Max bupa - non-acknowledgement of my payment & no assistance in tracking my payment till date

I am complaining against Max Bupa Health Insurance company for not acknowledging my constant plea for help from them on my purchase of individual health plan. On the 8th of May I went online to the Max Bupa website and purchased the Health Insurance plan for Individual, premium costing me Rs 11,982/- which got deducted from my bank a/c. however, their page did not go back to the merchant site and i was left unaware of what my policy number is, transaction id is or even a simple confirmation on my purchase. since then i have been trying to call up the helpline, get in touch with their executives, namely Amit Singh & Vijay K.Sharma from the Mumbai office as well. i am not getting an answer to where my money has gone, neither a receipt for the correct amount paid. i have attached and sent my bank a/c statement to them couple of times as well, which shows the transaction details of the said amount being debited towards payment to Max Bupa. Not only are the personnel not answering my query, but they are also now cutting my calls to them. i wish to now retract that money paid as i definitely do not want to have any further relation with Max Bupa. i understand that i can withdraw my insurance within 15 days of purchasing it, and would therefore want to do that in the said period. however, this delay is making me fear that neither will i get a policy, or a policy receipt for the full payment amount, nor will i be able to take back my money in time. loss on all accounts for me.

the finance team member at Max bupa , Akshay Mangi, has very rudely told me that he will check with the transaction details i have provided (which, by the way, are stamped and signed by Bank authority on my a/c statement) and if it matches his records he will tell me, otherwise the money im saying i have spent is not with them. are they saying that i and my bank - ICICI - are lying?!

I wish to warn all future insurance consumers to beware of such policy providers who work under such big banners, have fancy websites and claim to give yo full value for money, whereas all the while all they are giving you is a heartburn rather than a health cover. there is no assistance provided to me yet and i urge the consumer court or any such representative authority to help me sort this out as premium amount paid is not some small amount, neither is my health a negligible factor that it not be considered a plea.


Kaushiki Srivastava
Flat 806, City Trust Housing Society,
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    Hi i m hitesh. my policy renewal date was 4 sep. and i forgot to renew that policy.
    and when i remember i renewed that one on 8th of sept. but till 18 i didn't reach any conclusion that my policy is renewed or not. don't know how they handle there customers.

    Very bad operations.

    Hitesh Kumar
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    Dear Mr. Hitesh Kumar,

    We regret the inconvenience caused to you. We request you to send in your contact details and our customer care team will get in touch with you at the earliest.

    Many Thanks,
    Team Max Bupa
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