GTPL Poor Broadband Service

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Namaskaar !!

Very sad and soory to say...but its very true ..that a customer of ur GTPL broadband serive, i`ve been suffered a lot thro` out the year.
GTPL-a hopeless and thirdclass Net Service, what I experienced and suffered till date.
Very frequent and repeted problems of dis-connectivity and needed regular complaining is very bad for GTPL`s credential image and very painful to customers too.
Due to such kind of errors some tmes i have rally beared very huge losses in my business.
Every time i did`nt get connectivity easily..I have made lot many calls so far for complaining and My Phone Bills also got doubled becuse of these Issues.
I hereby express my feelings and urge to compansate the loss occured due to GTPL technical/service faults - which I have beared for last offere subscription period in any way or any rm.
At last...It has become now necessarily needed to take up my issue with Consumer protection forum.
Anticipating ur best cooperation and justifiable support.

-Janak Shah(Engineer-RIL)
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