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    On Mohammad Ali road Traffic rules are not followed by traffic police any person can easily cross red signal in front of officer and officer dont even bothered to stop him,even though you driving opposite direction,police has no issues with them, park vehicle inappropriate no issues , enter into one way doesn't matters, if you are riding bike without mirrors,or more than two people,with a under age rider ,officers just ignore every thing and take chill on side , it seriously affect people who works in CST and churchgate
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    First, the email address of does not work. My emails bounced off this address.
    Second, I had a complaint about how fleet cabs work. While the management of Easycabs has apologized to me, and has promised that the isues raised in my complaint will not happen again either to me or to other customers, I think the police department needs to monitor such acts, as they fall under the service conditions under which fleet caps are licensed to operate in India.
    Third, given below is my complaint, which did not reach the traffic police:

    Dear Sir:

    I write this complaint, both as a senior journalist ( work with DNA) and as a citizen.

    I would like to lodge a complaint against the management of EasyCabs for failing to deliver a service, adopting methods to prevent customers from approaching another cab service when it knew it could not fulfil a request, and for creating false evidence.

    I would like the police to look into the service conditions under which a licence was granted to Easycabs for doing business in Mumbai.

    The facts of the case are given below.
    Yesterday, at 4:15 pm, I booked an Easycab to take my daughter from my residence in Chembut to to domestic airport at 4:30 am. By 4:18 pm I got an sms communication informing me about the booking ID.

    A few minutes thereafter, I even got a confirmation on the website that my request had been confirmed. If required, I shall be glad to present a screenshot of this confirmation as further evidence.

    By 4:10 am this morning, I did not get any details about the cab or the driver. I then rang up Easycabs at 4:11 am to enquire and I was told by the customer service person that my booking was still under process. I reminded him that the Easycab website had confirmed the request. He said that it was still under process, and it might not be possible to send a cab to my residence. I finally had to go to the mainroad and hail another taxi.

    In this connection, I would like to state that if the request could not be met, would it not have been more sensible and ethical for the company to inform me within 2-3 hours from the time of booking? It would have allowed me to do the booking with another cab.

    By telling me a lie through its website that my request had been confirmed, it prevented me from booking another cab.

    By not sending the cab, it inconvenienced me enormously.
    By stating that my request was still under process, it was trying to fool me.
    What is worse is that immediately after I made the call this morning, the company sends me an sms with a time stamp of 1:16 am which reaches me 10 minutes after I am told that my request is "still under process". The SMS informs me athat "we cannot process your booking". Was the company creating false evidence to cover its tracks? If the book,ing could not be processed, how did the customer service agent inform me that the my booking was still under process?
    I shall be glad if you could look into this matter as a serious infringement of service conditions.
    Yours sincerely
    r.n.bhaskar, consulting editor, DNA
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    Dear sir
    Today at around 1:00 pm.. while coming from kompally to friend was on the road I just stopped my vehicle when I saw him and parked my vehicle beside traffic s.i vehicle where there was nearly about 20 bikes at suchitra at no indication of no parking. Traffic s.i came to me and demanded 500 to release my bike..but I refused and questioned about no parking board and about his bike which was beside my vehicle.. he challaned with 1000 rs.. using bad words.. and said complaint to any one that he wont care.then took my bike and kept near the no parking board and captured photo.. and challaned 1000rs.. I need justice
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    I do wan to join with you all.
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    I am on nirman vihar red light all vehicles r there but only my challan is cut he say u cross the stop line in service lane no stop line is their And he say we have to done our target if u not give 100 rs we locked or scooter
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    I would like to lodge a complaing against the above lady traffic constable, KIRAN SAGAR PATEL,posted near Mankhurd Flyover. I shall be very grateful if somebody takes such small incidents seriously and act on such people.

