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    Dear Sir,

    I am facing lot of harrasement from Airtel's customer service department and hoping somebody could really help me.

    This is regarding my Airtel Prepaid number 9818270076.

    I dont know where to go as nobody want to listen. I have got 12months Internet pack with my new NokiaX2 handset and I used internet till 9 days(29th May to 6th June) but I did not know that I am being charged from my main account. Now customer care says nothing was charged from my main account.

    Also one of your rep (Kedar) misbehaved with me when I tried to explain him the issue.

    You are requested to look into this matter on priority.


    Manmohan Mittal
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    I was to port out my Airtel number 9777608763 and for that I sent a request. After that I received a call from Airtel Customer care requesting me not to port. He offered me a new tariff for life long. Firstly I was in per second plan. He turned my plan to 30 Paisa/ Min for other and 10 paisa / min for airtel numbers. He also offered me that every time I would get full talk time on recharging of Rs. 60.00.
    But I am sorry to say that I never get full talk time on same recharge and from today my plan again turned into 50 paisa/ Min plan.
    After mailing to I never get a satisfied response.
    I am very much distrubed by this treatment of Airtel.
    Please do needfull for that. Give me as I was offered otherwise I want my per second plan back.

    Thanking you

    Santosh Gorai
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    I was using one Airtel number from last 10 years from last 10 years Airtel services is Good. But now they are giving very poor services in terms of Coustmer care & part of that we are also using Airtel Coperate Lease Line & PRI line from last 2-3 years. But after the personal expires we also planning to change the Airtel from our coperate use.
    My consort it that from May 2011 My IPTV is not working properly its going hang up when i am using the Broad Band and till June 1st Week Airtel Engg. has tried to resolve the issues but can't able to resolve. After that when i giving any complain to Coustmer care his service Engg. Was closing complains without talking to any body at my family and Airtel is also not able to look in this matter. that why Coustmer making complains.
    In July 2011I had told his Coustmer care executive if you are not able to resolve the issues kindly discounted. In that complain Airtel has taken immediately step & disconnect. On 13th July there nodal officer has called up and made apologize for my problem, also they have commit me that with in 48 hrs your services will be restore and as per his commitment my only my Telephone & Broad Band services was resorted & IPTV blocked (also his nodal officer confirm me through Mail). But again after daily follow up still IPTV services was not restored (as his Coustmer care senior member (Mr. Rajesh, Mr. Ashish & Mr. Tanveer has given me the 24 Hrs. times but no result).
    In End 31st July 2011 My Telephone line & Broad Band line was terminated by Airtel.
    It’s very surprised to see Airtel services like a government dept.
    Now Airtel has leaved the option for consumer court for me.

    Hitesh Garg
  • LALIT KUMAR23LALIT KUMAR23 Junior Member
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    muj ye jaan kar bahut hi kushi hue ki aap ka system aaj tak upgrade ho raha hai bhagwan kare ye hamesh yese hi upgrade hota rahe

    phon band karne k liye , payment magane and bill bejane ke liye aap ka system kam karata hai
    par telephone line theek karne ke liye kam nahi karta

    sudhar jao air tel walo
    sudhar jao air tel walo, sudhar jao air tel walo

    agar mera tele phone band kiya hai to karan batoo

    01204214322 is no. ko jald se jal chalu kare

    Today I have call Airtell Call Center For Complained My Tel Phone 01204214322 (Regarding Phone Dad), I have very surprise to know my DLS BROADBAND INTERNET is Working jiski I have All Ready give the Complained for disconnection

    and I don’t want any call for regarding bill (tab tak jab tak meri land line se BROADBAND INTERNET Band Nahi hota aur muje 28/04/2011 ke bad se 01204214323 is no ki jo bhi payment mene ki hai aur 28/04/2011 ke bad job hi PAYMENT mene DSL Brodband Dsl Ki jo payment mene ki hai wo REFUND kare Aur mere Bill me Adjust KAre fir muje phone ke Regarding ur Bill Payment

