Luggage Not Received

rssjrssj Junior Member
Things were not at all good with my side. Let me narrate my worst experience to you. I was scheduled a urgent business meeting with my client in Newyork and Jacksonville, I booked flight with Air India and boarded my flight from Chennai on 11th Sep. My ticket ref # AI709584 / 0098709584. Since I have transit in Newyork, I have asked the officer in Chennai to issue the checkin luggage in New York. Initially the there is a transit in New Delhi and there itself a huge delay in Departure to Newyork. The Flight # are AI539 & AI 101. I ave landed in JFK Airport on 12th Sep morning US time, to my utter surprise my baggage was not received in flight and I have waited in baggage claim area for nearly 1 hour. When I spoke to one Air India representative in JFK about this loss, he has given a form to fill without any proper response. I filled in the form and handed over it to him and asked about a time frame, coz I done have anything apart from my Laptop. He has given a response “ I don’t Know “ I was irritated with the response and left blank on what needs to do next. Post which I was waiting for any other responsible officer, but it was never happened and I wasted nearly three hours in Airport itself without any solution. Please understand that iam not in a home country to check possibilities in resolution, atleast in overseas countries the officer should be good enough to solve the problems. He has given one no # 1-718-632-0144 to check the status of the bag, till now nobody attended any call, I would have called nearly 50 times. I was with the same dress till 1 hour back, just now only I have got two wardrobe for today and tomorrow. I have meetings from Monday to Friday and I have booked return flight on Sunday to India. Don’t know how to manage without formal wear. I have sent a mail to CEO also, dont know why a single acknowledge is also coming.. Its going to be more than 5 days now.
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