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Dear Sir/Madam,

I bought Lenovo laptop 07/07/2007 from Unique infoways, Nehru place,new Delhi by paying Rs. 50000. One year warranty is provided.

I paid them Rs5700 more on19/07/2008 for 2 years extended onsite warranty.Now my laptop's speaker,DVD writer and keyboard are not working, i registered complaint for these items around last week of december 2009
they locked the complaint.But till today i have not got any response from them.I am a student of Engineering college and it is really problematic for me.
Please do something.
Hoping positive response from your side.

Model: 776145Q
S No.: ma64d6g
Laptop invoice No. : UIPLDSA07060184
Warranty invoice No. : UIPLDSA08060630

Case id for keyboard: L01800H7
Case id for Speaker and DVD: L01200DA

Thanks & Regards,
Sachin Sharma


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    Dear Sir/Madam

    I have purchased my Lenovo laptop (3000 Y410 Series) on date 6/01/2009
    having serial No. 1S775788Q MAA8D1C from Unique Infoways (P) Ltd. Nehru
    Place New Delhi (Bill Copy attached). Sir from the date of purchase there is
    lot of problems generated in my laptop.

    Its ODD drive had corrupted four times and I replaced it from the service
    centre of Lenovo and still now it is not working properly. Laptop already
    repaired for it USB port, touch pad, Hanging problems etc. Case ID’s of my
    complains in the SAP system of Lenovo are as L941007B, L96300A0, L98I00SI,
    Reference ID No. L963005J, reference number is 5061981….. etc

    Finally after these problems when I ask them for replacement of Laptop
    because its problems not remove again & again and its still in warranty
    period, they refused to replace it .

    As I am working on project based Company & I transferred from on state to
    other in every 2-3 months, due to these types of problems of my laptop I
    faced many type of financial losses and mentally harassment done by their
    customer care.

    Now I want complete replacement of my laptop or my money back.
    With Regards

    Sarvesh Kumar
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    31/07/2008:- I received a promotional call from Lenovo Company to buy Lenovo IdeaPad and was referred to the authorized dealer giving the details of the dealer. Highlighting the 3 years of Warranty service if I buy the product today.
    I purchased a Notebook (Laptop) of Y510 series Lenovo IdeaPad Model 7758 Sr. No. ABQ0049817 ME 15799 laptop because of 3 years warranty service.
    My LAPTOP Sr. No. and my all correspondence details, contact no. were registered there online in the showroom of the Dealer to avail the said Warranty of 3 years. I confirmed there to do anything else; they replied NO NEED TO DO anything now.
    I received an e-mail for registration for the 3 years warranty Lenovo with a reference no. RED3033737949690 a warranty upgrade from 1/1 to 3/3**.
    In December, 2009 I noticed one day my laptop has got defect in its bottom and hinges near LCD Panel. It creates gap during I open the top. Now its increasing day by day because no body is ready to listen my grievance. Nobody is helping me out in this situation. Neither from Lenovo nor the Dealer they simply refused to do the necessary repair and give me the said warranty as committed by the company while purchasing.

    MY CASE ID :
    Case id_5067166
    Complaints Management Database and the reference number is 5070772.

    21/12/2009: I brought the defect in dealer's notice. They took my laptop for necessary repair or service. After 1 or 2 days they just refuse to do anything and they were suggesting me do this and that. I just faded up with the dealer and his behavior. Inward Receipt of Dealer i have kept to file the case against company.

    I called the toll free no. of Lenovo Customer Care they registered my case informing me that if I have that email in which upgraded warranty information reference no. was mailed to me. Then I will get the warranty service.

    24/12/2009 to till today: I have been calling and contacting the Lenovo through phone calls and e-mails and telling them the facts they were just replying we are working on your case finally they just refused to give me said warranty or replace my defect laptop. I am mailing them continuously but there is no response from their side.
    I don't where to go and where to replace this defective Laptop. I really had never imagined that such a big bran will make the people fool in such a way.

    This is personal suggestion for all the people whoever reading this blog Please never go for Lenovo IdeaPad or any kind computer accessories of Lenovo.

