Axis Bank Credit Card — threatening calls received after the closure of the card in 2010

I am Robert John. My mobile number is 9500178260. My email id:

Long back in the year 2009 I had used a credit card from the Axis bank. Also I settled and closed the account in 2010 with all the other cards (SBI, HDFC, HSBC, Axis, ICICI) I was using.

I think by 2013, some from the axis collection center called me for not closing the account with some balance amount due. I sent them the papers and agreed that the account was closed. Again in 2014, they called up and demanded money to settle the account. Again i had to go through the papers and they said OK. Again they repeated in 2015. Again demanded money and again with papers they said it will never happen again and nobody contacted.

On 17 June, 2017, they called me from 8681069463 and started arguing for money. I am using this mobile number 9500178260 since 2008. But the person called up my wife and got my number again to call me. Actually, i don't know how he got her number. By this time, i had to go through 2 heavy rainfalls in Chennai. The 2015 rains destroyed much of the documents and household things. Also, i have shifted my house to the city outskirts. I explained him everything from my side which he was not willing to accept and warned him that he is pressurizing me to approach the police. Finally, he said that he would be sending a person to my house to collect the money on 19 June. Then nothing happened.

Now it again started. At the end of last month (October 2019) someone called up again from the Axis bank. He told me that I have applied for a loan (which i never did) and he said that my ratings are at low because of the pending of the closure of Axis card. I have again informed him that I have no payment pending regarding this and for am not looking any loans.

But this time these guys from the Axis bank now have called up my relatives (I wonder from where they got all these numbers) and have threatened them stating that I have given their number for collecting the due or to give them my details. Also they have said that I have given their number as reference for my credit card account. Many of my relatives are perplexed and informed me about this trouble that they are going through. And some of such my relatives have become my family after May 2011 from my marriage. How could this be possible?

On 13 November 2019 at around 2.59 pm someone called me from the Axis Bank. The caller called me from +918939027239 and never said his name. I wanted to tell him the details of what i have done so far with the Axis bank. But he cut the call abruptly before i finished my reply. He was very rude, and i had to reply him in the same manner. He was not interested to hear me. All he wanted was myself to be present in his office. After this by 4 pm he has called one of my Auntie again and threatened her verbally demanding my details. Later my wife informed me that someone from the Axis bank has called her up multiple times from different numbers during the day while she was in her office. She should not attend any calls while in office. The following numbers are from which she had received the calls 9884002073,
7824001879, 7824006697, 9176863075, 9884069217, 9962012664, 9884026918, 8939029734. All these numbers are marked as spam over hundreds of times. He had also called one old lady of my street and asked her to pay the money or to give her my details.

Sir, after the year 2010 Chennai has gone through at least 3 worst floods. I have presented the document details earlier as I have mentioned above. After 2014 I had gone through some job shifts. Also I have changed my location accordingly to the necessity. I have gone through all such floods and have got many of my documents destroyed during the floods and due to shifting of my residences. Some of my educational certificates were too lost during this time. Anyways I am living at peace with all my dues paid by 2010 for every single card I was using. No credit cards are used by me at present. I thought the head ache was over. But now and then I get such calls from this Axis bank every couple of years regarding this. These guys have updated every single details of my relatives numbers and every details. But why have they not updated that I have settled the account? These guys have never informed me the pending amount all through these years but they want me to come to their office to settle it down. And why this happens every once in a couple of years they remember to trouble me like this? Why do they want to harass my relatives like this?

On 14 Nov 2019 by 10:55 am got a call from the same person from +918939027993. His name is Mr.Saravanan. Again he was rude and made me stressed. The same old stories were fumingly retold. He asked me whether I am trying to threaten him by asking his name. He never told me the amount and all he wanted was to present myself in his office. Just to end the irritating conversation I agreed to be available at his office. When asked about his address he seemed to hesitate and told me in bits and pieces. Address as he had stated: 'Kodambakkam', then opposite to Meenakshi college, finally Axis
bank. He wanted me there by tomorrow - 15 November 2019 as the office will remain closed for Saturday. The call ended.

Later in the evening at 5.20 pm I got a call from +918573804548. He called me twice and I attended his 3rd call as I was driving back home. He introduced himself as some Mr.Sarwanth? from Axis bank. I couldn't get his name properly as i was in traffic. He spoke to me in English and was very gentle. He said that I have paid all my dues in 2010 and my claim is true. He said that the company has no issues regarding the closure of the account. He apologized me for what I am going through. He promised that I will receive no more calls from the agents and none of my relatives will be in trouble anymore.

But then he gave me the soul shocking news. He said that the amount now they are claiming has occurred as the membership fee from the date of card issuance till its expiry date in 2017. It has come up to around twenty one thousand. And now they have slashed of the interest over the principle membership fee. So I was asked to agree to pay Rs 7538/- immediately to close the account from the Axis bank forever. Or I may get such calls again in future for non remittance of this discounted amount. If I pay everything will be over from now on.

I told him that I was never informed that there will be any continuance of membership fee till the expiry date of the card even if the due amounts are paid and the account closed. I was perplexed to know this now. Although he was very gentle in his words he was never intending to give me time to think or consult. All he was expecting me was to say 'yes' for the amount he mentioned (Rs 7538/-) and pay immediately. We ended up nowhere when I told him that I will call him tomorrow about this matter. Now what should I do?

Today (16 Nov 2019) someone called and threatened my sister and uncle. He has also called my Auntie from the following numbers: 8884086888, 89390909176 and have did the same. Even as I was typing this message Mr.Saravanan who had called me earlier called me from 3 different numbers (9962011956, 9884603485, 7824006697). When he called me today he name called me as cheater and fraud. I told him
that I will face him in the court. But he said that he has my address and will come to my home to spoil my reputation.

1. Why should I pay the membership fee for an closed account? Mr.Sarwanth who called me informed me that I have no dues since 2010 and their system had been updated of the same.

2. If there was a membership fee that I was supposed to pay even after closing the account, they could have informed me earlier and the charges would have been more affordable for me.

What should i do now? Please kindly help me as I don't know how to end this...
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