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    We have purchase a laptop of HCL on October 2010 and we have faced many trouble after purchasing. in october 2011 ( In warrnty) my battery discharged. After complaint HCL representative came to my office and take away the battery to their office. At that time battery was in warrenty. after one and half month they return my battery in bad condition and told me that they can not accept it.
    We have send many mails to their higher authority but no result.

    Please log our complain and find some solution.
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    Dated: 14/Jan/2012

    The Managing Director/Nodal Officer/Manager,
    Reliance Communications, Netconnect Broadband+,
    Reliance Communications Limited, H Block, 1st floor , Dhirubhai ambani Knowledge City,
    Navi Mumbai 400710, Maharashtra,India


    Dear Sir,

    1) I had purchase USB modem in the month of April 2011. USB:9370667918

    2) In my area Bavdhan, Pune, USB modem doesn't work properly some server issue, and another thing is sales man from reliance sold me the product by giving false information
    that the speed you will get is 2 MBPS, but the fact is, i was never able to use the modem due to server issue is my area, however after 2 weeks of purchase, due to so many issue with the modem, i decide to stop the connection.

    3) Within 2 weeks of purchase, i wrote an email to support (customer care) and the guy who sold me the modem, mentioning my problem and hence i explicitly mention in my email that i want to close the connection immediately. email sent on date 25-April-2011.

    I got a reply from customer care saying, we regret and sorry to inconvenience cause etc.., but i still replied them and insisted them to close my connection in bold letters in my email. to close the connection, email replied on date 30-April-2011.

    then i got call from customer care, i explained the entire problem to them , and told them that i want to close my connection immediately, they said ok, give us few details of yours and we will do so, so they sent me another email asking few personal detail of mine, and i replied with the detail to customer care on 2-May-2011, in the email they mentioned that once you give us these detail your connection will be closed within 15 day

    So i never followed up again, assuming that my connection will be closed now, but after 3 months again, i got call from recovery team, that you bill of 2 months is due, i was shocked and surprise to know that my connection is still active, i explain the whole situation of the recovery team and forwarded all my email communication to the them, and then they never called be again, again i assumed here that everything is ok now, but now again after 6 months i am getting this invoice from reliance communication , but the bill amount is Zero, i thought everything is settled down, but then again i started getting these SMS saying , you failed to pay the bill for last 6 months, be ready to face the legal notice and things like that....

    I am all email proof with me between customer care and i statiing that they are going to close the connection, if required i can send you the copy of all the emails.

    4) I have chased up customer car so many times to close the connection, by email and by phone, i keep hearing from them that its not handled by my department, they keep transferring me from one department to another department.

    5) I request you to settle down this matter as soon as possible with in 15, else you will file a complaint with the Consumer Forum(under the Consumer Protection Act of 1986.)

    7) I may seek compensation for the mental agony caused due to deficiency in your services.

    Yours truly,

    Inderjeet singh,
    Flat no-4, I-dot App, Sv 13/1/2,
    Near Smokin Joe's, NDA Pashan Road,
    Bavdhan, Pune-21

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    defected pullover.jpgdefected pullover with company tag showing manufacturing date.jpgcustomer complaint form.jpgcash memo.jpgrepair slip.jpg
    Dated: 16/01/2012

    The Managing Director/Nodal Officer/Manager,
    North India/Chandigarh/Punjab/Haryana Operations,