    Today, Dec 11,2013, I was coming back in my car after visiting the BARC Hospital and had to take the highway going towards Mankhurd for which I had to cross under the bridge and had to take the right. When I reached Under bridge, there was a red signal therefore I stopped and waited till the signal became green. However immediately after crossing the under bridge I was made to stop by this lady. I parked my car on the side. This lady came rushing to me and asked to show my license which I did then she said that I should collect it from the Police Chowki since I drove on red light. I told her that I never break rules and and I crossed only after the green light clicked but she refused to listen to me. I asked her to show me on the camera if I have flouted rules on which she said there is no camera available. After lot of heated discussion, finally I had to pay them fine for no fault of mine and in order to get my license back. Infact the male constable standing next to her also admitted quitely that I was not at fault and advised me to give the fine and go.
    After paying the fine when I asked for the receipt, she refused to give me so I paid fine without any receipt being given to me.

    I wish to take an action on this KIRAN SAGAR PATEL.

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    I'm Mr. Mithun chaurasiya
    @, Mumbai-400080. i was without helmet today and i was caught by Traffic police named- S.G. GAMANE (H.C. 25281). He asked me for licence, PUC, insurance paperevery thing was ok.
    For not wearing helmet fine is RS.100 he asked me to pay Rs.50 (as bribe) and he will let me go. There were 5 more peoples with me who were not wearing helmet. Infront of me he took Rs.40 from 1 and leave him. I was not ready to pay bribe i was asking him for bill and i was ready to pay full amount.
    But he was continuously asking me for bribe. when i payed the amount then he started athers to instigated against me by saying that. (ye fine bhar raha hai to app log ko bhi ab bharna padega ye nahi bharta to mai app log ko saste mai choad deta..)
    which was very sad for me to watch all this. And i was angry too.this officer is very corrupt and i want everyone to about him. And i think that strict should be taken against this corrupt officers.
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    Anyone travelling to and from hinjewadi is familiar with the traffic issues. Today while coming back from phase 2 at 6.30 this evening we, along with dozens others, rode on the opposite side of the road. Needless to say we all got caught and our licenses taken. But instead of fining us they demanded that we go under the Wakad bridge where we were made to wait for an hour. Which was still bearable. What actually took the cake was that they not only fined us 800 bucksm which is okay, but they refused to give us our licenses back. They said that we would need to go back to the issuing office with the receipt and get our licenses from there. When we begged and pleaded explaining that we were from out of town from places as far as punjab and kolkatta they abused us calling us useless IT guys.
    We admitted we were wrong and we were but what was done wasn't right either. Women were made to wait till 8.30 for their receipts some of them travelling all the way to bibvewadi and such.
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    sir,myself anil jethwa,today i came from andheri, in my activa.near airport road sudenly 1 traffic police caught me & ask my licence.i showed him my licence after he said show u r all documents.that also i showed & its all clear.after that he directly told me to give 100 rs i dont khow but why should i pay.
    i had little argument with him.after he told me come to police station.i said ok & he accused me that i cross the line i dont even know when & where i crossed the line.
    he take my licence & give challan.he said me within 7 days collect u r licence from here.this is limit to take bribe.
    i just want to tell please take such an strick action againts him..if nobody can listning then where middle class people where go,,
    this is two time happend to me..
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    Dear sir,
    we were going to vapi from pune. before we crossed akroli there was a traffic police standing and checking documents of cars which were outside the city. When he checked our paper we realized PUC of car was expired. He kept our driving license and said to collect within 7 days from court in Akroli. He knew we were not from city. I said him to collect whats the fee and leave us. ( I knew in would be something around 200 - 500)
    He asked for 2000/- when asked why he said if we go to court it we anyways have to pay same amount. We said it is too much and will in no way pay that much. Soon we enquire and came to know its only 100 rs fee and need to do puc. We did PUC and went with chalan to Akroli RTO and submitted the fee. We again went to junction where our license was forfeited.
    the name of traffic police was Mr. Rakesh A. Solkar (HS BN 87). We have given written complain to Akroli branch RTO, they said they will call back but no luck. Pl see that proper action is taken.
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    I was DRIVING FROM sIDDHIVINAYAK TEMPLE TO GOREGAON on 3/1/2014 around 7.05 am .Usually, after hinduja hospital to mahim it is one way .Road is closed for bandra bound traffic after 7 am .But today, no barricades were placed and we drove straight .Near S.v.Road, traffic police Mr.Machale and one constable stopped all vehicles and demanded fine.

