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    I am pranav Patil going to buy Yamha FZ bike,
    On the 12th march 2013 i have booked the bike by paying 1000 RS at Monarch showroom ,Tilak road , Pune at the same time showroom dealer given me the quotation is 78303. Now today they are asking me to pay the bike prize 79,200 though i have the booking receipt of RS.78303.
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    Dear Sir,
    I had purchased policy of HDFC bank : HDFC ENDOWMENT ASSURANCE POLICY :
    POLICY NUMBER: 13521383 on my name ANIL YADAV
    I paid 3 premiums : Rs. 25,000 per year X 3 Years = Rs. 75,000 till now.

    Now when i asked them that i want to surrender my policy they are only giving me Rs. 43000/-.
    Forget the bonus , forget the interest of my 75000 rupees they are cheating me by saying i have signed the bond not to withdraw before 3years.

    When i asked them they are saying they will give only Rs.43000 and not more and so i asked if i dont withdraw then tell me the amount i will get after 10 years after spending : 2,50,000 total they are not telling the amount , this is not market policy so why not tell me the amount?

    they are frauds.

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    my name is Pranshu Anand Rajak i filed complain regarding not issuing my diploma.frankfinn bhopal not complete my course which they offer me at the time of joining also they not provide me job assistance which they told me.
    I paid all fee regarding to the course. I request you please take a legal law full action against this Frankfinn institute of air hostess training bhopal
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    I have purchased Aqua Guard Enhance RO in Nov 2011.
    I have raised request to only change one external filter, but now Technique come and told me that we need to change all the filters which will cost around 4K
    When this filter was sold to me by Sales Person I was told that filters has to be changed only once in 2-3 years time Frame
    Another point to note is if Filter Cart is bad then filter should stop functioning which is not my case.
    So Can Eureka Forbes confirm that they will charge consumer 4K every year for change filter, and also mention that there filter is not stop working automatically if any of there Filter Cart is not functioning properly
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    Dear team,

    I have recharged my MTS MBLAZE with 1888 plan in 9th December,2013. As per the plan i am entitled to get 1GB free data evrery month for a period of one year.

    Whereas i have been communicated that mts is going to withdraw its operations from maharashtra.

    So the modem is going to stop working after 09.04.2013. Whereas as per the plan details i was about to get the internet facility for 12months whereas i am getting the facility only for 4 months due to withdrawl of mts operations.

    so i hereby request you to kindly refund me the balance amount. i.e 1258/- (one thousand two hundred and fifty eight rupees) by sending a cheque at my communication address registered with mts.

    As i need to pay the same amount to other operator for using the internet facility for my PC.

    If not then i will be forced to convey the matter infront of consumer court.

    MBLAZE NO IS 8433582342
    CONTACT NO IS 9321820821/9960332283


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    Dear Sir,

    I need your kind intervention to resolve my excessive bill issue from Vodafone Service Provider.

    I hereby would like to place my complaint against Vodafone that I am using Vodafone No 9825045237 from more then 8-9 years .
    My usually invoice comes inbetween Rs. 150/- to Rs. 250/- per month.
    In the month of April’2013 I received a bill of Rs. 2630/- . It was utter surprise to me. I immediately contacted the local Vodafone store on 3rd April ‘13 who assured me to look into the matter shortly. I again contacted on 6th April, wherein he told me that you have used NET surfing due to which this you got excessive bill amount. Hearing this It was immense surprise to me since I never used NET services from Vodafone as I am using this services from Airtel Prepadi services.
    Thereafter, I contacted Vodafone customer services they have also replied the same and not ready to listen my concerns.
    Then I wrote to their Nodal Officer and other authorities to resolve my issues briefing my concerns as under;
    1. that from last 8-9 years I never ever used this services or not subscribed this services then how come I used NET surfing of Vodafone.
    2. that I do have record using net thru Airtel since last one year
    3. that It was no need me to use vodafone net services if I am using other operator services
    4. that I have not used then how come this bill has been generated

    “Please note that when I have not subscribed this services how come I use Internet.”
    I wrote this to all authority of Gujarat and Mumbai Vodafone, unfortunately, either they have not replied or replied with rigid approach that we cannot do anything since you have used NET Surfing.

