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    Dear Sir,

    Apologies for the inconvenience caused. We would like to inform you that your concerns have been forwarded to the respective team for further investigation. We assure that you will be in receipt of a revert from them shortly. Alternatively you may also write to along with your concerns / contact number enabling them to reach you faster & address all your concerns to your satisfaction.

    Assuring you of our best services at all times.

    Thanks and regards,
    Kotak Team.
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    On 6th of June’13 Mr. Ramesh (ICICI employee) offered me Home Loan from ICICI Bank through Sector-50, Noida.
    As per commitment of Mr. Ramesh
    1. Process will be charged only after complete all bank formalities including legal, technical etc...
    2. Cheque amount will be declared before present and inform you to maintain your bank account to avoid the cheque bounce.
    3. Processing fee will be 0.25% for Home Loan and 0.5% for Top Up loan since co-applicant a/c is
    4. Loan will be approve and disburse within 15days as per normal process.
    I have handed over all my documents including property papers and personal documents and complete all the formalities including blank cheque in favour of ICICI Home Loan.
    Till one month I didn’t received a single call from ICICI to verify the Loan information and also not received any sms regarding file login or other process.
    After one month two cheques presented of INR 7304/- and 6118 in my A/C one (7104/-)is get cleared and other one bounce since balance was not maintain accordingly and fee charges doubles from committed charges that should be 6711/- INR.
    So I have charged for a cheque bouncing fee 400/- INR.
    Mr. Ramesh committed me, all charges will be back within one week and followed for next day and one or two day since your all formalities are OK and nothing to worry, only disbursal formalities pending due to absence of Ms. Somya.
    After lot of follow up I have received Sanction letter for INR 1700000/- and Mr. Ramesh committed for disbursements of both loan within day or two and followed by next day and one or two day.
    After 2 months 1st of Aug’13, Mr. Ramesh sends somebody to me from ICICI Bank with disbursement kit for signed.
    I made signed the Kit and stamp paper along with 6 cheques duly signed by me and he charged 1500/- INR for the same with promise for disbursal within week.
    After lot of follow up 14th Aug.13, I called to Ms. Somya, she told me that there is a minor technical problem and I will clear it today and you will get disbursal on 21st of Aug’13 since Mr. Ramesh was not picking my call from 5th of Aug’13 onward.
    On 19th I was surprised when Ms. Somya told me, due to technical problem, we are rejecting you loan and fees will be non refundable.

    My total refundable is 9604/-INR but ICICI not refunding my fees after wasting lot of time 3 months
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    I have withdraw coach of RS 50000 from Indus ind atm toli chowki, Hyderabad branch. At the time of depositing the money which is withdrawn in Hdfc bank they identified one 500 rupees note is fake. When take this mater to India inf bank toil chowki branch they are not responding properly on it
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    Dear sir/mam,

    I was withdrawing 3000 cash from HDFC bank atm vasundhara Ghaziabad on 07/10/2013 at 13:46:32 . My account has been debited but I didn't get cash. Kindly help me out ASAP.I had a talk with customer care also but they are giving me a tome for 1 week and I don't have money to wait for 1, kindly solve this matter ASAP. I am continuously sending mails to axis bank but they are not replying to my mails . I am sending mails to customer grievance , Mr. pankaj sharma (head vice president) but they are not helping me.


    Name - Ravi Shekhar

    Account no .- 913010003526617( AXIS BANK NOIDA SECTOR-62 )
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    The Banking Ombudsman
    Place of BO’s office…noida………………………..

    Dear Sir,
    Sub: Complaint against sector 18 noida branch of axis bank
    Details of the complaint are as under:
    1. Name of the Complainant prateek ahuja…………………..

    2. Full Address of the Complainant f-13/b sector -27 noida , up……………………
    Pin Code 201301………………..
    Phone No/ Fax No. 8010507436.……………………
    Email ……………………

    3. Complaint against (Name and full address of the branch/bank) axis bank , sector 18 , noida branch………………………….

    Pin Code 201301…………………….
    Phone No. / Fax No. …………………….

    4. Particulars of Bank or Credit card Account (If any)
    …………………………axis nre account no 912010053828562………………………………………………

    5. (a) Date of representation already made by the complainant to the bank (Please enclose a copy of the representation)complaint through email to bank ……………………….

