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    Bangalore traffic policers are not doing their jobs, probably they love to steal the money from the passengers & wherever there is a traffic jams, there the policers will not be there. Major of the policers are sitting inside the vehicle watching the movies with their mobiles. I am really surprised how the worst commissioner working.
    Very tragedy.
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    we had left rc book in our home and we said we will bring it now but they are asking and begging to put complaint and said that u can pay fine in court how much fine need to be paid
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    Dear sir\madam

    i want to discuss with you an incident that happened with me during my encounter with a traffic police man who was inside this towing van.
    Date of incident-23/8/2012
    Time--between 11am to 12 pm
    Place---near a petrol pump located in front of chaturshungi temple,SB road

    i was going on my honda activa on SB road. I got petrol of 100rs from above mentioned petrol pump in my tank and then instead going straight and taking a U turn from a far located signal i took the wrong side. i was stopped by a towing van which was coming towards me. I immediately stopped. One of the guy who stands behind in the towing van told me to talk to traffic police officer who was sitting in the front side besides the driver. I went to him. He asked my licence. I should him. Then he asked my PUC documents. I showd him the papers. Then he demanded RS 600/- from me if i need a receipt. I said i dont have that much money with me. Then he asked how much i can pay. I told them how can i say that. you are the authority u tell me what is the fine for my offence. He said give Rs 400. I said sir i dont have that much money too. Then he again asked me how much u can pay. I again replied the same answer that who am i to decide. Then he said give Rs 300. i was giving Rs 300 to traffic police officer.He refuse to take and signaled his towing guy to take. The towing guy took Rs 300 from me. Everything settled. Then i asked for my licence as traffic officer havent returned my license yet. But he refused to give and said to me to come to shivaji nagar office and take it from there. I begged for my license. But he refuse to give and signaled the driver to drive. At that very moment the towing guy requested the officer in marathi to return the license as he is a student and he wont do it again. In a way he started taking my side. But i can see that the whole act was scripted. But i was helpless and was waiting to get my license back. Listening to towing guys request the officer returned the license to me.I was very upset from this incident. I immediately went to the internet and saw traffic rules. From there i came to know that the fine for wrong side driving is Rs 100.
    One more thing i would like to mention. While this whole event was going on another towing van guy took out the water bottle from my bag without asking me and drank the water. These guys were behaving with me as if they are some gundas who can do anything they want. I was not only robbed but was also insulted. I can sense why they were so commanding on me because i was talking in hindi as i dont know marathi.THe language was one of the reason. They looted me.

    For me these traffic policewalas are the biggest gundas of this city. And the way those towing guys behave is so rude. Its a shame. Shame on a city where protectors are the biggest threat to society and its people.

    I hope for help.I hope for justice.

    Abhishek Sharma
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    Two Offices on the same "WHITE PULSER BIKE" Stopped me near Kohat Enclave as i was TALKING ON PHONE while driving .Officer's Said you will be FINED Rs 1000 /- for talking on phone while driving .I SAID I WAS TALKING TO MY RELATIVE IN HOSPITAL BUT I DID A MISTAKE ,Please Cut My Court Challan for the amount applicable . Then OFFICERS STARTED NEGOTIATING WITH me that saying that you can pay some amount here 300/- and we will let you GO, they kept on denying that it is for your benefit At LAST they asked me RS 200 /- and allowed me to go .Then they ran on there PULSER BIKE behind another car.This is how traffic police works !!! The Bike Number Was "DL1S S0937 " One officer is
    from sonipat he said this during Interaction .
    I Definately did a mistake but this is how system .This is not only the single incident " I have these incidents so many times "
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    that people from malkhed to go Aditya Nagar go by 7seats Auto where as the Auto driver takes more than 14 people if there is no single passangers he have to wait for one hour until one passanger come this has become illgal act where as the malkhed police station is on the read side, police will not take any action aganist those Auto Driver because they have been birbed by the Auto drivers. the behaviour of the Auto driver is like rowidies and goondism so many times i called the police but they wer blunt of your grivence, for ladies at the evening time it will be more difficult if we want to take full auto they demand more than 150-200 rupees which is to coast 50 rupees some of the auto driver are the age of only 18 years and not having licence and they are not to carry the passanger more ove,r last year two accident has took place but action was taken only it was compromised betwwen the police and Auto driver and the condition of the auto were not good there is no maintainance it is the risk for girls if the Auto stops in between the road where they will not be possible for to reach her home there may be chance of some illlegal Act, even sedam AC his duty is to look after the city for which he is appointed he is only behind the preparing to earn more before he transfer, if all authorites were became where should public to go no protection to lady and safty for the ladies to go in Auto at evening time. my rquest please send this message to concerned police station and some rules to be followed by the Auto driver as it is thair duty is only lady is going in auto with more than 5 -6 people her life may be in danger sir i don't want to give as complaint I to know thwy have maintain their family but we are aslo having family so are depended on each other please inform the concerned police station to take action aganist those activities and only 7 seaters were taken if there were only ladies were there they need wair for an hour because most propabily it will become dark so accept my grivance
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    Kya hoga is BHARAT ka
    abYE maat bolana ki main akela kya BHARAT change karoga 1 akele bhartiya ne kiya hain wo bi bharat nahi
    AMERICA ko swami vivekananada ne
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    Hello Everyone