    Since my this number is on everyone phonebook so I am going to pay the said amount immediately in fear that they should not stop incoming and outgoing services.

    In the meantime, I request your good services that please get me justice on aforesaid concerns.
    AK Gupta, Vadodara, Gujarat.
    Cell : 9825045237
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    We bought Weston 32 Inch LED TV from Indiatimes Shopping (a2zshopping Limited). The TV was bought on 16 September 2012. It has stopped working on 30 March 2013. It has a one year’s manufacturer warranty.

    The online shopping order number for the TV is: 3001474675 and IMEI is: 890605190005540.

    We contacted Weston customer care number and booked complaint (complaint reference number as 4/6 dated 1 April 2013).

    A mechanic visited and inspected the TV after one week. The mechanic declared that the LED panel of the TV has developed cracks. The mechanic informed us to contact the customer care number of Weston once again for this.
    We again contacted the customer care number. But there is no action for repair or replacement of the TV for last four weeks.

    We also contacted Indiatimes Shopping customer care number but they were of no help. They simply kept on telling that we should contact the Weston customer care number.

    We repeatedly contacted Weston customer care number, sent emails to them, talked to some of the executives in the company but to no avail. As a result, for last one month we have not been able to watch TV.

    If no remedial action is taken by Weston and Indiatimes Shopping, we plan to file complaint in consumer forum.

    We are of the opinion that people should not buy from online portals like Indiatimes Shopping that list products from dubious suppliers like Weston company.


    Archana and Ashok
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    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I purchased micromax Canvas 2 (IMEI: 911239254712336, 911239254814330) on 16/01/2013. From 03/05/2013, front speaker of the mobile phone was not working properly, on the next day the mobile phone was unable to charge. So with this TWO complaints on 06/05/2013 i went to MMX Service Centre in Bhandup (Cellq Communication Pvt. Ltd.) They registered my complaint with the charge of Rs. 350/- (Amt. not paid yet) saying that mobile's chaging slot is not covered under warraty. On next day i went to service centre for collecting my mobile. When i checked my mobile, the proximity sensor is not working, i asked them about the same, they told me its not our fault. As per the MMX Service Centre they are saying i am lying that i didn't tell them about sensor. But when i submitted my mobile there was only TWO problems with the handset, one is for front speaker and second is for charging slot. Proximity sensor and other functions working very perfectly. And the most frustrating thing is it will take 15-20 days for the replacement of sensors. Please help me for the same.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Rahul Nagpure
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    Co. Name & Add : Reliance Communication
    Reliance Center
    Maharaja Ranjit Singh Marg, Delhi -02

    contact No. Mr. Virender Bhandari

    Phone No. : 09311568008
    Sub. : Complaint against Mis-Use of documents

    Sir/ Mam

    I am using my phone 9311568008 since last long period and Reliance had blocked my phone without any prior instruction and notice. On the inquiry at reliance outlet it was informed that phone blocked due to outstanding amount of Rs. 7200/- against phone no. 9311727000 issued in 2005. On the request with Ms. Deepika (9312131474-representative of Reliance Outlet at Deepali, Saraswati Vihar, Delhi) i got the documents on the basis phone (9311727000) was issued.

    This is to your kind information that some one had mis-used my documents and had got issued a connection in my name with the support of Reliace officials. The following points are self explanatory: -

    ? 1. Signature shown in the passport copy and application form are different.
    ? 2. Date of Birth shown in the Passport & Verification form is different.
    ? 3. The signature of the application form is similar with the writing of the Application Form.
    ? 4. The self attestation is not available copy of the passport.
    ? 5. No Electricity bill is available with the application form.

    The above points as explained are clearly clarify that the connection of phone no. 931172700 is issued to some without any verification and with wrong intention by support of Reliance staff officers.

