Consumer Grievances Redressal Mechanism in BSNL

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Consumer Grievances Redressal Mechanism (Public Grievances Redressal Mechanism)

BSNL has a well structured and multilayered Public Grievances Redressal Mechanism including Dispute Resolution Mechanism. The Public Redressal setup in
BSNL has been introduced right from the Corporate Office to SSA(Secondary Switching Area) levels. Subscribers having complaints or grievances can interact with the organization through the following for Public Grievance / Dispute settlements: -
(i) Complaints are being booked on "198". This Toll Free Service of booking complaints are available in every telephone system. Grievances can be booked on "12727"(for Circle Office) or "1095" (for District Office). This special Toll Free Service has been introduced by BSNL for booking public grievances.
(ii) In every office 'visiting hours' are prescribed where the subscribers having complaints or grievances can approach the officers of BSNL at various levels,
(iii) Public Grievance Officers are available right from Corporate Office to SSA (Secondary Switching Area) level. The complainant can approach these officers in person or through written complaints or communicate through e-mail or contact on telephones,
(iv) Special attention is being given to holding meetings with consumer organizations.
(v) Telephones Advisory Committees have been constituted,
(vi) Senior Officers are available for public without prior appointment during a specified hours on working days.
(vii) Customer Service Centres have been opened for IMPCS.

II Open House Session:
Complaints/suggestions of general nature as regard to improving the telecom services in the area are discussed in the Open House Sessions. The basic idea of conducting such Open House Sessions is to establish direct channels of communications with our customers and also to enable the telecom staff to appreciate and evaluate the customers difficulties and complaints from their point of view. A press notification is issued in leading newspaper to hold the Open House Session for inviting customers to attend and submit their suggestions/grievances. Subscribers are invited in a public hall. The session is presided over by Senior Officers i.e. Area GM/Area Manager. Customers are requested to place general grievances which are recorded. Replies are given on the spot. In few cases, which cannot be settled on the spot a time frame is given. Efforts are made to settle the case within the given time frame. Written reply is sent to the customers.
III. Telephone Adalats:
Subscribers whose grievances remained unsettled are invited to make petitions for redressal of their grievances in Telephone Adalats. SSA(Secondary Switching Area) Level Telephone Adalats are being conducted on bimonthly periodicity and Circle level Telephone Adalats are being conducted once in three months.
Customers are asked to give their grievances in writing with all supporting documents within stipulated period to District Complaint Officer (DCO). The concerned office to whom the case relates examines the case received by DCO and settles the case. A speaking order settling the case is communicated to the customers. For unsettled cases, a date is fixed for holding the Telephone Adalat. The customers are invited to attend the Telephone Adalat. The Adalat is presided over by General Manager of the area. The concerned officers of the Department are also called to be present in the Adalat. The full details of the case is presented to the presiding officer. The order of the presiding officer is communicated in the Adalat after hearing the arguments from both the parties.
Appellate Jurisdiction of Telephone Adalats:
Circle level adalats headed by CGMs can consider the cases of the appeals against the decisions of the adalats chaired by SSA Heads. Adalats headed by SSA Heads can consider cases of excess billing which have been rejected by them as administrative heads of SSAs.

IV.Telecom consumers Protection and Regulation of Grievances
[TRAI Regulation, 2007(3 of 2007)]
BSNL ensures prompt rectification of any fault or complaint booked through its extensive grass root level online fault restoration system (FRS). However, in case you still have your problem unsolved timely, BSNL has implemented a three tier consumer grievance redressal mechanism comprising of call centres for various services, nodal officers at SSA and Circle level and an appellate authority for deciding cases that the consumers may wish to appeal against. As a first step, you may contact our Call Centre on toll free helpline numbers given below.

  • For basic services including broadband services:1500 (toll free number)
  • For GSM Mobile services: 9400024365 (toll free number).
  • For Broadband &Internet services:1800-424-1600 (toll free number).
  • For MPLS & Other Data services: 1800-425-1957 (toll free number).

1. Procedure for handling grievances by Call Centres.
The Call Centres, immediately on receipt of your complaint:
(a) Shall register such complaint by allotting a unique identification number to be called the docket number;
(b) Communicate, at the time of lodging the complaint, the unique identification number to be called docket number, date and time of registration of the complaint, to you;
(c) Record details in respect of such complaint;
(d) Intimate you
(i) Through telephone or other electronic means or any other means; and
(ii) Within the time limit specified the action taken on your complaint; and
(e) give you contact details of the Nodal Officer (including his name, telephone number and address) in case you are not satisfied with the redressal of your grievance or when requested by you.