    (b) Whether any reminder was sent by the complainant? YES, reminder sent two days back
    ( Please enclose a copy of the reminder )

    6. Subject matter of the complaint (Please refer to Clause 8 of the Scheme)

    7. Details of the complaint:
    (If space is not sufficient, please enclose separate sheet)
    on 11 /09/2013 , i did a transaction of rs 4000, from sec 18 ,noida , atm respond as transaction cancelled/declined but the amount was deducted rs 4000 from my account , now after one month of follow up with bank , today dey denied to refund the amount .pls help to get the money back

    8. Whether any reply (Within a period of one month after the bank concerned received the representation) has been received from the bank? Yes/
    ( if yes, please enclose a copy of the reply )bank said it will take some days to get refund status updated

    9. Nature of Relief sought from the Banking Ombudsman
    ( Please enclose a copy of documentary proof, if any, in support of your claim )

    10. Nature and extent of monetary loss, if any, claimed by the complainant by way of compensation (please refer to clauses 12 (5) & 12 (6) of the Scheme) Rs4000.……………….

    11. List of documents enclosed:
    (Please enclose a copy of all the documents )

    12. Declaration:
    (i) I/ We, the complainant/s herein declare that:
    a) the information furnished herein above is true and correct;
    b) I/We have not concealed or misrepresented any fact stated in the above columns and in the documents submitted herewith.
    (ii) The complaint is filed before expiry of period of one year reckoned in accordance with the provisions of Clause 9(3)(a) and (b) of the Scheme.
    (iii) The subject matter of the present complaint has never been brought before the Office of the Banking Ombudsman by me/ us or by any of the parties concerned with the subject matter to the best of my/ our knowledge.
    (iv) The subject matter of the present complaint has not been decided by/pending with any forum/court/arbitrator.
    (v) I/We authorise the bank to disclose any such information/ documents furnished by us to the Banking Ombudsman and disclosure whereof in the opinion of the Banking Ombudsman is necessary and is required for redressal of our complaint.
    (vi) I/We have noted the contents of the Banking Ombudsman Scheme, 2006.

    Yours faithfully,
    (Signature of Complainant)

    NOMINATION – (If the complainant wants to nominate his representative to appear and make submissions on his behalf before the Banking Ombudsman or to the Office of the Banking Ombudsman, the following declaration should be submitted.)

    I/We the above named complainant/s hereby nominate
    Shri/kapil ahuja……………………………………….. who is not an Advocate and whose address is
    ………………f-13/b sector 27 noida ,up………………………………………………………………………………………………………………
    as my/our REPRESENTATIVE in all proceedings of this complaint and confirm that any statement, acceptance or rejection made by him/her shall be binding on me/us. He/She has signed below in my presence.


    (Signature of Representative)
    (Signature of Complainant)
    Note: If submitted online, the complaint need not be signed.[/SIZE][/FONT][FONT=&quot]
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    Hi sir

    I'm Vikramjeet singh my reference number is 1-24023275183

    From 5-6 years useing 3G service then it's been changed in voda phone from long time I was getting problem in service now I disconact my service and they want to charge money from me thx
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    As per GOI,our pensions have been revised upwards from Sep 2012.All other banks all over India have paid these arrears except the SBI.I have visited and met the Sr Manager A SIRINIVASA Reddy ,SBI, TRIMULGERRY,SECUNDRABAD atleast 4 times since Apr 2013 as we were to be given this increment by end Apr.His stock reply was that its under process.
    I have met Mr JAGAN MOHAN RAO,sr Manager at CPCO,Hyderabad but till now I have not got these Arrears of revised pension.
    My request is get my arrears remitted immediately with due delay interest .
    Col R Kakkar S/A acct#10458313032
    Mobile 9959612212
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    i went to SBI for an Account but they cannot giving Account forms and they saying we have more work they are not willing to give any information, branch.BHAINSA DIST. ADILABAD This is worest branch i never see any other branch like this
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    Dear sir
    i am bibhas dutta, from kolkata-700104.
    I submited a cheque[indine overseas bank],amount rs.20010,cheque no-811241 to kabardangamore sbi branch[kolkata-700104], where have my saving ac to, their cheque drop box on 31st oct,2013. But still not credited to my ac . I contacted many times to the branch manager but she not able to assure me.
    Please sir solve the problem as soon as possible.
    Thank you
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    Dear sir
    i am bibhas dutta, from kolkata-700104.
    I submited a cheque[indine overseas bank],amount rs.20010,cheque no-811241 to kabardangamore sbi branch[kolkata-700104], where have my saving ac to, their cheque drop box on 31st oct,2013. But still not credited to my ac . I contacted many times to the branch manager but she not able to assure me.
    Please sir solve the problem as soon as possible.
    Thank you
    my phn no- 8100002638
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    भा०स्टे०बैंक, जवाहर भवन लखनऊ,में मेरा बचत ख़ाता संख्या 10616723518 से संबंधित चेक सं० 020593 दिनांक 19.07.2013 रु.13525.00 फ़ीस के लिए सेठ एम० आर० जैपुरिया स्कूल, लखनऊ को दिया गया था| इसे फंड इनसफिसियेन्त कारण से वापस कर दिया गया साथ ही दिनांक 22.07.2013 को रु.102.00 भी काट लिया गया जबकि दिनांक 22.07.2013 को इस कटौती के बाद भी मेरे खाते में रु.25605.00 अवशेष था | स्कूल द्वारा भी रु.100.00 दंड स्वरूप जमा कराया गया | इस प्रकार मेरा रु.202.00 की हानि के साथ सामाजिक अपमान भी सहना पड़ा|
    कृपया उक्त धन-हानि की प्रतिपूर्ति कराने के साथ मेरे सामाजिक अपमान की प्रतिपूर्ति कराने की कृपा करें|