    It may please be noted that I am a reliance phone user since last 10 years and this is my business phone. I am bearing a heavy business loss due to blockage of my pone by your company. I hereby request you to kindly connect my phone with immediate effect or up to 18.05.2013 other wise there will not be any other option for me to file a legal suit as per law of land.

    I am sure for your best co-operation and services in this regard.

    Rajesh Goyal
    A-7/246, Sector -17, Ronini, Delhi
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    This is my roll no 1205019451 in Sikkim manipal university belapur branch. I am from navi Mumbai writing this mail to express my concern and problems which is the result of improfessionalism of Sikkim Manipal University, I request authorities to take strict action against this university especially belapur branch code no 01736, and instruct them to provide dual specialization to people they have committed while giving admission a year before.
    When I was being convinced to seek admission in SMU a year ago, I was also told that there will be a facility of Dual Specialization. This was the only point which I took admission in SMU. When I was paying for my 1st semester, I told them to enroll me for dual specialization for which I was told that I will have to select my dual specialization papers after my 2nd semester. Now when I finished my 2nd semester, and when I went to pay for my dual specialization, I was told by my learning centre that dual specialization is stopped now. " Are they kidding me". Was I fool to waste my one year, time, energy, and money etc. behind this university thinking about the interests of mine in dual specialization.
    Now mistake they have done is I took admission for dual specialization but they enrolled me in non dual specialization by putting a wrong code.
    Now they are forcing me to take part in single specialization and least interested about my concern.
    In this way I would like to lodge a complaint against them and would like to know if I can ask for any compensation.
    Please revert back soon or reply back on

    Thank you.

    Your's sincerely,
    Roll no: 1205019451
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    dear citizens of the country please don't buy any of reliance net connect usb connection i been their net connect customer for over 3 years and got cheated, beside if u all read newspaper just check how our country's natural resources is being used to the gain/monetary benefit of a company to the tune of more than a lakh crores, all that matters to the company is their MD is getting richer every second! having incompetent, rude staff in net connect customer service and retention team(who don't understand English/communication, doesn't understand customers grievances instead tries to subjugate/belittle the customer, they don't understand why customer is agitated/worried instead they would try to dictate!)
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    dear citizens of the country please don't buy any of reliance net connect usb connection i been their net connect customer for over 3 years and got cheated, beside if u all read newspaper just check how our country's natural resources is being used to the gain/monetary benefit of a company to the tune of more than a lakh crores, all that matters to the company is their MD is getting richer every second! having incompetent, rude staff in net connect customer service and retention team(who don't understand English/communication, doesn't understand customers grievances instead tries to subjugate/belittle the customer, they don't understand why customer is agitated/worried instead they would try to dictate!)

    Dear Customer,

    We regret the inconvenience caused to you. This is to inform you that your concern has been noted. Please provide us your contact details such as Full name, Subscriber ID, and the type of Inconvenience you are facing, so that we are able reach you. Our team is eager to help you.


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    An amount of Rs.51, 775/- only received by HDFC - Kochi on 25/07/2001 against my Personal Life Policy No.74741752 not received by me till date even after my so much of efforts. I am entitled to claim the said amount including compound interest accrued upon till date from HDFC. Request to do me a favour I would be highly obliged and grateful to you. Thanking you
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    An amount of Rs.51, 775/- only received by HDFC - Kochi on 25/07/2001 against my Personal Life Policy No.74741752 not received by me till date even after my so much of efforts. I am entitled to claim the said amount including compound interest accrued upon till date from HDFC. Request to do me a favour I would be highly obliged and grateful to you. Thanking you
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    I bought Bajaj Gas Gyser from "Maharashtra Radio & Auto Corporations, 102 - Phule Market, Jalgaon" on 24-06-2013.

    Other Details are:
    Serial No - C154GMDL 0612009355
    Batch no - 0612

    After fitting this Gyser in my bathroom, whenever I start it, its creating High spark and loud noise and gets closed automatically.
    Even water tab is closed, Gyser starts ignitation.

    I have called lots of time to Bajaj Customer Care Center -1800222252, and registered my complaint. They alwys say that we have registered your request and techinician will reach at your home in next 2-3 days. But till today no one came to my home.