    Dear Sir,
    • I had purchased a gent’s pullover(Article# PO118ECRU M Pullover) from College Shoes, Woodland Store, SCO 30, Sector 17E, Chandigarh on 24th December, 2011. Cash Memo# for the above transaction is 20112412 and Tin# 04970000764.
    • I was assured a 15 days warranty from the date of purchase of the garment.
    • I had tried the pullover from the ones which were displayed at the shop and on selecting one, asked the shopkeeper for a fresh piece of same pullover(same color/same size/same price) to be given to me from the shop store. I was provided with a fresh piece and I paid for the same. I did not open and check the pullover for any damage and even did not try it as I had faith on the company’s product and shopkeeper. Only on 29th December 2011, I took out the pullover from its packet(I had not opened it till now and it was sealed) and put it on for a social get together at my home. My guests pointed out that my pullover was cut at 2 places at the back. This came as a shock to me as I was wearing a new pullover which I had just taken out from the company’s sealed packing.
    • I was extremely embarrassed by the turn of events and the whole social get together went in bad taste. With the present defect, this pullover is of no use to me.
    • On the very next day, i.e. 30th December,2011, I went to the woodland store(College Shoes, Woodland Store, SCO 30, Sector 17E, Chandigarh) and requested the shopkeeper to replace the pullover. He made lame excuses that I had used the pullover and the defect was not on their end. I informed him that I had worn the pullover only once and then itself had found the defect in the product. After multiple requests, he agreed to send the defected pullover to the company(Woodland) for replacement. He gave me a repair slip(#700/CHD, dated 30th December 2011). The delivery date on the repair slip was mentioned as 15th Jan 2012.
    • On 13th Jan 2012, I called up the shopkeeper to know, whether the defected item had been replaced or not. It came as a rude shock to me that the company(Woodland) had refused to replace the garment(pullover), with the following remark, ‘Defect is created. Not a genuine defect’(Customer Complaint Form# 171/CHD, dated 3rd Jan 2012). I want to make this very clear, that the defect is not created by me. I bought the pullover with the defect and it was Woodland’s duty to replace it. The packaging date(as mentioned on the company tag) for the pullover is October 2009. So it is very much possible that apart from manufacturing being one of the possible causes for the defect, the defect could also occur while packing/transportation/warehousing/etc. during these 2 years and 3 months of its presence. Therefore I request the company to bear responsibility for the defected pullover.
    • It has already been 23 days since I bought the pullover. This pullover is useful to me only in winters. I have not been able to wear it in this season and its design would be out of fashion in the next winter season. So I give Woodland Company 20 days to settle my grievance by refunding the full price of pullover(Rs.1200) along with 12% interest and suitable compensation for the mental agony, embarrassment, time wasted in this activity and the money spent in commuting to the Woodland Store/Photostat/etc. else I will file a complaint with the Consumer Forum as I am protected under the Consumer Protection Act of 1986.
    • In the case, that my complaint again go unheard, I will file a complaint in Consumer Court against Woodland. This consumer complaint will be at Woodland’s cost and expenses, and I will seek compensation for the mental agony, embarrassment, time wasted in this activity and the money spent in commuting to the Woodland Store, Court/Photostat/etc., caused due to Woodland’s deficiency in services.
    P.S.: Attached photographs/scanned copies of the defected pullover, cash memo, repair slip and costumer complaint form.

    Yours truly,
    14-c, GH-39,
    MDC, Panchkula,
    Pin Code:134109
    Mob# 9780969757
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    non deleievry of product
    I have placed an order having order no 10174611 on dated 20th Jan, 2012.At the time of placing order I confirmed from timtara customer care team about the maximum time taken by timtara to deliver the product and I got reply that it would be maximum 8-10 working days and same is also mentioned in your website.Every time I called your customer care department I got Assurance to deliver the product within 1-2 days. I ordered the product to gift it to some on dated 5th February 2012. It will be useless for me if I will get the product after 5th February 2012.So when I gain called timtara customer care on dated 1st February 2012,I got reply that their policies have been changed and now they will taken 10-20 working days to deliver the product. I have no concern about their changing policies and I got commitment from timtara at the time of placing order to deliver it within 8 working days, Shameful act by Timtara.
    Vinay Garg
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    Tanu wrote: »
    Do not post your complaint here, post your complaint in the mobile section.
    our fridge(whirlpool company) was repaired a week later.we informed to the company near by our town,but no responce.please take severe action.
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    Dated: 13/04/2012

    The Manager,
    Philips India,


    Dear Sir,

    1) I had purchased a Philips water purifier Model No. Wp3890 in 2009. It is a UV water filter which requires its carbon filter to be changed every 6months or so. The water purifier gives indication for change.

    2) From past one month I have registered for replacement of water filter. I have visited Philips service centre both at Y. N. Road Indore & MTH Compound. I have registered at toll free no. 1800 209 2929. Still no carbon filter available. I have complained online on 4/4/2012 as well as emailed them. I had assurance that in 7 days it will be resolved , still no response and still no carbon filter available. Your email persons demand complain number instead of resolving my complaint, whereas with my mobile number he himself could have confirmed the complaint number.

