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    Dear sir / mam,I , Meghna khaneja, A/c no 32362417979 having account in State bank of india , Shalimar bagh branch, BRanch code 11358, phn no 01127486865.
    On 22/02/2013 i used my SBI atm debit card for online transaction of Rs 1600 for merchant THE INSTITUTE OF CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS OF INDIA, THE AMOUNT FOR that payment was deducted from my a/c but the payment was not recieved by the merchant. So after then, i had again done that payment then the amount is received by the merchant.simply saying my amount was deducted twice in which first payment was not properly done.
    Then on 23/ 02/2013 , i register the complain of wrong debit payment but the amount still not credited to my account even after the interval of 45 days ( which is the maximum period for the amount reverted back to my account ) the complain no given by sbi customer care is PG42927790352..
    so i request you please contact me 9871224540 or mail me @ please save my amount
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    I had produced a cheque no. 313352 of state bank of india, Gajraula, Hasan Pur branch's IFS CODE SBIIN0007691 saving a/C no. 11396108842 for Rs 66000/- dated 04/04/13 at ICICI bank, CIVIL LINE MERRUT branch by ICICI a/C OF TRANSLAM ACADEMY INTERNATIONAL MEERUT for depositing into ICICI a/C OF TRANSLAM ACADEMY INTERNATIONAL MEERUT . It was sent by ICICI bank civil line meerut branch to state bank of india, service branch,MEERUT(09973) for clearing. They bounced the cheque on dated 06/04/2013, giving reason that MODE OF OPERATION AND & MANDATE DIFFER. This is totally wrong information, since my account at sbi,Gajraula, Hasan Pur branch's IFS CODE SBIIN0007691 saving a/C no. 11396108842 had sufficient mode of operation and mandate on that date. At this information ICICI bank, civil line meeerut (09973) deducted a sum of Rs.300 /- And return my cheque. sbi clearing service branch meerut (09973) they DID not admit their mistake, . It is procedural problem of banks which they have to resolve. But sbi clearing branch has given wrong information about my operation mode and mandate, putting me into monetary loss as well as lot of mental tension forcing me into unwanted reason without my fault. This calls for penalty action against the officials involved at sbi clearing service branch meerut and I should be compensated accordingly.
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    Dear Smt. Sebastian.

    This is with regards to a bank loan of rupees 1 lakh availed by my younger brother Bosco Robert D.Gama from HDFC Bank at Kanjur Marg east branch. The guarantor is one Anirudha Patki from Dombivili, residing at 304 S P Bhagat society, Dombivili east, Mumbai. They cannot locate Anirudha Patki. Bosco Robert is absconding, and hence we are the target. Bosco Robert is not staying with us, hence we have no contacts with him. I am unsure whether HDFC bank has done due deligence while disbursing the above said loan. They have not verified his address, nor visited the said address, nor his whereabouts. Had they come to our mothers home for verification, which they claim they visited, my mother would have then and there REFUSED to agree for such a loan to be availed by Bosco on her residential proof and address. However HDFC bank officials have defaulted, nor verfied, nor visited his home for verification. This is the biggest mistake done by an esteemed and reputed bank like HDFC. Hdfc bank has committed a grave default in this particular loan disbursement case. I am unsure how HDFC bank is processing loan facilities without proper authentication and genuine documents, like proof of address, etc. etc. Moreover, I, Elliot D Gama nor our mother Ms Emily D Gama is a party to this bank loan or transaction.

    I have recently come to know about this loan as some of your officers/recovery executives have contacted my mother. She was contacted on her mobile, moreover she was in her native village, when she received many calls. She was in her native place from 20mar13 to 26mar13. Since she is old, she was tensed up with hypertension and worried by these so called "hdfc" calls threatening her to answer the calls and not to switch off the mobile. She was also threatened that she would be penalised and put in jail, if need arises. Then my mother got panicky and gave me the cell no. of that hdfc executive who was threatening, harassing and troubling her over phone. However when I contacted this hdfc executive, I informed him not to call to my mother as she is a senior citizen with hypertension and other ailments. Thereafter calls started flowing to me on my cell, with which I was angered by their language, no proper introduction, no etiquette, etc.
    Moreover there are 4 executives who are calling me regularly without fail are (1) Mr Roy, cell no. 9619868964 (2) Mr Bhosale cell no. 9222233347 (3) Ms Shraddha telephone no. 65606075 and (4) Mr Pillai telephone no. 65664652. I have been informed that Bosco had taken a 1 lakh loan to paid in 36 instalments, of which he paid 22 EMI's, and 14 EMI's are pending. All the above information was given to me by Ms. Shraddha. The total o/s was some Rs.90546/- of which Mr Roy agreed to bring it down to Rs.40000/- finally.