    Relief against my complaint: If company ever think to give me the relief agains my grievance. Then kindly inspect this case and kindly Replace my Laptop/Notebook/ Ideapad, as I had purchased the latest model Notebook at that time so I want either the same model or latest model of this time. And a punishment to Lenovo that such a big brand should not behave like this to the customer. They should respect the customer and customer’s emotions. As they have to ultimately sell the products to the customers.

    Thanks & Regards

    Binay Kumar
    Jamnagar, India
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    Hyphen Technology do not care about the client and avoid client involvement are firms that will not lead the website anywhere. A client must always be involved and the firm must always acknowledge the clients decisions and perspectives.
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    Dear Sir,
    I have purchased one Lenovo lap top (Model : L3000G430) from (LAPPYZ SYSTEMS (P) LTD, SMRA – 15, Sasthamangalam Jn., Trivandrum, Kerala, India – 695 010. Tel: 91-471-3295151, Fax: 4064666) on 12th June 2009 vide their invoice No.532 dated Jun 12th 2010. To my great disappointment the set started showing complaints from the very first month itself. I have registered complaint vide case id: L9CE00U0. These case ID pertains to the LCD panel complaint. The complaint was closed by your “Redington” service centre Calicut without rectifying it, and I have to again lodge complaint vide case id L03T00R0 for getting it rectified. Again the set started showing complaints on Wi-Fi and touch pad. The same was registered under case id: 4270007779. Now I regret to inform you that the complaint was only partly rectified by your service centre and even though the Wi-Fi is still not working, they have closed the complaint.
    Even though the complaints if the set arised within one month of purchase, I could not inform you on time as I was busily engaged with my job at various places. Incidentally I am adding that I am working in State Bank of India.
    Please note that all these had happened only within a duration of one year from the purchase of the lap top, and that also during the warranty period. When I contacted your service centre on 01-06-2010 I was given the telephone number of your Customer care. When I took all the pain to contact that number they simply told me to approach you. If this is the kind of service you are rendering to a customer during the warranty period, I fear what will be your attitude after elapse of the service period.
    I also reiterate that I am not at all satisfied with the laptop which I was purchased only one year back and was under repair for the entire period; I will be satisfied with you nothing less than replacement of the original one. This is because that I presume that the one I have purchased may be of manufacturing defects, which could not be located even by your service personals, and is irreparable.
    Now this is my last request to you, otherwise I have no other option than to approach the Consumer Protection Forum for compensation for the lapses on your part in adhering the stipulations in the one year warranty.
    It is painful to note that such irresponsible way of the complaints of the customers, is nothing but cheating the general public by the so called reputed organizations like yours, and if you are the ultimate person responsible for the redressal of my complaint, please contact me immediately to avoid further legal proceedings.

    I once again request you to instruct your any of authorized dealers to replace the damaged one with a new one from your fresh stock.

    Yours Sincerely
    Sanoop P S
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    Dear Yang Yuanqing, Alex Li, K. Ramakrishnan, Vinesh Paperwala (Sir),

    I purchased a Lenovo Ideapad Y510 for Rs 44000 thousand on 3 July,2008 with serial No. ABQ0030668 from Muzzafarnagar, UP from Iconic Systems, Ansari Road Bill Invoice no 004/175.

    From starting itself this product was not upto mark. Within one year it had its LCD Screen changed, motherboard changed and speakers changed from Lenevo service centre engineer so you can imagine what harware quality we were delivered.

    IBM is such a reputated company and delivering such poor quality and service, i can not think even. Regarding all this issues some Miss Anita shahi from Lenevo informed us and mailed ( us that treating you as special case and regretting we are giving you one year extended warranty free of cost from date of purchase totalling a warranty of 2 years from date of purchase.

    Adding to my worries and mental disturbance again its DVD writer and webcam are not functioning properly with some operating problems. I am contacting customer since last 1 month but no positive response as they are stating my warranty is finished.

    As i have all documents, bills, warranty extension mail, laptop part changed service documents and also reported my problem to Lenevo, so i will not be held responsible for service charges if delay from your side.