    3) Due to impure water my 2.5 years old son has contracted typhoid(water borne disease), I am purchasing daily 20 litres water can @50 rs., so in a month billing 1500 rs. , And my stupid water filter has become a showpiece.

    5) Everywhere I have complained have not been replied or my complaint has not been resolved. i JUST want my money back, so that can purchase a better service provider, not one who does not understand that water is an essential commodity. For oven or some other appliance we can wait one month, but when every hour we need water, how they can compromise on this commodity. If a company cannot provide the filters then they should not manufacture the water filters.
    6) Philips is a national level company, so at all india level anywhere this filter is not available. Can they not courier a single carbon filter to their service centre in Indore, M.P.

    7)But they had to make me suffer seeing my son ill. I curse the day when I purchased Philips water purifier. But I was misled by the brand name {Philips.

    8) I intend to get my money back that I used to buy the water filter. Please return my money back and take back your instrument. I do not want to continue with your filter.

    Yours truly,

    Anuradha Pillai,
    228, Gulab Bagh Colony,
    Near Bombay
    Hospital, Indore 452010
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    I got a message from my bank that from your A/c XXXXXXXXXX123 has been debited with Rs. 734.
    But i am not able to get my railway ticket.
    So i want my money back.
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    Dear sir

    i have purchared bsnl tablet IS701R with bsnl paid charges 3499/- + 25/- payment tranfer charges + 140/- courier charges.

    i reiceved tablet after 10 days but i don't receive net data plan anything information. i used net of wifi but after few days touch is not working and log not open so, i can use this tablet very deposted about this tablet service. also i was try to costumer care all phone number is too busy. and there availabe service center list in jaipur the are not intrested to work to solve prolbem so, please kind book my complain please tell me what i do know?

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    Mr. Sunil Nair
    Designation - Head - Customer Service Quality
    2nd Floor, 'Corpora', L.B.S. Marg,
    Bhandup (West),
    Mumbai - 400 078.
    Fax no: 022 - 4183 0111


    Dear Sir,

    1) My name is VIJAI KUMAR DWIVEDI and my account id with tikona is 1104925323 and my registered email id with tikona is

    2) From last two months I am requesting to customer care by emails and by phone calls to change by bill plan from ADCB499 to ADBB699, but they do not reply by email and on phone call, they say to some more money to deposit.

    3. Since I have paid my past billing I have cleared the respective billing amount and yesterday I also have submitted Rs. 500/- through Voucher Recharge in advance against next bill.

    4. Today I called to Customer care and talk with Ms Priyanka, who asks for more payment.

    5. Since my account is postpaid plan, hence my all due (if there is any) should be que’d in my next bill. But asking for more money without giving bill does falls in malpractice of services and shows the money extortion habit of the Tikona.

    Therefore you are being asked to show cause within the next 7 days that why should I not to go to consumer forum for above bad experience with Tikona, failing which a case would be lodged in Consumer Forum against Tikona and it’s team.

    Yours truly,

    House No. 17, Block-B
    Sheetla Colony
    Gurgaon, Haryana
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    hello sir,
    i received a MSG from reliance saying that enjoy unlimited local/std reliance to reliance free calls with recharge of 497
    so, i have recharged with 497 where i got 0.1paisae balance but i'm not getting any benefit of that recharge when i have called costumer care they said that it will be solved in 3days but not yet plz help me out sir i have paid 497 but not even got 1paise in my account nor offer plz plz help me sir
    my mobile number:7569821719(gsm)
    my name: A.NAGABUSHANAM

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    hello sir,
    i received a MSG from reliance saying that enjoy unlimited local/std reliance to reliance free calls with recharge of 497
    so, i have recharged with 497 where i got 0.1paisae balance but i'm not getting any benefit of that recharge when i have called costumer care they said that it will be solved in 3days but not yet plz help me out sir i have paid 497 but not even got 1paise in my account nor offer plz plz help me sir
    my mobile number:7569821719(gsm)
    my name: A.NAGABUSHANAM


    Dear Customer,

    As per your telephonic with our customer service associate, we wish to affirm that your aforesaid concern has been discussed and resolved to your satisfaction.