    Now I had a VERY tough job ahead of me. We do not have any contact/s of Bosco, nor does he keep contact with us, not even his old mother. He is not staying at the given address of our mother, which he had produced to Hdfc bank and other mothers' documents for his proposed loan, without any knowledge and approval of our mother. She rightly refutes that she has not given any document whatsoever to Bosco for any application, for any loan purpose, for any documentation whatsoever. Infact, after his marriage he has moved out of our parents home. While he has moved out willingly from his parents home, he had not informed about his whereabouts, nor given his contact nos., nor his home address, not even where he is employed. Hence we were in total darkness about his whereabouts, we infact thought that he has moved out of Mumbai for better prospects.

    Prior to this, I have received so many many calls from the 1st three executives i.e Mr Roy, Mr Bhosale, Ms Shraddha, that I was disturbed & terrified with the abusive and filthy language they are resorting to. Hnece, I decided not to answer any calls. I remember on 27.3.13 there were 113 missed calls. I have taken all their calls till Monday 25.3.13 In the meanwhile I did mange to find out Bosco's office no. After fetching his office no., I have forwarded the same to Mr Roy & Mr Bhosale immediately. They at once contacted his office and got some details. I also managed to get his office address and his mobile no., which was promptly forwarded to Mr Roy & Mr Bhosale. In the meanwhile, I did manage to extend the payment date till Monday 25.3.13 with Ms Shraddha, as it was a weekend and incase of no contact with Bosco on 23rd and 24 march2013. With so much information given to these Hdfc officers, they still unbelieve me, that I am not disclosing all his details, address etc. for which we have no clue whatsoever.

    After 2 days, they landed at his office at Byculla on 28.3.13. Now Mr Bhosale met him personally, enquired about his details, work culture and his personal details. After some discussions, Bosco agreed with Mr Bhosale for a final settlement of Rs.40000/-. This was on Thursday the 28 of march 2013. Bosco managed to convince Mr Bhosale that he would pay the hdfc bank the said rs.40000/-. I am not sure what talks of agreement, agreed or disagreed on final payment date, happened between Bosco and Mr Bhosale. After Mr Bhosale was assured by Bosco and convinced by his own thinking, he left after having pity and pardon on Bosco. Now 29march2013 was a holiday on a/c of Good Friday. With all this harassment and torture, I was going through hell on my Good Friday day. It was like I was being tortured and crucified, for no fault of mine. I could not think, nor sleep due to these continuous abusive and threatening calls. Somehow managed to find out that he has some rs.40/45K in his Allahabad bank a/c at CST road Kalina. He did visit the said bank on 30march2013 at around 10.30am to withdraw rs.40000/-. He did withdraw the amount and has been uncontactable and missing from then on. I had also advised him to take either rs.40000/- in cash or DD to fully settle the said loan at HDFC Bank Kanjur Marg east branch. Since then he has been untraceble. Self and mother are trying to contact him at his office but they say he has not been attending office from saturday the 30mar2013.

    On 1april2013, I received a call from Ms Shraddha and she politely understood the inabilities of us about the whereabouts of Bosco Robert D.Gama. Yesterday 2april2013, myself and my aged mother visited the Vakola police station at Santacruz. We met PSI Gaikwad and he contacted Mr Roy and Mr Bhosale respectively. He advised them that either me nor his aged sr. citizen mother is responsible and you are under no authority to threaten or harrass them. Mr Gaikwad also asked Mr Bhosale to meet him in his office till 8pm or the next day late in the evening since it was his night duty. Today 3.4.13, again Mr Bhosale calls me on my office landline in the afternoon, threatening me in the most abusive language that he will pick me up from my office, put me in prison, alongwith my aged mother, for no fault of ours. After politely answering, I have given Mr Bhosale my friend's no. to be contacted for any further phone calls and legal action.

    My formal request now is that, it was Hdfc bank prime responsibility to check, verify, visit and confirm the documents as well as the physical verification of home where Bosco stayed at the time of December 2007 prior to sanction of above loan. The most disheartening issue with HDFC bank is that they have not disbursed the above loan with due deligence and bank procedures. The bank namely HDFC bank is solely responsible for incorrectly authourising banking loans to customers like Bosco.

    After today, if and whenever I receive any phone calls from any above or HDFC bank, I alongwith my mother are going to take below actions against all of you and your HDFC bank Kanjur Marg east branch.
    I would solemly say that if anything happens to my mother Ms Emily DGama, it would solely hold HDFC bank Kanjur Marg east branch responsible alongwith Mr Roy, Mr Bhosale, Ms Shraddha & Mr Pillai. I will also file a court case against HDFC bank Kanjur Marg east branch, and all 4 mentioned herein. Also a point to note that whenever or if ever, I have been picked up and taken to any office or put in jail, we will file a legal notice and court case against all of you including your bank. BUT since, we are NOT a party to this bank loan or bank transaction, then why trouble us ?

