Dell Brand new Laptop with problems

I am Posting this after being too irritated and tired. I bought a dell inspiron 13 model 7373 on 13th January from Dell exclusive showroom in Nehru Place. when I bought this I clearly asked the dealer and the sales person ( I guess his name was Alam ) that I travel a lot . so I need a laptop with long battery back up and light weight . he suggested me this model . I asked him about the battery backup and he said truth is that it will give you a back up of at least 7-8 hours in working mode. I asked him may be I can buy 5000 series which is between 40 to 45000 Rs . much cheaper than this model 7000 series. he said no. that series is heavy weight and will give you a power back up of only 3 hours. so eventually I bought this model. i paid money and took bill and went back to home as I was getting late. when I reached home I saw that this piece is of August 2018. too old . then I went on internet and saw that warranty expired in 2018 and 2019. I felt cheated. then on 14th I called dell helpline and they said you send us invoice copy and we will update the warranty. on 13th I charged the laptop for 8-9 hours and used it for first time on 14th and saw battery went dead in 1.5 hour. then on 15th I called helpline again and told them that I have been cheated by your showroom .to my surprise the technical person said its 3 cell and will give you a back up of only 1.5 hour. and when I spoke to some sales person on dell helpline he said it will give at least 4 hours back up, very surprising that in your own company different department say different words. then on 16 th again I called and the person chatted with me for more than 2 hours and he updated windows and drivers and even did battery health test etc. he said now you can use and check. I told him I am going to Mumbai for my work &will carry my old laptop and after coming back use this and reply. then when I came back to delhi on 21 and used ,battery back up too less. then called dell and even send email .after that mr abhishekh from out of warranty department called me and agreed to get the battery replaced. he got it replaced after 1 week . but next day I realized that battery after reaching 25 % went down to 6% within 5 min. I got so irritated that I send email to mr abhishekh and said that now I don't have more energy and time .I just want my money back. or else I will go to consumer court,.he refused and disconnected the phone. I regret to buy a dell laptop. Now I think there is no other choice left. But just to go to consumer court.
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