Apple iphone 5s 16 gb complaint

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I was made to pay Rs19350 by apple service center at hyderabad ameerpet conquar technoloies on 16th augast 2014 for a replacement phone. I bought this phone for Rs 53500 on november 29 2013 from apple store in Indore.My phone was under apple india one year warranty. In the evening of 16th augast I got call from mr punit apple care that they have decided to offer free replacement. I went to service centre on monday 18th augast 2014. I asked them for refund. Service centre guy told me as they have already processed it as paid replacement he is unable to refund the amount. He can only refund if apple tells him. I was offered free replacement by punit arekar apple executive verbaly on phone. his email address is Now this guy is not taking my calls. He is not replying to my emails.I am sure there is some way to listen to recordings of my conversation with this guy on 16th augast evening around 7 pm. My phone was not charging this was clearly fault of the product. I paid the amount got new phone since service centre and apple care rejected my phone under free warranty claiming one of of the charging pin is broken or something on saturday afternoon. Is it not the companys fault that they make such poor quality product. They told me if I get it repaired outside the service centre warranty will be void. Outside people were ready to repair it for rs 650. My question is why do apple called me in the evening that they are offering free replacement when they had no intention to get me refund from service centre. Do verbal commitments have no meaning in apple organisation. Why do they make free replacement for some people for the same problem and deny the the same to others? Because everyone, no matter who they are, deserves the exact same service. I dont think its fair, otherwise, and there is no reason for discrimination between customers. That is why company policies exist, right? In order to be fair.
I need help how about how do I pursue this case in Indian court. My orgnal phone sr no is 358030057550613. My replacement phone sr no is 358843056682207.
Ashish Patni
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