    Please take proper action asap. Hoping best of your services.


    Amishi Aggarwal
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    I am having a serios problem with this blady lenovo, it doesnt even support linux. Give me another linux compatible laptop else give me my money back.
  • adv.richaadv.richa Moderator
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    I am having a serios problem with this blady lenovo, it doesnt even support linux. Give me another linux compatible laptop else give me my money back.

    Always post your complaint with full details like Modal no. bill details and the complaint nos. registered with the customer care so that we can guide you accordingly.
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    dear sir,
    I Prabha Choudhary a student of PADMANAVA COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING have purchased a laptop from the college at the time of admission which i got on 29-11-08 from the college.After that many problems occured in that Laptop like blue screen,LCD problem and BIOS setup,etc. for which i have to submit that laptop in the took almost 2-3 weeks for each problem.Laptop didn't came to use very much as our lab occurs in the computer of the college.So i didn't used it very much.Even we have to submit our laptop in our labs.
    My laptop charger is not properly working since starting.My laptop works only at that time when the charger is connected to it else it even doesn't start.I complained about it in the college but they advised me to go to the service centre and when i asked your person to replace that they said me the warranty of battery is over and we won't replace it.I got the laptop after 4 months that to all with such a battery and when i came to know about all these the warranty is over.what is this.I thought lenovo is such a good company but the materials you provide is very bad.
    So,i request you to please replace my battery and ask your person to contact me as soon as possible.I will be thanlkful to you.
    thanking you,
    yours faithfully,
    prabha choudhary

    serial no:L3L8244
    CONTACT NO:9090308140
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    I am writing this mail in utter dispair, i bought a Thinkpad edge 15 model and the specifications dont match at all. The specs said that the laptop has a Anti Glare screen however it turns out that the other way round. The second issue is with the keyboard the keypad is highly flexible making it difficult to type they refer to this issue as keyboard flex, which means that keypad is hollow from the inside so every time you press keys the whole pad swings in and out, Now in USA they listen to customers and do the needfull however i am surprise by the lax attitude they have in India. The guys think that they can sell any damm thing they feel like and get off the hook. I sencerly request you to please look in to the matter.

    Model number 031088q
    Serial nu -- AZAXV
    Date of purchase -- 17th August 2010

    I would be obliged if you can help


    Vishwesh Mehta
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    I am having a very frustrating experience with Lenovo Warranty Support Team. I bought a Lenovo Notepad in March 2007. The default 1 Year warranty expired in March 2008. The additional 2 Year Onsite warranty expired in March 2010. Since then, my experience with Lenovo Warranty Support Team has been no less than horrific.

    I am so frustrated that i have decided that i will never ever get associated with any other Lenovo product never ever again in future and neither would i recommend any of my friends of do so.

    Here is my story.
    Before my warranty was due to expire in March 2010, i bought a fresh 1 Year Offshore Warranty in January 2010, via AforeServe Ltd, which is the authorized Lenovo Customer Care Vendor in India. After chasing AforeServe and Lenovo Customer/Warranty Dept. people for 5 months, i finally received my "Warranty Registration Form" in June 2010, 3 months since my previous warranty had expired and my notepad was no longer in a working condition even though i had paid in advance for my warranty extension. But the story does not end here. The customer guys asked me to send them the scanned copy of the customer copy of the "Warranty Registration Form“in order to get my warranty updated in their system. I duly sent them the scanned copy in a day or two. But till now, i have not received any update whether my warranty is updated or not. This is August, almost September, 8 months since i paid. When i call the Lenovo Customer Care, they say that the warranty is yet not updated in their system so they cannot take up my call complaint. They give me a phone number of Warranty guys (1800-11-55-22: calls to which are never answered) and a email id ( mails to which are never responded).