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    This is venkatareddy L from Chennai,Last 10 days on wards i trying to solve my spit ac problem(Remote problem&No cooling also)with the help of LG customer care. every time they are saying with in 24 hrs your problem wil solve and if i need they were given technician number Land/Mobile but if i made a cal no one will response,this much worst position of who purchased a LG product.
    Here just i purchased it last 10 months only as well as i am under warranty period.
    why these LG whole sales are doing this kind of bled y business with people.i want to kil all these people because each ac we are spent almost Rs.30000.00 but once we taken a product they don't care about customers.
    ONE MORE ADVANTAGE IS THERE HERE B.P will increase based on BP you will Heart attack also. beyond this no USE.

    My Mobile No.9380707604.
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    Dear Sir,

    My name is Kasim Saheb. I had purchased a Spice Mobile Model No Spice QT-68 on Date04.07.2012 from Univercell
    Mobiles at More Mega Mall. After Using for a couple of days, I started facing problem with the
    handset. Wi-Fi stopped working on the third day. The next day the mobile itself has stopped working. I went to
    the nearest Servicing Centre on 12.07.2012 & shown the mobile. The servicing centre people had taken my mobile on same day
    (i.e.12.07.2012)for rectifying the problem.The Next they informed me they need to send the mobile to Company for
    rectifying problem or for any further action. The mobile was sent to the Company on13.07.2012 & it is 15 days
    are completed till date. I had given a call to the servicing centre, but the response got from the servicing
    centre staff is not satisfactory.

    Henceforth, I request you to let me know the status of my mobile. For your reference, I am attaching the
    receipt copy of my Mobile given to me at servicing centre.

    Thanks & Regards
    Kasim Saheb
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    Hi All,

    On 5-07-2012, I ordered a Samsung galaxy 5830 mobile phone. Their email stated that product will be delivered within 10-15 working

    days. When I dint get the order within the said period, I called up customer care in dehradun (0135-3051500). Their customer care

    is so hopeless that they don't know their own work nor the SLA or the time duration for the order to be delivered. They have asked

    me to wait for another 7-10 days but I have now cancelled that order and asked for full refund with interest as they have kept my

    money for almost a month. I think this website and their CEO Arindam Bose is a fraud and a scamster. I'm in the process of

    involving cyber crime department of Delhi police and Advocate Mr. Sunil Ramchandani who was once a victim of timtara when he

    purchased a DSLR camera.

    Their website needs to be offline immediately. A PIL needs to be raised to ask the authenticity of the company and the people

    employed in that company. Media / News channel/papers should be approached to deconstruct such hoax companies and uncover their

    true faces. Talk shows like Satyamev Jayate should take on topics for e-commerce / internet frauds.

    Please do help what else can be done to bring down these scamsters.

    Few of the victims are as follows -
    Shubhrang (Pune)
    Ashish Ahuja 9896335368 (hisar)
    saurabh (gurgaon)
    Pandian Kuppan (Chennai, Tamil Nadu)
    saurabh (gurgaon)
    Abhishek Daaga (Bangalore, Karnataka)
    Aimer (bengalore) Ph- 91-8050072079
    Sanjeev 9999661144

    - Regards

    timtara is fraud. do not buy anything from them. they will take your money and will not ever respond.

    The server IP Address is and resides in Nagar, 24, India Sarbjeet B-26, Second Floor
    Uttar, Pr 20130
    Telephone: +91.9717193516

    Domain Name: TIMTARA.COM

    Sarbjeet (
    B-26, Second Floor
    Sector 8
    Uttar Pradesh,201301
    Tel. +91.9717193516
    Creation Date: 24-Mar-2009
    Expiration Date: 24-Mar-2019

    Domain servers in listed order:

    Name Server:NS21.NETTIGRITTY.NET
    Name Server:NS22.NETTIGRITTY.NET

    Administrative Contact :
    Name: Arindam Bose
    Organization: InfoSecure Consulting Pvt Ltd
    Address: A1-196 Janakpuri,
    City: Delhi
    State: Delhi
    Postal Code: 110058
    Country: IN
    Phone: 25516852
    Fax: 0
    Domain servers :

    Name Server:
    Name Server:

    Server Type:
    Apache/2.2.3 (CentOS)
    IP Address: Reverse-IP | Ping | DNS Lookup | Traceroute
    IP Location:
    - Rajasthan - Nagar - Nil-36c Malviya Nagar
    Response Code:
    Domain Status:
    Registered And Active Website

    hackers - bring this down.



