Nadiad Bus Depot Man speaking not good & rudely.

Good Day!

This is to inform you that, daily in the morning i use to catch the bus of "Nadiad-Ambaji" from Nadiad to Ahmedabad. Since last few days, this bus is not available due to some fair at Ambaji temple. Firstly, we were not known about it and went to ask the concern person at depot at 5:40 AM regarding the status of bus, without checking anything or asking any other person, he simply replied that bus already left at 5:30AM in the morning, while we were standing at Nadiad Bus stand since 5:00AM and no bus came or left from that place. We tried to tell him that, bus haven't came so how come it left, he told that bus timing is 5:30AM and so bus left as per time. Me with friend and many other regular passengers were standing since almost 1 hour and no bus came neither any status was informed.

Today, when we asked him to give the spare bus to us, as we have to reach the company on time and due to less number of bus we always get late to reach office which causes half day even if we are late by 5 Mins.

I throughly hope that you would look into this matter & reply us back soon.

We just would like you to do is, arrange for spare bus if any regular bus is not available at particular depot, so that we and regular passengers not face any difficulty during travelling.

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