    I am at wits end on what to do.
    It has been 8 months since i had paid. Still my warranty extension process is not completed. And this all after calling them atleast 15-20 times in the last 8 months.
    I guess i am waiting for another 2-3 days before taking a legal route against Lenovo India.
    Does anyone here have any alternate suggestion for me?
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    my case id 4270130087 dis is closed why
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    Dear Sir,

    This is to bring in your kind notice that I (VIJAY PAL SINGH) R/o 120, Bhavishya Nidhi Enclave, Malviya Nagar, New Delhi - 110017, purchase a Lenovo laptop having model no:- Z560 Series 59-045730 Idea Pad on 31.12.2010 from the Lenovo showroom at Nehru Place, New Delhi - 110019. The Sales Executive there Mr. Manish Khatri informed me that within 15-20 days a camera of canon make will reach your home but he did not confirm us that for this we have to log in on the website given in the message. So, we don't react on the message and on yesterday we have just contacted him and he said that you have missed the opportunity of log in period to the site so you are not able to get the gift.

    So, I humbly request you to please look into the matter and help us in getting the gift which is promised by the executive at the time of selling the product. It will hamper your product image. Necessary details of the product are given below and for any query or clarification, please contact me on the given below number.

    Model No:- Z560 Series 59-045730 Idea Pad
    Invoice No:- 1011/52664
    Customer No: CU55020
    Sales Executive: Mr. Manish Khatri, Nehru Place, New Delhi.
    Serial No:- 1S59045730CBQ3694595
    Date of Purchase:- 31.12.2010
    Name of Purchaser: Vijay Pal Singh
    Time of Purchase : 6.00 pm

    I hope you will find all above in order and help me in getting rid of this problem. I am waiting for your support.

    with warm regards

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    Dear Sir,
    This is for your kind notice that I (anu karki) have purchased one lenovo laptop first time from dubai. now it with in guarantee period laptop touch pad got damaged it was not worked properly cursor not move easily and scroll bar I informed to customer care no 29 jan 2011 and talked with miss goldy she said plz download driver in your system bcoz its a software issue i done this process but problem was same once again i talked with customer care mr sayed said me plz changed your system window if problem was same then i will issue one complaint atlast he was issued one complaint complaint no is 4270153118 then i had gone to service center (COMNET VISION PVT LTD ) Its Address (B-47 JAINA TOWER DISTT CENTER JANAKPURI )
    I had visited service center 30th jan 2011 then mr Rohit gave assurance us he will replace he touch pad with in 3 days once again we had gone to service center he changed its touch pad and said no any problem create in future after on day problem was same so again i talked with mr rohit touch pad not worked properly he was requested to me plz came one time he asurance now no any issue create again when we visited again 2 feb 2011 then he said its software problem so i said to his i will pay charges in under warranty period Rs=500/- but plz check very carefully bcoz i cant came again in service center bill no
    (SER /1410)2 he again gave assurance after one day problem was same so today i talked with Mr Arun contact no is 9899696140 he again said come in service center now i cant go in service center bcoz i am very fade up your service i discussed with mr Arun 15minutes continous but its was not gave me any reply and said talked to customer care then i talked to toll free no mr Sayed he gave me this E MAIL id.
    I am not agreed to go to service center now iwant replacement bcoz i cant face this problem again and again.

    Pls try to understand Its my humble request to plz change my laptop as well as to save BRAND IMAGE of lenovo.
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    Hi, i bought one Lenovo G460 from Bangalore on november 2010, within to months my shiftkey stopped working,so i tried to male it work by pressing hard on that key,unfortunately the key came out from keypad,so when i went to service center they said its a physical damage and cant do anything,so i called up customer care, they asked me to send the snap shot of that, after that there is no reply from them also ....i have been waiting their reply since two weeks.

    They forget that the key was broken because it was not working.....never thought that this will happen in two months of can this be a problem from my side ???

    Never expect a POOR support from lenovo ...see the fact is when a customer comes and buy they are ready for everything,but if something he wants from them after the purchase they willnot help or donot even respond the queries .....

    Model no: 59050316
    Serial no:- CBQ3964116
    Customer care Service ID :- 4270152682
    Date of purchase : 14/11/10 from Caddons computers bangalore.

    Please help me here ..

