Make My trip has failed to refund my money,An extremely negligent company!

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We tried to book a air ticket recently through make my trip.Initially,the booking was confirmed and we entered the credit card details.Our card was charged duely and to our surprise we were told the booking cannot be confirmed as there were no available tickets.We were told the refunds would happen in 2 business days.
So we waited for 2 days and called them.They said it would take 10 days,to process the request.Ok,so we waited and called them after 10 days.We were told to wait for another 2 days.Nothing happened.
And then the scam starts to unfold,they said the amount has been parked in my wallet account of my makemytrip account and transfer to my credit card company would not be possible..
Now my query,why do i have to waste my precious time and spend money on calls and request these people to refund my money.Also,why would makemytrip expect me to pay interest to my credit card company so that i could park money in makemytrips account.
Everytime,we speak its like half an hour of our precious time.
I have even had interactions with them on facebook and they seem to not care.Just the lousy,we will do it careless attitude.
I not only request to refund the money immeadiately,but would like to see it Penalized for their actions.I would appreciate if a fellow boarder here,would guide me as to where else i can file a complaint against these tricksters.

My MakeMyTrip BookingID NF2201643703944.
P.S i will be out of town for a week and my phones not reachable.I would love to see makemytrip take action and not give lousy reasons.Please ensure the money is put in the place where it rightly belongs to.



  • TripHelpTripHelp Senior Member
    edited September 2014
    Dear Customer,

    At the outset, we apologize for the inconvenience caused to you. We understand a technical error (not intentional) has led to this unpleasant experience.

    With reference to your complaint, please note that we investigated the matter and found that amount of INR 6586 was processed to your My Wallet account on 9th Aug, 2014 and same has been utilized by you for next booking on 5th Sept, 2014.

    Team-MakeMyTrip Care
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