    Hi All,

    Please update your contact info - mobile number and address and the amount lost as a victim of's fraud. We are going to

    lodge a complaint/FIR in the police station and later in consumer/criminal court. Please help find as much victims as possible.




    Giti Thadani
    Contact me at

    - Ankit Pandey
    Art Director
    Virtual /Print Media
    +91 98490 14881
    Mohit Mittal
    953 MIG 1 HUDCO
    Bhilai chhatisgarh 490009
    Contact no 8103854136
    Shahzad Ali
    +91-9760119950 / 8273634918
    kashipur (USN)- 244713
    Uttarakhand India

    My email id is:-

    Mobile no:- 99300 63176
    Vishnu Holani. 0-9440871940.
    Tuhin Kanjilal
    harshit mangal
    Ashish Gautam
    +91 8696948613
    sunny sachdeva 95292-67444
    HARSHIT - 9907887318
    Tuhin Kanjilal
    Narayanan Parameswaran
    Nidhi Susan Kurian
    Tipur Madan
    Rajeev Kansal
    E-mail Id:
    Contact no. in timtara account: 9314235035 (sister's)
    I am Umesh Jaiswal
    Call me On 9555546147
    Bhadresh Patel
    Mobile Number: 9724329991
    Umesh Jaiswal
    Drupad Mathur <>
    Dharmandra Kumar Yadav
    Mobile Number: 9918207444
    MOBILE NO.9426561295
    Prakash Karuppusamy | Contact Number : +919894414208
    Ravi Jangra
    jitin khurana
    Mahendra Rathod
    M - 9867064857
    Ankur V Desai
    Prakash Karuppusamy | Contact Number : +919894414208
    Shahzad Ali
    +91-9760119950 / 8273634918
    kashipur (USN)- 244713
    Uttarakhand India
    My email id is:-

    Mobile no:- 99300 63176
    The CMD (HCL) Date: 28th December 2010
    Corporate office
    E-4, 5&6, sector 11,
    NOIDA 201 301, UP,
    SUB: - Notice before filing consumer complaint.
    This is regarding “HCL DEKSTOP AZ000904 S.No.-9074AZ130004” purchased from the firm named “COMPUTERS INDIA CORPORATION”, located at 57-A, main road, Ranchi, Jharkhand. I regret to inform you that the CPU has started showing a number of problems within this short period of time. At present it is under repairing at V SERVE, shop no.- 321, Gel Church complex, main Road Ranchi(Job sheet no.-833).
    The details are furnishing below:-
    i}PURCHASED ON: - 27th February 2010 CASH MEMO NO: - 4389 CHALLAN NO:-4208
    ii}WARRANTY: - 1 YEAR GUARANTEE CARD, till 27th February 2011.
    iii} DEFICIENCY: - The hard disk and RAM capacity was not as per specification and on complaining the same was corrected by the firm. Even the seal of the CPU was later found tampered which has been accepted by the firm but till date we have not received any satisfactory answer. Already the hard disk has been formatted once about two months back by the firm. Presently, the inbuilt LAN system is not working and the same is under repairing.
    iv}PROBLEMS BEING FACED DUE TO DEFICIENCIES:- Being a student of class 11, I am very much dependent on the computer and the internet connection. These frequent problems are resulting in disruption of my studies.
    v} DETAILS ABOUT PARTY’S RESPONSE:- The party responds on complaining but the performance is not satisfactory.
    Sir, as the product is still within the guarantee period, I would appreciate if you kindly arrange to make a replacement.

    Yours truly,
    Shweta Kumar
    (Student of class 11, Kendriya Vidyalaya hinoo, Ranchi)
    D/O Mr.D.K.Kumar.
    Rly.Qr.No:- DS/IV/1
    P.O:- Hatia Rly. Colony.
    Dist: - Ranchi-834003
    STATE: - Jharkhand.
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    I am Place online order of Nokia on 14 September 2012
    Model -Nokia asha 305.Silver white
    order No.8000041536
    than i am palace 2 nd order on 22 September
    Model- Nokia Asha 305 Dark Gray
    order no.- 8000042674
    they provide Docket number of First Flight Courier FIRSTFLIGHT-DELHI Express
    AWB No.48357034 on 24 September.
    But till Date i m not Received Phone.
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    I have logged a complain on Bajaj Help line for faulty grinder contender problem on 7th September 2012 complain id 501511. But after calling several times no one visited our home till 13th. On 14th September after 7days one guy form Bajaj visited our home and found problem with the faulty Contender and he told he need to take it to his service centre for replacing the part. Though it covered under onsite service warranty I don’t know why they had to take it to their service centre. But as he given us written invoice so we provided them that contender. He promised to return it with in 15 days.

