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    Respected sir,
    This is kishan singh chouhan i have taken 300000 rs personal loan and bank has given me the 15000 rs policy. i said i didnt want to take this policy.but they said its mendetory.when i taken the loan and after i have cancel the policy in freelook then bank has blocked my account and show (-15000) in my account why .

    kishan singh
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    My Name Bimla Devi.Having Saving A/C numer No- 3204101001910 Canara Bank in Mughalsarai. I make Transaction with Canara Bank ATM on 20/11/2013.I Tried to draw Rs. 10000/- From my Account on 20/11/2013 all process took as usual but befour issuing the money , the ATM Display your Transaction failded. I was not even issues a Transaction Slip.ATM Machine could not give any amount and Rs. 10000/- Rupees has been debited My Account.I also Get SMS your account no xxxxxxxxxxxxx1910 is debited with Rs. 10,000/ on 20/11/2013 Towards ATM cash withdrawal.
    I have Complaint to the Canara bank. but Canara bank employee Said they cannot do anything. Then I m Go Canara bank branch manager .He say Call customer Care...

    So I Request you to please take this Letter Seriourly and I just Need your Help.....

    Mobile Numer- 09807112226
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    We had given our Adar card (No 966785445015) at My village bank (SBH ,Boath ,Adilabad),but they are not linked our Adar with Cylinder hence we are unable to Book our cylinder.please register our Mobile No 8985698653 & Consumer no 51852....Please do registration as early as possible
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    Date: 31st January’2014.

    Dear Sirs,
    This has the reference to my LAS account (Loan Against Security), the Account Number being 00222070001184 and the FAS number being 224012, with the HDFC Bank, Kolkata, GOLPARK BRANCH, with MICR Code : 700240005 and IFSC Code: HDFC 0000022
    I have a LAS account (Loan Against Security), the Account Number being 00222070001184 and the FAS number being 224012 with an initial loan amount of close to one crore with THE HDFC Bank Kolkata. The said account was opened under the supervision of Mr. Niloy Dey (my Relationship Manager) at the Golpark Branch. The Securities that were pledged were several mutual funds, including UTI Mutual Fund. In the month of December’2013, when my outstanding went close to the withdrawal of RS.23 Lakhs of the LAS account, I had decided to close the LAS account after redemption of my collateral security “UTI-FIXED INCOME INTERVAL FUND - IV- ANNUAL INTERVAL PLAN- RETAIL OPTION – GROWTH”, (Folio Number 514191526545), whose value was more than RS. 25 lakhs and which has been already pledged with HDFC Bank and also had the yearly redemption window for 9th December’2013 to 10th December’2013. Accordingly, I submitted the “Combined Account Closure Form” on 03.12.2013 in the Gillander House Branch (the copy of the receipt and the filled in form is enclosed for your kind perusal). Unfortunately, the Bank could not oblige to close my account because they had failed to redeem the Fund within the stipulated time. And now have informed me that the redemption can only happen in the month of December’2014.
    I have already complained to HDFC’s grievance cell but they are willing to accept their fault.
    In order to maintain the account as regular, now I’ll have to continue to serve the interest till December, 2014, which will be close to Rs. 3.00 Lakhs.
    I strongly feel that this act of HDFC is very unprofessional and has a mala fide intension.

    Considering the above would you please let me know what do I need to do get out of this problem.
    I would appreciate any guidance on this.

    Thank you for your understanding

    Thanking you,
    Yours faithfully,

    Arup Dasgupta and Dr. Paramita Dasgupta
    61/23, Moore Avenue,
    Kolkata 700040
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    hi sir/madam,
    I am sitto antony applied for a personal loan from hdfc bank.a gentleman came for the address verification.the bank or the out side agency's staff the man was a sardagi and he didn,t tell his name.

    the same person came befor also for the verification of a credit card from axis bank.but that time the person came to my office address and didn't come to my residential address verification and he sent a negative report.even that time the persons gestuers were like for a benefit and he was saying me door locked reprt he will the time my wife was at home only even still she is at home with my daughter.

    this time he sent a door lock reprt first around by 12.30 pm on 31/1/14. and after that the person called me to my mobile around by 4.30 pm and asked how to reach to the address.i explained and helped him to reache to the address.during the verification time his gestures were the same and he was showing me some hand movements like counting money.

    today I went to nearby police station and I complained for the same.the policeman called him to come to the station today but he did,t come .after the policeman's speech he called me and threatened me that he will assault me and he will be coming to the address.

    the point for my complaint is that the confidentiality of my financial data he explained to the land lord who was staying in ground floor and today after my complaint he called and threatened me.
    I have the call recordings with me
    in case if anything happens to me or my life or my family he will be responsible.

