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    The mumbai traffic police is unnessaryly harrassing the private bus operators ,since the past 15 days even when the buses are parked in parking zone they charge them ,illegally what can the helpless operators and drivers ,cleaners do to stop this ,how are they going to earn there daily bread,can anybody help us
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    Dear sir
    no auto person is ready to ferry to lokmanya tilak terminus or sahar airport as the traffic police are creating undue harassment to the auto drivers.many people have missed their trains & flights .the auto drivers who pay them demand huge sum or fix big amt. To passangers without meter fare.we pay taxes to get harrased?
    Please look into the matter.
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    Respected Sir,
    I need to file a harrasment complaint against Delhi Traffic Police, thus i am sending you a message for the same for your kind attention to the matter. I am a resident in Karol Bagh and my car was towed by delhi traffic police. I had gone to Prasad Nagar Police station to talk to the concerned person and i met head constable Mr.Bhawat Singh. In this presence, there was also another person whose photographs i have , he was not wearing the uniform and did not talk properly to us. We insited on knowing his name and asked him to show his i card, but he did not show it to us. All this happened in the presence of the head constable but no action was taken against this misbehavior. Sir request you to please find out who was that person, why was he not in his uniform and take strict action against him. The office in charge of Prasad nagar police station had also come up but did not cooperate with us in showing his i card. I did not want to go in the media so i thout i should write to you first.
    All i want to know is the name of that person and see his i card. .
    Will be waiting for your reply
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    On 8th Feb 2013 at 2:30pm my bike was towed by Mr Mahesh Chaudhary (PC-06-1602)
    parked opposite to Passport office (Malad - East) gate infront of the
    shop. I was standing in the line for applying passport and immediately
    noticed and requested to make the challan instantly but he refused and
    asked me to come at the Aarey Colony police station on the highway. I
    got into the towing van begging him to make the challan instantly and
    the driver of the van just drove the van roughly. The driver drove the
    van till the highway road and stopped and thier persons just pushed me
    off the towing van and drove off.

    I strictly oppose to the treatment shown by Mr Mahesh Chaudhary.
    Although he was carrying the challan he refused to make the challan.
    This clearly indicates that he wanted me to purposely come to Aarey
    colony and pay Rs 200 which I did later otherwise if he had to make
    the challan on the Parking spot the receipt would have been only Rs
    100 which goes to the Government treasure.?????

    When a person is willing to make the challan at the spot of Parking
    offence, he should be given a chance to pay the charges and released.

    Also I would require justification for the vehicles parked and
    belonged to the shop keepers were not picked up as this also comes
    under the Parking offence. I personally have noticed that the towing
    men asking the shopkeepers and confirming which is thier vehicle.
    Please note that the rules should be applicable to every citizen of

