Complaint against Anson Sports / Anand Gymnastic Work

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Through Anson Sports website, I did purchase an 20 in 1 multipurpose exercise bench on 1st Sept, 2014 (order id: 249). Before purchasing I have made many calls to the owner for clarifications and dispatch info. Since, I was satisfied with the response of I placed an order in Sports And Fitness Equipment | Buy Gym Equipment Online in Indiaon 1st Sept, 2014.

After the successful payment, the merchant is not shipping my product and moreover he is ignoring my calls, since last Thursday. Since the merchant was ignoring my calls and the only was available is to contact him on the mobile, no other contact numbers were mentioned in the website.

Since the merchant is cheating, i thought of posting the comment on the ansonsport website, beside the multibench 20 in 1 which I brought. I entered an brief comment as what has happened to me, so that others will not be fooled by the merchant, but the worst thing is that the post is not getting displayed on the site itself. The merchant himself is only displaying only positive comment on the website.

Anson sports a big cheater, earning money in the name of Anson Sports or Anand Gymnastic Work online shopping website, but not delivering any products.

Please someone help me in getting my money of 7599 Rs by any means.

Thanks in advance



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    I am from Australia and came to Mumbai for a year. On reading advertisement on Mumbai Mirror about the slim and slendor centre I gave them a call and when I was told that the centre is in Chembur I was not so keen. However Dr Darshan, Dr Pooja and Dr Dharini came to my home in Andheri West and told me that I should join and started telling me everything that seemed very good. They being professionals told me that I will loose weight up to 60 kilos in 40 sessions, there is no requirement to do any exercise nor the programme needs diet. Firther I was informed that after rone treatment in Chembur I will be shifted to Bandra on 11th April 2014and all treatement willo be given by qualified doctors. The weight loss was GUARANTEED by Dr Darshan. I aske dofr a contract to state what he told and he further informed me that the contract will be ready when I come for the first session. They got the money in advance 144,400 rupees for 40 sessions and I was not transferred to Bandra after first session. Every Sunday I would go to Chembur and would ask for contract and the Dr in charge would say that there is no contract left for you here. Dr Darshan, Dr Dharini and Dr Pooja never consulted me after they got their money. All I received wa sone email about diet plan. You never to get these trio after they get the money. They dont even return your calls and no emails gets answerred. After 8 sessions when the reuslt was very bad I wrote a email asking to refund my unused sessions but no response from the Doctors. I than was shifted to Bandra and was under someone who doesnt have a medical degree. This was another breach of verbal representation as I was told that I will be treated by qualified doctors. Infact I was never treated by qualified doctors but some ordinary girls whom they train to use machine. Upon my various complains one day I called to Doctor Drashan from Bandra office and he again told me a lie that he will meet me in Bandra centre on following Saturday. He never came to Bandra centre nor anyone saw my chart or to see how was progressing. I have now done 24 sessions and have 16 unused sessions. I would like to lodge complain abut unethical way of practising , being very unporfessional, for misrepersentation and as I didnt get the weight loss to 60 as being guaranteed by Dr Darshan I wish full refund of 144000 rupees
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