    hope judges from you.
    faithfully sitto antony.
    mob no:09650234222
    the verification officer,s mob no:09891976640.
    bike reg no:dl 10 sg 1571
    the police station palam vihar ,Gurgaon.near rotary public school.
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    i recharged my bsnl number with 450 rupees which was a data plan with which i had to get 3.5 gb of data but i got rs 399 top-up by deducting 51 rupees as service tax. This occured because of software bug in icici mobile app because in bsnl there are two offers for amount 450 one is for top up and other is for data plan and icici will not ask user for the option ie whether they want data or top-up and hence customer are getting cheated .plz help.
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    Dear Sir,

    I have a Kotak Salary account (Trinity account) in which I have Savings, Current and Demat Account with Noida, Sector-18 Branch. This account remain salaried account till june 2012. After which salary was not credited to this account. Aware of this I went to Kotak Customer Helpdesk in our company to seek the guidance to close this account. They asked me the reason why I want to close this account, I told them that salary won't be credited to this account and it won't be possible for me to maintain the balance required for savings account.

    Their manager at Counter (help-desk) confirmed me that if I am having an active Demat account (active means transactions happening in Demant account), I can maintain the savings account(Salary account) at Zero Balance. I confirmed this and he assured me for this.

    Now, I am facing the charges for non-maintenance of Min Balance for the month of OCT as Rs.779.97/- and for the month of NOV as Rs.867.42/-.

    I lodged a complaint for the same by calling Kotak Bank Customer Care and they told me that they will get back to me in a week. After a week when I called, I came to know that they have closed the complaint saying that they called customer(me) and issue resolved, while in actual I haven't received any call. I asked customer care executive to reopen that complaint, but till now, I haven’t got any response on that.

    I want to close this account, and I want these charges to be refunded to me. Kindly look into the matter.

    Please let me know if any details are required.

    Best Regards:
    Nitin Bajaj
    95352 90501
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    we inform to you that we have deposited amount by airtel money to centeral bank of india account wrongly account number wrong and our money transfer to another account.Then we send airtel money user and said to him this problem.but he said that he had not responsible for it and no complaint .So we request to you please help me
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    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I want to file a defamation suit against HDFC Bank for their gross negligence in addressing customers issues.

    My HDFC Bank account number is 00751610113516 and I am facing an issue with HDFC Bank’s netbanking site/mobile banking application.

    I have added my wife’s HDFC Bank account, 00531270000193 as one of the beneficiaries under ” transfer within bank” beneficiary type. There were 6 beneficiaries under the same category and one of them my wife’s account which is not showing in the list due to which I was unable to make fund transfers.

    I have also tried to re-add the account one more time, but I am getting the message stating that ”

    Cannot add since account already present”.

    I have reported this issue to HDFC Bank people on 16.02.2014 via the call reference number: CHNG0214038724, I had also spoken to Shanmuga Priya Assistant Manager, HDFC Bank. She was not able to resolve my problem and she had assured me that I will be getting a call back from HDFC Bank to address my concern on 16.02.2014 itself. But, I did not get any call from HDFC Bank on that day.

    The next morning I had to call them once again and had to explain all my case one more time to Ms/Mrs. Harini who claims to be an Assistant Manager via the call reference number,CHNC0214039216, even she could do nothing.

    Instead of looking into my issue, they have disconnected the telephone calls several times to keep me at bay and when they answer my calls, they were asking questions like whether I was using Mozilla Firefox/Internet Explorer/Google Chrome etc.. I had asked them as to how does it make a difference whether I am using any of the aforesaid browsers, they had no answer.

    I had also spoken to Mr.RamaKrishnan (Dpty Manager, Customer Complaints)/Advina/Arun Chakravarthy on 25.02.2014 via the call reference number:CHNG0214041844, they kept on asking the same set of template questions which were asked on 16.02.2014 and did nothing, more over Mr.Rama Krishnan was kind enough to listen my case in a humiliated fashion saying that there was no fault from the Bank side.

    And, Mr.Rama Krishnan was also suggesting me other ways of depositing funds by going to the bank’s branch office in person etc..
    Their behavior was so obnoxious through out the calls.
    My concern is that, if I had to deposit personally, what is the purpose of HDFC Bank’s net banking site..?? It was working fine for me till the last online transaction I did.
    Why are they(HDFC Bank) promoting the usage of Mobile Bank applications etc…??

    The crux my case is that.. my wife had issued a post dated Cheque with date as 17.02.2014 for a sum of 50,000/- to a payee for a settlement.
    She had issued the cheque in the last week January,2014.

