Baja Allianz Looters

indian2013indian2013 Junior Member
I own a bajaj pulsar since 2005 and have been paying the insurance for it to bajaj allianz since then. After 8 years of my payment, last year i met with an accident which costed me 3000rs and i have applied to insurance so they gave me 1500rs. So after that when i went to pay the next year's premium they wanted me to pay more than the usual amount i pay. When i asked them about this, they told that since i had claimed insurance i am not eligible for discount. My point is then why the hell did i pay insurance all these years. its like even they give the claimed insurance amount to you, they collect it back right away. I am planning to move to other insurance company. A company will succeed only if it wont tend to loot their customers. If they loot then one by one will leave them. Too much greedy is not good.
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