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Dear Sir/Madam,
This is Khairnar Pushpak, holding an ICICI saving
b/a : 059501503345. My complaint is related to
the minimum account balance charges, that bank
has debited from my account without even
notifying there policy changes , if any. ICICI bank
is simply debiting amount from my account . I
get monthly statements but I have never got any
information about the policy changes . I think
ICICI bank is not even following the guidelines
mentioned by RBI . Previously they take the
average for a quarter to check the minimum
balance but suddenly they changed without any
information send to us ( customers ) .
Please find the below details for all the
transactions made by bank. I tried to get in
touch with the manager but they say we can' t
do anything about this.
22- 05- 2014 - MABChgs- 280. 90
18- 06- 2014 - MABChgs- 280. 90
15 - 07- 2014 - MABChgs- 393.26
12 - 08 - 2014 - MABChgs - 160.46
Please take some action against this bank for
not complying RBI standards / guidelines.
Pushpak khairnar
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