    It was ok for us to pay the fine since we knew ,that we had broken the traffic rules even fully knowing the fact that it is one way after 7 am .However, one car owner ahead of us argued with traffic police that barricades were not in place at starting point.This leads Mr. Machle to counter question us and when I confirm the same he got angered however, I insisted him to take my fine and let me go as was getting late but he replied that he will go back and check at starting point and in case barricade is not there ,he will not collect fine or vice versa we have to pay double the fine .Although ,we protested ,but he proceed to check and later came back and said barricades were there and since we had hurt his ego, we have to shell out Rs.2400/ each by way of fine for arguing with traffic police.

    In spite of many request, he was not ready to budge .In the end , vehicle owner who started the argument gave Rs.600/ to him and took challan of Rs.100/ only. Now , it was my turn !

    I argued with him that I was ready to pay fine at intial stage only and it was inspector himself has sought clarification from me hence I should be levied a fine of Rs.100/ only but then after much pursuation, he agreed to let me off by accepting Rs.200/ without issuing any receipt /challan.Since , I was already getting late and with no time to go to police chowky , I was left with no option but to accept his unreasonable demand.

    I am sure , those duo policeman are doing these trap on daily basis and collecting money by these unfair means .A proper trap should be laid against these two and action should be initiated against them.
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    wrong signal challan at sec : 20 light point, i have crossed the light when it waz green . bt the hukum who waz on duty over there he stoped me nd asked me my licence nd i showed him with out telling me my falts he filled the challan farm nd asked me to sighn it . when i asked him y should i sighn he told me that i have brocken the signals . nd he waz forceng me to sighn da form again nd again !!!!!! challan details mentioned bellow.

    book no. 31999
    challan form no . 50
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    Dear Sir,

    I was fined yesterday at Telang Road, Matunga East for parking my car in a no parking zone.

    You must either visit the location or get it verified by your officers whether there is any sign which reads no parking there. The only signboard placed there is highly corroded and not a word can be read on it. When I pointed this out to the constable in the tow van, he said that at least there was a sign post so I should understand that it is a no parking sign.

    Likewise, there are many places in Mumbai where the no parking signs are either placed high up on trees or behind the overgrown trees where it is impossible to see them and fines are being collected from these so termed parking offenses. On the other hand, the traffic police has been wantonly ignoring vehicles parked in no parking areas on a regular basis because the vehicles either belong to the shopkeepers in that area or the constables are being compensated. Also, vehicles are being regularly allowed to stand in high traffic areas like Linking Road, Hill Road, Waterfield Road in Bandra West with drivers or owners siting in the vehicles thereby allowing only one lane for moving traffic.

    I hope you read this mail personally and take adequate steps to keep the public informed properly about no parking areas and put a stop to this racket of collecting fines for so called parking offences like gate parking, corner parking, gutter parking and where NO PARKING signs are not visible, which appear to be only for the benefit of the Tow Van contractors. I am a Licence holder since more than 40 years and my vehicles have been towed away for imaginary offences on several occasions. Although there may be rules for the above offences, but in a city like Mumbai, the traffic Police must see the practical aspect of using roads also and not apply rules only theoretically and partially.

    Thank you

    With best regards


    PS: I had sent this message to Joint Commissioner of Police(Traffic), but it was not delivered because the e mail ID on the traffic police site is wrong.
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    Dear Consumer Forum,

    It is an instance at Delhi Airport Terminal-1 that i was passing the Mehram Nagar Red Light due to some unavoidable circumstances i have to pick up the call, the inspector named Mr. Jitender Singh (D-2477) and his colleague have threaten me by saying i will take your car in my custody and put you in the Jail. He said he has already called up the lady police to take me to the Jail.