    I would like to put in Everybody's Notice that have you ever seen a challan paid by any traffic vehicles or any army vehicles or any Minister's Vehicle.
    No you wont find any challan against them because they only like to trouble citizens not themselves or any Minister's,
    Why not? They should . raise a voice against traffic police Corruption.
    Just dont sit home and pay challans come out and check how many of these have paid challans.
    Because they r also a part of us if they can fine you raise voice against them so that they should also pay challans because they are the one who disobey traffic rules most.

    Raise voice against Traffic Police Corruption.
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    Today i was fine for that which i have not even done also. I was fine for not wearing helmet but i was wearing helmet ant they have charged me fine according to the section 117. And later on i came to known that it is not the section of wearing not a helmet. "THIS IS PURE CORRUPTION . BECAUSE THEY WILL GET COMMISION." ( HIS NAME "INSPECTOR SHYAM SHARMA " POSTING IN SILIGURI WEST BENGAL.
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    Hello Everyone
    I am Deepak Kumar Ranjan My no is 9711132492.Corruption of traffic police is increasing day by day. yesterday (27th september 2012) i was going from office to home. I was take left turn from chirag delhi flyover ( I was going from khanpur to dwarka) , one traffic polices stopped me & told you have crossed the red light and charged Rs 100/- for that.
    Our delhi traffic police is full of corruption and he want to make money at any cost. Can any one do something against corruption of traffic police.
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    I was going for some work with my brother and was stopped by the police for not having proper helmet, and request the person started shouting and and asked for my license and on giving the same i asked him for his name to be written properly in the case paper which he denied to do.
    Another person accompanying him did not even had a batch name help on him on his uniform, the person who gave case was named : R Samaddar.
    On asking on what cases was he filing there was no answer and was being tolg again and again that "Gaari tule niye jaabo akhhooni" this is how the police behaves with the public.
    When asked why isn't it a spot fine was told "Mamaar baari dekhechein oudike aashbein sob bole debo aami thaakbo dekhe nebo"
    Is this why we have traffic gaurds, and apart from that i was only without helmet and there are 3 section no's written in the case paper which i am unaware of.
    How can i seek help regarding the same against all this to public who is more insecure with police rather than thief.
    Mail id -

    Mohit Thawani
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    I was stopped by the police man at Vishranthwadi near the Dreams residence chok, who's name I could not see as he had kept a paper folded in his right pocket cover the name. The number on his belt was 1945 he was drunk and asked me for eveything from licence to polution certificate to insurance and insisted I go home walking and get the insurance paper as i was not carrying it and took my bike keys. Then he instead on me paying a fine of 500Rs.
    Had to give him Rs 200 to get my self of the drunk fellow.
    Really bad.

    I am on my bike with my brother, we have all documents and both have helmets.

    Traffic police stop us and challan us for said that "you cross red light".

    But we cross green light and other vehicles are also with us.

    They not stop other vehicles in green light but only stop our bike.

    When i said you are only challan us because this is 30 january now, and you guys just challan us for the sake of mantain your challan records. traffic police said loudly to me "ek baar dubara kehna jara, sabi cameras on hai."
    NOw, i have challaned of my vehicle now, but i want justice that "I cross green light" not red light.

