Aditya Birla making Fraud

we had faced a fraud service from Aditya Birla Housing Finance Company ,
We were having a home loan of 1.17 Crs on Residential Property at Thane Ashar Sapphire,
I took a finance for Under construction building on 17 /06/2018 ,
Now , When i was shifting my loan from Aditya Birla to other bank to get less ROI , I got to know i am facing some fraud from Aditya Birla
firstly i applied for Foreclosure letter on 18 December 2019 , they were not listning for request for foreclosure , i sent them so many mails they reply with they want more time , i called there consumer care so many times they dont have answer ,i visted there office at ville parle 5 times just got answer you will get soon , specially went there from thane every time 35 kms
there nature towards customer is so rude and none service , from december to february on 24th feb after so many harassment i got Foreclosure letter but in that also there is fraud of asking for lock in period charges around 4 lacs ans 3 lacs pre closure charges Total is 7 lacs
I purchased this property on Individual name on floating ROI , but they demanding money like dadagiri for shifting this loan to other bank
other banks are not taking any foreclosure charges and lock in period charges
And we are not aware for the lock in charges and they had taken me blankly signed on the paper for this clause
this lock in clause is not also mentioned on the sanction letter
As this is under construction property this clause should not be there
if it will be there than i wouldn't be able to discontinue minimum for 4-5 years that is wrong , i will bound of that financial company they can charge any thing they want, this is against consumer rights
i have right to choose any bank for low my interest rates


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