    The Cheque was supposed to be present on 17.02.2014 by that payee and I had to beg them to convince so that they do not present the cheque on 17.02.2014.
    I had to listen to a lot of abusive words from that payee, they insisted that they will present the Cheque for the clearance on the same date and even threatened me suing in the court , after a lot of effort and bargaining they agreed to present the cheque on the next day, 18.02.2014 and I had to pay
    the price for it for HDFC Bank’s mistake.

    It was defamatory and derogatory and I want to file a defamation suit against HDFC Bank for damaging mine & my wife’s reputation and causing damage to our CIBIL ratings.

    Had our cheque been presented on 17.02.2014, it would have bounced back and they would have filed a cheque bounce case against my wife, as you know it is a non-bailable criminal offense.

    My case is not yet resolved till now.

    I request you to kindly address my case and suggest me whether I can file the defamation suit in consumer court or in Civil/Criminal court and what should be the amount that I can file the defamation suit for..??

    Even, today(26.02.2014) I got an email reply from HDFC Bank at 5.44pm stating that the aforesaid beneficiary is added to list of beneficiaries and I can do the fund transfer, "but I am still unable to find the beneficiary details for the fund transfer"

    Thanking you in advance,
    Venu Gopal Reddy.K
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    Dear Sir/Madam,

    This is regarding the security concern I have faced when doing an online transaction for booking flight tickets for my friend.
    Below is the explanation of online transaction,

    I was booking flight tickets online through and using my SBI credit card.
    Usually, as per the latest regulations, all online transactions should complete/processed by a OTP (one time password).
    When I have entered my card details and when I click 'Pay', it should ask for a OTP, before deducting the money from my credit card.
    But, the money was deducted and no OTP was processed or sent to my registered mobile number to complete the transaction.

    This was shocking and has given a serious concern about the security measure taken by the respective bank (SBI in this regard).
    If this is the case, then why do we need a registered mobile number and why do we need a procedure called OTP?

    I need a justification as I feel insecured in using the credit card.
    This complaint is also on considering the customers those who use the credit card and especially from SBI.

    I can provide further details upon request.

    Thanks and Best Regards
    Parthiban V
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    I have availed a P/L of Rs. 3.00 lacs from Axis Bank DLF Gurgaon branch. At the time of processing of loan it was advised to me that no restriction regarding credit to loan amount but when I remit money through NEFT/RTGS using INB mode, the NEFT/RTGS come back and no credit to my loan account while I want to reduce my liability gradually by depositing some extra amount. Plz help me.


    Karan Singh
    WZ-1656 NANAGAL RAYA, NEW DELHI -110046.
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    Dear Sir/Madam,
    My Name is Siva Rami Reddy M, My native place is Akkapalle and my Father is a Farmer, our annual Income is less then 50000.Because of my poverty i have taken Education Loan around Rs. 130000
    For my studies (MCA) in the year 2007, 2008 and 2009 from Syndicate Bank, Thurimella branch (IFSC code is SYNB0003676) Giddalur mandal, Prakasam dist, Andhra pradesh-523372.
    At the same time as per bank rules i was paying terms interest for Loan amount accordingly.
    As we know Interim Budget 2014 for education in India Union Finance Minister P. Chidambaram speech on Lok Sabha on Monday. There he announced a moratorium period for all the education loans that had been taken up to March 31, 2009, and outstanding as of March 31, 2013.
    Once I got the news, i went to Bank and Requested to the manager regarding the same then he replies me you are not eligible for reduction of education loan interest, our bank will not reduce the loan interest and you will pay all of your loan amount and he communicate with me very rubbishy on Interim Budget 2014.
    Can you please help me to deal with Bank Manager to avoid loan interest payments as per Interim Budget 2014, as Per Govt Rules, So that I can pay my loan amount regularly.
    MY Account number: 3676/220/31393.
    And internal account: 12349

    Thanking you. Yours Obediently
    M Siva Rami Reddy,
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    I had extremely poor experience with services, miscalculation of interest and poor response leading to harassment from idbi branch..

    I blame rajeev batli who has never resolved my issues with cooperation and has done sufficient errors and humiliation to us.. Before we approached and wrote about him to ankur dubey and idbi customer acre (but no action...but idbi ignored and thereby ankur and rajeev increased the harassment)

    but mr ankur dubey also did not responded to my complaint as i came to know that he is friend of mr rajeev batli..
    Is idbi making a gang at noida for harassing customers...
    This is shameful and very embarrassing.'my idbi customer id is: 74372920
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    Dear sir, I have an salary account with Axis bank. On the June 2012 . i have been charged with the amount of 43.82 with the name of "consolidated DP charges" and when i called bank, they said it is for opening dmAt account. but when the account was opened, i was told that there will be no charges for opening and mainitaining this account for lifetime. but now i am here charged with this charges. there was wrong information provided by the exwcutives and cheating to us. This was month end and i needed the amount which they debited without my knowledge badly. please look into this.


    mob. no. 7798546307
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    I have lost 40,000 from my ICICI Bank account.

