Complain against NTL call taxi Chennai

It has been a practice from NTL that while booking they will promise some specific vehicle and a English speaking driver, but they never send the same.(4-5 experiences even when booked in 2-3 days advance)
Whenever reached customer care for complains, it is same response this will not happen next time, but it does happen.

Strongly against these treatment to your customers.


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    this is vignesh yesterday night i booked a cab at 10.55pm you people said that i have to wait for 20 mins and i'm waiting in t.nagar till 12.00pm. i called many times to a driver no which you gave but there is no proper response from your side.
    Booking ID: 091209306
    due to this delay i have stress and i'm mentally distrubed. so i plan to file a case in consumer court on your institution
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    Vehicle No : TN32 L 9588 Tata Indica Ash color.

    Place : Madipakkam, Ram Nagar Bus stop.

    Time : 2.30 P.M

    Complaint description : I am narrating, what i saw.

    Three men were sitting inside the car. seems drunken. very rough characters, arguing with old man. They threaten him by fast reversing the car. Then tried to hit him. After this, two ladies inside that car(Old man car) came outside and arguing. They both argued sometime and three went from there after threatening.
    Why am mailing this incident is, NTL has good response. By some person, others will mistake NTL. Please take necessary inquiry/action about this issue. Scene which i saw is very ugly. Because those three people were threatening a old man. He is very innocent.
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    vehicle no TN 07 BT 0145 parking in the centre of the road in teachers colony 3rd street .it very disturb to the public because other vehicle never cross that side that driver park the vehicle in centre of the road. he is the drunken driver.
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    Dear Sir,

    My name is Mrs.Indu Ajay kumar and my NTL share taxi booking id is 4988.last month I have booked this NTL share taxi for a pickup from virugambakkam to saidapet (office),first day itself there was lack of coordination within the NTL staffs and the cab drivers which resulted in nowhere and the pickup has not been done.later it went ok with frequent follow up.based on this I have renewed NTL share taxi both pickup and drop from 2nd december 2013.Till date it has not happened but I have paid Rs 3705/- well in advance but the service is pathetic.I would like to bring it to notice one gentlemen Mr.Yogesh with NTL employee number : 84633 who never use to keep up customers commitment and after giving commitment he never picks customer calls and pretends that he is only the busy person in the world.your immediate response will be highly appreciated.
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    I have had a bad experience with NTL. They proved how the Customer service should not be. I dont know why they are making false promises. I booked Share Taxi last week. Since from the day one, I never got their service correctly. As mentioned by others, they use to say, that it will not happen again.
    Really it is useless service, I ever faced.

    Harsh driving by drivers and poor customer service.

    Very very bad.
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    NIL driver care & driver complaint desk are giving 100% worst service for drivers. They all are working just like a robot. They doesn't know how to speak. Corruption is there in operation. Now I'm waiting for more then 4 hrs for pickup. Now days gps also giving lots of trouble, if I accept a bid it has to be awarded or not but its turned to logged out. The message for this is Dear driver ,your cab is logged out due to non acceptance of bid message for last 30 minutes.please do login for taking duty again. I we asked about this problem they are saying often the same answer that is network problem. Mr.MD pls create typing option this is our request.
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    I am attached in my vehicle ntl call taxi no duty per day collection in above 800 only very cheating
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    Got driver details after 20 mins or so. Driver Prakash got route and location for pick up up to central. But didn't turn after 20 mins. When I call him he said he is not with NTL now . Then he told me to contact NTL back though he agreed that he initially accepted the booking. This is not a service which a customer would look for. Customers Look for this cab no. Tn03j1051 don't engage the drivers. Later I had to followup twice, to get a alternate cab after 35 mins delay. Many tines earlier I had to find alternate transportation by myself but this time it is better.
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    The worst service from NTL cab. I had a bad experience.

    1.First of all they registered a wrong address, as one not english understanding customer care guy was there on booking counter.
    2. They changed the cab for 4 times. When ever I called the driver he said coming in 20mins, next time I called he said he will not come, he got changed.
    3. They came one hour late than my booking time, so I missed my appointment (for which i have to suffer a big loss). After that I cancelled the cab, but they are saying you have to pay. SO i paid them.

    Apart from this communication problem.

    In a concluding note, I will never ever book a NTL cab, better I will book a auto (when no option).
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    There is no proper response when we entered the ntl office , the people dint allow to enter into the office for the enquiry . ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.....................................................................................................................................................
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    This is my opinion to NTL. If your vehicle without that yellow batches might have resulted in good collection. Because, nobody feels prestigious if they come out of such a vehicle. Vehicle with the yellow batch would definitely demean the prestigious of the person who used to travel and the vehicle itself. Only logo is enough.
    They must reconsider their point of view in this regard. Otherwise all the vendors will be definitely in trouble without proper collection. One day it will collapse the entire system.
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