    Later on he was asking me to pay the Bribe which i refused to pay.

    Then he took me to the Police Station and said i will charge different sections on you and you have to take your vehicle back only from the court.
    He has threaten me by using unnecessary language. And in the end he has charged me 2000 Rs for the section 184 MVA and 179 MVA but when i asked him that this whole will cost me 1500 rs as per rule then he said you are arguing with me and now you have to pay 2000 rs. and more you argue with me i will add more section under your challan.
    I ended up the matter by paying 2000 rs as a challan (Receipt) to him. Because if i would have said anything he has the authority to charge me anything without doing any offence.

    I am sorry to say if our government is deputing such kind of people who can misuse their powers and threaten a women and can charge anything for their own ego.

    Being a woman i request you to kindly take a strict action for misbehaving with a woman and overcharging the challan.

    I have filled the complaint at this website with full faith that a justice can be done in this matter.

    Ms. Honey Jain
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    i am a resident of delhi,i am going to pragati maidan,but there is no right turn allowed so i took u turn from ITO,just after policeman stopped me and challaned me.
    in challan he has written one way violation.but i have not done that.
    kindly help in this regard.

    ashwini sharma
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    For the last few months one of the traffic cops from pune as been extracting money from us in the name of getting our car re registered as we shifted from delhi recently. he has taken a full payment without the receipts and keeps on making excuses and delaying the same on some pretext or the there a way to lodge complaint against this man so that he does not repeat this with other un suspecting innocent people.
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    Dear all

    this is happened today in malad west, Two traffic police B.S Audhale & B.M.Shermale No.21416 were standing at Kanchpada signal by mistake i have followed a TABCAB taxi and broke singnal he didnt stoped taxi but stopped me & rikshawala for breaking signal i dont know why,they were blind or fear of tab cab management.after a arguement him for this he says let him go u pay ur fine and threatning of court and all bullshit......Beggers in uniforms
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    Dear all

    this is happened today in malad west, Two traffic police B.S Audhale & B.M.Shermale No.21416 were standing at Kanchpada signal by mistake i have followed a TABCAB taxi and broke singnal he didnt stoped taxi but stopped me & rikshawala for breaking signal i dont know why,they were blind or fear of tab cab management.after a arguement with me & rikshawala he says let him go u pay ur fine and threatning of court and all bullshit......Beggers in uniforms
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    Today I was crossing sion station Mumbai
    And by mistake I entered in a wrong zone.
    Then cops catched and bribed me for 600 bugs though I have accepted my mistake.
    After requesting them for half an hour they took 200 rs from on account of not having helmet and entering the wrong zone
    After reaching home I checked the details of 129 muv and 239 muv and came to know that its for not having helmet though I had the helmet.
    What a corrupted police in mumbai they just want money for which they can do any shameful offence.
    Shame on you Mumbai police.
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    Today I had to pay a fine of Rs 100/- ( I know this is a small amount) for crossing a traffic signal when it was green in bangalore city. I know it sounds crazy but it happened with me today (03/03/2014) at 12:40 PM when i crossed traffic signal of Agara. The traffic police person named MK Hussain stopped me and fined me 100 saying I jumped the signal where as I crossed it with all others when it went green. Any authorized person can check the same - CRR no: A/9/1235/24601 police station: Madivala. I know elections are coming ahead and they also need to raise funds, but instead of cheating better they can stand with a steel bowl and i will be happy to pay sometimes thinking about my country.
    Paying 100 rupees is not a big deal, sometimes I break a beer bottle or lose a pack of cigarettes which costs more that 100, but the real issue is I think traffic signal are meant for safety and if I have to pay without breaking it then why should I stop at signal when i know I am paying. I was a traffic follower but not any more.