    Need guidance as to who will take necessary action against the traffic
    police who are misusing their position.
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    I Park my New Two wheelar Bike Pulsar 200NS outside the Dadar Railway Station in Parking slot Between Yello Parking Line & Taxi Stand in the Afternoon around 1 or 2 PM., but when I return to parking site Bike was not there & no sign or marking done on My Bike Parked Site.(Like MTC, DTC etc) i go to Dadar Chowki at around 9 pm. they told me that the all Bike was in coustedy of Mahim Traffic Chowki & find out if available or else complent as Bike Stolen.
    when i reach to Mahim Chowki i found my Bike there i ask the reason to Traffice Incharg at 9pm they told me The bike was park in Taxi Stand which reason was totally fraud. i say Traffic Incharge that i want to Complent Against The Traffice VAN Incharge who bring my Bike. they given me his Batch No 23204 & Name Mr. Bodke but also told me that if i wnat Bike now than Pay Fine Rs.200/- Now or else Come on Tommorow After 10 AM & Complent Against Traffice Incharg. but dut to i need my Bike to go Office next Day early in the Morning i Pay Rs. 200/- & Realies the Bike.
    When i start The Bike i found that my New Pulsar 200NS (Reg. No. MH-01-BH-7810) Gair Box Not working Fine. i complent against this to Traffic Incharg they told me same thing that u have to Complent against Towing VAN tommorow. i take Photograph in front of Traffic Police Incharg at Approx 9.00pm outside the Mahim Traffic Plice Chowki to Complent this.
    Its my Humble request to take Serious Action against Mr Bodke Batch No 23204 & Towing VAN both. also i want to claim against my Bike Gair Repairing. please help & give me justice in this matter.
    My Bike No : MH - 01 - BH - 7810. (Red Pulsar 200NS)
    TOWING CHARG RECEIPT NO 1483 Dated 10th March-2013 (LEELA TOWING (a/4, Vijay Vilas Samarth Nagar, Chunabhatti, Mumbai - 400 022.))
    My Contact Detail : Mobile No 9076960613
    Address : Room No 609, 6th Floor, Prabhadevi Chs No 2, Rajabhaou Desai Marg, Prabhadevi Mumbai - 400025
    E-Mail Id :
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    On one night me and my bro was going some where on the way there is new era school there is police station so by mistakely my bike handle just shake little and not a single touch happend to that police man he taken me to nearest police station and he ask for bribe of 2000 rs as we want to get out by this problem so my brother paid him and we drive away i want to know that police has that much power to take any 1 at police station so why they nt arrest criminal easily because they get regular income from their as i just lodge the complaint i vl go to media also for this so plz do the need ful
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    The hobby of stupid traffic police mainly is to collect as much bribe as possible.
    Traffic police at Hyderabad are on a rampage to accept bribes.
    Traffic police in Hi-Tech city region(around Raheja Mindspace) are champs in collecting bribes.
    They are of the same standard as of BEGGERS.All those police officials accepting bribes should be heavily punished!!!!
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    I behalf of all Siliguri people request your good office that please all cows and other animals sitting inbetween and side of road which disturb all traffic and it will occur accident always, if you put all traffic sitting animals in Gousala or other place that will be better and good for our city.
    Submitted for further necessary action please.
    Thanking you

    Siliguri People
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    Dear sir,
    Today my husband & self by oversight entered a No entry zone near velachery bridge at Chennai. A constable with no name badge demanded fine for no entry, to which we responded he has no badge & sought his name/identity, given the number of false police these days. The SI Chellapandian who was comfortably seated inside a towing vehicle falsely just issued a false challan charging us with Rash Driving & No entry of Rs.1100/- as against a normal fine of Rs.100/- which is shocking. While we denied the charges and indicated we will come to court, he started to threaten in the local language indicated to his mechanic to throw our new vehicle in the jeep and further threatened to send a notice of further Rs.2000/-, because we confronted. We indicated we were a family travelling, hence question of rash driving does not arise. He refused and threated to take futher charges. We had no choice but pay the fine, to avoid damage to vehicle. The same SI let off other vehciles without issuing challan, including four wheelers for reasons we best know - payment received by them without challans.
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    I m chetan shah wants to show how our trafrfic constable give his duty only for bribe, my friends visit my home from navsari on 6.04.2013. with his car maruti, we wants to go mumbai at opera house, nagdevi, for purchasing some material for their shop at navsari.

    we take sea- link root to reach early, as soon as we cross sea link , trafic constable with his senior stop us as car is from gujrat, they chek all paper , driving licancs, as they dont found any fault , they say car is regesterd on my friends father name and car is drive by his son ( my friend), they take bribe of RS. 200/-, then we go ahead as when we reach padder road junction , our traffic constable see that car from gujrat they stop us further all process of checking done as they dont found any fault , now they raise reason of original car co. fitted black film fault, qand they ask for bribe of Rs. 500/- , after long request they take 200/- and say dont go at colaba,
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    Dear Sir,

    I want to complain against a harsh traffic police officer Mr. Suresh Bhujbal (Traffic police) involve in unethical things, I don’t know where to go and lodge a complaint, Searching the net I got the site hope this complain will be addressed.

    Today (13th June 2013) at 10.30 near the pizza hut signal Powai, Mumbai. Mr. Suresh Bhujbal traffic police) stopped me and challaned me saying “ you crossed red signal”, I said the signal is green other vehicles are also crossing. But he didn’t listen and started abusing me taken my license and given a receipt and ask to get my license from the police station.

    Receipt No. G No. 380894 Sakinaka chowki.

