fraud from

i was in hyderabad on 9th of august, and i want to go to jaipur from my urgent work, i book a air ticket from Rs.9615/- (Booking Ref.-09081428786), after payment from my bank they book my ticket, but when i was go for check in, then the staff of airlines told me that from they don’t get any confirmation from website about my ticket, then i talk on toll free number to, and they told me after i make my ticket, airlines was increase the flight amount, so if I have to go then I have to paid difference flight amount, this is just a cheating, we know that airlines increase the flight rate before flight takeoff, that’s why we make tickets before, so we got cheep fear, and after they deduct payment from my bank account and make ticket then how could they do this to anyone, this is a most horrible experience of making ticket from, if website says, that if anyone make ticket from here then that’s no sure that ticket was confirmed then why we make ticket from there, and if they deduct amount from my bank account or not confirming ticket and if someone don’t have more amount in his bank account and website credited that amount after 2-3 working days, then how a passenger manage to make a new ticket from other airlines. Then after I make a ticket from indigo airlines Rs.13255/- (Booking Ref.-B9H3YD).
So kindly see in this matter seriously and take some necessary legal action to avoid inconvenient to other passengers and against this fraud company.
Brij Bihari Agarwal
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