1.1 Time limit for redressal of grievance of consumers by Call Centres.
(1) Unless specified elsewhere, all complaints relating to fault or disruption of service or disconnection of service shall be redressed within three days from the date of registration of complaint;
(2) Unless specified elsewhere, all other complaints shall be redressed within seven days from the date of registration of complaint;
(3) where lesser time limit has been specified by any other law for the time being in force or other regulations of TRAI or DOT or by BSNL for redressal of grievance, the Call Centres shall redress the grievances of the consumer within such specified time.
In case you are not satisfied with the redressal of your grievance at the Call Centre level or in case the Call Centre within the above time limit does not attend to the complaint, you may approach the Nodal Officer for redressal of your grievance.

2. Redressal of Consumer Grievances by Nodal Officers.
You may approach, by a letter in writing, or through telephone, or web based online filing of complaints or through short message service or through other electronic means and any other means, the Nodal Officer of the concerned SSA of the Circle/District for redressal of your grievance.

In emergent situation, one can approach at the first instance itself a Nodal Officer instead of a Call Centre and the Nodal Officer shall redress the grievance.

2.1 Handling of grievances of consumers by Nodal Officers.
The Nodal Officer shall be accessible to the consumers at the address made available by the public notice and telephone bills, as referred to above register every complaint lodged by the consumers;

1. communicate, within three days from date of the receipt of the complaint, the unique complaint number to the consumer;
2.after taking the remedial measure for redressal of the grievance or decision thereon, intimate, within the time limit specified as below the remedial measure or decision taken, to the consumer.

2.2 Time limit for redressal of complaints by Nodal Officer.
The Nodal Officer shall redress the complaints of the consumer within ten days of the registration of the complaint, provided that complaints relating to fault or disruption of service or disconnection of service shall be redressed within three days from the date of registration of complaint.

In case the consumer is still not satisfied with the redressal of his grievance by the Nodal Officer or in case his complaint is not redressed by the Nodal Officer within the time limit specified or no reply is received regarding resolution of the complaint from Nodal Officer, he may appeal to the appellate authority for redressal of his grievance.

3. Appeal to appellate authority for redressal of consumer grievances.

(1) In case a consumer is not satisfied with the redressal of his grievance by the Nodal Officer, or his complaint remains to be redressed or no reply is received within the period of ten days of the registration of the complaint by the Nodal Officer or three days of the registration of complaint by the Nodal Officer relating to fault or disruption of service or disconnection such consumer may, in writing, make an appeal to the appellate authority of the concerned Circle.

(2) Every appeal to the appellate authority under sub-para (1) shall be made in duplicate, in this Form.

(3) Every appeal under sub-para (1) shall be filed within three months after the expiry of the time limit specified in within the period of ten days of the registration of the complaint by the Nodal Officer or three days of the registration of complaint by the Nodal Officer relating to fault or disruption of service or disconnection:
Provided that the appellate authority may entertain any appeal after the expiry of the said period of three months but before one year from the time limit of ten days of the registration of the complaint by the Nodal Officer or three days of the registration of complaint by the Nodal Officer relating to fault or disruption of service or disconnection if it is satisfied that there was sufficient cause for not filing it within that period.

(4) Every Telecom Circle/Telephone District shall make available to the consumer the Form of appeal free of charge:

(a) At its every office and sales outlets, and at every office of the Nodal Officer and the appellate authority;
(b) At its website for download by consumers.

3.1 Disposal of appeal by appellate authority.

(1) The appellate authority shall ensure uniformity in the procedure for deciding appeals and comply with the provisions contained in succeeding paras.

(2) The secretariat of the appellate authority shall:-
(a) Register every appeal immediately on receipt of the same and send, within three days of receipt of the appeal, an acknowledgement to the appellant indicating the serial number of the appeal registered;
(b) Forward, within six days from the date of receipt of an appeal, a copy of the appeal to the concerned Section of the Circle office and/or the concerned SSA head and/or the concerned Nodal Officer;

(3) The concerned Section of the Circle office and/or the concerned SSA head and/or the concerned Nodal Officer, shall, within fifteen days from the date of receipt of the appeal forwarded by the Secretariat of the Appellate Authority file in writing its reply;

(4) In case the concerned Section of the Circle office and/or the concerned SSA head and/or the concerned Nodal Officer fails to file its reply within the period specified the appellate authority shall proceed on the basis of the material available on record;