    Is there any help from me from your side, or any way to proved my self.

    Or these "traffic police empolyees " same do with other persons to and there is no government law to handle our goverment employees?

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    It has observed by me that Traffic Police from Naraina Mod Flyover to PVR Cinema are harassing the public and passengers. They all ways look for a client to be caught to bribe them without any reason. It has observed that, the RTV,Bus Owner who drop the staff
    members to their Office have to pay monthly karcha pani. Why

    The the Traffic Police Commissioner is not taking any action against the Traffic police
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    Hyderabad traffic police behaving worst day by day those guys are collecting charges for no parking fee as 100 and Compound Fee as 150 and this is going to their pockets.Pleas take corrective action.

    INstead of charging fees from normal people please concentrate on crimes and traffic.

    If any one will take it up i will send scan documents also.
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    Mumbai traffic police is the worst in the world. They don't have manners and they don't even answer to the questions asked to them. They think that they are the rulers.

    I parked my bike in a parking zone, but it was towed away. The traffic policeman claimed that it was parked in a no-parking zone. He fined me Rs. 200 initially recipient given was of Rs 100.

    There were many 4wheelers but they didn't touch them and on the other side of the road there were more then 10 bikes but they selected my bike I don't know why?
    When I asked one of the guy who was in the towing van he told me both the sides are no parking zones but the interesting thing is there is no sign of no parking on either side :)

    When I started questioning the traffic police guy he ran away may be he didn't find my questions interesting.

    Please suggest what can be done to stop this unnecessary trouble given to us by these stupid cops.

    Instead of troubling people they should concentrate on crimes and traffic.

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    Sir main pushpa bhawan dakshin puri me rehta hoon sir vo head constable hai uska name ravi kumar meena hai sir vio jo ki bahut bada rishvatkhor hai or vo kehta hai ki vo kisi de darta nahi bcs uska bhai cp tango 3 hai siar uski2 maruti van hai jo ki virat to nehru place chalti hai jinka no 2096 or 2362 hai jo ki bahut hi danger driving karta hai sir man aase nivedan karta hoon ki iske against cese darj kare main aapka aabhari rahunga name-kanhiya lal
    add 8 block dakshin puri
    contact no 0750373358
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    My friend and me travelling on solapur-pune highway on 26 oct 2012.There was too much traffic near AFMC the traffic police cop seated in police station and watching the scean.there are lot of vehicle passing out as the signal was red but cop doent stop them as soon as there are less number of vehicles he came and stop us that you have crossed red light and ask to pay 200 rupees and if not then give me whatever you have.
    we paid him 100 rupees and asked for receipt but he said its not neccessory you can go.

    These are our system fault and these cops are the onroad gundas.
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    he stooped my car and checked for challan,there is one challan of 135 Rs.He told that he will pay challan and took money but he didnot pay it.his name is jaipal reddy,today his posting is at aramghar cross road signal.
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    Dear sir
    i was stop at gulmoor road by traffic police and i was charge 100 penalty as i was driving at red signal but i want to see cc tv footage my receipt no 5056670
    pl see the footage and inform me

    thanking you
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    Most chitting department of the karnataka government is Bangalore traffic police department.Giving big big speaches on news paper but harasshing people a lot.

    Blindly taking the vehicle numbers and sending letters putting harasshing words.

    Some traffic police are collecting money on spot and giving reciept for the voilation.Vehicle owner comming back happyli home.But after 2 months one more letter is comming for the same voilation for whcih the owner has already paid.

    The money collected on spot goes to traffic police pocket for da today family maintainance of all the traffic polices as if they are not getting paid for their work.

    One more clever thing bangalore traffic police is doing they are sending the traffic voialtion notice after 10 months of time.Just think how sincier bangalore traffic police is?