    I have contacted to dealer "Maharashtra Radio & Auto Corporations, 102 - Phule Market, Jalgaon" many times but he is not respodning. Now he is saying, he is not at all responsible for Post Sell Service. Once product is sold out, my responsibility is finished.

    My contact details are - 8149141296/9270144243

    Can you please help me in this?

    Thanks in advance.

    Vishal Patil
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    I received a call from bagittoday , stating that I’ve been chosen as a winner for a promotional offer which includes diamonds worth rs.30000 + 2 assured gifts out of samsang lcd,LED,APPLE MOBILE ,SAMSUNG LAPTOP ETC.) only for rs.12999/-.

    1) Diamonds Worth Rs. 30,000
    2) Any one of the electronic items (LCD TV, LED TV, Laptop, Tablet, or Mobile Phone)
    3) Bagittoday URL which will enable me to get lifetime discount ranging from 60% to 70%
    4) Nomination for iPhone 5 lucky draw contest

    My Complaint no 1185958

    My order no is 33062567

    purchase from BAG IT TODAY.


    when i ask to sbi customer care about emi, bank say there is no emi , you have to pay total payment of 12999/- rs. so i imeediately mail to bagit today for order cancel. because i am unable to pay one time payment of 129999/-
    please attached mail

    when i denied verification call to cancel order due to their is no emi option on purchase. but u r sales person mr. rohan call me again on 29/06/2013

    and give me assurance that diamond i purchase from bagittoday they sell out again for me. i have recorded call please find the attachments.

    now i want cash amount against diamond or cacel this order and refund my money. please give me solution ASAP

    Im checking marketing value at aurangabad LMS LALCHAND MANGALDAS SONI





    now bag it today refuse to refund my money please help me out in this case

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    Dear Sir,

    An unknown person is calling me from above said two mobile no's by using abusive words and bad language. Actually there is a Credit Card case of my Cusine brother is pending and I don't know how the caller get my cell no. Since today morning caller called me so many times and threatened me. This is not enough, Caller has called to so many people in the company where I am working. Who gave right to the caller to involve other persons in this case where they can't even knew me and my family. On the other hand I don't related with the matter. The matter is pending with my Cusine brother, so he will be the guilty. Pls do something for the caller to stop this harassing activity. He should directly approach to the person who is in guilty Not to me.

    Pls take strict action against the caller immediately.

    Thank you !!

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    I have bought a ring from a shop.It was for my sister .But when she tried it i found that the size is little less.So i went to shop with bill to exchange it for a bigger one.But the shop keeper isw not allowing to exchange it saying that his shop policy is not allowing him to do it.Can i challange it in consumer court
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    i purchased chevrolet sail sedan worth rs 6 lacs 2 months expect a new car to work fine atleast for good 6 months -1 dont pay for the car but for comfort and trust in brand and you know it will not let you down come what may.for a middle class man it takes years nd years of saving to gather such a big amount of 6 lacs with lot of dreams attached to them.what if they are vanished or shattered within initial two months.

    It was 10 Pm friday night ,some might be coming from work ,some might be going to work,and some may be in the mood of clubbing partying but i was standing besides my so called brand new car and waiting for it to cool down with the bonet open so that i can drive back home .tried calling the chevrolet helpline few times but no response.

    no chevrolet service center was near by.just waited and was so embarassing and frustating .its only been 2 months and the car is getting overheated without any prior warning or notification.all of a sudden wheel steering became heavy ,gearbox clutch plate and brake sstarted to show resistance.atfirst i thought tyre has gone flat.but the tkhyre pressure was fine.i checked the screen to see if there is any warning or not...nothing found..i opened up the hood and annoyingly lot of heat was coming out which i had never sensed before.

    i do check the coolant level,engine oil nd other fluids in the car regularly.i got the first recommended check up done at 1000 only driven 3000 kms.already showing symptoms of great engineering...

    few people asked me which is better among sail,amaze and desire .undoubtedly i said go for sail.they will abuse me entire life for having taken this decision...

    i request you to either change this car or give me the refund..seriously i dont want this car anymore or may be no other general motor car..i am done..even if you repair it for me i will not be interested in keeping this and will be strong detractor.

    never expected this to happen in the first two months after investing 6 lacs.what an experience..i am gonna write to head or president of general motors whatever too and let him know of the facts.lets see how customer centric you are.