    I have To Requested to your Customer Care For My Land Line And Broad Band No. Shifting and Cancel broadband and land line 28/04/2011

    Details as below:-

    My Ac No. 15798634
    Active the Two No. 0120 4214322, and 0120 4214323
    I Want to Continue Voice Line No. is 0120 4214322 Ac No. 15798634 Address is Cosvin Consultants Pvt. Ltd. 212 2nd Floor Chokhani Square Sector - 18, Noida,

    i dont want Any D S L Broadband (Internet) Line Cosvin Consultants Pvt. Ltd. 212 2nd Floor Chokhani Square Sector - 18, Noida,

    Please Canceled My Voice Line 0120 4214323 Ac No. 15798634 Address Cosvin Consultants Pvt. Ltd. 212 2nd Floor Chokhani Square Sector - 18, Noida


    My Requested 1533254, 146331, 1463329, 1533254, 41614690

    My First Requested Lock 28/04/2011 and continue

    (I have All Ready give Request you Call Center For Surrender And Canceled My No. 0120 4214323 Ac. No 15798634) Dated 28/04/2011

    Please Continue My Voice Line 0120 4214322 Ac. No. 15798634

    Muje mere is address per koi bhi broadband DSL (Internet) Nahi Chahiye 212 2nd Floor Chokhani Square Sector - 18, Noida
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    Can u give m tri web site details

    mene aapne phon ko band karne ko 28/04/2011 ko kaha jo band nahi hua us phone aur broad band ki har mahin mene paymnt ki us paymnt ka no to koi ajustment huaa nahi refund hua aur air tel walo ki maharbanhi se phone aur broad band bhi aaj tak ban nahi huaa

    muj lagata hai aab aaana hazare ki tarah jantar mantra par dharna pradhana karna hoga air tel walo ke liye

    air tel walo se parshan jo bhi bhai bhan hai wo ab face book par aur tri ki wb site par link and mail kare me bhi wo hi karuga [email]lalitcosvin @ gmail . com[/email]
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    I am sorry to say you that I wrote a follow up complain on 5/9/11 to your nodal officer regarding charging from my balance for using gprs service eventhough I recharge with Rs 98/- gprs pakage and till now I did not recevied any reply from your nodal officer and not even any call from your customercare. I found from last few week that there was deduction from balance when I am using gprs eventhough I recharged with Rs 98/- for using gprs service under your scheme.This deduction is almost Rs 50/- or more.I called very few numbers when I last recharge with Rs 110/- and now I am finding that my balance is left with zero amount.Regarding this I tried to talk to your customercare executive but I failed Once or twice I got connected to the customercare executive but when I start stating my complain the line get disconnected and after that I wrote to nodal officer Assam circle but he didn't reply yet.At present I am not recharging my balance as I think the deduction will contine on using gprs and not even using your service to call. If this type of deduction contine I have to think for other sevice provider. In this unfair means you are losing the faith of the customer.I have you will provide me the wrongly deducted amount in my blance.


    Tarak Nath dey

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    From: Vikas Maini
    Date: 21 October 2011 12:35:26 PM GMT+05:30
    Subject: Re: Complaint regarding account number# 7005217845

    Dear Appellate Authority @ Airtel,

    Despite of my repeated requests i had not received any reply from your nodal officer.

    I would like to mentioned again that i am in receipt of 2nd invoice for payment without installation of connection @ my residence. This is a complete failure of your agent who booked the connection & your installation team who had confirmed the connection even without installing it.

    May i request your immediate intervention for installation of connection & revert with proper explanation for the delay & harassment.

    Vikas Maini

    From: Vikas Maini
    Date: 27 September 2011 1:31:30 PM GMT+05:30
    Subject: Complaint regarding account number# 7005217845


    I had applied for IP TV connection at my residence on 12th July 2011... even after lot of followup with booking agent (Krishna - 9650527300)/ concerned authorities at Airtel till date connection is not being installed.