    Thanks to my Desk ki awsome Police.
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    Complaint against Kurla traffic Police Mr. G.S. Bhabhal. # 29013, for taking Bribe from Rickshaw Driver & Integrity Issue

    Dear Sir,

    We daily have issues finding a rick at Kurla station (W), since there is lot of crowd moving towards family court, BKC and Kalina since the corporate offices are coming up in these areas.

    There are cops & traffic police who are unable to help us.

    Large no. of sharing rickshaws are going towards BKC & family court without any discipline/adhering to the traffic rules.

    There is a traffice police that i have been noticing from few days, wherein he catches rickshaw drivers who are not following the lane rule, gives the challan. I appreciate it that he is doing his duty.

    But since past few weeks i have been observing that he makes the challan & destroys it once he gets money rickshaw driver & returns their license.

    There is one lane in Kurla (W) nr. Ram Mahal hotel which is one-way lane. The rickhaw drivers have to be penalised if they take a 'U' turn. since morning there is lot of traffic toward bus stop they tend to take 'U' turn, and nobody catches them and we as well save lot of time.

    Today, there was an incident, wherein the rickshaw driver was from Goregaon and there were no. of rickshaw who were taking 'U' turn in a one-way lane. Suddenly, this traffic police stands in front of the rickshaw and makes a challan for not following the rule. I appreciate it.

    But the concern is why is he not charging penalty to the other rickshaw drivers who regularly not following???
    I have seen him taking bribe from one of the rickshaw driver when he offers money & his license is returned.

    Another, indicident today he caught this poor rickshaw driver even after he & passengers requesting so much that he is new & he had seen others taking rickshaw who were taking 'U' turn he also did the same. His license was confiscated and the challan was handed over to him, informing you need to collect the License for respective place.

    First of all, i would like to know why is this discrimination??? just because the rickshaw driver was from Goregaon & not kurla or was he too honest to provide his license and not bully the traffic police or he didnt have money to bribe him??
    Or are others already bribing him thats the reason he is not catching them??

    The Traffic police name Mr. G.S. Bhabhal. # 29013.

    Request some kind of action would be taken against him for taking bribe.


    Alert Citizen of India, Mumbai
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    Dear Sir,

    Herein i put forth my horrible experience with Delhi Traffic Police man this morning who harassed & abused me on refusal to bribe him when i was returning from morning walk. The incident took place between 8.00-8.30 am today i.e. March 13, 2014 at Rohini West Crossing when i was coming back from a morning walk in Japanese Park.

    I was in my car waiting at the Rohini West Crossing (Coming from Japanese park to go towards Ayodhya Chowk) and as the traffic signal turned 'green' i started my car to cross the road and while i had come to the middle of the crossing, suddenly 3-4 gramin sewa tempos (coming from the wrong side) obstructed my path and by the time they crossed the signal had gone yellow but since i was in the middle i thought of crossing the road to avoid any chaotic situation and as soon as i crossed the road a traffic police man jumped in front of my car and asked me to get out of it. I got out of the car immediately and told him the entire situation (if he himself also knew and have seen the tempos obstructing the path). He asked for my Driving Licence. I replied him that since i was coming back from my morning walk in park i didn't have my mobile or wallet with me. I showed him how the tempos (gramin sewas & metro feeder), who were still obstructing other vehicles at the crossing caused me to cross the road on 'yellow' light.

    He showed his complete ignorance to my humble plea and asked me money to 'rafa dafa' the case which i refused with candid stubbornness (which i gained recently). On my refusal he started talking in foul language and told me that 'mein tereko court me ragadwaunga....and all with abuses. He refused to share me his name and told me to take it from '100' number. And on my asking that 'Sir, why don't you challan or punish these tempo wallas who obstruct the path of us common people in routine' he replied vehemently 'Tu kya sab ka thekedaar lag raha hai?'