    I had gone to an ATM in Mira Road, located at Shanti Shopping Center, Next to Mira Road Station for a mini statement on 1st August 2013. At the ATM there was a person who had opened up another ATM and was servicing it. He had a key with which he had access to the ATM.

    During my transaction, the so called mechanic , tried to divert my attention several times. When I walked out of the ATM, I took my card with me. But it seems that the mechanic was somehow able to make some tweaking in ATM machine and just after I left the ATM, he withdrew 40,000 at 4:46 p.m. while the I had taken my account statement at 4:45 p.m.

    On checking with phone banking people, I was told that I have withdrawn 40,000 on 1st August 2013. That is the time I realized that a theft had been committed.

    I was kept on hold by the phone banking officer for more than 45 minutes and initially even refused a complaint number. Only when I scolded them and insisted that I should be given a Service Request number was I provided with a SR number. Initially the number provided was SR 278290010 which was later changed after a call back to SR 278290089.
    The most recent SR number given to me is SR 51524236

    When asked for the video coverage of the ATM, the bank told me that the same can be made available only to the police and the I was asked to approach the police station. The fact is that cameras are not working in ATM and hence, ICICI Bank is not cooperating with us.

    There was no security guard at the ATM. This has become standard practice at all ICICI Bank ATM’s as they have given up on customer security in an effort to save money spent on security guard at the ATM’s.

    There have been many incidents where customers have been looted after they have withdrawn money from ICICI ATM’s in Mira Road.

    What is shocking is that ICICI Bank, is refusing to provide any help in the form of video footage of the incident and making me run around in circles.

    Or is this ICICI Bank’s Standard Operating Procedure, to harass the customer, to provide no security at its ATM’s and not to provide even evidence of the incident.
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    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am writing this mail as I am very much disappointed and half hearted at this point of time. I opened a FD in HDFC bank with amount of 1Lac Rupees in year 2010. I opened it so that I could help my parents in my sister's marriage. Yesterday when I went bank with the feeling that now total amount after interest would be around 1.4 + lac but it gave me heart attack to hear that total amount is only 1lac and 6thousands rupees. I asked everyone in bank but they are not listening to me and not answering.
    When I checked my bank statement I noticed that they have deducted :



    These charges are deducted N number of times. When I opened my FD I was told that because I am opening an FD of 1lac I need not to maintain any minimum balance as this FD is against account. No thing will be deducted from my account.

    I seek your support to help me to get back my money back from these. I have lots of pressure of my sister's marriage and this kind of insidence has broke me completely. Below are my account and FD details :

    Account Number Branch My Name


    FD number: 00614470188986
    My Phone Number- 7508782946

    Looking forward some positive reply from your end.

    Thanks a lot in advance!


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    I, Vijay Kumar Pabbathi, is holding Citibank Credit Card bearing card No. 5546 3702 2519 8461. On two instances, there is a auto debit of Rs. 10,000/- each i.e., on 31st March 2013 and 29th March 2014 respectively. When checked, it is mentioned that the ICICI PRULIFE BILLDESK MUMBAI has presented a bill and debited by credit card. I had never ever given any auto debit option to any of my insurance policies.

    Earlier, i had a policy with ICICI and the policy number is 01295356 with annual payment of Rs. 10,000 with manual payment option only. This was closed in the year 2010 and currently am not holding any ICICI insurance policies. Due to my professional preoccupancy and for various reasons, i had missed this wrong debit transaction which got debited on 31st March 2013. Subsequently, I had cleared my citibank credit card bill which got generated on 25th April 2013.

    Recently, again on 29th March 2014, there was a auto debit of Rs. 10,000/- for the same biller. Raised a concern with Citibank customer care and they suggested to check with ICICI PRUDENTIAL Insurance. A formal complaint was lodged with ICICI Prudential office at Hyderabad and the same was acknowledged on 9th April 2014. On continous follow up, they had verbally communicated that they have not presented any bill and when insisted to give a reply in written, no response.

    Again on the next day, had approached the Citibank customer care and based on the above facts shared by me, they had asked me to send Customer Declaration Form for both the transactions which i had sent through registered email as well as through courier on 4th April 2014. Citibank had registerred a case (Case No. I1404150041). Citibank had made a provisional credit of Rs. 20,000/- towards these wrong debits.

    On 3rd May, had received a letter from Citibank stating that they are "unable to proceed with the first dispute as the same is beond time frame prescribed by association guidelines" and they have re-billed me for Rs. 10,000/- again.

