- Wrong Color With Cheap Quality Product Delivered With Worst Packing

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Dear ShopClues,

Sub: Return requested for ShopClues order 12356593

Wrong Color With Cheap Quality Product Delivered With Worst Packing, Also Pathetic Customer Care from Shopclues

I had ordered for premium quality WHITE color ear buds, i received cheap quality BLACK color earbuds, and the packing was very worst, it was like some post card. I am never ever ordering again.

The customer care is so pathetic and horrible that it kept me waiting on the call 10 mins, and the call to its customer care is charged around 3paise/sec, so i ended up loosing my balance as well.

Order Number: 12356593
Return Number: 247487
Product: 6 Premium White Sponge Pads Ear Buds JBL IPHONE MICROMAX SAMSUNG NEXUS NOKIA
Reason: Wrong Color
Action: Refund


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    Dear Ambadas,

    We deeply regret the inconvenience caused to you in response to the received product. We are getting the concern checked & sorted on urgent basis. Do check your registered mail for the timely updates from us.

    ShopClues Support!
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    Dear ShopClues Support,

    I've been checking my registered mail (, but till now no respone or updates from you guys.

    Just take the product and return my money back.

    PS: Feedback - Improve your customer care services and make the support no. toll free.
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    To Whom It May Concern

    Sub:- (Mismanagement Of Fund & Harassment from SBI)

    I Rina Ray Chaudhuri & my son Kaustav, are account holders for a very long time at State Bank Of India Paikpara Branch Kolkata (A/c nos:- 10XX4X6XXXX) have 17 FD (Term Deposit) & all my interest are suppose to be credited to my A/c.

    Since I renewed my last three (Term Deposit) FD's (A/c nos:- XXX8237XXXX Date:12/12/13, XXX1937XXXX Date: 07/01/14, XXX1937XXX Date:07/01/14) at monthly interest basis, no interest is credited to my A/c from the above mentioned three FD A/c for the last four months.
    One of the staff who's name is Tapas at SBI who renewed this three FD's has deliberately changed the mode of interest as per quarterly basis which was suppose to be done on monthly basis. My pending interest has amounted to a subsequent sum which I am totally deprived.

    I have been to the branch and requested several times to rectify this error but no one is bothered to
    do so, instead I & my son were insulted and told to shut-up by the staffs. This is a violation of consumer rights and pure misappropriation of my money where I have been harassed for the last four months, moreover I am forced to submit KYC each & every time whenever I renew my FD's.
    I have submitted written complains to the manger & all the concern departments of SBI for this mismanagement & misbehavior conducted by SBI staffs, till date I have not have received any response from them. Please help me to resolve this problem before I proceed to any legal action against for those who are responsible.

    Rina Ray Chaudhuri
    +91 9831522830
    Bank Details:
    State Bank Of India
    Paikpara Branch
    6 D, Northern Avenue
    Kolkata. Ph: 03325566492
    Mobile: +91 9674713385 (manager)
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    Wrong Color, Wrong Style having Cheap Quality Product Delivered.

    Return ID : 447497
    Order ID : 19691081
    Product : Hot Water Bag
    Status :Return Requested
    Quantity : 1

    What I ordered.

    What I received.
    IMG_20140913_060320 (2).jpg IMG_20140913_060254.jpg

    This hot water bag quality is too poor that I am sure it will result to an accident if used on body for pain relief by filling hot water.

    I had raised complaint but Shopclues is not ready to accept this my complaint.

    I received final message : Shopclues express their inability to accept my return request as they have sent me the standard quality product as per the description mentioned on the Shopclues website.

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    For Complaint of "Wrong Color, Wrong Style having Cheap Quality Product Delivered.", The Shopclues have approved my full refund (ID - 47497). I should get money soon in my account. Thanks

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