    "when life gives you more" now i understood .


    varun arora

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    Dear Sir,

    I have booked two ticket for two passenger from Aligarh to Belthara Road from Lichchavi Ex (Train no 14006) on dated 31/08/2013 and on journey date 14/10/13. PNR no - 251- 2824667 SL W/L 19,20 and PNR no- 245-0682471 3A, W/L 3,4. But till date my ticket not confirmed, How can possible?, no any passenger cancelled ticket from last 1.5 months? It is my PNR no- 245-0682471 3A, W/L 3,4, There is no any change in waiting position till date.
    Sir, I ticket booked 1 and half month before, yesterday one my friend purchase two general ticket in same train on same date from agent, but he found confirmed ticket. Sir, How can possible,Something is wrong........
    Sir, Please suggest me my doubt opinion.

    Kind Regards


    Mo - 7351003725
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    consumer forum

    fraud against sandshooping hub
    after taking payment no one receiving my calls & no reply to messages of emails

    main culprit persons involved in conspiracy are

    MR. LALITsegal
    MR. NARESH mehta
    mrs. vaishnavi

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    I have 4mbps reliance internet from past 8 months in Bhopal ( Madhya pradesh)
    at the time of instalation executives told it is the best and everything is perfect,etc
    as an common man i listened to them
    after instalation comes the problem
    in a month at least 8-10 days internet is down
    lots of complaints loged in customer care
    but they only say there is outage
    WTF man from past 6 months
    such a big company has outage not able to resolve it
    this in november it got more serious
    my internet is down from past 25 days
    reliance saying that their DLC box in switched off by the building owner where it has been installed
    local engineers are Shit
    they dont know anything , how to connect the wires properly
    not taping them leaving them open
    no knowledge of english and computer

    5 days before reliance executive came to my home and told me that my connection will not get resolved for more 10-15 days
    bloody fraud company
    and told me to get a new reliance connection again
    i then applied for new connection paying my 2200 INR
    they told me i will get new connection from a brand new perfectly working server
    i agreed and they told withing 3 days max your connection will be done
    today is the 5th day till now no response....Totally Fedup
    the local engineer called up me and told that there is no new server and we i cant come to ur home for new connection
    i was totally lost
    how these reliance executie Frauding the common people
    now i called the executive and told i dont want your connection
    they told me rudely that we cant refund your money
    dont call and disturb us

    (Bloody fraud) Executive Name : Mohon rao : PH : 9301823096

    please dont belive reliance anymore
    its a fraud company
    no service but lots of attitude
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    I purchased a CBZ Extreme on 4th November 2013, registration no being – DL5SBU2777. The bike had a starting problem from the very beginning. On my complaint they said it will be resolved in the first servicing. I went for the servicing the problem was not resolved. I then lodged a complaint with your HQ, they suggested to me a workshop. I went there, they resolved the problem but a new problem came up, the engine has become too noisy. I purchased HERo bikes because I had a believe in its after sales service but this time round it seems that it has been shattered. I hope after this complaint my problems will be solved. Please inform me about this on 8447671069 (Manveer Singh) or
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    IMEI NO: 359918040858409
    I submitted my htc mobile at service center on 28th October 2013, and it’s going to be one month now. I called so many times at the htc service center, but every time they would say that within two days I would get my mobile phone, but I still have not got my mobile phone. When I told them that I will lodge a complain against them then they said that my mobile they have lost my phone and that they will give me another mobile phone. But I am worried that they will give me an old, used mobile because they have been lying from the day I submitted my mobile phone. I submitted my mobile because of some problems like auto switch off, touch problem, sensor not properly working etc. but when I got my mobile back, same problems were still there. So I am not satisfied with their services. In addition to that, they are not giving battery and charger with the new mobile and also not giving warranty with the new mobile. So I don’t want to use htc mobile phone any more. That’s why I don’t want a new mobile .I just want my money back as they lost my mobile phone and it’s completely their fault.
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    The Managing Director/Nodal Officer/Manager,
    Company Name,
    Address of the Parent Company,