    In light of the above, now am totally confused as to whom to approach and what needs to be done to get back my hard earned money. Seeking your guidance and advise.

    Thanking you,
    Sincerely yours,
    Vijay Kumar
  • ICICI PrudentialICICI Prudential Senior Member
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    Dear Mr. Pabbhati,

    We will review the concern highlighted by you and will get back to you accordingly.

    We appreciate your patience.

  • Shaikh ImtiyazShaikh Imtiyaz Junior Member
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    Respected Sir / Madam,

    This is to informed you that the online transaction reference no.1566425449 had happened on 20-May-2014 from my Citibank Credit Card, and as soon as the alert came to me, I have called citi bank credit card department and instructed them not to authorized the payment but still after 2 days the payment was processed. Dated 23-May-2014, i have spoken to Mr. kevin Gonzalves and he said that they will provide provisonal for that amount and raise a dispute against the same. Further I have also raised a FIR with cyber crime cell but still investigation is not happening. Now banking is denaying for the investigation saying that it was done on secure paltform and verified with an IPIN / OTP, but neitheir i have received the OTP or i have share my IPIN to anyone then how come the transaction happend.

    Atlast as i already mentioned earlier i have informed bank not to authorized the payment as soon as i got the alert, then what is the use of Alert and how come my money was paid after giving insturction not to pay

    Imtiyaz Shaikh
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    Dear sir/Madam,
    Greetings!!I have deposited the following amounts in SBI, Main br palakkad.
    My account No: 31969344939, Dr.S.Ganeshan. I have made 1 lac deposit under tax scheme FD No: 32876019417, for this interest was given for first 4 months@ 9% interest, and afterwards it was stopped, since the FD is placed as a security in KFSC,palakkad.. The same is the case for another Receipt 33058406250 for 70,000/- the interest is not been given at all. I have deposited these two receipts of total 1.70 lacs as a security only. The tax saving one lac, the principle only is security and the interest is not aimed as collateral. Now my prayer is to deposit my monthly interest of that 1.70 deposit, without disturbing the principle. In another deposit of 50,000/- the SBI has written monthly interest on the FDR, but they are providing interest quarterly, telling excuses that it is the false entry on the computer. The KSFE has given the SBI that the interest on the FDR may be released for the customer and said no objection. They say that they are concerned only the Principle of 1.70 lacs and not at their interests. My sincere prayer to you is to release & restore my and release my interest due to me every monthly to my saving accounts. Based on this only I have deposited in SBI, I am a Sr.Citizen aged 68, male and I plead and pray to you sir, to execution immediately by your mercy, Sir, as I am not able to walk or go the bank. Pl. help me sir, and it is much appreciated with good spirit and love. Thanking you. Dr.S.Ganeshan. emailto:
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    I am an existing home loan customer with ICICI bank. The loan was availed in 2007 by me.
    My complain is that the bank on its own, has gone ahead to keep raising the interest rate time & again. I have got the (high) interest rates revised twice, after discussing with ICICI bank, but it keeps getting increased to uncomforting levels

    Now, when the bank is conveniently offering its new customers home loans @10.15%, whereas my prevailing rates are 11.75%. I escalated the issue to the ICICI head service quality department, who replied back justifying the high interest rate. Though they offered me to visit the nearby branch for getting the home loan rates revised

    My grievance is the following:

    - Why should the bank charge higher interest rates to their existing loan customers? Does it not mean unfair practice adopted by the bank?
    - The onus of getting the high rates revised downwards, is on the loan customer. So the customer has to reach out to the bank time & again, and get the rates revised (if bank agrees to it), and has to also pay the rate revision fee as stipulated by bank. Question is, how would the customer know, as to when is ICICI bank in a position to reduce the loan interest rate.

    In conclusion, this is a gross & unfair malpractice adopted by the bank, which is detrimental to the interest of all existing home loan customers. Why should ICICI bank deprive me of my equal human rights?

    May I please know from you, if the Banks in India are entitled to charge unequal interest rates, based on their own discretion? I am sure the banks are entitled to take call on the interest rates to offer, but the uniformity of rates/fairness of business practice can definitely be regulated & enforced by you.

    Looking forward to your reply

    Thanks & Regards

    Sameer Drolia
    +91 96116 39566
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    I am Ravikanth Bejati availed Loan in the month of April and purchased a LED, Consumer loan CL 1934351, i have to pay EMI on 05th of every month. My first Emi was supposed to starts on May 05th for the same purpose i kept sufficient balance in my account for 01st may on words. on 8th i have received a call from Capital First company stating that my Emi amount got bounced. Immediately i have visited M/s. Capital First office to know the reason and shown my bank statement as a proof of sufficient balance in my account. Collected the new ECS copy 3 NO.s and got attested from my bank and the same was submitted (2 NO.s) to recovery person (Mr.ARIF) to whom i have paid Due. Receipt BOOK NO. 020807 and Deposit slip NO.724194.