    प्रमोद कुमार श्रीवास्तवा
    15/226,इंदिरा नगर,
    लखनऊ 226016|
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    atm transjectionn problum
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    Dear sir
    When I'm using atm to withdrew cash 10000 but I didn't get cash from atm.on 17/12/ 2013 though my account debited. A/C 011690667088 kabuganj branch silchar Assam. Still not refound pls help
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    mera netbanking band ho gaya hai par branch use shai karne se mana kar raha hai mera a/c 30708923251 hai meine kai bar request ki main aaj 5 month se pareshan hu aur kai bar branch bi ja chuka hu par mera ibn sahi nai hua mai apna kit apne ragistered addrss par magana chahta hu aur mai janna chahta hu ki mujhe kaha aur mera ibn prapt hoga. Mob no 9125418812 hai mujhe jankari de thanks
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    Dear Sir,
    I have applied for a home loan at Punchab National Bank Housing Finance ltd,ernakulam in November 2013. The Sales Executive, Mr.Sreejith told me to submit a cheque of Rs 6500 against loan processing fee. I submitted it along with loan application documents. But a few days later the executive informed me that my application rejected (without any solid reason). My cheque was already cleared by them. I asked for my cash back. They informed me that Rs 2000 will be deducted for cibl checking and willnot be return back. But the executive didnot informed me that at the time of application filling. They not refund the balance amount also to me. So I lost my total amount (Rs 6500). I was cheated by Punchab national bank. I send many mails to them but no proper action from their side for last two months.
    Kindly do necessary action to get my cash back and do needful to stop this kind of unfavorable moments to valuable customers in future too.
    Thanks and regards,
    Anoop B.Kurup
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    Dear Sir,

    My self Ajay Vinayak held credit card no ending with 4697 till May 2012 issued by Barclays credit card. my last outstanding with the bank was Rs.36203.19 and I was in the process of settlement with the bank and they agreed to close my account in Rs. 16000 in 4 shots. But suddenly the bank had informed me that it had sold their card business to your bank. Since than I was totally in dark about my settlement??

    Now after almost 2 years back, I am getting calls from no. 011-43103920 and 011-45100636 and the person named "Mohit Sharma" a very rude and misbehaved person. He called me to close the account in Rs. WHOOPING RS. 84000 !! Once when I was not able to pick up the phone he called up my previous company (I dont know from where he got their no) and started defaming about me.

    Even in today morning my mobile was on charging and not able to pick his call, he, For a surprise called there again about 150 times and hence disturbing their business. They have already informed him that Ajay has left the job 4 months back.

    The director of the compnay called me up and informed me about the same and I was really embarrased. Not only this When I was talking to him for the settlement and stop making calls he said " IT IS UPTO ME TO STOP CALLING AND TAKING FINAL DECISION". when I asked Him to let me talk to your senior he said I am the only SENIOR to take the decision and I AM THE BANK. When once I am in communication with him HOW COULD HE STILL MAKE THE CALLS TO MY PREVIOUS COMPANY AND MAKING DEFAMATION AGAINST ME. and he is taking the thing PERSONALLY!!
    Is there any provision that the bank or their collecting agency FETCH THE DATA of mobile calling and start calling to third person about me??