    Dear Sir,

    I had purchased

    Yours truly,

    Your Name, MR
    Your Address
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    Dear Sir...
    I have booked a order from bestbuy 100.
    this parcel reached me but under this parcel not match my order.
    so please i requested you please send the the parcel for my choice...
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    sir I am deposit my canvas a100 mobile care center in kaithal 11/10/ replaced or no repair my phone.many calls and mails but no solution help me
  • sumeetpallmarwahasumeetpallmarwaha Junior Member
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    Respected Sir,
    @hi Nagar, HSR Sector-7, Bomanahalli, Bangalore 560068 Customer care no 9888430171 & service tax regn no ACLPB3811FST001 address: 988/20, DURGA COLONY, ROHTAK HO, ROHTAK
    HARYANA-124001 Location code 820403 Commissionerate Code 82 (ROHTAK) Division Code 04 (ROHTAK) Range Code 03 (ROHTAK-I) Regn in the name of AXIS LOGISTICS AND PACKERS, has taken some goods & car from me to be transferred from Hoshiarpur (Punjab) to Bangalore (Karnataka) on 17-12-13 and the written date of delivery was 22-12-13 for my car ford fiesta black colour dielsel KA 05MF 150 and house hold goods on or before 23-12-13 but till date i haven't received anything from them. I keep on calling them for delivery but NO response. I have paid an advance amount of 20000/- via cash and balance 18800/- was supposed to be given after delivery of material at my scheduled premises of K1303, Purva Highlands, Kanakapura Main Road, Bangalore.

    I have been sitting and waiting here at my friends place everyday and unable to join my work office with a hope that they would come today for delivery of my car & household items.

    There is also a Insurance policy been purchased from The Oriental Insurance Company Limited, ch no 107482, for amount 4,16,700/- and paid 7025/- premium fro which AXIS LOGISTICS AND PACKERS would claim and settle my amount if there is any breakage or scratches found on receipt of materials or car at bangalore. My pending amount would be paid only after clearance of the said insurance amount.

    Now i have been waiting for the materials & car but till date NO RESPONSE from the concerned company. Request your support to charge them an inconvenience charges of 50000/- and immediate delivery of material.

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    File # 29052 [ Feb 2005 ]
    CHC # Bo 47848301

    I have applied for immigration [ Federal skilled worker ] to Canada way back in Feb 2005, in so called Gold category. All amount had been paid including all service charges , all documents had been submitted but for the last several years there had been no communication , no information or Update and now heard that all our cases had been rejected following a change in govt policy but received no official confirmation of the same.

    No money had been refunded till and it is getting more & more difficult to connect them . Every 6 month, the contact number changes, the contact representative changes and one refers to another .....and this is going for the last 2 years.

    I would like to have official confirmation of the case and immediate refund of money [ with interest since the day of cancellation ] . Please treat this as a formal NOTICE and do the needful.

    Vaskar Choudhury
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    I am Gangadhar Nalwar resident at Ulhasnagar-1. I have booked Tata Nano car on receipt no is 0511 & Voucher No 37354. I have paid Fortune Cars Pvt. Ltd Rs.15000/- on 28-8-2013 by chq no 151081.I have applied for loan also but due to some paper loss i can't availed loan from bank. So Fortune Cars did not billed my Car on time now I am in financial crises and I want my booking amt back but they are not ready to give it back. Earlier they are ready to give me only 5000/- but now they are not giving me a single rupees also. They are now telling me that we have billed the car and now my whole amount of 15000/- will not be refund to me. They are also having my documents like copy of pancard, ration card and IT return challan. Kindly help me and suggest me to get back my money.


    Gangadhar Nalwar
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