    Mr. Arif and his manager Said, not to worry about the penal charges which will be reverse as it is not my fault. A day later i have visited Capital First to know the status. Collection representative who was sitting in the counter said, it is not possible to waive-off the bounce charges and asked me to visit the Somajiguda office. There i met Ms.Neha Customer care manager. She said it is not possible to do any reversal of the charges and its their company policy- She behaved so irresponsibility.

    I request the Honorable consumer court to do the needful and do the justice. Reverse the penal charges which are levied on my account and also i request you to warn the Institutions which are polluting the banking and financing system in our country. .

    Every time when i call customer care, Capital First representatives says systems are under maintenance.

    Kindly do he needful
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    Dear Sir /Madam,

    This is with regards to the amount debited from my account , where as i did not receive any money from the atm.

    Mentioning my credentials -

    Name- Umashankar Kanoujia
    A/C No- 30183808968
    Date of Transaction:19/12/2012 (between 09:00am
    Address- Mujahna Rahiim
    Branch- Hata Sbi01689

    This is with regards to the 10000 rupees debited from my account.

    I used Hdfc ATM card associated with A/C no:30183808968 (Hata Branch (U.p)) on 19/12/2012 to withdraw 10000/- from HDFC ATM located at Sonipat Haryana Main Branch between 09:45 am to I withdrew 1)10,000/- from ATM And Second 500/- Sbi Sonipat Ganj Bazar Sonepat Haryana but it is showing as and 1 time When I tried for the first time it showed as Transaction Declined Message on ATM screen but still the amount got debited from my account. Can you please look into this and give me my money back. When I went to SBi Hata (U.P )Branch to submit written complaint they are not at all accepting the complaint saying that they need Transaction slip. But when I did the transaction there were no print slips coming form the ATM Machine. When we say this to the Bank authorities they are not listening. Please help me in getting my money back.

    I request you to Kindly see what the problem is.

    Waiting for an early and positive reply.

    Umashankar Kanoujia
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    Rs 18000 deducted from my wife account on 23 april 2014 but still its not return back to account and when we asked them they told that someone has withdrawn from your account and when we told them that than show us the video clip but they are not showing us and we lodge even police complain but still they are not showing please advice me.
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    I had deposited Cheque No. 319965 dated 12.05.2014 amounting of Rs. 49,150/- of Oriental Bank of Commerce issued by UIT, Kota and 'deposit slip of ICICI Bank Shriram Nagar, Kota dated 29.05.2014".
    I wish to point out here that earlier I had deposited the same cheque with ICICI Bank Shriram Nagar, Kota for realization but the same was bounced due to "Signature Deferrs". This bounced cheque was handed over to me on 28.05.2014. After rectification of "Signature of UIT authority" I had again deposited for realization on 29.05.2014.
    Regret to put on records that after vigorous follows ups & frequent personal visits at Bank neither money is credited in my Bank Account nor any fruitful response is being given so far.

    I would request to kindly take up the matter with concerned authority in this regard.

    My credentials -

    Name- Om Prakash
    A/C No- 688201064870
    Date of Cheque Deposited:29.05.2014
    Banker: ICICI Bank, Shriram Nagar Branch, Kota (Raj)
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    I am using credit card for years now and never has a situation which stanc has shown me..
    stanc card was applied 27-7-2010 used for 2 odd years and in 3rd year even if i was making payment on time there were late charges been applied and after 2 months card got invalidated.

    I has why and what happen but not answered and said i have complete payment including late charges knowingly that payment was suppose to paid in emi

    After long chain of mail, calling collections manager nothing got sorted out but bank wanted full payment, after 1 year today i checked my cibil stanc has marked the amount as written off and made 20000 to 40000 amt over due

    Now I am not a wealthy guy so manage my living via emi
    I am selected with HDFC bank and they have strict background check and i think my job offer will get rejected because of this default which was not intentionally from my side

    please help me resolve this issue I have all statement, mail i have sent to stanc for clarification and references as a proof my innocence

    I dont have much time as background check is under process with hdfc


    stan c account number 3399385222819418
  • Joy SahaJoy Saha Junior Member
    edited June 2014
    Hello Sir,

    Intend - Raising this complain in lieu of both mine and my spouse’s credit card. I’m a gold customer of HDFC back since 2007 and my wife since 2013. I hold a limit of approx. 5 lacks and my spouse a limit of 30 thousand.
    Prior to this dispute, there was no concern and we really hold a very good credential/ history based on the behavior of our transactions. We used to trust this bank a lot (in closed eyes)

    9th August 2013 – is when the dispute arises.