    Madaam, you are requested to find out and punish the so called bank officers, who are behaving in such a rude and rough manner to clients and customers. You have to conduct an enquiry against the above mentioned 4 HDFC bank personnel. We have filed FIR reports in the police station today against Mr Bhosale and all others mentioned in this grievance report. I am also going to inform the RBI deputy governor for such dubious tactics, immoral and unethical ways of interacting with customers.

    Hope you will impart stern actions against the defaulting and misbehaving so-called Hdfc bank officials.
    I would like a report and final outcome of your exercise and RBI bank's corrective measures against the branch manager Mr Roy and other officers namely Mr Bhosale, Ms Shraddha, and Mr Pillai.

    I have attached 2 FIR reports, one by me and the other by my mother, for your perusal.

    Awaiting your favourable reply.

    Yours truly,

    Elliot D Gama
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    Dear sir/mam
    My name is Rohit Vaid,A/c no.0192104000106160 with IDBI bank,b-block janakpuri.I want to complain againt Mr.Parvesh who suppose to be branch head with idbi bank as per he says.I entered the bank for ECS mandate and sign.verification,one of my ecs which is running under axis bank and now i want to operational my idbi account and asked him to do the favour but Mr.parvesh shouted me and asked several questions and tell my banking status in front of all the staff and customers too,i dont understand his behaviour why he shouted me,and also he told me that my banking track record is so poor,so he will neither verify my signature nor he allows me to close my account.I have ever seen any such behaviour atleast from banking executives,I told him i will compain against u he said "boss this is a govt.entity,do wotever u want to"then i lodge my complaint to customer care againt Mr.pravesh and My compaint no.PB161/23Apr13/branch service issue.please do let me know the status of my complaint and i want to meet that person with one of your person in front if.
    Waiting for your reply

    Rohit Vaid
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    The undersigned, a Central Government official, since 13.11.1987, presently working in Ministry of Finance is being provided the Medical facilities from CGHS for my family for last more than 25 years. Moreover, I have also been provided Medi-claim facility from Reliance and Kotak since last 6 years for my family (copies enclosed).

    I have been provided the above refered Card by HSBC with no annual charges, as alleged by them. The Card that was issued in March, 2007 and was valid upto March, 2009 was never used till March, 2008 and as a consipiracy to trap me in March 2008, a lady tele-caller from HSBC/Tata AIG, from Bombay called me and persuaded me to buy the Product i.e. TATA AIG Policy for atleast two months for trail at very nominial cost i.e. Rs.10/-per month.

    The Telecaller contacted me 2-3 times on consecutive days to buy the product. Out of courtsy, being human, I agreed to pay Rs.20/- by MO/Cheque or any other mode of payment, since she had talked to me for more than 15-20 minutes every time. But she further, insisted me to pay it by HSBC Card and recorded my card number. (The call recorded may be perused). It will reveal that I was not interested to buy the product and ready to pay Rs.20/- in cash or MO/cheque. It is the nexus of TATA AIG & HSBC to sell their products. Besides, My letter dated 21.04.2008 will reveal the facts.

    To my utter surprise, within a fortnight, I received a bill statement of Rs.720/- (Rs.700/- towards annual charges for the card + 20/- towards the policy charges for two months) from HSBC Bank. However, I committed to pay Rs.20/- only by credit card.

    I get offended with the cheating and deceit of the Bank, since I had never used that card earlier and had been trapped to buy the product. Hence, I returned my credit card cut into two pieces on 21.04.2008 (copy enclosed).

    The Bank vide their letter dated 13.09.2008 sent me an outstanding Balance for Rs.3459.88 with the advice that in case of non-payment my adverse credit history would be retained at CIBIL (copy enclosed).

    I feel that Bank is irrational, immoral, hecthced a conspiracy to cheat me and committed the fraud in doing so. Since the letter that was sent to the bank on 21.04.2008 was not responded immediately and it took 144 days to bank to issue me the advice, inflating the outstanding amount from Rs.720/- to 3459.88, as if the Indian Government have authorized them to loot the public ruthlessly.

    I took a Home Loan of Rs. 12.00 Lac from DHFL in December, 2009 and the Bank charges 0.5 % additional interest above the prevailing rate of interest due to CIBIL it is not recorded anywhere but the agent of the bank informed . The loan has been fully paid back to DHFL. I noted, that I have paid Rs.25000/- (approx) to DHFL due to CIBIL, consequent upon the immoral and malpractices of the HSBC.That may be reimbursed by the Bank.

    Every month I am getting the Outstanding Balance statement from HSBC with inflated amount irrationally. The amount payable is Rs.43842.09 for the period 13 Sept, 2012 to 12 October, 2012 (copy enclosed). I don’t have the recent statement since I used to throw them in waste-paper basket. Now I have decided to sue the Bank.

    My credit history that is tarnished by the HSBC, by retaining my name in CIBIL, caused me mental agony and harassment as well as financial loss.

    So far, I have taken loans from many banks viz. CITI, Barclays, SBI and DHFL from time to time and have paid all my dues timely. Supporting documents are enclosed.