    But till today we did not get back our contender. We have called the service centre (Name Paul Brother contact number 033-25513635) several times but always they told they did not receive the part yet. And today when I called to customer care they told that the previous case has been closed form service centre and they have logged a new case (id 605088).
    But how can service centre close a case when the part is not replaced and not handover yet. And why did not they tell me those details when I called them. Its some kind of stilling product. And I want justice against this. I will never buy any bajaj product again. I never experienced worse service than this yet.
    I want my problem to be solved with in today else I have to go further.
    Arpan Sarkar
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    Sir I had purchased a SIM on 10th Oct. 12.executive had come to my room and he took advance of rs.850 and gave me a receipt of omni communications which is in dwarka sec 7 . I gave my documents and asked for number portability which he assured would b done within 7 working days. I went out of Delhi for about a month where this same person called me up for verification of documents which I assured him to be submitted as soon as I come back. Now as I returned and inserted the SIM in my phone its showing invalid regarding which I called back on the number given over receipt of omni communication.but he is not picking up my phone on repeated calling. I inquired about this in reliance web store and they say that rs.850 is not charged for this process and u get ur amount back. Sir they are not responding at all. My name is Dr.pranjal Singh and my no. Is 9899796069
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    This is one of the fraud company who deals in stock market. this company is situated in ghaziabad. Initially owner of this company told me that he will open my account in Religare and do the transaction . he has open an account in religare and asked for investment. I have transfer around 1,50000 rs to his account. the owner of this company Mr. Mritunjay kumar sinha never transfer my money into religare account and invest this amount on his personal account. it almost going to complete 2 years now but still he has not return my money.I suspect he has invested this money into his company. I would like to lodge complaint against him so that he will not cheat anyone in future.

    I am also suspecting that he is doing something wrong in his company. I am having all the bank details from where I have transfer money into his account. Also I am having all the mail trail in which he sent me account statement.

    We can also trace company location with help of cyber branch. I will provide all the mail details which we got from him.

    Please let me know what I have to do ,to recover my money back. I don't have exact address of this company but have mobile number of Mr. Mritunay kumar sinha(09891862020)

    my email id is

    Thanks and Regards
    pradeep kumar
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    Praveen Vasanth

    My Number 9449651652 was bsnl and port it to Docomo. While doing the port i submitted all the documents and the same has been activate after 1 week. I was able to use the docomo for 3 weeks, but one day my outgoing barred as saying i not submitted the necssary documents. Next day i took half day leave and went to the docomo outlet and submitted all the documents they asked. They told they will release the outgoing within 4-24 hours. But after 48 hours only they activated the outgoing. I
    Then I recharged the number for 250 rs by thinking everything is fine. After recharging the amount again Docomo banned my outgoing and after some time incoming also banned.
    I have to receive lots of calls from officially and personally.
    I missed 100s of important calls because of docomo worst service. I need to file a consumer court petition against docomo about this.
    They are responsible to give me the all loss happened because of this number barrring.
    I never use any TATA service in future , I will tell all my friends and relatives do not prefer docomo.
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    admin wrote: »
    Dated: dd/mm/yyyy

    The Managing Director/Nodal Officer/Manager,
    Company Name,
    Address of the Parent Company,


    Dear Sir,

    1) CELKON 19005, Cash,16-1-2012.


    3) CELKON C88 IME NO: 911115601981743



    6) ABOVE 30 DAYS


    Yours truly,


  • Tata DOCOMOTata DOCOMO Senior Member
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    Dear Mr.Vasanth,

    We have received your complaint and we will ensure it is resolved soon.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Customer Care
    Tata DOCOMO.
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    Dear Sir/ Madam,
    I have purchased Travel package from Hello Travels for Rs. 6500 + processing Fee of Rs. 750/-. Even after following their terms and condition and send the request forms they are not processing the request and 2 forms has been rejected by them and now they are telling the package has been expired.

    please help me.
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    Dear sir 5th jan 2013

    i would like to inform you that my side by side fridge not working from last two weeks i compliant eight times in lg customer care centre but no response very poor service of the company and now what to do.