    Eldhose Paul
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    dear sir i bought lenovo leptop on 17 dec 10, machine sl no. CBQ3219212, ADOPTER of this machine gone bad. i am in contact with lenovo costumer care for last atlest 20 days, they are not giving me solution, they are just keeping me in dark and not solving my problem whereas i am following their instruction
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    I bought lenovo G570 model on 24th april 2011. It gave problems after 4 months. I got a problem of my laptop was not powering on. I registered a complaint and submitted laptop on 13th sep 2011 to MYTHRI IT SERVICES, VIMAN NAGAR, PUNE. This is the worst service center as I far as I have seen. They nearly took One and Half month to solve that issue. They ordered for motherboard and processor during this time.
    On 25th oct 2011 i got my Laptop back. With 1problem solved(powering on) and 3 problems creation(my wireless device was not able to find, Number of Visible scratches on lappy, and Indicators at the bottom line were not functioning and Even 2 Screws were not there). wowwww What a great service center. Right?
    We go for service center to get solve our problem. But, In my case I went to service center to get problem to my laptop.

    And Though they have not replaced the planar, they mentioned in my receipt that They have changed the planar.(Cheating the lenovo company also).

    For Lenovo:
    My case id was: 4270314333

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    Dear Sir/Madam,

    i bought my laptop on 22nd july,there was some offer with system model is ideapad Z570.the shopkipper told that to login about the system on the website .after that they will provide your gift hamper with 45 days.but still now i did not get my offer.i call so many time s to lenovo care but they didnt say anything.after login ny serial number the company give my order system serial number is WB-02193237,laptop is issue in the favour of RUCHI i kindly request to you send me mesage or report about my gift hamper as soon as possible on my .otherwise call me on my number 08940185458 OR 08012096469.if u send me reply tomorrow then it will be better for me .i shall obliged for this act.

    i bought my laptop on 22nd july,there was some offer with system model is ideapad Z570.the shopkipper told that to login about the system on the website .after that they will provide your gift hamper with 45 days.but still now i did not get my offer.i call so many time s to lenovo care but they didnt say anything.after login ny serial number the company give my order system serial number is WB-02193237,laptop is issue in the favour of RUCHI i kindly request to you send me mesage or report about my gift hamper as soon as possible .otherwise call me on my number 08940185458 OR 08012096469.

    thanking you
    aniket raj

    Thanks & Regards,
    aniket raj[/QUOTE]
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    Dear Sir / mam,

    I have logged a complain for Lenove Laptop Z570 LCD replacement, which has been logged under following Service Center.

    Complain # 4270350713
    Area: Bangalore
    Service Center name: Cadonse

    I have been haeashed from past 15 days as when ever I am calling to Lenovo Call Center they are telling that the request has been closed & the LCD has been replaced by the Service Center Engineer, where as there is nothing happen yet.

    Call Center Agent's are very annoying and always divert the case by giving the number of Service Center.
    Service Center people are ignoring the issues by saying that the case has not been assigned to them.

    I am really fade up of this service from Lenovo A feeling guilty on my decision of purchasing Lenovo product, I will make sure that none of my friend or relative should go for any of the Lenovo product in future.

    As usual now planing to register the case to "Consumer Forum".

    I am sure that this comment will not make any sense to my concern because a company who is not caring about the customer from direct sources, how come they will react to this comment.

    Aamir Baig
    900 83 55 181
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    Respected sir/mam

    sub:-replacement of my lenovo laptop model g550 with graphics card but company and service center are not responding.

    I have got my laptop repaired more than ten times from yours service centre but every time i am dissatisfied because they changed every single part of my laptop than it is creating problem they made my laptop a simple box to me of no use.
    Every time they say we had repaired this and that but every time i am very-2 upset when i came it home and start using it. From the date of purchase till now i am not satisfied with your repairs.
    I purchased a branded product not a roady one than also service center is not taking it seriously.
    Please do me one favour if you can that replace this machine with new one because all methods are failing of repair from your service center side.
    Mr.anil the head of service center at gill chowk,ludhiana,punjab. Is also not taking proper attention about my problem his contact no. Is +919463247275.
    Due to this machine i got rejected from the interview of my job because when i started in front of jury members it stopped working and imagine it with yourself that in how much pain iam due this machine.