    Now, I want to take a home loan from SBI, the Bank asked me to get my name removed from CIBIL. Hence, this communication.

    I met with my counsel and he advised me to take up the matter with your office. Kindly look into the matter for the sake of justice.

    After serving the Banking Division, M/o Finnace, DFS, it is my experience that Banks in general and Private Banks especially are irrationaly and illogically doing the same business. They are looting the com,mon man, general public. I have so many cases and can write a book. This is one example , since I commited to pay only Rs.20/- towards the cost of product, the card was never used before or after this honey-trap deal. Bank persuaded me to buy the product and levied/charged Rs.700/- towards annual charges of the card. Further, when the card was returned to the Bank in April, 2008 the Bank sent me a statement in September, 2008 with advise to pay 3459.88. I had no money to pay the Bank. Why it took so much time, Why should I pay for the folly of the Bank. I never denied to pay Rs.20/- to Bank at that time and even today I am rady to pay the amount calculated on pro-rata basis. i.e. the outstanding statement is being generated for Rs.720/-, if it is calculated for Rs.20/- I am ready to pay the amount. The main component is Rs. 700/- that is multiplying time and again due to the gundagardi of the Bank.

    The Bank be directed to be judicious and humane in public dealing, Otherwise I have no option but to disclose the character of Bank and TATA in Media and social media. How they accumulate the money by looting the Indian Public.

    Shame on Such democracy, where the Banks with the connivance of the Government doing what the Bristishers were doing during pre-independence era.
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    To the banking ombudsman from B Sri Hari

    Sub: ATM withdrawl of amount Rs 34,000/- from my SBI account without any intimacy of mine reg.

    i B SRI HARI having an account in state bank of india branch at srungavarapu kota in vizianagarm district with account No 20010575207 observed that total amount of 34,000/- from my account has been withdrawn four times i.e 10,000 , 10,000 , 10,000 and 4,000 respectively at SBP BELAPUR NAVI MUMBAI IN on 5TH MAY 2013 as per the information given by bank on bank passbook updation which i came to notice on 5th while taking ministatement so i consulted the bank on the next day that is on monday.
    i had not even got any sms for the amount withdrawl on that day even i have sms elert for this account. i am here to inform u that iam residing at vizag on that day i had not dispatched my pin or atm to any one before and i have no relatives or friends at mumbai but how could this happen for me i am very tensed and i dont know what to do and how to proceed further so requesting your kindness to suggest me and initiate the process as early as possible.
    i filed a complaint regarding this to the sbi bank main branch s-kota they said that it may be cyber crime so intimate to police station but at police station also there is no good response for my complaint.
    i request your kindness to take this as a complaint and take proper action as early as possible.

    my contact details : phone no: 9440430530, email id:
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    Goodday to you
    To whom it may concern

    I want to lay a complaint against capitec bank at greenstone mall.I went there to open a new account as my wife is already wth them .arrive the they told me I need my I'd doc and proof of residence. Give to them the told me they can't open an account for me cause I had tempered wth my I'd doc I ask them why they say I use glue on it and my doc is fraudulent I ask him twice. Mr stembiso nkosi. Who assist me . I told him this is my I'd how cn I tamperd wth my I'd to do wht all I do was to keep the pages together. Thy told me in this bank yur I'd is unexceptable. I use this same I'd were ever I go . The very sameday I went to standard bank and I draw staement what ever I what to do. I m a citizen of my country before this bank was here is was why do they hve the right to treat me like this in front of other people I felt like a criminal . I feel the obudsman should realy look into ths. I thnk of someone in the sqauter camp whose I'd is ruined by water or whtever hw will thy treat thm plse I beg u dnt leave stones unturn for this useless unhelpfull people calling themselves a bank . I await yur respnse on this mater.
    My name benjamin volmink
    Cell 0835929228
    Plse contact me on the abve email plse not this one I use here
    Thank you for your time in readng and solve
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    Dear Sir/Madam,
    Greeting of the day!

    I applied for home loan in HDFC home loan ltd for a loan of Rs 800000 with all the documents required by bank (Like legal report, site map approved by MC, salary slip etc).
    HDFC also acknowledged me with approval in reply on date 26-AUG-2012. File No-605845276/AL.
    But at the time of disbursement HDFC refused without giving any satisfactory reason. HDFC did not even communicate in writing for refusal of loan.
    I have been trying since then for the refund of processing fee or disbursement of loan amount.
    My construction work is stuck and I have felt cheated. HDFC has shown no professionalism in this matter. Every time I call at HDFC, they say my request of refund is in process (for last six months).
    Considering the harassment and negligence by HDFC, I would request for appropriate compensation and refund of my processing fee.
    Yogesh Sharma.
    Mobile no- 9915590717. Email Id:
    Application File No: 605845276/AL.
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    I am ex-employee of HDFC Bank, i left the job in sep 2011 after seven year of working i filled the form for withdrawl of pf in dec 2012 but till date i have not recvd any amt while following with personnel department in mumbai they are giving us false commitments only........ like wen they recvd the form they told me that it will come in march 2013 den after march they told dat it will credited it in 2nd week of may but i have not recvd it till date and now these people are stop responding to my mails.

