FasTag Machine not working at L&T DTL Toll plaza Name: TP01 Mangalgi, forced to pay cash 2 times.

On 15th Dec 2019, 10:39 AM, I was at L&T Deccan Tollways Toll Plaza Name: TP01 Mangalgi. I have Paytm FagTag in working condition with wallet balance.
I am travelling from Hyderabad to Humnabad. Using my Paytm FasTag, i was able to pay toll charges at Kamkole toll gate ( between Zahirabad and Sangareddy). This is first toll plaza in the route.
Next Toll plaza is at Mangalgi ( TP01 Mangalgi). At the toll plaza, i am at 2nd one from left side (i.e. next one to cash gate), i have moved my car forth and back for couple of times but it did not recognize my fastag. They said my paytm is Blocklisted and forced me to pay double amount in cash. But on the return journey, i thought my paytm not wroking and route to cash way and paid cash. It also deducted amount from Paytm FasTag wallet. Please let me know if any supporting documents needed
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