    I am surprised to see an invoice number 565842656 posted to me of INR 1016.67 without installation of connection.

    Can i expect an immediate response on my above complaint & reason for delay in installation.

    Vikas Maini
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    Today I reached to the airtel outlet in indrapurm near big bazar. The reason being of my number because i have number of reliance the number is 8010024524 i want me reliance number port in to the airtel. My poriablity done but when i cal on my number so my number shown its nt recheable. Regarding this thing i went to the outlet 2-3 time or today also 10:40am arround but the one of girl very rude all the time. she is not behave like the employee she dont knws how to behave like to the customers that time she is nt wear her name may be she name is shalini, one of the old persol sit there he also agressive and very shouted he said get out of my outlet i dont knw what he is name so pls you guy check you outlet camera and please visit your outlet bcz of you are employees not giving customer satisfation they guys all the tme very rude. and please give me foloow up on my number 9711480860 or email
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    My port out request rejected Every time by airtel for mob 9001142196. How can i port out from airte. That a demo/lapu number. I get a message on port request reject " your port request reject by airtel due contractual obligation".send me appellate authority Mail address. Reply me on
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    Dear sirs/madam,
    My mobile number is 9962504030 in the name of jaimaacs.
    I am sorry to say that my 3g coverage was not attended till now despite so many reminders for the past 3 months.
    Every 10 days once one of your representative contacting me regarding the problem. But no action. But i was charged regularly. Please look in to that and take necessary action to rectify the customer's complaint.
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    Dear Sir,

    I write to inform that, I have a Airtel pre-paid mobile connection. I have been using this connection for the past four months. There has been several occassions of illegal deductions from my account, for services which I never initiated from my phone. The deducted amounts were credited back as and when I approached the nodal officer. However, this time my airtel internet service has been restricted since Oct 14, 2011 inspite of my myriad follow ups with the Customer care, nodal officer and the appelate officer, nothing has happened till date. I had recharged with Rs 98/- voucher to avail the Airtel internet pack on Oct 9, '11. Till date I have written twice to the appelate authority but no response.

    I seek your help in this regard.

    Thanks and regards,

    Biswajit Dey

    +91 8600905667
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    Dear sirs/madam,
    My airtel no is 9800564098

    sir i have recharged my phone no with 47(for message balance) on 30th October,before recharge i have check it from 59222 to write "SHOW 47" the reply came from 59222 is that "MRP:Rs. 47 ,spl offer,send unlimited message local/national sms for 30 dayes,"but when i send message to other network then it have charge 10 p/sms,when i have call to customer care 4 time for launch a complain against it but i got ans like that (1) plz u see ur message properly (2)server is not working properly (3) we are not responsible for 59222 message ,you should update your self,if you want to launch complain then go to court not here and cut my phone,again when i try to call then i see in customer services is not available in my phone no.and the behavior is so bad,
    plz launch a complain regarding it.
    I seek your help in this regard.

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    I have been using my airtel sim since two months, one day i was shocked because my mobile wasn't able to get the signals and i came to know that airtel people disconnected my prepaid sim and i made a call to customer care and i got some spectacular answers from them.
    They replied that they need frequent recharges, but i couldn't recharge for 1 month this is the reason why they disconnected that so please prefer good network ( airtel is a nice network but it became full commercial)... please if any one are in the same way please send an email to my mail id (

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    This is regarding billing issues on mobile # 7708275566

    1. On 18th July 2011, I requested for GPRS - Rs. 98 package to be activated on this no.
    2. The same was confirmed as activated by your customer care team (Nirmala Udaya Kumar - Customer Care - Airtel. Email received at 3.55 Pm on 18th July)
    3. But this GPRS package was NEVER considered for any of the subsequent billings
    4. The recent bill (Sep-Oct) came for a significant amount of Rs. 9500 +
    5. When checked for the billing details, almost Rs. 9100+ was charged for internet usage
    6. The volume of internet used was less than 2GB
    7. Had the GPRS been considered correctly, then the entire Rs. 9100 would have not come in & the bill would be less than Rs. 400