(5) The appellate authority may call for, any information, document or record, from the concerned Section of the Circle office and/or the concerned SSA head and/or the concerned Nodal Officer or the appellant, which may be relevant and necessary for examination and disposal of the appeal, as the case may be;

(6) The concerned Section of the Circle office and/or the concerned SSA head and/or the concerned Nodal Officer and the appellant, shall provide such information, document or record as the appellate authority may call for;
Provided also that in case a party to the case fails to furnish such information, document or record, the appellate authority, on being satisfied that the party in possession of the record is withholding it, it may decide the appeal after appraising the material available on record and decide the appeal to the best of its judgment on merits.

(7) The appellate authority shall, on receipt of the reply from concerned Section of the Circle office and/or the concerned SSA head and/or the concerned Nodal Officer and on the basis of information, document or record under the para above from and after conducting such inquiry as the appellate authority may consider necessary, and after affording reasonable opportunity of hearing to the parties, dispose of the appeal by passing an order in writing and stating therein the points for determination, the decision thereon and the reasons for the decision;

(8) The appellant, being consumer, may, either appear in person or authorize any of his representative to present his case or send his representation with a request to dispose of the appeal, without being present in person;

(9) The concerned Section of the Circle office and/or the concerned SSA head and/or the concerned Nodal Officer may authorize one or more of its officers or employees to present its case;
Provided that in case the service provider fails to present its case before the appellate authority on the date fixed for hearing, the appellate authority may proceed ex-parte and decide the appeal on merits.

(10) The appellate authority shall decide every appeal within three months from the date of filing the appeal and pass order in accordance with the provisions of sub para-7 above;

(11) The order of the appellate authority shall be communicated in writing within seven days of the order to the appellant and the concerned Section of the Circle office and/or the concerned SSA head and/or the concerned Nodal Officer;

(12) The concerned Section of the Circle office and/or the concerned SSA head and/or the concerned Nodal Officer shall, within fifteen days from the date of receipt of the order referred to above, comply with the order of the appellate authority and report immediately compliance thereof to the appellate authority;

(13) The appellate authority may decide any appeal with the consent between the parties at any stage of the proceedings and such appeal shall be treated as decided with the mutual consent of the parties.


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    Again the same problem. There is no broadband connection. Our landline number is 2443 2702. You can contact my father 9433702250.
    Can you please check and make sure once and for all that this problem is solved? We are paying for the entire month and its a unlimited plan and we get only intermittent service. This is very frustrating.
    I am contacting airtel, tata indicom and reliance today to find out how quickly we can get any one of their services and terminate your service. Its a shame for BSNL. we have been your customer since 2004.
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    I have opted for tarriff plan of Rs.750/- per month for bradband internet connection and also applied for grant of 20% discount being retired from P.S.U.alongwith in may,2010 and was already availing the tariff plan of Rs.250/- per month.The tariif plan was converted to Rs.750/- plan on 25th of May,2010 but discount of 20% has not been granted till date despite repeated verbal requests. Kindly get the needful done as I have submtted all the required documents alongwith my application already submnitted for change of tariff plan in the month of May,2010.Thanking you.

    Parmod Kumar Sharma
    Tel.No. 01662 246479
    479, Urban Estate-II,
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    1) BSNL Mobile Officers in Ulhasnagar are not entertaining any of my mobile related complaints. I talk to Mr.Chauhan and Mr. Adhikari many times But they are only assuring me but not attending the problem.

    2) I tried to contact the Higher officer of Kalyan Moile at Kalatalav Mr. Salunke DGM but he is not at all taking my call. His PA always tells me that he is not on the sit/office. Once I went to his office (after knowing that he is in his cabin) I called on his Office he told his PA to tell me that he is not in his cabin.

    3) This kalyan officers are not at all taking my mobile related complaints and always avoid me.

    4) I am not getting N/W inside my Home.

    5) Difficult, almost impassible to receive and make calls.
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    shame shame sun direct

    The sun direct services are worst in bangalore.

    We get on the tv screen that there needs to be some
    fix in our dish antenna. The service is to be provided
    free of cost.

    When we dial the customer care no. 39407575 it is always engaged.
    If it is in ringing mode, nobody cares to lift the phone.

    Same case with the landline number 25327272, which is at vasanthnagar.
    The security guard lifts the phone after 6.00 p.m and declares boss is not there
    whereas the complete staff including boss is not available the whole day.