    I think this should be the case of DEFAMATION and as per Banking Ombudsman Scheme 2006 I should complain about the said facts.
    I am requesting you to please look into the matter and suggest.

    Thnaking You
    Ajay Vinayak

    Thanks & Regards
    Ajay Vinayak
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    hdfc bank is overloaded with business. they are discourteous with the customers and it takes pretty long time to get any transaction processed at their counters. I have a saving account which was taken over from the times bank. I have lots of grievances with the mall road Ludhiana branch. I will positively close my account on 31st march and will not advise anybody to deal with this bank in any matter. they are simply budtameez.
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    I am RAMESH ,having ICICI BANK ACCONT at UTTAM NAGAR BRANCH.On dated 27 march somebody withdraw 10,300 rupees from my account. I didn't get massage when this matter was happening.on dated 1 april when i try to withdraw cash from my account it was blocked. Immediately i contact to customer care and they accept complain give me request noSR313218035. After some days on dated 15th april ICICI BANK issued a latter for my address which was men-son on bank account.But one mobile no. menson on a latter which was not mine. on record i have another number but this number is 919811098798.How he can change this number any body present in system he help this fraud team.I also visit uttam NAGAR ICICI BRANCH NO BODY HEIP ME AND lodge a complain at police station but no body help me . so i request please search this person take action who was working your bank and processing team. Fully inquiry this mobile number who was change this number.My debit card and its pin was present with me . so how it can possible i provide unknown person. Totally i 100% sure this work was done by ICICI BANK BRACH AND CUSTOMER CARE EXECUTIVES AND CARD PROCESSSING TEAM SHARE WITH FRAUD WORKING PEOPLE.WHY I SUFFER? I AM SUFFERING 40DAYS NO BODY LITSINE.PLEASE SLOVE MY MATTER ANDTAKE A ACTION THESE TYPE OF PEOPLE IN YOUR SYSTEM.KINDLY TAKE IT SERIOUSLY AND CALLED ME 919810667401.

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    Dear Madam/Sir:

    Please note that I first went to Canara Bank, Nehru Place Branch on 22/03/2014 to open a saving account. First they accepted my form and told me that you will receive an SMS regarding activation of you bank account. After waiting for long, I went to the branch after 15 days and then they told me that you have not submitted any residential proof therefore your account can not be opened (this they should have checked on accepting my form). After I have submitted a copy of my residential proof, they have misplaced my form and I could only get my account activated on 25/04/2014.

    I have joined a UGC Fellowship programme in January and payment of the fellowship is to be made by bank only. After going to bank numerous times, nobody is telling me why they are not releasing my fellowship amount. Whenever I go to bank, either concerned person is on vacations or they assure me that it would be in my account within two days. I have been to bank for more than five times since my account is activated and neither manager nor any other person is telling me why they are holding that fellowship amount and not transferring to my account. I want to know if there is some possibility that bank is using that amount for some other purpose. If not, please ask them to provide me explanation why they are delaying this.

    Hope you will closely look into the matter and direct bank officials to react quickly and promptly.

    Thanks for you understanding in advance.

    Tariq Aftab
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    Dear sir/madam:
    I am Ramesh sahoo .I reminded no answers coming from ICICI bank and banking cosumer court five days go.please money is valuable for me because i borrowed this money . so please inquiry those person fraud with me.these fraud people are withdraw money from kotak mahindra bank atm at pusa chowk atm no is DLon1018.
    This atm was situated by KOTAK MAHINDRA BANK,79,OLD RANJINDRA NAGAR.NEW DELHI-110060.kindly asked for a footage of camera who withdraw money 26/03/2014 and 27/03/2014.please sir help me how i will get my money.please inquiry all this matter seriously and find out fraud people who was in icici banking system. my and 8882263169.

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    Dear Madam / Sir

    I have to say that i am yogendra kumar singh to inform you when I am using ATM to withdrawal cash 12000 but I did not get my balance. This is my deduct balance related information.

