Misplaced Bags and loss of an award by Kuwait airlines

I am a student from NMIMS MPSTME Mumbai my name is Karan Shah. We participated in NASA'S human Exploration rover challenge in Huntsville alabama. We carried our project with us on flight. The bags containing our project material was misplaced at Kuwait. We reached Huntsville and the bag was promised to be located at Delivered within 24 hours but it arrived after 2 days once the competition was over and our project was weighing 30 kilos when a team which had made a project of 60 kilos won. This caused us great embarrassment and we as students lost an opportunity of a life time. Even on my return journey the bags were misplaced and reached my home 2 days later. When i claimed I offered 29 kuwaiti dinars as claim which is not enough for what loss we have borne and inconvenience they have caused. On telling them this i havent received any further correspondence from their side. I wish they would reconsider the claim amount and make a presentable apology to the team for the delay. My case no.is N 1259-HR
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