    If you dont want to attend the phone, why should you install it.

    Next come to distributors. They too give the landline no's but never lift the phone.
    I went to Yelhanka new town, distributor personally and told my sufferings to the
    lady reciptionist, but she did not dare to register it and provide me a complaint no.

    To add to the agony, I went to my nearest dealer here in K.G.Halli personally and
    got the reply that he is not responsible for the repair that needs to be done.

    Some technician, I got from just-dial services is demanding 100 Rs, to do the needful

    Right from the top-manager, till the customer-care, dealer, distributor, technician, all are corrupted and highly irresponsible

    May I know, if my problem can be solved.
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    I thru ICICIbank trans. No 187572818 credited Rs. 56.00 for top up in my mobile No 9450023360.
    But till date niether top up was made nor refund received in above bank account.
    Pl. redress the same.
    R K Singh M-09757345137
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    I have the BSNL basic landline telephone No. 020 - 27410012 since 5 years. Now my telephone is not working. I lodged the complaint on 198. My complaint no. is 004139 registered on 20th December, 2010. Till date the complaint has not been attended. I had also met with Pimprigaon exchange incharge under whose jurisdiction this connection is registered a week before. He only gives the assurance. But nothing has been done till today. Now I have no other option but to surrender the BSNL telephone connection.
    Please redress the same.
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    The AO CRM (Accounts)

    Dear Sir,

    Ref: Phone No. 0422 -2424474; A.K. Padmini, Exchange CBBHU;Consumer No. 20030591624; Bill No. T0711201048506167.7th Nov 2010. and Bill NO.T0701201149019461 7th Jan 11 . reg.

    Sub: cancel of Games down loading charges - reg.

    It is observed that games down loading charges (Rs.64.52 / Rs,200/-- GODCHG )is being debited my account from my above bills, and also received a phone call if i wish to cancel the charges to contact toll free No.18004250500 and to inform, but the given number is always busy or it is not being picked up, Hence I request you to cancel the above charges with immediate effect and do the needful.

    Thanking You,

    Yours faithfully,

    (A.K. Padmini)
    No. 22, Kongu Nagar
    Coimbatore 641 046.
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    a k handa <>
    date 6 January 2011 10:47
    subject Purposely Non Functional BSNL Mobile Tower At Diskit (Nubra Valley) in J&K
    hide details 6 Jan (13 days ago)
    Dear Sir,
    I was recently in an armed forces hospital in Nubra valley (J&K) for a period of almost three weeks.
    The mobile tower of BSNL giving cover to this area is at Diskit/ Sumru. Probably due to security reasons in this sensitive region, you are the only mobile telephone service provider there.So there is no choice of a service provider other than BSNL. The mobile tower is switched on extremely erratically. At times it is not switched on for days together, at other times it is switched off after 10 pm to 10 am the next day. Suddenly after a prolonged switch off for days on end , it comes on on Sundays. Whenever there was a signal, there was a mad rush by your innumerable subscribers to call up or receive calls and hence the network would remain perpetually busy for hours on end.
    My colleagues and friends, hence could not keep in touch for this very reason.
    On talking to the residents and other doctors there , I was told that the diesel used to run the generators for the mobile towers is siphoned off to the local market !!
    I do not believe such hearsay & unsubstantiated allegations.
    But staying there for 21 days was painful as I was totally cut off from the outside world.
    Can you please help in setting right matters in this God foresaken place, so that next time around it is not the same story again.

    Warm Regards,
    Wg Cdr (Dr) A K Handa
    Classified Spl (Med & Gastroenterology)
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    The AO (TRCOMP)

    Dear Sir,

    Ref: Phone No. 0891-2723627; Y.V.Raghavaiah, Exchange VMMN;Unique number:APVM19991023187; Bill No. T070320118118360.7th Mar 2011. and Bill NO.T070420118246435 7th Apr 11 . reg.

    Sub: cancel of Games down loading charges - reg.

    It is observed that games down loading charges (Rs.200/ Rs,200/-- GODCHG )is being debited my account from my above bills, and also received a phone call if i wish to cancel the charges to contact toll free No.18004250500 and to inform, but the given number is always busy or it is not being picked up, Hence I request you to cancel the above charges with immediate effect and do the needful.

    Thanking You,

    Yours faithfully,

    Andhra Pradesh
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    The issue is regarding the Mobile No. 9444863685(Took it in Chennai) which is in the name of Rajarajeswari registered in the following address

    Old No.35, New No.61,
    Ashok nagar,
    Chennai - 600083.