    Thanking you

    ramesh gandhi
    tel;022 2870 1115
  • HaroonHaroon Junior Member
    edited January 2013
    [FONT=times new roman, new york, times, serif]Dear Sir,

    I ordered for two gold coins each of 5 grams on on 18/12/2012 for Rs.35406 order No: YBH2848661 . I received one coin on 19/12/2012.I asked for the other coin,the Yebhi delievery champ replied that he will verify and call in the evening.Evening no call came, so I mailed to their support team.
    [FONT=times new roman, new york, times, serif]19/12/012 - sent mail to support team. [/FONT]
    [FONT=times new roman, new york, times, serif]20/12/2012 - complaint lodged. [/FONT]
    [FONT=times new roman, new york, times, serif]21/12/012 - Reply from support team - " the order YBH2848661 is under processing. Its usually takes 10 working days to ship the article " [/FONT]
    [FONT=times new roman, new york, times, serif]30/12/012 - after ten working days of the order,i called their support team,they told to contact them after 48 hours,also mailed to their support team. [/FONT]
    [FONT=times new roman, new york, times, serif]30/12/2012-created mouthshut account [/FONT]
    [FONT=times new roman, new york, times, serif]31/1/2012 - No response from "". [/FONT]
    [FONT=times new roman, new york, times, serif]01/01/2013 - Call came from Yebhi and they told that they will sure deliver the item in three days.And as per their request I edited my article in favour of them 3 minutes after the call in[/FONT]
    [FONT=times new roman, new york, times, serif]05/01/2013 - Even after 19 days of my order and 3 days after promise from support, i dint get any response from them[/FONT]
    [FONT=times new roman, new york, times, serif] I felt cheated/Thinking to lodge complaint against them..Guys please dont buy from them and suffer.I am mentally very much disturbed as I belong to normal middle class family.please dont suffer like me.All favorable comments for are absolutely fake.[/FONT]
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    mera naam praveen hai maine ek docomo ki sim li no:9034472405 thi or 151 ka frc karvaya tha or usme se 115 rs deduct karvake 56 din ke liye 4 gb data plan activate karvaya tha but about 1.5 gb hota hi unhone plan deactivate kar diya or coustmer care me baat karne par unhone bataya ki ab 1.5 gb kar diya gya hai but maine to tab activate karwaya tha jab 4 gb milta tha . Kya ye sahi hai ki bad me data me katauti karke pre-activated plan me bhi katauti kare. i want refund for it
  • charantej1989charantej1989 Junior Member
    edited January 2013
    I had ordered a Toshiba Hayabusa 16GB Pen Drive (White) on Dec6 and Order ID: 3001754213 from Online Shopping: Shop Online for Mobiles, Books, Digital Cameras, Computers, Fashion Jewellery at Indiatimes Shopping - ..Due to OUT OF STOCK in there WEBSITE they cancelled the product on Dec 12 and they sent expected Refund date as 25 Dec 2012..I waited for 14days but I didn't get any Refund money from them.After number of calls and repeated mails from customer care,they told me and sent a mail as sure u will get your refund money on or before JAN5th but today is jan 7th-2013 still i didn't get any money from them...
    yours truely,
    Charan tej,
    email id :,
  • edited January 2013
    i have called tata do co mo coustmer care to ask why the have cut my Rs88 from my account they did listen my complain and not refund my amount and start telling me foolish things
    pls see my complain and revert us fastly
    my email id is -
  • Tata DOCOMOTata DOCOMO Senior Member
    edited January 2013
    Dear Customer,

    Kindly provide us your Tata DOCOMO number, your alternate contact number so that we can get in touch with you. You can also go to the following link - Tata DOCOMO Chat to get your query resolved through a Live Chat with our Customer Care executive.

    Thanks and Regards
    Customer Care
    Tata DOCOMO.
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    canara bank branch THEVARAM I but J/L a/c no.1094842019871 end of the acount 100 Rs exshax
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