    1. The recently generated bill was INCORRECT from Airtel end
    2. Since my billing amount has crossed the credit limit, outgoing calls & messages have been barred in total
    3. I contacted the customer care via phone at least 25 times since mid of October to explain the above 7 points
    4. Also wrote to customer minimum 10 times
    5. In principle, I am getting only the following response from them:
    a. The handset that I used / using came with an offer of 100MB free internet usage for a period of 6 mts / 12 months and only that plan is impacted
    on the bills & not any other plan
    b. The outgoing calls are barred because the credit limit has exceeded.

    My Concerns:

    1. When I wrote to customer care on July 18th, there was NO REVERT from the team stating about the ¿100 MB plan that my handset has in offer¿
    2. Instead they confirmed in writing that GPRS 98 package is activated¿
    3. Only after that confirmation, I started to use internet extensively (as 2GB is free every month)
    4. But suddenly now, your people are going back on your own confirmation
    5. Also, I hold another connection under # 9940677904 which is also used in Nokia X2 but I activated GPRS 98 package which is correctly being reflected
    6. Not sure why only things are incorrectly reflecting on 77082 75566 alone

    For NO mistake of mine, I have been penalized with ¿outgoing calls barred? Every time I write to Airtel, they revert stating, it is barred because the credit limit exceeded, what I don't understand is:

    1. Airtel generated the bill incorrectly
    2. Had the bill been generated considering GPRS 98 package, the amount would have been substantially less than the credit limit
    3. With a forecast of Rs. 400-500 as a bill amount, HOW DO YOU EXPECT CUSTOMER TO PAY THE BILL FOR RS. 9000+
    4. If Airtel is aware that there is a dispute in billing which is NOT YET RESOLVED, how can they cut the services?
    5. Why should I suffer for all mistakes done from Airtel's end?

    My actions now & the action that I am expecting from Airtel:

    1. I will NOT PAY for rental for the period / days on which my outgoing services have been taken. Airtel has to REVERSE the rental during such periods. It makes no sense to hold a post paid connection in which I will get the incoming calls alone
    2. I need a revised billing from Airtel on or before 5rd November 2011. After this date, I will not pay any amount, even whatever becomes actually due
    3. The outgoing services should be activated on or before 5th November 2011
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    I have called to the customer care in many times because I have no 3g out going from the date of 06-11-2011. Customer care has not helped to me. I have called 198 and 121 but they are blaming each other. Name is customer care but they have no care to me?
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    i am a user of the airtel since 6 years, misplaced my mobile yesterday, i want to locked the same and reissue me the same number 9987477578
    pl. update me its a urgent, without this i am really helpless.
    i appricate your prompt action.

    thanks and regards

    pramod bende
    son's no. 9870470553
    resd. 0223452431
    email id-
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    Wrong Deduction/False Subscription
    False deduction for Mirchi Radio

    On my Mobile No.9871764321 (Pre-Paid), I had received a call from Radio Mirchi on 06.11.2011 for some subscription but I had not followed any instruction told by them, even I had not disconnected the call. Now I had received a message that they have deducted Rs.10 for one week.
    I had requested to Airtel to refund the same but they denied to refund.