    Name- Yogendra Kumar Singh s/o Raghunath Singh
    Bank name - Punjab National Bank Laksar ( PIN Code - 247663 )
    A.C No.- 4132001300016667
    Complaint No. 61268109
    Deduct Amount - 12000 Rs. ( Twelve Thousand rupees )
    Transaction No. - 4110
    Deduct Amount Date - 11 April 2014
    Time - 9:49:17 AM
    I want to inform you that Laksar PNB Branch Manager is not giving me CCTV video records for conformation.
    Sir Please help me to return back my amount.
    Thanking You
    Regards By
    Yogendra Kumar Singh
    Mb. No. - +919045364895
    Date- 20/05/2014 +918193045657
    Email ID -
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    I have purchased olympus digital camera from mumbai few months back. I don't know how my olympus digital camera USB slot is got damaged. My olympus digital camera still in warranty so I went to service center. I have received reply from service center that this is physical damaged and for change of USB slot cost me Rs.1700/- I told them this is not a physical damaged but they are not considering my request.

    I have very bad experience from Olympus service center.

    Hope you will closely look into the matter and direct Olympus service center officials to react quickly and promptly.

    Product Details:
    Camera Olympus VG-170 (B) Black
    Serial : UPF007603
    Date of Purchase: 08/11/2012


    Kapil Bansal
    Mo. No. 8691977248
    Email ID:
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    Dear Sir/Madam

    Kindly update me on false transaction from Hdfc bank debit card. No reply from hdfc bank till date, so please let me know what's going on false transaction case.

    My name is RAJAT ROY, Director of TACT APPLIANCES PVT. LTD. My account with HDFC BANK LTD, Branch SECTOR 26, NOIDA, (U.P) and CURRENT A/C NO. 06512000003102). I visited a PNB ATM at SECTOR 12, Noida (UP) on 22 April 2014 for withdrawal of Rs.1000/-, when I inserted my ATM card in Punjab national bank ATM MACHINE with pin number, the above said PNB ATM MACHINE suddenly gone in offine or out of service before entering any amount of withdrawal, So I collect my Debit card and moved to some other ATM just beside PNB ATM. Now at FEDERAL BANK ATM, I did a one successful withdrawal of Rs.1000/- at 19:27 hrs, on 22 April 2014 and immediately I found a false transaction over my registered mobile no., through SMS of Rs 10,000/- at 19:25 hrs, stating that transaction is done from above said Punjab national bank ATM sector-12 noida.

    I had immediately logged a complain to Hdfc bank customer care ( complaint Reference ID 755489 for Disputed CASH WITHDRAWL done on 22/4/2014 for Rs. 10000.00 also to Local branch of HDFC office at Sector 26, Noida (U.P), and i requested them for the footage of the moment at mentioned ATM to check out the @authenticity of the registered complaint.

    I am continuously chasing for the same since past 15 days, Now the above said local HDFC bank branch is not ready to entertain any further and they provided us your email ID's by suggesting that if any further possibility is their , the same can be expedited only through you all people.

    At the same time the bank is also confirming that the false transaction was done through above said Punjab national bank ATM Machine.

    I would also like to put to your kind notice that the above mentioned PNB ATM premises consist of total@1-ATM machine, and the same is also not guarded by any security guard to regulate the movement of people in the premises to control the security.

    Now my question is that after my failed transaction at above said PNB ATM, I left the PNB ATM, and after that the successful transaction of Rs. 1000/- transaction was done by Above said FEDERAL BANK, which was nearby machine of PNB ATM, so please suggest that after I leave the premises with my Debit card and that too through another machine how this can be possible.

    we have a corporate tie up with your bank, and being a loyal client, if such thing happened and their was no fruitful solution for the same, its a very embarrassing scenario for us.

    Requested you to please provide us a solution with the refund of my transacted money in my account.

    My complain details are- complaint Reference ID 755489 for CASH WITHDRAWL done on 4/22/2014 for disputed amount Rs.10000.00

    Note- I have registered the FIR at police station, Sector 24, Noida U.P, FIR bearing number: 338114 for the same. PLEASE FIND THE ATTACHED COPY OF FIR.

    Hoping for a positive response.

