Airtel Cheating its loyal customers

indian2013indian2013 Junior Member
edited September 2014 in Mobile
I am loyal customer of airtel since many years. I travel between hyderabad and chennai every 2 months. When I am in chennai i use the Wifi there. When I go to hyderabad after every 2 months i use my airtel dongle 9849694260. Recently when I went to hyderabad in September i recharged my airtel dongle with 255rs on the previous day. When I went to hyderabad and i connected my dongle I realized that the number has gone to other person. The irresponsible staff of airtel were saying previously there was 90 day policy which has been changed to 45 day policy where if the number is not used for 45 days it gets cancelled. Is this the way airtel treats its loyal customers. They change their policies on their own without intimating the customers and we have to suffer finally. Don't ever choose airtel guys. They loot and cheat their customers. Switch to another network for hassle free facilities which i did.
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