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    he abbused my father and used harsh words on me.I want justice.
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    Mr Deepak bindane sr no 1016
    Threatened me in public , forcefully snatched my licence, demanded bribe , used abusing language & not issued copy of challan & run away on his motorcycle . Incident of 27.06.2013 at Jaripatka ring road in front of my plot no 9 near heeranagar sq.
    I am not sure but by his language it was understood that he might have consumed some alcohol .
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    Today 15th July, 2013, in Imphal, Manipur. I was boarding to school on auto rickshaw. While on the way a traffic police stopped the auto and asked for some money. As the driver didnt have enough money he took the useful things of the vehicle. The driver was asking what was his fault. The traffic police slapped him and tears rolled from the eye of the driver. I feel pity for him. The traffic police use to take the money of the auto drivers which they earn by their sweat and blood. This system should be immediately banned. Make the India incredible. It should be strictly checked by police. I request, please do something. Live and let live.
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    can we know/track whether the paid amount to traffic police is deposited to respective govt/department.?????
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    HI sir,

    i want to share my feeling towards the hyderabad traffic police, i was going to drop my dad who is aged 58years in lakdikapool area as i am new to hyderabad i was a bit confused with the routes and unfortunately struck up in the wrong diretion of the traffic on 7th august 2013, a traffic SI came and stopped the vehicle i am prepared to tell him that it was my mistake and ready to pay fine but instead of that that man started shouting like useless fellow, gunda, u are a threat to the society which actually made me feel sad i am a postgraduate married man working and leading a small life how can he speak like that after coming out of the car i told him sir sorry i was confused with the route but he did not stop shouting it was really sad that my dad came down and conveinced him which i never thought would happen as i always wanted him to be proud about me.What language are they speaking dont they have common sense how rude they are, if god is really there he will punish him.i dont know but as this is first such kind of incident i am so ad from yesterday.If any traffic police is reading this i urge u people please behave properly, even after accepting the mistake how can u talk like that atlast feeling sad to take a birth in place where humans wont respect humans.
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    hi i am kana see your officer to take money from 2 wheelr driver . I confirm there name M Bujbal and jadav. I am not cheak full name, but they are taking money. So please
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    hi i am kana see your officer to take money from 2 wheelr driver . I confirm there name M Bujbal and jadav. I am not cheak full name, but they are taking money. So please take imediatly action againc them.
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    Today at 12 in morning about the jamm on new friends colony lions kidney hospital road to the ti of lagpat nagar prasant and no axtion has been even 1hrs later
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    this incident occur on 31 august 2013 when i started to move on my car which i parked near janakpuri west metro station fly over new delhi the delhi traffic police officer stop me and asked me to pay fine rs100 for not wearing belt i told him that i have just started my vehicle.i told him that i am wearing the belt .but he doesnt listen and he started to note my vehicle no and other information i told him that there are many vehicles drivers driving without belt .he doesnt listen me he gave me fine receipt.this is our delhi traffic police
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    I showed him all papers along with my driving license. Then, he said that the font of my number plate is not as per the rules and asked Rs.100 as bribe. When i refused to give bribe, then he misbehaved. After some time, he gave a receipt of Rs. 200 and insisted to pay on spot or to leave the vehicle there. Somehow i managed to pay the fine there.
    Is there any appropriate place where i can register a complain of harassment to a genuine, law-abiding citizen?
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    My Name is Natarajan.B.
    I am staying in Bangalore for last 9 months. I am basically from Tamil nadu. Today I am travelling from Mahadevpura to Belandur via Marathahalli.
    Near the Multiplex theatre one down bridge will come normally the down area the vehicle speed will be 50 to 60. There I have crossed and then group of persons from transport department stopped my vehicle.
    They said over speed. I asked what is the speed limit, One person said 60 another one said 50. Then I asked my vehicle speed they said 63.
    Immediately they have collected my RC Book and DL. Then they said you have to pay 300 Rupees for fine.
    I said I have all the document and I drove only the speed limit. They are not ready to accept my words.
    Then they ask me to go and talk to one person inside the vehicle.
    The person name is K.M Munniyappa. The vehicle no is KA 03 G 1081.
    He is asking my native details then I said I am from tamil nadu.
    Then he said some rubbish word about my language and my state and he told me to drive your vehicle fast in tamil nadu not here.
    Meanwhile one person from Bangalore came and paid only 100 rupees and left.
    I told him to pay the fine in court and he is not ready to give my DL and RC. Then I paid the fine and collected my DL and RC . Then I asked his name he is not ready to give. Then I saw in name batch.
    My question is
    Why he is talking about my state and my language?
    Why they are treat other state people different?
    I need a proper response from him. I will take this issue as a serious thing for sure.