    Please tell the matter for Refund the said deducted amount and disconnection of Subscription.
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    Dear sir

    my self Athar Raza Mallick my Sim no is +91 9771020691 am staying here in Abu dhabi i have balance on my Account was 219/=IRS but suddenly i saw there 70 /= IRS how its happen in which procedure you deduct that same happen with my another no also +91 9771535207 this no my family is using in India she also complained me her money deduct from her account so whats wrong is there may i get that reply or where i have to contact for all that .
    This is not the matter of money this is the matter of system so i want to know whats was wrong am waiting for your reply may i get some Positive reply
    Last somany times its happen but i didnt complain about that this comes in normal practice so i want to know that
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    i subscribed to Airtle at Bangalore in the month of April. As part of my plan I have access to voice and data/GPRS. However, from day 1 GPRS connectivity is not available. I had reported to Airtle immediately and have been continuously following up. I have visited multiple visits to their different Customer Service Centers, have sent numerous e-mails to Nodal officers and Applellate officers and would have spoken to them on numerous occasions. However, the complain is still pending and no action is taken by them. Everytime I remind them, they only ask the same details again and then mention that it will be resolved. However, no action has been taken by them so far. On the top of it the attitude of their representatives is totally apathetic and every time they churn out a bundle of lies.

    Mayur Kothari
  • Vijay kansalVijay kansal Junior Member
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    Sir I had a recharge on my airtel prepaid mob 9810461063 of Rs 149(for 2 GB internet data) on 18-11-2011.

    I received the recharge sms at the same time but the service of 2GB Internet data has still not been activated on my mobile. I am daily user of internet, without it i am facing very problem. I am sure you will see into it.
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    I can't email chat : my no 9957247612 i get respons error comminition.
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    Res sir
    i have an airtel no. 9915580453 in the name of harjinder singh under corporate connection. It has been activated from feb 2011. I have been receving bill which was not as my usage and plan. I have been paying it from the beginning. Now i called the customer care they told that your sms pack has not been activated from the beginning and your bill in excess is due to that. It is fault at airtel that they have not activated sms pack on this corporate connection. I want refund of all that i have paid to airtel in excess due to not activation of sms pack from the beginning because it is not my fault but it is fault at your side. Please resolve this problem. Ia shall be vey thankful to u.
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    Resp sir
    i harjinder singh have a corporate connection no. 9915580453 of airtel from fe 2011. I am not satisfied with bill. I have been receving bill which is not according to me . I have ben paying it from beginnig. I enquired from cstomer care that my sms pack has not been activated from begining that is my my bill is coming more. Ia have corp connection. I hav e paid all the bills. Sms pack activation is fault at airtel not at me. I request that please refund me the excess bill which i have paid to airtel. I shall be very thankful
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    Sir my number is 7250130225 from bihar, mera problem ye h ki main is number pr internet shi trike se chala pa rha tha jbki isme net pack nhi tha ab jb net pack dala to uske baad isme net hi surfing hi nhi kr paa rha hun. So pleased kindly request you also send me packet data setting for start my internet.
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    Dear Sir/Madam

    This is in regards to the extremely poor customer service I received at your customer service department. My name is Harprit Singh and my mobile number is +919915809475. I called up the Airtel customer service between 2.45-3.00 AM on December 24th,2011 early in the morning regarding my balance deduction of Rs.30 but in fact I hadn't activated any service. When i was getting transferred to the executive the phone kept ringing and then they disconnected the call. Again I called up the customer service for the second time,this time the executive answered the call and he listened to my query and then placed my call on hold and then disconnected the call. Then again I called up the customer service for the third time this time also the agent answered the call listened to the query and then placed my call on hold. But this time he literally kept me on hold for 12 minutes and then without unholding disconnected the call. And then when i called up the customer service for the fourth time i couldn't get to the customer service executive and the answering machine told me to send a message instead on 121. And this is not the first time i am having such a problem i have been through balance deductions and poor customer service a number of times.

    I would request you to please get back to me ASAP with the solution and please train your employees in terms of customer service......