    Pls help
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    I am ex-employee of HDFC Bank, i left the job in sep 2011 after seven year of working i filled the form for withdrawl of pf in dec 2012 but till date i have not recvd any amt while following with personnel department in mumbai they are giving us false commitments only........ like wen they recvd the form they told me that it will come in march 2013 den after march they told dat it will credited it in 2nd week of may but i have not recvd it till date and now these people are stop responding to my mails.

    Pls help

    Name- Pooja Sarin
    employee code p3225
    email id-
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    Respected Sir,

    For the payment of my Vodafone bill, I have issued a crossed cheque (No.80068 dated 22.04.2013)of Rs.1100/- favouring Vodafone. My colleague instead of providing the instrument to Vodafone accidently submitted it to Partel Communication which is a collection agency of Airtel. When this came to my notice I have checked the same with Airtle, by the time the cheque gone for collection. On 25.04.2013 the cheque got collected from my account by Airtel. When I raised the issue to the Airtel, they are in a stand that they are helpless.
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    Dear Sirs,

    With very heavy heart I would like to complaint about the behaviour of branch Manager A K Gupta , Canara Bank, Nabha, when I approached him for the ATM difference came while with drawing the amount from HDFC atm ( when the Canara Bank ATM was not working) of Rs 15000/-. When I approached Canara Bank AT<M , the same was not in working order and I needed money and hence approached adjoining HDFC bank ATM and tried to withdraw Rs10000/- , but the amount was not dispensed, the guard on duty asked me that you should try again the machine is faulty, and I again tried for Rs5000/- but of no gain.
    Next morning I approached Canara Bank and was asked to wait for two days advising me that the amount will be credited back automatically. But after waiting for few days I preferred to give a written complaint on 23/1/13 in writing. After few days while enquiring of several times and visits the bank officials told me that the transaction was successful and nothing can be done on this now. I tried to approached Branch Manager A K Gupta and was surprised with his behaviour when he was not even ready to listen my complaint saying that I already know the matter and given me a self styled arbitratory lecture and was not ready to listen to my requests. When asked to listen to me first he referred me to his junior officer and asked him very rudely , "iski baat sun lo."
    I wish to submit that I myself is an ex-banker for 10 years and working at GM level with a leading Combine manufacturer and handling PAN India dealer network and direct marketing. If this will be the treatment our bank employees ( public servants) of the one of the leading banks in India, what will be the fate of customers banking on them. I am connected with a healthy network of 42 lac people and will certainly not sit quiet if a suitable reply is not received with in time lines.
    Note:When asked for the video footage Mr. Manager asked me to be ready for the charges HDFC will take for the video footage for the eye witness and authentication of the matter.

    Waiting to hear soon,,
    Gurcharan Singh Nanda
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    ZFme07 Wow, great post.Really thank you! Fantastic.
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    Dear Team,

    I am present customer of ICICI bank home loan with Loan account number LBHYD00001339464 ( 33 lakhs). I took the loan in 2006 at 9.5% floating interest rate. In 2007 the interest rate was changed to 12.5% and recently in Feb 2013,I was informed on the option of switching the loan to 10.25% in fixed mode for 2 years. In no documentation and verbally it was informed to us that there will be preclosure charges of 2% on the outstanding amount. we were also informed that RBI has sent the guidelines of no charges on preclosure.I am now running from pillar to post to get guided and in no documentation is written about the preclosure charges. I am extremely disappointed with the services of the bank. I need to close the loan immediately but for want of clarification am waiting to credit the amount in the loan account. There is no one in ICICI who is reasonable and understand and can help customers avoid such inconveniences. There has to be a caluse in the document (addendum) signed for preclosure charges when the switching of loan happens. It cannot be raised as a surprise to us.
    Now ICICI team are asking for sanction letter copy which was never received by me. Few are saying that they have discontinued sending the sanction letter copy to customer while few are insisting for the same.

    I am a weaIth cutomer in the bank and am facing such treatment. I am sure the service levels to other customers will be lower than experienced.

    have another loan recently moved to another bank for whch the original documents were misplaced and it took 4 months for me to run around and trace them.
    I am sure the friendliness of the bank is terribly coming down each day and senior management need to review this.

    horrible service levels and standards going down everyday.