    The above mentioned number was purchased closed to 3 years(Not sure exactly when it was purchased) and for the last 2 years my wife Rajarajeswari is not
    using it since we moved to Hyderabad. Last week she left to her hometown in Tamilnadu hence i was trying to recharge it online and
    it was successful but i did not receive any message hence called Hyderabad Customer Care and he assured that within 6 hours it will be
    done on top of it i provided the transaction ID over the phone but he did not took it hence I took the Chennai Customer Care no. from him and called them
    and explained the issue and the agent who spoke also assured it will be done if you see the transaction on the screen and did not ask about the transaction
    number but within 20 minutes got a message to the mobile as the number you tried to recharge did not went through and not successful. I again call the
    customer care - Chennai and explained it and the agent said if you get a message like that then it is not successful then the amount will not be debited
    from the account but if you have any issue then call the customer care and will help you. Today I checked my IOB Account online and can see the below.

    Date Narration Dr/Cr Amount
    21-Apr-2011 IOBBILLDESK -FPG872694 Debit 560.00

    I again called the customer care on 24th April'11 and spoke to almost 8 people(Please find some of the names below)

    sudha - Floor Senior Officer
    Pandiaraj - Sr Executive RK Nagar Branch

    It was one of the poor customer service i have ever received in my life. I intially explained all and said i do not have the transaction ID but i
    provided it to the Hyderabad customer care but i am not sure he noted down or not inspite of it i was asked numerous time about the transaction ID and
    whoever spoke to on 24th April'11 most of the agents did not inform me that they are going to place the call on hold and all of a sudden the call
    will go to hold and i need to confirm that am i speaking to the same agent or the one above him or her.

    I have made calls like anything since it was keep disconnecting and every time i have to explain the whole history of the issue and one of the agent(Female)
    placed me
    one hold and after releasing the call from hold she used a local language(Tamil) as "PODA' and disconnected the call which hurted me like anything.
    I called again and spoke to shakunthala and she asked sorry for what happened. I once again explained all and she asked me to come to Chennai.
    I said that i am in Hyderabad if you want that to be escalated then you have to come. Then i said her that i am completeley disturbed about the last call
    the intitial issue which i have raised and asked to escalate and she placed the call on hold and transferred to Pandiaraj who said he is the Sr.Executive.
    He also went through all which i explained him again and finally he said he can escalate it but there is no concept of giving a reference number.
    Since i took your e-mail and writing this letter.

    I want my money credited back to my account and on top of it the agent who hurted me a lot over the phone by using the word "PODA" i want an action to
    be taken on her.

  • edited June 2011
    In spite of repeated reminder and contact with different official the broad band connection which is out of order since 08.05.2011 nor restored and force me to switchover the services to other provider.

    T. H. Parira, faculty, stc, kolkata
    mob no.- 9007109522
  • edited October 2011
    From the Mobile No. 9439785276 last few months I am observing there are unauthorized deductions of money from the recharge amount, although I have not subscribed any other scheme. Please take the necessary action to refund all the money deducted from my account.
  • cguha87cguha87 Junior Member
    edited October 2011
    I had BSNL broad band for the past 4 years.

    But for the past 5 months, broadband didnt work fine due to fault in near by post.

    I have lodged complaints many times, but no proper action was taken by pallikaranai bsnl staff.

    So , I surrendered BSNL connection by september 1st week itself.

    But still i'm getting the BSNL bill.

    What's wrong with BSNL staff??........Wont they update the customer status immediately?
  • edited November 2011
    i got broadband connection of BSNL 1 year ago.since past 1 month my broadband is not working despite my several complaints neither they came nor they pick up the phone.Even i called to ranchi grivance cell,they also did the no. is 06526224741(Lohardaga,jharkhand) in the name of kamlawati singh
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    Our telephone no. 25388446, in the name of DM Consultants continues to be unserviceable for last few months. Inspite of the payments being done regularly, assurance from the Accts Officer Mrs Nagarkar (Yervada office), and innumerable visits to BSNL office at Kothrud and one visit to Nal stop office, the phone continues to be out of order.

    Mr Kakde (TRI), informed the Kothrud office to act on the matter fast, but there has been no response. We had informed the Kothrud office that before sending the lineman to the site, we need to be intimated as presently our office is under renovation and at times it could be locked.

