Phoenix arc pvt ltd refusing to issue noc after issuing settlement letter

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I had a Personal Loan with ABN AMRO about 14 years back. While sanction itself, I was asked to issue post dated cheques for all the EMIs and the bankers had collected the same. As per my records, I have cleared all the EMI and there was no bank follow-up for non-payment. Suddenly 7 years back there was a follow-up from RBS bank for non-payment. I had been asking for a statement from their end, but in vain. Different people followed up during different period and no body was ready to furnish the statement.

In the month of Jan 2014, there was a call from Mr. Mohan - Advocate of Kotak Mahindra threatening that they would sue me if I don't pay the pending amount. The contact No. of Mr. Mohan is 8807477757. Mr. Mohan said he is representing M/s Phoenix ARC and the loan collection responsibility has been transfered from RBS to M/s Phoenix. When I requested for a statement, they had sent a vague statement without any cheque and date details. There was repeated calls and pressure from Mr. Mohan to settle the account. Since I am staying in Hosur, I was forced to travel to Bangalore, Banasankari branch of M/s Kotak Mahindra to collect the statement and letters.

After 2 trips to Bangalore, I collected the statement but the info provided in the statement was inadequate to prove that a balance payment in pending in my Loan account. Meanwhile, I came to know that RBS has blocked my cibil rating as non payer of Personal Loan.

Again when Mr. Mohan contacted me, he projected me to pay Rs. 5500.00 towards final settlement and had sent me a settlement letter 10318 which has the following details
Date : 28/1/14 Assgmt.Agmt Dt 30-Apr-12 Contract No. R1P1943945 Reference No. P:2013-14:049318 Account /Card No. : 922380

The above settlement letter stated that I should pay Rs. 5500/- before 31-Jan-14. On receipt of the letter, I called up Mr. Mohan and informed him that it is a very short notice(Settlement letter dated 28th Jan. Received at my end on 30th Jan 2014) and I also should travel to Bangalore on a working day to pay this amount in Banasankari Branch. Mr. Mohan agreed to it and requested me to pay at the earliest.

Accordingly, I visited Banasankari branch on 5/2/14 and paid Rs. 5500.00 and collected the payment receipt 0213329. On that day Mr. Mohan committed me that I would receive the NOC in one months time.

I did not receive the NOC till date. When I followed up with Mr. Mohan, I was asked to contact another Mr. Mohan of Kotak Mahindra Bank. The contact number of Mr. Mohan - M/s Kotak Mahindra bank is 8939976206.Mr. Mohan of M/s KMB(Kotak Mahindra Bank) refused to issue the NOC stating that I did not pay before 31-Jan-14. When I said that Mr. Mohan Advocate had only insisted to pay and assured me that NOC will be issue, the reply I got is "You contact him if he has committed". Later both Mohan's are not lifting my calls.

How would I be able to collect my NOC. I had paid the amount without having any proof of my overdue based on the verbal commitment by the Kotak Manhindra team.

Kindly help me to settle the above and to collect NOC and CIBIL name removal.

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