Pathetic Service from BEAM TELECOM

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Hello Sir / Madam

I am a subsriber of BEAM TELECOM, internet service provider in Hyderabad. Their number is 040 - 66272727.

My account number with them is 203710.

Since AUg 28th 2014, it has been a pathetic service till now. I have registered atleast 6 complaints for internet not working with them so far.

It was down on Aug 28-Aug 30. Then down on Sep 1 and 2. Then down on Sep 3 and 4th. Again down on Sep 12 and 13..

You can imagine Sir / Madam, how pathetic it has been. They give false assurances everytime that it wont repeat again. we are really fed up with their services

I would request you to pursue this case on my behalf and grant me justice, as per what is allowed by the Law and its course

Br, Ajay Maheshwari
+91 96768 55501


  • Beam FiberBeam Fiber Junior Member
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    Dear Ajay Maheshwari,

    The above mentioned grievance has been addressed & resolved. Please feel free to get in touch with us on 66272727 or write to us at, if you have any other queries. Thank you for your cooperation.

    Warm Regards,
    Beam Fiber
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