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    On 1st October, near Santa Cruz West, there is a road which is used by daily commuters. When I along with my friend passed from that road, they stopped us and fined us for no entry. I asked the person incharge that where is the board and since when this road became no entry.! He said the board was put but somebody removed it. They took our license and asked for Rs.100 as fine. We were confused but since I was in a hurry, I said lets clear the deal and move ahead. To our surprise, the traffic cop took 100 bucks and said he cannot provide us the receipt. If Want the receipt, I have to go to police station and give my license as a guarantee. This is really ridiculous. If cops of Mumbai do this kind of stuff, they have no right to point fingers on other state cops. I would like to mention the name of cop as well. His name is Jay Jagdare.
    I hope this forum / complaint will ask explanation and will be resolved soon.

    Ankur Jain
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    Respected authorities,

    Today in morng at 2am I had an urgent call from office. So while going to office in powai from kandivali west i took malad sub way. There were checking by trafic police officers. All of my documents were perfect , just i had ear plug in on of my ear.

    for which he asked to pay him 1200 challan. Which shocked me a lot. As I was getting late and he knew situation as I narated him as for which asked me to pay 1000rs later. After convincing him for 15 mins he took 300 rs for which he didn provide recipt.

    Today I was going through the fine chart but its stating that fine for above offense is 100rs.

    Now can please provide a justification . Like over here who is breaking a law in a major way. N now is there any norms where I can complaint against that thief in uniform and they were 3 of them.

    Please suggest else they would continue to loot mumbaikars.

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    dear sir iam satynarayan mishra iam coming on mehruli road traffic police has stop me for paper cheeking and he has found right all document apter thathe ask me pay 100 rs challan for cross red light but i have not cross red light i do against to pay 100 rupee apter that he has do challan 1100 rupee and he ask me if you are speak more after that i will do more then 1100 i do not speak any thin i take challan
    please help me
    thank regards saty narayan mishra
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    dear sir iam satynarayan mishra my moble number 7428739022 iam coming on mehruli road traffic police has stop me for paper cheeking and he has found right all document apter thathe ask me pay 100 rs challan for cross red light but i have not cross red light i do against to pay 100 rupee apter that he has do challan 1100 rupee and he ask me if you are speak more after that i will do more then 1100 i do not speak any thin i take challan
    please help me
    thank regards saty narayan mishra
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    this traffic police people are creating an unnecesary nonsense.they dont how to talk with general public.just to satisfy their ego they fight with other force senior officers.kindly please look into the matter.
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    At Powai I was caught for changing my lane due to vehicle not working in front of my car near Powai signal. The Traffic police started forcing us to pay Rs. 600/- for lane cutting penalty. The name of the Traffic police was Mr. Ghuge & had 2-3 other officers. When I refused to pay that amount he was threatening to surrender license & pay charges at RTO office. But any how I managed to escape by paying Rs. 200/-. When I asked him for receipt, he refused it & again threatened to surrender my license or else forget it. The question here is that such rascals are paid by us under threat of getting our license surrendered & in our busy lives we dont have time to go & collect the same from RTO.
    Also every owner /driver must have Traffic penalty charge sheet with them so that they can never be cheated by such bastards. Wish I could have a recorder with me so that all could witness this embarassing situation.
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    Dear sir/mam,
    please dont mistake me.. Am saying this about our tamilnadu traffic police. They are only concentrating on checking vehicles. Are they are for only to that, no ... They are for to save the peoples life for that ony we are putting this rules and safety manners. All our roads are very bad.. They let the youngsters to die in critical manner. Are the traffic polices are seeing the road are thery taking any steps.. Today one young boy got crushed under ac bus. All due to this road only.. To u know the pain which the parents of that boy.. Please i am begging you... Please make arrangements to make a safe road to drive... Dont let a another life to pass away like that.. Please;( am not a relation to that boy... I care my country a lot.. And i love my people..
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    My self Inderveer Singh, a resident of kolkata , i ride a two wheeler and always see that police giving case to two wheelers forcefully, but when i cross through iqbalpur, khiddirpur (a muslim area) no officer gives case there neither for not wearing helmet nor for 3 persons riding on bike ,,,,,, why is dis types of things going on here , rules should be same for every one ,,,,
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