Upon completing the booking (Booking ref. no: EZR-2014-234044/A, dt: 01-Sep-14 at 13.45 hrs.) for 5 people of my family for an airways journey at ezeego1 website for
Delhi – Srinagar – Delhi (Jun 13 – Jun 20, 2015) for a total of Rs 13353, I got the booking failure email from them, which asked me to call them back at 1-800-209-0800 or +91-9876565900 (Yes, the fare was low due to Spicejet Rs 499 per ticket promotion running from Sep 01 - 03, 2014)

While, at the same time, I got the SMS from my bank that my credit card was charged for the full amount of roundtrip travel, i.e., Rs 13353.

When I called them back, they told me that the airfare was changed by the airlines, Spicejet while the booking was being done. So, they couldn’t book it.

I asked to confirm if my card was actually charged because I got the SMS from the bank, they checked and said somebody will call me back for the details.

Later, I got a call from their manager, Mr. Akshay Kamath from ezeego1 who told me that even though the booking could not be made due to fare change, my card was actually charged. I then asked him to do the refund of the charge. But, he said, he couldn’t do it asked me to send a mail to their complaint department. And somebody from complaint deptt. will call me back.

I immediately sent a complaint mail (complaint ID: 1-89817). Upon which, I got a call back from Mr. Fateh Khan who told me that they could not book the onward sector, i.e., Delhi – Srinagar, so booked the return sector, i.e., Srinagar - Delhi.

And for Delhi – Srinagar sector, I need to pay them more to get the booking.

I was shocked at this response and refused to pay anything more than what was shown on their website at the time of booking. Else, I requested that my money should be refunded in full.
But he said they’ve already booked the return journey now they won’t book onward journey unless I pay them more.

I even reminded him that it's against Govt. Of India law that it's a mandate for travel booking websites to present the changed fare to the customer PRIOR to booking and unless customer goeaa ahead to still book the travel seeing those increased fares, their website should not have gone ahead on its own to book only one-way, that too return journey without my consent.

But, he didn't listen. He later called me to convey that he spoke to someone else in his company and that person is also not agreeing to refund my money in full.

This is an act of fraud and cheating because they shouldn’t have charged my card at all or booked half journey if they were not able to get the confirmed booking from the airlines for the complete journey that I booked at their website.

But, after several phone calls and email exchanges, this issue is not being solved. So, I’m forced by this fraud and cheat company to file the complaint at consumer court.

In the hope of justice ...

A common man,
Email: a023624a@gmail.com
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