi ko issue nahi hua hai in future ise issue hone se roka jaye.


    Kuldeep singh tejan
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    Namaste Mr. Tejan,

    This is to inform you that your concern listed on 30 Mar 2013 has been noted and our team is working on a resolution. At the outset, we apologize for the inconvenience faced by you. We will get in touch with you for further details of your concern as the need arises.

    For any queries you may have you can also get in touch with us at

    Sandeep Kumar
    Airtel Presence (Airtel Customer Service Team)
    Bharti Airtel Ltd

    Connect with us 24X7 and we will be happy to assist you with a swift resolution to your queries on all our products and services

    Twitter -
    Facebook -
    Linked- Airtel Presence (Bharti Airtel LTD) - India | LinkedIn
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    Dear Sir/M'am ,

    Warm Greeting!!!
    I am using Airtel from five-six years, i am really fed up bcz of AIRTEL support executive, i never thought airtel customer support executive will behave so cheaply, airtel is turning out to be really bad, its only bcz of their support executive.

    Problem : On 26th of feb at 10:01 am, I called up to customer care on 12118 for accessing internet on laptop by connecting nokia lumia 610 ,executive replied me that it'll connected by pc suit, I was surprised by her answer, i told her connect me to ur senior 'coz it's a window 8 based phone not need of pc suit.he transferred my call to ms. sakshi who was Senior executive as she said, she described me the process for connecting mobile and laptop with data cable but result was " not connected" she explained me the procedure to connect both devices with blue-tooth, again the result become "not connected" after 45 min.she said me , sir, sorry your nokia lumia 610 can't able to connect any how, there is no process to accessing net on laptop by your particular mobile, please try with another handset." i feel like a lemon tht time...

    any ways...i called again , executive didn't transferred my call to ms. sakshi , now another senior executive mr. ashish was on another line,with same answer that please use another phone to access internet on laptop...he didn't have proper solution of my query but talked 13 minutes

    then ms. sakshi called me at 12:07 by no.09779101924 with same resolution , i told her to connect me any one who can serve me better.she replied to hold the call after 2:38 minutes she cut the call.again she called at 12:25 with same resolution.

    then at 01:06 pm mr. sandeep kumar , floor manager as per he said,called with same bull shit answer which i descried earlier more than 5 times this time call duration was 6:34 minutes...

    and i'll tell you that in -between calls i tried to connect my lumia with laptop any how and got success my self .
    but they kept me on engage for such long time after that they will disconnect my calls, they are not giving solutions for such issue.

    I look forward to hearing from you regarding a resolution of mentally, physically and economical harassment. I will be waiting for a resolution, Please contact me anytime at 9981515152.

    Note: There are more problems which are not resolve by 3-4 years like networking,call drops,the latest transaction id. 1242754230

    kshitij Pawar

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    Namaste Mr. Tejan,

    We would like to inform you that your concern listed 30 Mar. 2013, has been resolved. Should you have any queries please contact airtel customer service at

    Deepak Mohod
    Airtel Presence (Airtel Customer Service Team)
    Bharti Airtel Ltd

    Connect with us 24X7 and we will be happy to assist you with a swift resolution to your queries on all our products and services

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    I am very much frustrated with unfair deductions by Airtel. Everyday I am loosing Rs. 5/- for the services
    which I never subscribed to. This is not fair and clear cut violation of Telecom Policy. So far I have lost
    approx Rs. 150/- as a part of unfair deductions. Kindly re-imburse this amount to my account and ensure
    it doesnt happen in future. Appreciate your help. Thanks

    Best Regards

    Shakir Ansari
    Mobile No. 9718972313
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    I had applied for post paid connection by filling online application and paying Rs 336.90 as per the rerquirement. There was no response and I had to take the connection by visiting your office at central market, lajpat refund the money back in my account. My number is 9650039945/9437129945.
    pl do the needful
    vp upadhyay

    the meesage from airtel:
    Thank you for booking an airtel mobile connection.
    Our representative will contact you within 48 hrs to fix up an appointment for collecting and verification of necessary documents.Kindly note that successful subscription for your online application will be subject to
    1) technical/network feasibility of providing a connection at your address and 2) receipt of valid proofs of identity and address (as per DOT guidelines) from you - failing which the charges paid by you will be refunded back as per the terms and Conditions.
    CAF No - ONDELHI00018248
    /nTransaction ID - 209225794
    Transaction Date & Time - 2013-02-09 18:10:56.778405
    Amount - 336.9
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    this is to bring into your kind notice that I am working in Jammu and Kashmir Bank Limited currently posted at Corporate headquarters M.A.Road Srinagar 190001 as Technical Assistant to President. I was posted in Mumbai in the same organization from March 2008 to June 2011 and then was transferred to J&K Srinagar in June 2011. I recently received a call and letter from Police Station Mulund Mumbai bearing number O/W No-4422/13 dated 15/04/2013 that a simcard has been activated on my documents dated 06/06/2012 exactly after one year of my transfer bearing number 9004821536 which on inquiry is of Airtel communications. I request you to kindly look into the matter as my identity has been misused.
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    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I have deposited Rs.300 for new Airtel postpaid connection on 23rd April.
    But till date it is not activated. When iam going to call to concern persons(Sindhu & Jahnavi bearing mobile no's:9000551405 & 9652903720)
    even they are not lifting my call and no response from their side.

    My new airtel number: 9032223085
    SIM Number: 89914903040992718296 H2
    Please activate the SIM as early as possible.

    Mob No: 9160444202
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    Dear person,

    I am writing this mail to you directly after no hope from your system "Airtel"

    I am getting problem from Airtel system regarding my data card number - 9910017309

    I updated to change my bill plan in April 2013 and Airtel team confirmed me on 5th April for plan changing but no plan was changed and nobody informed to me.
    and that's why Bill was not according to plan.
    I knew this in may 2013
    Why it is happening with me. when i updated to complaint team, one person gave a very irresponsible behavior on my queries and just cutoff the phone.

    No body is ready to solve the problem.
    Please help on this critical issue.

  • edited May 2013
    Would request you to kindly note that my mobile number 9860726047 has been barred outgoing, gprs, sms services since yesterday
    not sure how to have the services started again as even after calling your helpline numerous has not helped in any way...pls resolve this problem ASAP.....
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