    Please reply as soon as regarding this problem.
    My laptop is everything for me when i am at job and please its a humble request to you please replace it with new one its model is g550.with 512 nvidia graphics, 3gb ram, 320gb hard disk,window 7 home premium licensed.

    Your faithful customer
    ankur mittal
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    Respected sir,

    I have purchaged lenovo destop before 2 months from lenovo shop Bharuch within 2 months totally operating system hs been dmaged. I dont know weather they have provided me a duplicate lenovo computor or what.
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    sir i brought laptop before three months still i didn't receive any free offers given by the lenovo showroom seller........... i'm in tirupur.i brought lap top from skynett computers of your branch........ please take necessary action immediately......
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    I am holding lenovo laptop model no. G450. Password was set but now it is forgetten and I am not able to even open the laptop. I have showed it to local showroom but they are unable to restart the laptop. I am not even able to login due to password problem. Laptop is idle from last one month.

    Please confirm back on the problem urgently.

    093263 22219
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    Lenova Z560 bought last year . the left hinge is broken and the screen is not stable to use.. i went to the lenova service centers in chennai but they are unablet to help me.
    Please help soon
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    I purchased Lenovo G-550, Sr.No.CBQ1076086 from M/s Computer Shopee Nashik on dt. 13/03-2010 with Window-7 Home premium loaded. During usage, many times it was getting hang and ultimately it was required to be switch off forcibly. In December 2011 problem so developed (start up problem). Complete hard disc was found defective and it was replaced from a local shop with pirated Window-7 loaded.
    After hard disc replacement, still it is getting "Hanged" many times. Local dealer stated that "It is some inherent problem in unit and required reference to company". I think such a reputed firm laptop giving problem with in 18 months of its purchase " Firm has looked into to resolve the problem"
    Name: Shamsuddin PIN-425201.
    Address: Plot no. 111, Prelhad Nagar, 15 block, Bhusawal.
    Disst. Jalgaon (Maharashtra)
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    Lenovo ideapad s10-3s
    Serial number- QB02776516
    Complaint Number - 4270461139

    My netbook's bezel was replaced by Hitech services, bangalore on 17/01/2012. I had a problem with the workmanship of the engineer from day 1 and i had sent my feedback to lenovo about the same.The engineer came back on 07/02/2012 and removed the lens cover which he should have done beforehand after replacing the bezel.

    Now my right side of the bezel near the hinge is cracked just after 45 days after it was replaced.
    I would put it down to poor workmanship of the engineer Mr.Siddagowda who handled my netbook. To my knowledge the bezel was adjusted too tightly.

    I launched a complaint with the engineer on 03/03/2012,he came and took some snapshots which apparently wasnt clear according to hitech. He came again after i launched a official complaint to lenovo. He took some photos again. Now i am told that they had a reply from lenovo and cant replace the bezel. I also spoke to Mr.karthik from the technical department IBM, Bangalore. He was rude and sounded more like a hooligan than technical person.

    I own one more laptop from DELL and a Tablet pc (Lenovo k1) and i use my lenovo netbook very rarely.

    As you know a cracked bezel could lead to a situation that can impede product performance,I request you to send a replacement for my bezel since my netbook is still under manufacturers warranty.

    Thanking you,
    Srinath Sethuraman
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    I want tell nothing is comming on the screen it is in warranty serial no isWB0104260D
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    I have complaint about my laptop on 25-05-2012. My complaint no. is 12052600055. The date of purchase is 15-06-2011 and is under warranty. But till date it is not repaired. If the warranty is over, the delayed repairing is free? Please make arrangement of early repair.
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    My laptop having model no Lenova G470 and SIN 59314044 CB11090635
    Model Name-20078
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    my lenovo leptop G570 , my leptop battery is not working. this battery is fail to work..just change my leptop battery.
    my mob. no. +919414482616 and my email id..
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    When start computer sound system are not working and internet not workin
    any type connection not connect properly

    im live in visnagar

    dist ; mehsana
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