Viji Yathra - BLR-TVM - running without road permit

Dear Person-In-Charge,

This is to let you know about the horrifying experience we had with a travels by the name Viji Yathra Travels.

I booked a ticket on Viji Yathra Travels for Friday, 29th August 2014, from Bangalore to Thiruvananthapuram. I was supposed to board the bus at 8:45 PM from Electronic City. Being new to Bangalore, I did not know from where exactly I had to board the bus at Electronic City. I called up their office, but there was no staff to help me. Finally I got to know the stop from a person who happened to be at the travel office while I called them.

They informed me that a bus named "Muskaan" would come and I had to board that bus. If I had not called them to enquire about this, they wouldn't have informed me about this, I believe!

The bus, supposedly to pick me at 8:45 arrived past 9:45 PM at Electronic City!

Next, the worst part! The bus did not have a road permit!!!
The bus was stopped by RTO at Hosur for inspection of papers. The only crew in the bus was the driver. RTO informed that the bus may only travel if an amount of Rs. 65000 was paid in penalty. The bus number is KA 01 AB 4694.

The driver called up the bus owner who did not show any enthusiasm to pay the penalty. As a matter of fact, the owner asked the driver to collect the amount from the passengers and pay the penalty!!! Beat that! The passengers however refused to this.

After waiting from THREE HOURS at Hosur, the owner finally sent in the money through a friend.

The passengers were already in suspicion whether the bus had Kerala road permit. The bus did not take the usual route via Valayaar. Instead it went another route – through Pollachi, probably to avoid strict inspection at Valayaar.

The bus which was supposed to reach Thiruvananthapuram at 7:45 AM on Saturday actually reached at 6:45 PM!! A total delay of 11 hours.

Such fraud travels should not be promoted. Passengers were in a pitiful state - they were not able to brush teeth, go to toilet, bathe etc for that day until evening.
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