    Hearing this, i moved on from that place with a heavy heart and down feeling that will this type of behavior and incidences of corruption keep on hounding us for ever....will this situation change ever in future. Key points of the incidents i m typing below -

    1) Complete Ignorance by traffic police man of Gramin Sewa, Metro Feeder and other commercial vehicles who break rules at will.
    2) Public harassment & embarrassment of law abiding common citizens.
    3) Forcefully & openly demand of hush money to settle the case
    4) Giving physical & mental trauma by threatening to take to court.

    I request with folded hands to the concerned authorities that correct action must be taken against such people who are bringing disrepute to entire police fraternity and swaying off a common person's trust in the system.

    With this i finish with a deep mental agony and pain which i experienced and faced and pray shouldn't happen with anyone...


    Vineet Kumar
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    As today 28-april-14 8 pm, i came from natraj sq. as the signal was green , the traffic police stopped me and said that you break the signal and showing me the signal that was become red after i reached upto him, i argue with him and he says no, hamari koi dishmani hai kya n all nonsense stuff. this is my second time that i have to fine for non breaking signal. pune police is not good , they always searching for bakara. i asked him for billa no. , and what happen, he shouted on me .. bohot sari kalam lagane ki baat kar raha tha.
    after that i told about higher officer in that natraj sq. he also showing me attitude.

    Can any one tell me how to stop such thing , and where should complaint about this .
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    Traffic Challan (Serial No. 68681) paid On 24/03/2014 at kothapet. It was due to driving in to No entry road as claimed by Mr madhusudhan(SI), LBnagar TPS. There was no sign boards anywhere on that road which is unclear and changed recently due to metro works. Initially he asked me to pay 200 rs as fine. when I asked him about sign boards, he suddenly changed the fine to 1200 rupees by just add prefix '1' without any reason. Later, He claims that is for dangerous driving which is illogical. I really do not understand how can i drive dangerously accompanying my sister with me. Even I requested him that I will handover my RC and License and come to court to pay the fine for which he refused. I didnt even signed on receipt which was signed himself.Please take appropriate action.
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    Hello everyone . I want to share my own experience of last month . In the noon I was going to office suddenly two policeman overtaken me. Both of them were without helmets I said to them that sir where is your helmet. They got angry and gifted me and said that who r u to ask this question to us. I replied that sir I am common man. They abused so much.
    That's why no one respect Indian police.
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    Delhi trafic police charge me the wrong amount for over speeding, they charge me 1400 rs. Where as they should charge me only 400 rs. as per 112/183 (1) MVA (over speeding-1st offence)
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    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I was travelling to my client's office in Okhla on 14-April-2014 at 10:15:00 AM.
    I was following the GPS service on my phone for directions.
    Police constable - Mr Rakesh, banged and stopped my car and sat inside the car without taking any prior permission. He asked me to provide my documents to which I presented my Original Driving License and a photocopy of the Registration certificate. He said that both of them have to be in original, however, As per the notification from JCP dated 12-March-2013, any citizen driving can carry an original DL and a copy of Registration certificate. On contesting on this, he abused and misbehaved with me.
    He unnecessarily challaned me with incomplete documents and talking on the phone while driving, there was a SI who asked him not to challan me, he did not listen to the SI's comments and despite his protest he challaned me.
    He deliberately took more than an hour to take out the print receipt of the challan copy.
    It was a complete harassment from the constable's part.

    I would request the department to take a prompt action against Mr Rakesh, who was on duty near Okhla flyover on 14-April-2014 at 10:15:00 AM.

    I hope my compliant is addressed.

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    I abdul jameel , i own a shop in s.p road its china telecom......i am facing a problem near my that is an auto used to stand next to my shop and that is affecting my business and the auto is in no parking space
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    This is to bring to the notice to the official in charge that my car i 20 was hit by two ladies who hit my left side back door n fell on the road n so i filed a complain
    against the them on 19 th april instead those ladies as they are hurt convinced the CI n held me responsible n filed a case against me later, the Ci showed no interst to listen to the case nor inspected the vehicles and took a decision against me, i want a through investigation i our presence to want justice.,
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