    Issue – On 9th August 2013, HDFC bank offered a cash back offer of Rs1000 or 20% on all domestic flights booking through Make My by using their PROMO code. Prior making the booking, to ensure this was true and also how to do meaning procedure, I had a detailed conversation with 3 customer care executives in HDFC bank help line number. All of them did confirm me this was correct and suggested me to create separate make my accounts to avail the offer in both of our cards. They also assured no need to worry…or none hidden clause etc…meaning I was only given assurance to go ahead and make the purchase. On getting such confirmation, I did that in similar way as suggested by bank’s CCEs. To ensure I made it right, gave them a follow up call and then also they have assured me of getting the cash bank. During our conversation, they did mention, the credit will not reflect instantly knowing a cash back, but would reflect in my bill after 14 days.
    Since I made the purchase on 9th Aug and my every month billing cycle is 11th, so per expectation, the amount will reflect in my Sep month bill. I did also re-confirm this after the bill was generated on 11th Aug.
    With all these assurance and in good faith, I did make the payment of the complete amount for August bill. What surprised me is in Sep bill. NO CASH BACK reflected. I instantly called CCE of HDFC back and they did tell me, there might be an error at their end and requested me to make the remaining payment deducting 1000 + 1000 = 2000 rupees from both the cards. They also committed to dig in further and resolve the issue quickly. With this assurance I did make the payment similar way. Now, in the month of Oct, same scenario, no cash back provided to me. I immediately called the CCE. Now they started cooking stories and asked me to reach out to make my On reaching out to them, later ignored to comment anything and denied to help me saying all guidance was provided by your bank and re-directed me back to them. I was very frustrated and tried calling them again and again, but now they were not ready to talk to me and going with the same song. I was more frustrated as they started applying interest and late payment charges in my card account. Seeing all these my spouse became nervous and she made the full payment to her card. Just to let you know, we don’t like any bad records and prefer to be a clean citizen in financial aspect with God’s grace. Since I stopped getting support, I hold of making any further payment to the bank. On holding the payment, they started to call me. I even spoke with their Supervisor but he was so rude and denied to assist me. The case was forwarded to their collection department. Collection people started calling at odd hours and threatened my elderly parents when I was in office. When I spoke to them, they started denying. When I made them aware of the issue, they found this logical and started requesting me to make some payment. Next day morning 2 people from collection department came to my place and started putting pressure on me. I asked them to settle down. Showed them all the details, email communication and proofs. I also told them, that I don’t have any intention of cheating bank’s single penny, but my issue should be addressed and resolved as quickly as possible. I also let them know, the money is kept aside and ready to make payment as soon as the bank resolves the case. I told them the reason of holding the payment was only to seek bank’s attention to get my case resolved. Listening to all these, they provided me an email addresses ("" and assured to get this resolved within 7 days. On basis of their request and honor, I did make the payment of around 7 – 10 thousand (as requested by them).

    Few days later, started receiving wired and illogical email response from this department (Priya L). One thing I must say, they did not read the issue but replied in email with all non-sense just to deviate from the topic.
    I patiently did make follow ups after follow ups, they started to call me, we had conversations. The most interesting part is they started to deny. At times they said, there was no such offer, at times they said I didn’t call them and there is no call records tied to this issue on or later 9th Aug, at times they said, I didn’t put in the PROMO CODE. I was too frustrated and not sure what to do. Reaching out to the collection people, they were astonished too. They said not sure why bank is doing like this and my case is really genuine. It should have been addressed and resolved till now.

    The bug stops here. I started giving them strong response and told them I’ m not going to make any further payment. I also asked them to stop by spouse’s card and ready to close it. Surprisingly they accepted it and send the final statement. I made the complete payment in my spouse’s card account.

    Now the banking department approached me asking for proof if I had any (call records, email confirmation, confirmation which says the offer was there, and if I have entered the promo code etc.) I felt bad about how the CCE providing service in behalf of bank. Instead of finding it by own, seeking proof from customer. This was pathetic.

    I grouped all the proofs and pasted in a word doc and send to them. More interestingly as I knew, now they came up with new fresh cooked story – saying, offer was valid, calls were there, I did enter the promo code, but I clubbed another promo code with this one and which is why, I am not entitled for this cash back. This made me stop thinking and I was like HUH!! SO MUCH PATHETIC AND NO ONE IS THERE TO PROVIDE A RESOLUTION. THERE MUST BE MORE PEOPLE LIKE ME IN INDIA where bank is cheating similar way. So my question is, if there were all this hidden clause, why was it not started clearly with the initial confirmation calls, just to get business to the bank and depriving the customer (common man). I promised to take step and reach out to RBI and Consumer Court.