    I would not hesitate to tell " Most Corrupted department of Karnataka Govt is Bangalore traffic Police"
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    Dear Sir,

    this is incedence of yesterday about 16:30 hrs at sector 4/12 Dwarka, New Delhi when I was coming from Dwarka More. I had parked my car by the side of road for taking some article from shop. I had not seen the movable board which was infact hidden by the rikshaws and was far from the place of my vehicle parked by the side of road. Even this board cannot be viewed by the other vehicle passing through that way. when I approached to my car with in two minutes. the traffic police asked me to give driving licence and asked to view the board which was far from the place of my car parked by the side of road. my family members were sitting in the cars. Since the movable board cannot be seen easily by anyone passing through that way even I apologies and requested the traffic police to facilitate in stead of punishment forcing paying challan. Finally Traffice police didn't my explanation given me notice u/s 133 of M.V. ACT 1988 for Obstractuive/wrong parking vide their receipt no. 31 book no. 2007.

    I called senior traffice inspector of dwarka at thier mobile no. 8750871471 and explain all incidence with the hope that she will provide help in this regard. But even today we feel the genral public is being harresed by the delhi traffic police but not listening thier excuse but forced them to pay havy challan. Even from Traffic police inspector discussion I have been revert back that you may go in the court for this.

    I feel this is totally harresment with the general public by the traffic police forcing them to pay havy challan or to give notice to appear before the court for payment of challan.

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    Dear sir ,
    Today when we were coming to Secunderabad from Hyderabad i saw a car of traffic police . In that car so many traffic police were there,they all came out of that car and started scaring people . They scared little little shop keeper at the roadside and took there things . This is how some traffic police r spoiling the name of all the traffic police .
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    Dear sir,
    am one of the person who suffer with traffic CI POLICE in Balanagar. Today am driving near balnagar signals, there i got cal from my dad, just i take my mobile mobile in my hands then one traffic police conestable seen me and handover to traffic CI police.
    He wrote 500 challan on me. thats gud job, then i called my friend to get money. after that i asked a dought to him, for that question he scoled me in vulger n take my bike to station. The words he usedis BADCAW, MAKOLODY, more than these words also he used. this not the way to behave with PUBLIC.
    Am going to inform to higher authorities by personlly
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    sir traffice polce are using the signals manually and they allow 10 minutes continously for the traffice coming fram btm layout and daily we coming froam hsr side will face problems and it takes 25 minutes to cross silk board when a group of people questioned why THET ARE ALLOWING 10MINUTES CONTIONOUSLY THE COPS USED VULGAR WORDS AND SHOUTED AT US IN VERY BAD MANNER SIR PLEASE COME AND DO SOMETHING GOOD THING AT THIS JUNCTION WE ARE BADLY AFFECTED AND PLS WARN COPS TO FIX THE SIGNAL WITH TIMERS SO NOONE WILL FACE PROBLEMS WAITING FOR REPLY AND HAVE SOME SOLUTIONS fro the busy junction want to share
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    we buy our cars by spending some lakhs of rupees. we spend thousands of rupees in making it look beautiful. and these traffic police in Hyderabad will come up with some or the other mental rules where people like us are getting annoyed.

    day before yesterday they came up with a rule like no black tint and xyz, petrol rates are high and we buy our c ars so that we are not exposed to sun or for some other reasons. they say to put curtains to our cars but no shade pads, lol :)). If they wanna come with rules like this then why are we buying cars ...? i would like to ask them to come with rules which help people but not to suffer people. there is traffic jam in each and every corner of city they just dont wanna concentrate on those instead of that they are bussy collecting challans these days.

    i realy respect their jobs which ever they are doing to help us, but comming up with this type of stupid rules will make people to fight agianst them.

    summer gonna be big torture for the public. so i would like to see that there should be some thing to do when they implement with these type of rules.

    thank you
    Gopal Reddy. N
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    With reference the trafiic police of ahemdabad city collect the penalty of head of film of mirror is absolutley wrong and collect the penalty out of ahmedavad city car only no penalty recory by local city car holder why?????
    Second thing i ask why you have not collect the local owner of car holder ?
    Give answer mr. Kaishar sinh k.d. Saeedkhan that we have two officer how we can collect the amount of penalty to other car .
    This meaning that if you going to a vad city you can paid the penalty of the head of film. But the local owner not pay any penalty of this head why??????????????????????????????????
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    With reference the trafiic police of ahemdabad city collect the penalty of head of film of mirror is absolutley wrong and collect the penalty out of ahmedavad city car only no penalty recory by local city car holder why?????
    Second thing i ask why you have not collect the local owner of car holder ?
    Give answer mr. Kaishar sinh k.d. Saeedkhan that we have two officer how we can collect the amount of penalty to other car .
    This meaning that if you going to a vad city you can paid the penalty of the head of film. But the local owner not pay any penalty of this head why??????????????????????????????????
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    Respected sir/madam,

