Citibank Online account and credit card wrong statement

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I had my salary "suvidha" account with Citibank India for past 1.5 years. I left my job 3 months back, but I kept the savings account still opened in my name. I had this suvidha account, but along with it Citibank has added another account called "Ready Credit Account" without my consent, as I don't remember signing any document for opening this extra account. Also, without my consent constant fund transfers are taking place from suvidha account to ready credit account. They have also charged me with 750 Rs for yearly renewal of this account.

Secondly, I had taken a Citibank Indian oil Credit card one year back. This month I have made transaction of Rs 1250(1150+100 seperately). But they are showing e a bill of Rs 2382(1150+114+ 1000+123.62). The worst part is I have not made any transaction of 114 rupees ever. The 1000+123 Rs is the membership fee and servicetax respectively, which they said, is added because I have not made transactions more than 30000 yearly with my card.

I am completely fed up with this private bank and its indecent ways of extorting money. Please file a complaint against this fraudulent private bank. I am not going to pay them a single penny.
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