    Your valuable client

    Warm Regards
    Rajat Roy
    Director: Tact Appliances Pvt. Ltd.
    Mob No- +91- 9958109090
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    Sir. Mere bank a/c. Se 17000/- DT. 24 & 25 March 2014 ko nikal gai hi jiski component mene 27 March 2014 ko cyber police Bhopal ko ki thi. Complent no.1363 hi jiska avi tak koi jabab nhi aaya. Sir iske bare me ap hi kuch kijiye. Mai bahut hi garib aadmi hu. Thank you sir susheel Kumar chourasiya. 8602134927, 9425606859
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    Respected sir,
    I ravi shankar prasad have an account in state bank of India om mudkhed branch (Branch code 11151) my account number for is 33336756596. I. Done an neft on 04.06.2014 at the following address.
    Beneficiary name : Kumar rohit
    bank account no. 35910100002435
    Bank mame : bank of Baroda
    Branch name : Bath (Patna)
    Branch. Code : barhxx
    Ifsc. Code : barb0barhxx
    amount. : 30000/-(thirty thousand only)
    But errorniously I have entered wrong account. number 35910100002345 instead of 35910100002435. But till date my beneficiary or I have not return back this amount. So. Kindly look into the matter.
    Yours faithfully
    Ravi shankar prasad
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    sir i used my ATM card on 27-05-14 at Idbi branch sadar new Dehli for withdrawn of Rs.10000.but I,m very surprises that my account debit by Rs.10000.but I could not get the cash for ATM till today the same not reversed in my account.
    card no.4591510028002983 four times inter the card in atm but ATM shows undivisiable amt. I will complaint our branch on 04-06-14 ticket no.AT429212613760 but no response.
    branch SBI bandipora 193502 j&k.a/c no.20126823671 branch cord 01362 showkat Ahmad bhat
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    sir, ]
    I am a priority customer of standard charterted bank india, my account is with kolkata but I transact through GK1 branch new delhi. my account no is32510018525 I have made atelephonic request to the customer care of standard chartered bank to send me a new debit card , cated 01/07/2014, the request ref no. being201407012266 till today I have not received my card even after making several complaints to the bank, how can I get compensated plEase let me know
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    Dear Sir,


    One day a year ago I applied for my CIBIL report and when the report came I found that there was some amount due with regards to the Standard Chartered Bank Credit Card and therefore my CIBIL score was low. So I communicated with the Standard Chartered Bank via email upon which I received the following reply.
    Ref : 11/13/044337
    Dear Mr. Khandewal ,
    This is with reference to your e-mail dated November 11, 2013
    Your card ending 5594 has been invalidated in our records on January 21, 2008 as we were not in receipt of your payment for a considerable period of time.
    On date, the total outstanding on your card ending 5594 is 26,500.95.

    There after I asked them for the following documents:

    1. Duplicate Credit Card Statement showing the basic nature of expenditure that you believe I have incurred on the said CC. (Without the late payment charges, etc)
    2. Card Holder's agreement, or copy of Application form where I have applied for the said CC.

    They were not able to provide me with both the documents I had asked for. I have communicated with them several times and have also reported my problem in their grievance cell but they do not react as I strongly urge again and again that I HAVE NOT USED THIS CREDIT CARD and also have asked them to provide me with the details of my transactions along with the proof of my signature which they have failed to do so.

    Now I am tired of communicating with them as they do not listen and do not react.

    Please help me out with this credit card issue which is affecting my CIBIL score and the bank not responding anyways.


    Ameet Khandelwal

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    The Banking Ombudsman
    Jeevan baharti building,Tower no.1
    7th Floor ,124,cannought circus

    Sub-Complaint against PNB ICD TKD branch and ATM PNB ID no.15151400 debit of rupees 15000/-

    Dear sir

    It is submitted that on dated 04.07.2014 i tried to withdraw 15000/- rupees from PNB ATM ID no.15151400 (Dr. Ambedker Nagar n.d-62) due to network problem i did not receive money when i saw my bank statement thane i came to know that Rs.15000/- wrongfully debited from my A/C 4209000100082310 through SMS on my (Mob)9560374004 i approached PNB ICD TKD ,staff of the bank advised me to go there head office PNB Sansad Marg New Delhi.(Complaint no.M008092805)I till today 17.07.2014 i approached them sevaral times but they did not give me any satisfactory replay,i am not able to understand what should I do against the bank. I'm helpless.

    Kindly help me in the light of your torch to back my money Rs.15000/- as earliest possibly

    Your faithfully
    Perm Singh
    H.NO.I, 11/276
    Dr.ambedker nagar

    Contact no.9560374004

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