    We request you to kindly initiate action to get our telephone operational at the earliest.

    regards and good luck

    Wg Cdr (retd) Avinash V Muthal
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    If your mobile number has been deactivated by your mobile operator without informing you, I request you to fill your details in below link. Shortly, i am planning to proceed to consumer court against these cheap operators and would like to attach all your references as well.

    Let's fight for our rights.
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    My old landline was transferred to a new BSNL Exchange on 12/12/12. From that day, my landline has been "phone dead."

    I registered a complaint on 13/12/12 - Complaint number: 17649284432.

    Till now, my landline doesn't work (phone dead.) Details are below:-

    Consumer City: Chennai, Tamilnadu Circle.
    New BSNL Exchange: Arumbakkam
    Landline Phone Number: 04423637573

    I have also written in the India Consumer forum and would like redressal immediately please.

    Thank you.
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    I wish to state that my Land line phone No. 04295222742 provided with Broad Band BBG FN Compo 500 under 2 year scheme from 11th March, 2012. I have downloaded the bill for the month of January 2013 from BSNL CDR website and found that an amount of Rs 75-50 (Local calls usage charges Rs. 67.20 plus service charges Rs. 8.30) has been adjusted from the credit balance in my account. The Local call usage is only 83 units and STD call usage is 16 units and in total 99 units during this month which is well within the free usage limit of 175 units under this plan. I have lodged complaint with SDE Commercial, BSNL Sathyamangalam on 7.2.2013 and no response till date.
    I request you to kindly to take suitable action to revise the bill for the month of January 2013 and credit the amount of Rs. 75-50 in my account.
    With regards
    Krishnamoorthi A N
    Ariappampalayam - 638 402
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    Yesterday onwards I am not geting broadband service.I am using BBG250 plan.I have received an sms from bsnl saying that i had availed 100 %of free usage as per the plan.It may be true.Now I am requesting you to permit me use to more oncost as usual.Realy I do not know about the reason for the situation.Please look in to the matter and take action as early as possible,so as to get the service fast.
    Thank you sir(For ref my land line number is;04842792587,My mob number -9447976886.)
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    I have lodged a compliant with the above SR number two months ago for deactivation of the value added services Hungama Movie on Demand and Hungama Music on Demand. But there is no taker to attend the calls of the customers' grievances at BSNL. I request you to stop the services immediately and stop charging the amounts in the name of One Time Charges to my bill. Alos request you to repay the amounts already collected from me for the mentioned services.
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    Dear Sir,

    My name is Ashok Jakhar, Mobile No. 9491198527. i have a postpaid connection with best value plan (FMC 700/-). I received an SMS yesterday regarding an unbilled usage of approximately 14000/- rs. and subsequently, my mobile connection has been terminated. I have a free usage of 6GB data and seeing the data usage of only 1.4GB from BSNL portal, i realised that it has been charged excessively. I tried calling customer care on 1503, but there was no reply as the postpaid desk could not be reached despite many tries.

    i am out of station, and cannot visit your customer service centre personally. Please resolve this billing issue as there seems to be some miscalculation somewhere, i never received any message regarding any excessive use of data before this.
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    Dear Sir,

    I was recharging my mobile (9486217780) with plan Rs.99/= for rate cutter and topup with Rs.110/= on 30.4.2013.Both transactions done through paytm and the process was successful in the paytm and the amount debited from my bank account.But the amount not credited in my mobile account.When I contacted paytm, they said that there is no problem in our side, you have to contact BSNL.Please arrange to refund both amount as it was not successful in your side.

    P.John Augustine
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    Hi sir,
    I am a DOCOMO tamilnadu customer, i want to port my number 9894594994 to BSNL. i got the UPC code from DOCOMO and gave the application form to BSNL office. Last Saturday i gave the application but till now porting details was not received me. So please help me to Port my number and give me the guidance to solve this problem.
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    Mobile computing is "taking a computer and all necessary files and software out into the field."[1]

    "Mobile computing: being able to use a computing device even when being mobile and therefore changing location. Portability is one aspect of mobile computing."[2]

    "Mobile computing is the ability to use computing capability without a pre-defined location and/or connection to a network to publish and/or subscribe to information." Uwe Vieille,
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    Dear Balraj Kumar Your BSNL wireline account 1003109835 has been billed with rs.433.26 on 01-may-13 and the due date is 27-may-13.
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    Hi Sir,

    I'm Jenson from kerala, my landline and broadband is not working for last two weeks. My landline number is 0470-2669367 and the owner's name is Mercy Jermues.
    please take necessary action for the complaint.thank you

    Jenson J
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