    The traffice police at nagarjuna circle, punjagutta, hyderabad today demands to pay 300 against no number stickered on the number plate although all the documents are available. So in this way so many are suffereing to pay the money as they are demanding. So please control this and do favour to public. Some traffic police's want only money papers although all document papers are there.
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    At Jubilee Hills Check post junction,I am going towards Filmnagar from LV Prasad,so at the junction I went left towards film nagar when the signal is Red.Once when I crossed Traffic police caught me and said that you have jumped the signal and without listening anything he gave challan of Rs.200 and I have no other option of paying the amount.
    I have two concerns here:
    1.After coming to office I checked the challan and on the back side of challan it is mentioned for jumping signal it is Rs.50.Why did they collect Rs.200?
    2.For so many years we have rule of free left at the junctions and we followed the rule.
    Also at Jubilee hills junction earlier they specifically mentioned with baricades saying Free left.
    All of a sudden they remove the rule saying there is no free left.
    Traffic police will not educate the people that they have removed the rules ex:No Free Left with baricades.
    So many junctions in twin cities it is still free left.
    Even after telling so many explanations to P.Devender who gave me challan.
    He is arguing with me saying cant you see Red Signal.Many junctions in twin cities even though it is red signal we still have free left without any free left baricades.
    At one junction they follow one rule in other junctions some other rules,how we will know about it?
    I have complete proof of documents pollution certificate,insurance,vehicle registration card,driving license,wearing helmet when he caught me.
    I clearly mentioned I am not aware of the rule.

    As a common man requesting traffic police ,educate the people before charging innocent people.
    Dont just giveout a rule which we were following for so many years.Educate people with big baricades atleast 75% of people should know within the city.
    How people from other states or cities who come to our city without knowing the new rules they still follow the old rules.
    Dont try to just fine people because of greedy,power try to give road and rules awareness.when everyone following the road rules that is the time you are real winners and we can spread this news to other countries.

    I am assuming some proper action will be taken care so no other people should face this problem.

    Thank you.
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    good morning sir i m student and worker also in delhi i have one problem of our trafiic rules in delhi chandni chock state .tho whole rikhas's and hath thela r nt following the traffice today one thela driver push my bike and i m injerder .but its not serious accident but my destiny this time faver of me buu taht not possile any time so plz kindly take some saction immdtly bcoz the whole rikhsa and thela driver r doing over city bad .
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    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Yesterday on 2nd/03/2013, My Bike was parked in in front of Big Bazar of Ulhasnagar camp 3, when i came out after shopping my bike was not at place i thought it is stolen or Towed by Traffic police it was very difficult for me to travel carrying my goods.
    i went to Traffic Police station of Camp 1 and my bike was kept there only.

    Traffic officer were asking me to pay penalty of rs 200. although i was having all necessary documents i asked them for what reason you people are asking to pay Penalty. They told me my Bike was parked was in Non-parking Zone.

    I denied to pay, i told them it is not mentioned any where in that part that it is Non-Parking Zone.

    Offical were saying beggars had stolen that Non-Parking Pole due to which you didnt come to know that it is non parking Zone and they were forcing me to Pay Penalty.I asked them when i Parked my Bike in that moment pole was not their so that is not my fault on that offical were saying me to complaint that thing in municipality you have to pay the penalty . i told them why should i complaint i will not pay penalty so they started forcing me to pay the penalty.

    All Offical were started shouting on me and threatening me and officer were holding my shirt Col-are . I was very much embarrassed and i asked them in what crime you are taking me nearest Police Station. Although my family member's were with me they stopped them.

    and my one of my family member paid Rs 200 for those offical . they are doing this Just for the sake of March end to complete their Targets.

    I was not only this thing happen with many people.

    I will request you to please do something against this offical :- their were offical but i can say few name like :- Offical :- Vijay Patil , Santosh Sawant etc.

    Requesting you to please make monitoring system better against Police and traffic Polic
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