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On 29 october 2019 i inquired to BSNL customer care about special recharge plans. Upon which i was provided with details of Rupees 899/- recharge which was available to me for Rupees 799/-. In which i get 250 minutes talktime per day for 180 days and 3GB data per day for 180 days and 50 sms per day for 180 days . This offer informed to me over phone and a written text was also sent to me specifying the exact same details. i have this text saved till yet in my phone also as a screen shot for proof. On 31 december (just after 60days of activation as against 180 days) my data plan was reduced to 1.5 GB against the offer i was promised. I need The respective department to take appropriate action about my complaint and restore my 3gb data plan along with keeping the other offers intact as promised to me for 180 days since the recharge date which was 29 october 2018.

For past 4 days i was trying to reach BSNL customer care on their 1503 number to present this issue But no matter how many times i try or by any different methods they would not forward my call to the customer support agent. My call would always be disconnected after a few rings or rerouted or something or the other. It seems they deliberately blocked my number from reaching thier support agents. On top of that the support agents are very rude in terms of speaking to customers while they try to bring an issue to their notice (speaking from a previous experience). Because BSNL is a government entity they are getting away with their false promises changing plans as and when they please without fulfilling earlier commitments and their deadline. This entity and its agents must be accountable for their actions as well like every body else.

I request the Concerned authorities of this forum to look into my complaint and help me get services restored that was offered. I still have the text message i received from BSNL specifying details of the offer plus i took a screen shot with the date and time captured in the image which i can provide as proof.
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