    Regards,cleardot.gifHarprit Singh
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    sir kal mera 46 rupees balence kat gaya ha or custumber care par bhi baat nahi ho rahi ha so help me rohitashw meena 9660691599
  • sh1vaprasadkgsh1vaprasadkg Junior Member
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    your appelate authority is also useless. to whom do i escalate it further? or now do i file a legal case?
  • muthursyamburimuthursyamburi Junior Member
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    Hello Sir,

    I am Dilip from Bangalore and an Airtel DTH user (sadly!) since almost 2 years by now (did I say suffering!!)

    Soon after the installation, I am facing a curious issue: While watching any programs on TV, suddenly the screen blacks out. It takes more than a minute to come back to normal and by that time I usually misses the punch of the program - be it serials, cinema, sports, news or anything!! And that too, there is no exact pattern of occurrences of this issue. I had raised this complaint that time itself and tried to follow up at different intervals. Twice or so somebody from Airtel came, did something and confirmed that the issue has fixed. But it was still there around. Finally I lost the hope in getting this issue resolved by those technicians and stopped following it up. Somehow I got used to with it and slipped into the 'chaltha hai' mood (actually was not knowing what to do or whom to contact).

    Now recently from past five days (exactly speaking, 30-Mar-2012 morning onwards), I started facing another nice issue. This time, I am not able to watch anything on my TV. Its saying "No Signal" with error code B001.

    I had raised the complaint on the same day (ie, 30-Mar-12 - Friday. The request# is 1743-0529) and they had agreed to come by 10 AM on the next day (ie, 31-Mar-12 Sat) however, until now nobody has turned up (even after me calling and following it up for almost 4-5 times!!!). I am afraid their clock might have stopped working and thus hasn't ticked yet to Sat 10AM. May be you can just beg them to change the batteries (as they don't like and wouldn't work if you tell them to do!!! Guess may be begging by falling on their feet might work).

    Now I curse myself on paying the one year subscription in advance (yeah, your read it correct! I had paid one year advance subscription of Rs. 1860/-!!!). :[

    ANYWAY THANKS A LOT FOR TREATING YOUR CUSTOMER - A LOYAL CUSTOMER LIKE ME! - WITH AN AMAZING SERVICE LIKE THIS!!! I will ask/urge my enemies (only enemies, though it might be less in number, still!) to take your DTH connection and suffer like me! :<

    NOTE: I had sent a mail to the nodal officer id and a reminder too. No positive response still on the issue. I then sent a mail to the appellate team of Airtel.

    TAIL PIECE: On a second thought, I guess, they might have taken the last two sentences above, as an appreciation of their "great" service. So let me put my humble request in black & white here again:
    "This is to request you to kindly please work on the burning issue and put me back into the normal state and allow me to watch the channels for which I have paid. Also I would request you to give compensation to me for not allowing to watch any channels for these many days"

    Thanks in advance.
    - A "Happy" Customer:?
  • muthursyamburimuthursyamburi Junior Member
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    Hi there,

    I am very junior member to this and doesn't know how this works. However, let me request to all of you this. Could any one please guide me as to what should I do with my above complaint? I mean, how should I take it further and see to that they do fix the issues and pay me the compensation for disallowing the service to me for all these days (its the 7th consecutive day till today that I have been barred from watching any channels while I had already paid the subscription for a year in advance!!!).

    Any body kindly please guide me properly and help me from this situation... Thanks in advance.
  • shukla sanatshukla sanat Junior Member
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    Dear Sir;
    I amM.P Airtel Prepaid Customer. My Contact nu is 9630558111. I have already registeredDND services on this number. On 19.04.12 at 7.53 p.m, I have got sms by AY-Netxel that your Rs. 18 deducted & airtel internet pack with 300MB for3days has been activated. I have contact to m.p airtel customer care regarding thisdeduction, and they replied me you have activated this pack by calling customercare. While I have not call or sms for this pack. Please see this matter, refundmy money (18 Rs). I am not responsible for this activation, Airtel is totallyresponsible. Now I am mentally tired due to airtel customer care behaviour.

    Sanat Kumar Shukla

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