    Supriya S
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    i am a regular client of hdfc bank bhiwani. now i have to open new accounts of my sons and their huf accounts. but after so many visits and phone calls they are not openning our accounts.the staff and branch manager of bhiwani hdfc branch are very careless andof rude behaviour. please take necessaty steps to take action against them. so that they behave properly with other customers.and please assure me to open my accounts.

    raman garg bhiwani haryana
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    i am a regular client of hdfc bank bhiwani. now i have to open new accounts of my sons and their huf accounts. but after so many visits and phone calls they are not openning our accounts.the staff and branch manager of bhiwani hdfc branch are very careless andof rude behaviour. please take necessaty steps to take action against them. so that they behave properly with other customers.and please assure me to open my accounts.

    raman garg bhiwani haryana
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    I am posting this complaint against the sbi, ragarding the withdrawl attempt made by me from pnb atm attached with vda pnb branch in varanasi. I tried to withdraw an amount of rs. 10000.00 on 04/03/2013 from the above pnb atm, but as soon as i entered the desired amount in the machine it suddenly broke down before dispensing the cash, it even did not give the transaction slip. After few seconds i got a message from the bank about the debited amount on my registered mobile no-9565287000. Then i waited for 2 days to get my money back in my account, but it did not. Then i contacted the maqbool alam road, varanasi branch of state bank of india which is my home branch. The branch manager informed me that they can not do anything about it and i will have to talk to the call center for the atm related problems. I tried to contact on the customer care many times but the person dealing over phone disconnected the call before completing the call. Finally i could register my complaint on 09/03/2013. Then on 16/03/2013 i got a message from the bank that my complaint no at42927924859 has been resolved and i was asked to contact the branch for details. When i called the customer care i was informed that i have to submit the valid documents in the branch. Then i again visited the bank but they told me that my complaint has been closed but no particular reason was given to me. Then again i requested the manager to resolve the issue. Then he again opened the complaint but again it was closed without crediting my money in my account. Since then i have contacted the bank several times and have given a written complaint regarding the same but nothing has happened.
    So, even after 88 days have passed i am still struggling to get my money back but i am not even getting a proper response from the bank. So, you are requested to kindly look into the matter and do the needful.


    abhinav kumar singh
    a/c no- 30578523452
    card no-4591510062926170
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    Dear Sir/ Madam

    a/c no. 100012564447

    i have my saving/salary account at Indusind bank at its Prabhadevi Branch i have issued a PDC and i have sufficient balance in the account but the bank deducted rupees 500 before the clearance of the cheque so the cheque has bounced , and i have to suffer a lot of problem,even the the cheque became bounced the bank further deducted rupees 400 from the said account, pls do provide me appropriate relief .

    Jitendra Chaturvedi
    Cell 09320658831
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    Respected Sir,
    Regarding to ATM I am going to Branch of State Bank of India and Acc. Mr. Rajinder Patani mibehave with me and ask we are not your servent, close your account and go outside. My Acc. No. is Rajinder Pal Singh 30453852865 and Abhishek Bedi 32981709308 & My Mobile No. is 09653701300. Please send my complaint to head office.
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    The Banking Ombudsman
    Place of BO’s office State Bank of India

    Dear Sir,
    Sub: Complaint against Mr. Rajinder Patani (Name of the bank’s branch) of
    State Bank of India, Kotkapura Road Muktsar

    Details of the complaint are as under:
    1. Name of the Complainant Mibehave with Customers

    2. Full Address of the Complainant
    Malout Road, Kirat Nagar, St. No. 3, Muktsar

    Pin Code 152026
    Phone No/ Fax No. 09653701300, 7696850222

    3. Complaint against (Name and full address of the branch/bank) Mr. Rajinder Patani

    Pin Code 152026
    Phone No. / Fax No.01633262082

    4. Particulars of Bank or Credit card Account (If any)
    Rajinder Pal Singh 30453852865
    5. (a) Date of representation already made by the complainant to the bank (Please enclose a copy of the representation) 13-6-2013

    (b) Whether any reminder was sent by the complainant? YES
    ( Please enclose a copy of the reminder )

    6. Subject matter of the complaint (Please refer to Clause 8 of the Scheme)

    7. Details of the complaint:
    (If space is not sufficient, please enclose separate sheet)

    8. Whether any reply (Within a period of one month after the bank concerned received the representation) has been received from the bank? Yes/ No
    ( if yes, please enclose a copy of the reply )

    9. Nature of Relief sought from the Banking Ombudsman
    ( Please enclose a copy of documentary proof, if any, in support of your claim )

    10. Nature and extent of monetary loss, if any, claimed by the complainant by way of compensation (please refer to clauses 12 (5) & 12 (6) of the Scheme) Rs.……………….

