Zoomcar - Fraud Company

I hired a car from zoomcar from 1930 hrs of 23 Nov 19 till 0830 hrs of 24 Nov 19 with booking id: JPS66MTHJ. Car was picked up from a distant location in chennai by hiring a cab from airport to that place at approximately 2145 hrs on 23 Nov. Next day car was relieved in the parking of Terminal T1 of Chennai airport at 0730 hrs on 24 Nov 19. An intimation for the same was made to zoomcar executive that car is parked in Airport Terminal T1 parking. I was ready to pay taxi fare for the inconvenience caused in taking back the car an hour before the closure of booking. However, the executive refused to intimate owner and disconnected the call. Another attempt was made from inside the airport to initiate recovery of vehicle but that too was futile. Finally, i wrote to zoomcar helpdesk from the app itself to close the booking at 0805 hrs of 24 Nov. but, that too in vain. The very next day i received a call from Zoomcar asking veracity of Car to which i gave exact location of the vehicle. No one ever gave me call thereafter. On 29 Nov 19, i received a mail from zoomcar intimating closure of booking on 29 Nov 19 i.e. 05 days after actual completion and charges of Rs. 33,651/-. This is not understood.

How can a company be so complacent and lackadaisical in first attending to customers request, not complying with the request, sitting over it for 5 days and finally putting all charges on the customer who had been only proactive throughout in ensuring that owner of the vehicle must not be penalised.
This is further aggravated when frauds themselves start issuing self generated recovery notice to consumer for an exorbitant amount which is no where near to any justifiable figure. Is India do we have system in place to sort out fraud companies like Zoomcar. Do we?
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