    Based on the methodology, I did also email HDFC grievance department, but no response yet. I’m only getting auto reply and reply from card department saying they will charge 3.5 % and more interest on my account and asking me to make immediate payment.

    Just to let you know Sir, I am a common service holder, can’t afford to make extra amount payment which was not used by me. Bank has now started calling me/ my elder parents and started giving threats, they are saying will send court notices, collection people etc. to my place. They are now harassing both me and my family mentally. I fear and feel unsecured. Please help!!!!
    Bank is now pressurizing me for settlement, which will spoil my CIBIL, even after communicating to them that I’m ready to pay the complete principle amount and not impacting my CIBIL. I’m ready to make the complete payment for all my genuine purchase (excluding the interested, late payment and cash back promised to me). Per last call with Chennai Head office, they acknowledged this is a mistake from their end, however they are helpless. They took 48 hours to get back to me, but no one did return a call from Chennai. I’ve also raised this issue to banking Ombudsman and waiting for an amicable solution.
    Please let me know in case you have any questions.
    Card Details –
    HDFC Bank Credit Card # - XXXX-7922 -Joy Shankar Saha
    HDFC Bank Credit Card # - XXXX-0986 -Sutapa Saha

    Contact Number – 09899364796

  • ICICI PrudentialICICI Prudential Senior Member
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    Dear Mr. Pabbhati,

    We wish to inform you that the concern highlighted by you has been reviewed. Accordingly, a communication has been sent to your registered email address with the details of the resolution offered.

    In case of any further clarification, please contact us on our Customer Care number 1860 266 7766 or write to us at from your registered email id.

  • ajay.tvm2004ajay.tvm2004 Junior Member
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    My name is Ajay Chandran Pillai and I am having an ICICI bank account bearing the account no 056601520452. Today when I checked my account statement I found that there is an invalid credit entry in my account dated 30.06.2014. As I have no information regarding this credit entry, kindly accept this as a complaint and take immediate action if it was an invalid entry from any unknown person. The total amount was 25,226/-. Unable to attach the account statement screenshot. Already two consumer court cases CC/14/125 and CC/14/232 are pending in the pune district forum against the icici credit card issues. kindly resolve the present credit entry issue at the earliest. Neither I am a salaried person nor I am having any businesses. So I cannot expect any credit from any unknown sources.

    Below shows the credit entry as per the banking statement.

    30/06/2014 056601520452:Int.Pd:30-12-2013 to 29-06- CR INR 25,226.00


    Kindly resolve this issue at the earliest.


    Ajay Chandran Pillai
  • edited July 2014
    ICICI Bank

    Before I proceed, I would appreciate if you provide us with your banks comments on below mentioned point.

    ? If the ATM machine doesn?t provide cash within 4 to 5 min to the consumer after login, who will be held responsible ? CUSTOMER OR BANK

    ? CCTV footage clearly shows the consumer didn?t received the cash for that particular transaction however you claim that your backend system shows transaction was successful, who will be held responsible ? COUSTOMER OR BANK

    ? You & your team agreed that there was an issue with that particular ATM machine on that particular date, then for what the bank was waiting for ? to happen this instance & customer should suffer.

    ? You agreed my spouse visited you bank atleast 8 times from her regular official routine work in order to reclaim the money however till date she haven?t received any justice or resolution. ? is what you & your bank expect from a customer to do.

    ? IDBI clearly states money has been deducted from her account, ICICI don?t want to take responsibility however as you agreed the CCTV footage clearly shows my spouse didn?t received the money even though she had tried atleast 5 min at the ATM counter.

    My spouse is well educated & she knows how to operate a ATM machine, so you just can?t blame the customer for it.

    See I know well it?s a system issue, I had already faced such problem with my bank HDFC however the money gets reversed with 24 hours else maximum within 30 days. And let me highlight this I had been experienced where the representative calls me & update the status of the complaint. However sorry to say even thought there is no resolution apart from that my spouse haven?t received any calls or letters regarding this complaint from your bank. Is that your company guidelines ?CUSTOMER SATISFACTION?

    As a consumer it is very easy to post an article on social network or file a complaint at consumer court, however we are requesting you to please look into this matter & find a resolution for it.

    We need our money back. This instance happened at your bank premises by your own system hence your bank is responsible to find a resolution to it, else we need documentation on your bank letterhead that you are not responsible for it.

    Then we will take from there.

    Account Information:

    Account holder ? Mrs. Praveena V Nair

    Account number ? 0023104000259118

    Banking with ? IDBI Bank

    Instance - 10-01-2014

    Location ? ICICI (New Panvel Branch)

    Expecting your support & immediate response.

    Thanks & Regards

    Vipin Nair
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