    11. List of documents enclosed:
    (Please enclose a copy of all the documents )

    12. Declaration:
    (i) I/ We, the complainant/s herein declare that:
    a) the information furnished herein above is true and correct;
    b) I/We have not concealed or misrepresented any fact stated in the above columns and in the documents submitted herewith.
    (ii) The complaint is filed before expiry of period of one year reckoned in accordance with the provisions of Clause 9(3)(a) and (b) of the Scheme.
    (iii) The subject matter of the present complaint has never been brought before the Office of the Banking Ombudsman by me/ us or by any of the parties concerned with the subject matter to the best of my/ our knowledge.
    (iv) The subject matter of the present complaint has not been decided by/pending with any forum/court/arbitrator.
    (v) I/We authorise the bank to disclose any such information/ documents furnished by us to the Banking Ombudsman and disclosure whereof in the opinion of the Banking Ombudsman is necessary and is required for redressal of our complaint.
    (vi) I/We have noted the contents of the Banking Ombudsman Scheme, 2006.

    Yours faithfully,
    (Signature of Complainant)

    NOMINATION – (If the complainant wants to nominate his representative to appear and make submissions on his behalf before the Banking Ombudsman or to the Office of the Banking Ombudsman, the following declaration should be submitted.)

    I/We the above named complainant/s hereby nominate
    Shri/Smt………………………………………….. who is not an Advocate and whose address is
    ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… ………
    as my/our REPRESENTATIVE in all proceedings of this complaint and confirm that any statement, acceptance or rejection made by him/her shall be binding on me/us. He/She has signed below in my presence.


    (Signature of Representative)
    (Signature of Complainant)
    Note: If submitted online, the complaint need not be signed.
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    Dear Sir,
    Ref:Account no-00000030131819370

    We are the dealers of Ashok Leyland,JCB,GM,VW,LCV all over Rajasthan.We had taken a Channel Finance facility from SBI,Transport Nagar,Jaipur Branch for Rs.15crores.They had created a charge for the same amount in ROC.This account has been closed now and we have received the No dues after continuous approaches to the concerned branch.We need to file form 17 in this regard for the removal of charge.

    As per ROC norms one needs to file form 17within 30 days from the date of account closure along with NOC received from the bank.But as we didn't receive the No dues from the branch in time we couldn't file the form earlier.Account was closed in December 12 and we have received the NOC in May13.

    We are not at fault in this matter.The bank officials didn't pay much concern towards the matter and now we are facing this issue.

    Thus you are requested to help us out in the matter by finding out the solution for the same.

    Besides this we even require the digital signatures of the bank official who will sign the Form 17 for removal of the charge in ROC as this is the necessity.

    As told none of the persons in this branch (Transport Nagar,Jaipur)is having the digital signatures.They even don't know whom to contact with nor are they providing any solution.We are getting late by late even when we are not at any fault.Please provide the name of the person who can sign the same form and his having digital signatures
    Please look into the matter and reply as soon as possible.
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    Dear concern, my name is Pankaj Sharma s/oRam nath sharma. R/o of I/s Hira mandi ferozepur city.punjab pan BIIPS7189B. I applied a two wheeler loan from HDFC bank ferozepur city as on 14 june2013. On 20 june i came to know my loan is rejected. According to sales executive my cibil is good but i was in black list due to data sharing on 6 mar. 2013.a complaint against me a person bharta prabhu. I dont know what is this.need your help to clear the picture. My email id is and my contact no. is 9855049080
    With regards
    pankaj sharma
    ssm DLF Pramerica
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    I have use ATM Card in PNB Bank withrawal 2000/- Rs. but I have not received cash. but it has been cut from my A/C 5000/- with my Axis Bank A/c No. 911010009326101, So Please help me. I have done complaint against PNB Customer Care also but they did not do anything for me.
    Ishwar Singh
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    Dear Sir/Madam,

    This complaint is regarding My Credit Card No 44774709069007 which I have used in period of 2006-2007
    I rarely used it and use to pay the amount as per the instructions given me by the executive of the ICICI bank. I used it very rare and after some time they have started given me the calls to pay the amount of 5000/- to get NOC. I agreed and I made the payment of 5000/- in 19th June 2007 to ICICI. I called up that number again then I came to know it was a fake call. The amount of 8660/- has been auto debited from my account without my permission.
    I have register online complaint in ICICI bank and afterward I was receiving any statement on my place which shows that the matter has been cleared.
    Now after so many years me and my husband has started receiving the calls from ICICI collection department that I have used 56000/- and using very filthy language. I tried to make them understand but they are just some stupid people over there not listening and harassing us. They put out all personal details of my husband, office staff and relatives and put our situation in mess.
    I went to the Videocon tower to collect the details of the card I have used. According to that statement I have used the credit card sum fo Rs 11,327/- and I made the total amount sum of Rs 46,880/- They don't understand the whole thing and they want us to make the payment of 23000 to get NOC else we both will receive such calls on regular basis. My intentions were never wrong and made the payment as per their executive has mentioned me on the phone only.
    They use to deduct the amount from my salaried account no. 004601044246 which I was unaware and I use to made the payment by cash as the date of in cash in the account was not fixed and I told the executive who use to come to get the payment.
    Now We both are completely in harassment period any no one is there to help or listen. All we earn is our hard money. Do we get rid of all this just give money to these ICICI bank "GUNDAS"????

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    Dear Concern, I am Deepika Punjabi,a citibank Suvidha account holder in Pune since June 2010. It was a horrible experience that I recently faced for using the credit card of Citibank. I had used the card for few transactions in November 2010, post which I paid regular installments on the same,which was to be reimbursed by my employer by presenting the card statement in hard copy. Over which I requested citi to provide me the statements,which should anyways be delivered to my mail box and address as a process.Post my request number of times,and moreover every time by explaining the entire story to a new a customer care executive and their promises to due the needful, I never received the statement. Because of which I wasn't able to get the money reimbursed by my company and the amount I paid for the emi's till date, was the loss I had to bear on my pocket.
    After this point,I stopped paying the installments over which the bank started their recovery follow-ups and the same story was repeated again, with my cries for the statement,but nothing materialized,and then I was never called back.
    Now after two and half years passed by,and also over a change in my employer,I get a call from a citi executive for the amount due on me,with huge interest tagged along. I requested them to send an executive to resolve my complain, which never happened. And one fine day,an amount of Rs.24000 was deducted from my Suvidha account, without any prior intimation. I only get to know about it,when I receive a cheque bounce notice for an ecs due on my account. For which as a process,makes me liable for the fines and also spoils my bank records for the future references.
    As an working individual,who has a set monthly financial plans for oneself,basis the funds in bank, it becomes a challenge to survive an entire month to go after having such an unplanned and uninformed expenses. Now I have no idea of where do I pay my pending emi's and my other monthly expenses from, with a sum of Rs.2000 pending in my account.
    Its a horrible experience to have from a brand name like Citi. Expect some restoration after this complain.
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    sir i have deposited a cheque to be credited to my savings account bearing no 31476238657 of SBI after clearing bearing cheque no 210953 of Rs 8973 on 24/11/2012 at sbi
    Golaghat branch at dimapur but still it is not been credited.after asking several time they are turning deaf ear.
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    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I had applied a form for settlement of Provident Fund. There is a rule of deposited a form with cheque. As per there rule I had deposited the same but after settlement of PF, there is withdrawn by my cheque which had submitted with pf form from my bank(Corporation Bank) clearing date 05/06/13, Ch. no. 882162. The beneficiary a/c name is Harish Singh and his account with HDFC Bank, branch 518-530, First floor, Mahalaxmi Building, Chandani Chowk.

    Sir, Cheque was not issued by me and signature is also differ not mine but my bank corporation bank cleared it and hdfc not provide the benificary detail.

    So, You're requested please help.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Akash SINGH
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    Dear Sir,

    I, Nitesh Srivastava A/c Holder Punjab National Bank (Home Branch- Faizabad, U.P.) used my atm card in State Bank Of India, Sector-51 Noida on 3rd March, 7:51 p.m. but i did not get cash because ATM machine button was not working even i was not able to enter my atm pin no. At the same time on 7:53pm I used my atm card in Punjab National bank atm for Rs 2000/- which was situated just nearby SBI Bank atm and i did get cash 2000/- After 4 minute i have received SMS on my mobile that my a/c is debited for Rs 10000/- thru ATM but i did not enter the amount 10000/- in any ATM. As a matter of complain, i conveyed the issue to helpline no- 01202490000 but he replied to me that service time has been closed and it will open from next day morning 8.00 am. According to time i again made contact to helpline no on 4 March, 10.00am and I registered my complain with complain id: 59439678. I came to know that fund will be reversed in my a/c within 24 hour but it is about to be more than 100 days I have not received my money back in my account. Instead, A letter having list of transactions have been sent to me which says that I have withdrawn Rs. 10000 but in actual, no money came out of the SBI ATM machine.

    On 2nd April, I got a Mail that “We recived your subject complaint and the same has been sent to OBO,Kanpur as per their jurisdiction, please contact that office to know further development in the matter”.

    if ATM has disbursed the money against my ATM card why can't we go for verification of CC TV footage. IF SBI as other bank refuses to do so then tell me the necessary ways for CC TV footage verification

    In this regard I request you for CC TV footage verification by independent authorities & further ways to do it.
    If CC TV footage confirms money withdrawn against my ATM then I will accept the ruling.

    Regarding This Issue, I request you to guide and help me to get the justice & my money back to me.

    for this I will be thankful to you.
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    Ms Priyanka from Kotak Phoenix called up for outstanding amount recovery which is not accurate used provoking and threatening language.
    Case is like I was using ABN Amro credit card in year 2006 and took cash on call Rs 50000.00 however i have paid in full but to my surprise i got a letter in 2008 for outstanding amt payable Rs 14758.53 i tried to reach on given nos but in vain.
    Last two day again I started to receive call from Kotak Phoenix and Ms Priyanka unnecessarily using threatening language and provoking me to react. She even threatened me to report to my HR which in really un called for...I just want her to produce actual pending if any and bifurcation of dues but she failed to do so.
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